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I opened my eyes and I checked the area around me. I was lying in a shiny room with metal walls. There were round doors in the middle of each wall, even the ceiling and the floor had two, respectively.

There were two people lying beside me, all the three of us wearing brown uniforms. One of the people beside me was a black guy. He was bald, tall and muscular, the uniform tight on his wide shoulders. He wore a pair of black boots.

The other was a brunette girl. The zipper on the cleavage of her uniform was partly open, revealing her black bra. And she was wearing black high heels just like me; it didn’t fit the uniform at all.

All the three of us stood up slowly, rubbing our eyes. I checked the name tag on my uniform. It said, ‘Carrie’. I checked the others’. The brunette’s one said ‘Ann’, and the black guy’s, ‘Moss.’

“Carrie, Ann, and Moss?” I asked. “Really?”

The brunette girl shrugged.

“Why not?” she asked. “The real question is, why we are here?” she asked, much louder, looking around.

“Yeah,” the black guy added. “Why the fuck are we here? And what is this place?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I can’t remember how I got here. The last thing I knew I was lying in my bed at home, watching The Cube.”

“The Cube?” Ann asked. “This place is just like the one in that movie! Wait… Do you think we are trapped in a Cube?’

I checked the walls.

“They sure look like solid metal…”

“Hey, what are those?” Moss pointed to some black devices on the ceiling. Ann stepped closer to them and checked them carefully.

“They are cameras!” she said. “But this is a very unique design…” she murmured.

“You seem to know a lot about these cameras,” I added. “How so?”

“I make my living from designing them,” she answered.

“What the fuck?” the black guy asked. He grabbed the jacket of her uniform and shouted in her face: “Do you know how we got here? Who are you working for?”

“I don’t know!” she cried and released his grip on her jacket.

“Leave her alone,” I said to the black guy.

“Why?” he turned to me. “She might know the only trace of how we got here. Because I ain’t know anything about it, that’s for sure.”

“He has a point,” I admitted, turning to the brunette. “Tell us what you know about the cameras!”

The brunette was hesitating.

“Well…,” she started after a few moments, “I make my living from designing cameras for special custom industrial areas. Factories, security companies, and so on. You would never guess how much this product varies in the aspect of noise tolerance, electromagnetic protection…”

“What did you optimize these cameras for?”

“For porn.”

There was a moment of silence after she said that. We looked at each other. The black guy’s eyes went wide. Then we burst out almost at the same time:


“You know those porn sites where you can pay for certain content? My job was to design cameras which automatically focus on any pornographic content. There is a built-in automaton image recognition application running in them and they zoom on if they see any flesh, pink, I mean, vagina or any other erotic movement specified in the particular requirements. At the porn pay sites, they spot a specific kind of movement and trigger a function, namely, a message to the user to pay for the given content. But these cameras seem to be connected to the opening mechanism of the room,” she pointed to some wires and a black box above one of the doors, “so when they get their ultimate input, they will open the door, I suppose.”

“And what is the ultimate input for these particular cameras?”

“Ass to mouth.”

Well, I didn’t expect that. The walls were cold, the lights were strange. I knew this would canlı bahis be an odd adventure but I didn’t know we would get this far. But then I thought, why not? If we start it, let’s see how the game plays out.

“Sooo…,” I looked at her.

“So if the camera spots a really hot, well-built ass to mouth scene, it may trigger the opening mechanism and maybe, I repeat, maybe we can get out of here.”

“You seem to be experienced in the field,” I said to her.

“Yeah,” she nodded. “I had to watch a lot of porn sites while I developed that algorithm. I had seen some really nasty things…”

“O… kay…” the black guy said. “So I’m the only guy here, I guess I will be the one who has to perform the ass fucking if we want to get out of here. But whose ass shall I fuck?”

The brunette and I looked at each other. She raised one of her eyebrows. What the hell? I thought. I’d done anal before and although I wasn’t prepared for it at that moment, I could have used a good hard ass fucking.

“I’ll do it,” I said. “But only if my ass will be licked and prepared well. I don’t want it to hurt. Oh, and you have to take the load in your mouth at the end,” I pointed to the brunette.

“Deal,” she said. The black guy was smiling like the devil himself.

“Please be gentle,” I said to him. “I have never had a black cock in my ass before.”

“So…” He thought it over, “you admit you already had cocks in there?”

