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Chapter 1

Max was exhausted. After seeing too many patients today, he hadn’t had a break or lunch and he just wanted to have something to eat and go to sleep. Pulling into the driveway, he saw Alison’s car. He’d forgotten she was stopping by tonight for dinner. He’d just tell her she couldn’t stay late because he needed to get some sleep. They were good friends, she’d understand.

“Hey!” he yelled out as he came up the stairs from the garage. “Hey back. You look terrible!” she responded as he walked in the kitchen. He stopped where he was, looking dumbfounded but too tired to be offended. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. But you DO look terrible, Max. Sit down, dinner’s almost ready.” Wiping her hands on his favorite apron, she poured him a glass of wine and he sat at the table. “YOU made dinner?” he asked, noting the condition of his beloved kitchen. It was a mess! There were pots and pans everywhere, but it wasn’t smoky, thank goodness!

“Of course I made dinner. You just relax.” Max sat down at the table and Alison began rubbing his shoulders. And he did start to relax. Her hands were working magic on the knots in his neck and shoulders. He started to doze off right there, when the buzzer sounded and he jumped in his seat. “Let me get that.” she said, placing a gentle kiss on the top of his head. She served dinner, and three quarters of an hour later they had eaten and laughed and talked, and he really did feel much better.

“I have a special dessert for you, but you look so tired. Maybe you should go to sleep and we’ll do dessert another time.” she said. Did he imagine she looked disappointed? “No, I feel a lot better actually. Dinner was great – thank you – and you know I’m enjoying your company. Stay and we’ll have dessert.” Alison smiled as she cleared the dishes. When Max tried to help her she insisted he go into the living room and rest.

This time, he actually did doze off sitting on the couch, waking to see her standing in front of him smiling. “So, what’s for dessert?” he asked. She got down on her knees between his legs, her hands on the back of the couch on either side of him, and leaning forward, she breathed gently in his ear, “Me”.

He didn’t move. Neither did she. Did he hear her right? They’d been friends for so long. They held each other’s confidence, spent time together, even flirted. There was an unspoken attraction. “You?” he asked. “Me…” she said, pausing for a moment, “…IF that’s ok with you.” He felt his groin tighten. He had certainly thought of her “that way” before. After all, Alison was pretty. Blonde, green eyes, nice figure. She dressed confidently, even sexy. Yeah, she definitely turned his head; what guy wouldn’t look twice? And she was also a great friend, a good listener, and a lot of fun. She could be serious when he needed her to be, but also knew when he needed to lighten up. And he knew she thought he was attractive. In fact, Alison was free – and always sincere – with her compliments about how handsome and sexy he was, and how well he dressed. Her comments were more than sisterly but neither of them had ever made a move. He wondered why, but supposed they’d just become so comfortable with each other as friends…until now.

His arms came up around her, pulling her into his embrace. He whispered in her ear, “Ok with me,” as he kissed her earlobe, then trailed kisses along her jaw and throat. He pulled back, really looking nişantaşı escort at her and seeing just how beautiful her eyes were, how inviting her lips looked. She looked back at him with those soft, green eyes, filled with curiosity and wonder, and perhaps a little bit of the fear he, too, felt inside. “Are YOU sure?” he asked. “I am if you are” she said, almost as a challenge. That was just like her. Hesitating just long enough to look into her eyes again, he lowered his lips to hers.

At first, his kiss was gentle as his hands found the front of her shirt and brushed against her breasts. She shivered and moaned softly. He responded with more intensity. He pressed up against her, his lips on hers, and she allowed his tongue inside. Their mouths locked in a warm, wet passionate kiss. She lay back on the couch and pulled him on top of her. He felt weightless as his body molded against hers, as if he were made to fit there. He kissed her for some time, wanting nothing more at that moment than to taste the sweetness of her lips.

After some time Max pulled away from her mouth, placing delicate kisses on her forehead, eyelids, cheeks. He nuzzled at her ears and her neck. His trail of kisses led to the buttons of her silk blouse and he continued to kiss her as he undid them down to her waist where the blouse tucked in to her jeans. Her lace-covered breasts were moving up and down with every breath, inviting him to play. He opened the clasp on her bra and kissed her right breast. He gently took the nipple in his mouth, licking and sucking it, teasing it with wet kisses. He caressed the other breast with his hand. Wanting to taste every inch of her, he switched. Alison thought he must realize how sensitive her breasts were, how much she enjoyed having them touched as he continued to prove that he was skilled with both his mouth and his hands. This was a man who knew how to make love to a woman.

She ran her hands through his hair as he pleasured her breasts. She pulled his polo shirt out of his pants, running her hands over his strong back, drawing him closer to her. For a moment, their eyes met and they both smiled. Then their smiles met, and their tongues danced.

When they had all but run out of air, he sat up. His hands at her waist, Max said “I haven’t done this in a while.” Of course, she knew he hadn’t, because they talked about everything. “You’re doing just fine.” Alison replied. Her response encouraged him. He unbuckled her belt and pulled her pants off. Placing his hand between her legs, he cupped her mound, massaging her through her panties. He could feel her excitement soaking the fabric.

Pulling her panties off, she rested her hand on his, guiding him to where she wanted him. He gently slipped a finger inside her. She moaned. He slipped another finger inside and she moaned again. She was warm and wet; he knew she was ready for him. But not yet. He wanted them both to experience her pleasure first. With his fingers pumping her, he rubbed her clit with his thumb. He watched her; her eyes closed as she moaned again, louder and longer this time. He leaned in close. “Does it feel good?” he asked. “Yes!” she gasped, opening her eyes to look up at him. He was enjoying her pleasure. “Do you want to come now?” he asked. His voice was playful and teasing. “Oh, God, yes Max,” she moaned “make me come.” Max continued to rub Alison’s clit, ortaköy escort knowing that he’d found the perfect motion, the perfect speed, the perfect intensity. He saw it in her eyes and felt it in the way her body responded to his touch. He could tell her excitement was building and it wouldn’t be long before she exploded beneath him.