I didn’t answer that. I got on the floor on my all fours.

“Okay,” I said, “let’s get down to business!”

“Hell yeah!” the black guy said, kneeling down behind me and started opening the zip on his uniform.

“Not so fast, big boy,” I told him. “If you want to put that thing in my tiny ass, the two of you will have to prepare me first.”

“Okay!” he agreed and leaned down on me. The brunette knelt down behind me as well. They opened my trousers and pulled them down with my panties to my knees. They didn’t waste any time with my shoes; as we were preparing for anal sex, the black high heels on my feet probably made the scene even hotter.

The black guy grabbed my ass cheeks with his huge palms and pulled them apart in front of his face.

“So sweet, honey, so sweet…,” he murmured. I took a glance back above my shoulder; the brunette was watching my ass as well.

“Are you sure she’s gonna stick it out?” she asked.

“Hell yeah,” he said hoarsely, “and even if she couldn’t, we ain’t seem to have another choice,” which made it obvious to me he would fuck my ass with no mercy.

He leaned on my ass and licked over my open asshole. I sighed, it felt so nice having his warm wet tongue exploring my asshole. I didn’t expect this huge black man fondling my ass so nicely. And as he proceeded licking my sensitive hole, I could feel a tiny little finger fondling my clit. It was ‘Ann’, she dove under my groin, between my thighs, and played with my sensitive area down there.

I really enjoyed the fondling I got from them; I even managed to forget how hard the stainless steel floor proved to be for my knees. I let my head hang low, pushed my ass high and enjoyed the hot tongue working its way into my tight asshole.

I could feel my thighs being pressed apart. ‘Ann’ slipped under me and as ‘Moss’ was preparing my asshole for the anal penetration, she started licking my pussy from underneath. She licked my clit and my pussy lips carefully, making me wet and relaxed.

I had never been licked by two people at the same time; it was a nice and sexy feeling. With ‘Ann’ and ‘Moss’ behind me and the costumes and cameras present, I really felt like I was some kind of a porn star. I raised my head and pushed my ass backwards to make it look sexier. I even sighed and moaned loud, and enjoyed bahis siteleri as my voice echoed between the stainless steel walls.

The black guy hardened his tongue and entered it into my asshole. He let a lot of saliva flow on it and slowly fucked my ass with his thick tongue. I guess ‘Ann’ must have seen it and decided to do so because she entered my pussy with her tongue as well. I closed my eyes it felt so good. I imagined they were cocks but they moved more gently of course.

That was the moment when the black guy decided to finger my ass. He released my cheeks, and slowly pushed one of his large fingers into my asshole. I was so wet it slipped in relatively easily. He slowly moved it in and out while the brunette continued licking my clit down there. The black guy’s finger moved deeper and deeper, he moved it in small circles making my asshole relax. I moaned and sighed, enjoying his finger exploring my ass.

He added a second finger soon. I let my head down on my hands and let him finger my ass deeply. ‘Ann’ was still licking my pussy and I could feel my juices dripping on her face, I was so wet. ‘Moss’ was now actually fucking my ass with his long fingers, and this was the point where I came. I had a really stressful week and I didn’t have time for myself so this orgasm was a real release. My whole body was shaking and it felt like I was slipping away; but ‘Ann’ and ‘Moss’ pulled me back to the reality of the cold metal room.

I got up to my knees and turned around, facing the black guy.

“This felt so good…,” I said, smiling. “But now it’s time to prepare you as well!”

He smiled and opened the fly of his uniform trousers. His cock sprung free; it was huge and rock hard. I was wet and horny already; the view of his enormous rod made me think it was a good decision to play this game. I’d never had such a big cock in me, not to mention my ass.

“Let me help you,” ‘Ann’ leaned on the cock as well. She got the huge head of the black rod between her lips and started kissing and licking it. I dove under her head and pulling out my tongue, started licking the guy’s huge balls.

“Yeaaah…,” he sighed, leaning his bald head back. He probably felt like the head of an ancient tribe with his legs spread apart and his cock and balls being licked by two women. I tried to add to the sensation by letting one of his huge balls slide into my mouth. I licked it from the inside gently; it felt hot and throbbing on my tongue. Then I switched to the other one; I let it slide between my lips and kissed and licked it as well.

For a moment, I thought about having the whole sack in my mouth; I suspected he would have been happy about it. But when I tried to open my lips around his huge balls, I realized I couldn’t make it. So I went back to lick his balls one by one.