She moaned, vaguely aware of anything but the incredible sensations he was creating in her body. She knew it wouldn’t be long now. Her eyes were fixed on him, as her breathing quickened and moans of pleasure escaped. Her body took on a life of its own, her pelvis grinding against his hand. They both knew this was it. And then, she let out one long, intense moan that signaled her release. She arched her back, pushing herself against his hand. She gripped the sofa with both hands as her body pulsated uncontrollably. “Max.” was all she said as she kissed him.

Not taking his eyes off her for a moment, he sat up and pulled his shirt off. She unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. He stood up and stepped out of them. She pulled his boxers down and took him in her hands, stroking him, feeling how hard he was. She cupped his balls with one hand, gently but firmly massaging them. Holding his hard cock with her other hand she leaned forward and took him in her mouth. She ran her lips and tongue up and down the underside of his shaft, tasting every inch of him. He tasted wonderful.

She licked and sucked him, sensing his responses, searching for what would please him. When he let out a deep moan, she knew she’d found it, and continued right there, wanting to give him the same pleasure he had just given her. “Alison,” he whispered “I want to be inside you when I come and I’m almost there”. Without a word, she pushed him back against the sofa and straddled him, and he thrust himself inside her.

She started to move. Up and down, slowly, rhythmically, savoring every inch of him as he slid in and out of her. As they moved together, he brought his hands to her breasts, cupping them, playing with her nipples. He pulled her closer so he could take them one at a time in his mouth. She moaned, “Incredible, Max.” This fueled his passion even more. Knowing he was bringing her such pleasure made him hotter than he ever imagined possible. He moved faster and she met his thrusts with equal fervor. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear “Fuck me harder, Max!” He couldn’t hold back any longer. He grabbed her hips and their bodies, having become as one, moved back and forth in those final movements that brought about his explosion. He fell back and she on top of him. They lay still in each others arms, glistening with the heat of their passion.

“You can make me dinner anytime,” he said, “as long as you also make dessert”.


Chapter 2

Alison left not long after. She knew how exhausted Max really was, especially now that she had drained what little energy he had left after a second helping of “dessert”.

She smiled at that thought. She had certainly surprised herself, although she had realized that the attraction had been there for a long time. Even early on, when she told herself – and him – that he was like the older brother she had never had, she knew that wasn’t the truth, but an excuse to mask her attraction to him. She wished she knew when it started and why. Well, she knew why. He was quiet pendik escort and strong, a great thinker and level-headed. Steady. Not like her at all. No, she was always quick to speak, less than tactful, prone to emotional outbursts. They were so different. And he was attractive…very sexy. “Well, there you go again.” she muttered out loud. “Always have to analyze everything don’t you Alison?” She smiled and shook her head at her own folly as she drove the rest of the way home.

She replayed her evening with Max, especially the look in his eyes when he came inside her. She could drown in those eyes. She relived it over and over in her mind as she made her way up to bed. Like Max, she was tired since she wasn’t used to that level of activity for some time now, but she was too wound up go to bed.

Needing to calm her thoughts – and her still-throbbing body — she got into the shower. She thought about Max again as water ran down her face and throat, over her breasts and belly, down her thighs and off her feet into the tub. Behind her, droplets of hot water dripped from her hair, down her back and her ass, tickling her as they finished their descent and met their frontal counterparts at her feet. Tracing their path with her hands, she remembered Max’s touch. Her breasts began to tingle with excitement and her nipples hardened remembering how she had responded to his mouth, his hands.

As one hand stroked the soft, tender flesh of her breasts the other wandered down her belly to that sacred spot between her legs. She thought of his hands there earlier, feeling every sensation, enjoying the gentle pace and pressure that was her own early exploration. She was getting so hot and dizzy from the combination of the steamy shower and the incredible sensations in her body that she decided she’d better finish this in bed.

She got out, dried off, and got into bed naked. The shower did nothing to calm her; thoughts of Max continued to excite her. Remembering his touch, it was as if he was laying there next to her, his hands following hers on her now dry and very hot body. His touch was exquisite and she thought it would be her pleasure to instruct him in all the things he could do to make her feel good.

With one hand she stroked her breasts, bringing back the wonderful tingling sensations. Her nipples were so hard. She remembered his mouth on them, one at a time, gently sucking at times, then voraciously satisfying his appetite on them. She moved her hand back to her sweet spot and worked it with unyielding persistence, until she reached that moment of explosive pleasure. Oh, it felt so good. She heard herself gently moaning, whispering Max’s name, wanting him there to make love to her completely.

Alison took out her dildo. It wasn’t him, but it was realistic enough. As she lay back, her legs relaxed and opened wide for Max’s touch. She began fucking herself with the dildo while her other hand stroked her clit. And then the sensations reached their peak as the waves of pleasure overtook her body a second time. Her head rolled back in ecstasy as her whole body fell prey to the contractions. Her back arched and her pelvis rocked in response to the rhythmic pulsing of one of her most intense orgasms ever.

Truly exhausted now, she got up and finished getting ready for bed. What a night. She could definitely enjoy this more often, preferably with him but at least she now had more than just the fantasy to help her when she was alone. Until the next time (and she was definitely planning on there being a next time) she’d practice.

***Author’s Note: Please let me know if you like Alison and Max. Their story is still unfolding, and I’ll share more with you if you’re interested.

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