‘Ann’ let the black cock into her mouth deeper and deeper. She was sucking it like an expert, using a lot of saliva and tongue-work. Some of her saliva dripped out of her mouth, over the black cock and dripped on my face. I tasted it; it had the sweet, fruity taste of a bubble gum which she probably had chewed before the shooting.

As I licked the saliva from the black guy’s sack, I slipped up to ‘Ann’s’ mouth. She surprised at first but released the cock from her mouth and our tongues connected. We giggled a bit, then started kissing each other. I could feel the sweet taste again, with a hint of something salty, probably the taste of precum oozing from the huge black cock we were entertaining.

“This is too hot, girls,” ‘Moss’ said, and pulled us apart. “Remember, we have a mission here.”

I sighed. I didn’t have any experience with girls before, but ‘Ann’ proved to be attractive enough to try it out with her. But I had to save that for later, bahis şirketleri it was time for my anal drilling.

I went back to my all fours. The guy pushed my legs slightly apart and positioned behind me. He put his huge member to my ass and tried to enter my tight asshole. Of course he couldn’t make it on the first try. But ‘Ann’ pulled my cheeks apart and adjusted his cock head more precisely to my puckered hole. Now he managed to press his cock through my anal ring. It felt like a huge rod trying to fill me up completely. Actually, that was exactly what happened here. He waited for a moment, let my ass relax around his huge cock, then he entered deeper. Then pulled back, and entered deeper.

Eventually, he pushed his huge cock to the hilt into my ass. I could feel his huge balls touching my pussy lips.

“Are you okay?” he asked, with an urge in his voice.

“Yes, I think so…” I said and I certainly hoped I could keep up with him.

He held my breasts pulled my body up, and started moving in and out with his throbbing cock in my ass. I started melting around him. I let his cock dominate me, filling me up completely. He fucked me real hard and hot; he entered deep with each thrust, and grunted like a bodybuilder doing a hard exercise.

He released my breasts and let me fall on the floor. He had a tight grip on my hips and started fucking me with all his power.

I could see ‘Ann’ masturbating beside us from the corner of my eye. She was watching how the black guy fucked my ass and she rubbed her clit vigorously.

I came again. I was so aroused he managed to make me cum with his huge cock pounding my ass. I felt my anal muscles tighten and loosen around the black rod again and again. I screamed with eyes closed, and my body was shivering and trembling even harder than the first time.

My orgasm was the last ‘Moss’ needed.

“Fuuuck…,” he shouted, and pulled the throbbing cock out of my asshole. I quickly turned around but the brunette girl was faster; as she was kneeling behind me, she received a nice thick rope of cum on her forehead. I arrived there just in time to get the next stripe myself which the black guy delivered groaning. ‘Ann’ jerked his huge cock to milk every last drop of hot thick cum out of the black rod. It was so huge for a moment I couldn’t believe it had been in my ass. I took his balls in my palm and gave him a few slight squeezes.

“Yeeaaahhh…,” he groaned again, with eyes closed this time. He was shooting the last large drops of sticky hot white cum from his black cock. I managed to collect the majority of it on my face.

The brunette girl leaned to me and kissed me on my lips. I grabbed her head by her cheeks and licked off every drop of fresh cum of her face.

“That’s it, bitches, make a little snowballing for me!” the black guy groaned and stepped back, admiring us kneeling in front of him and licking his cum off of each other’s faces.

Just as he would have given a signal, the large metal door behind us opened with a loud swish. Sunshine and cool breeze came inside the cube. My boyfriend appeared in the door frame and stepped in, rubbing his hands,

“Wow, honey!” he shouted to me, “That was superb! The image was perfect, you actually made love with the camera!”

I had a thought about who exactly I made love with and why my ass would hurt the next day but didn’t tell him. Instead, I asked, “Did you like it?”

“Me? I totally dug it, honey! I almost came in my pants just by watching it on the monitors outside! It will be a prefect porn version of The Cube!”

“I hope you’re not planning to publish it online,” I said, while gathering my clothes off the floor. Our friends, the other couple playing ‘Ann’ and ‘Moss’ were still kissing and fondling each other.

“Of course not!” my boyfriend said, still in awe. “This will be our exclusive little home video! No one will ever know about it! But it will be a sweet memory…”

Yes, it would be, I had no doubt about that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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