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In our early days, as Jane adapted to my slightly unusual requirements, the need for initiative and imagination in order to create the circumstances where I could have her used for casual sex, was far greater. We did not own property, so that avenue was closed, neither did we have access to an undisturbed space where she could allow men to use her. Owing to these circumstances I found myself in a variety of unusual roles as, more or less, her pimp.

These early couplings were often not the most erotic, or demanding, of her assignations, (in later years we refined the art), but they still managed to provide a degree of interest. These were our ‘trial and error’ days — Jane was young and eager to please (both me and whoever she was offered to), but I still faced several challenges in my attempts to enjoy erotic situations..

One of the first occasions that I persuaded Jane to allow a stranger to fuck her occurred after we had been out for a few drinks – this was back in the days when we were single and with only my car as a private space. I told her what I wanted, and following some initial doubts, she agreed to do it. Of course, she then asked the obvious question — how do we arrange it?

My solution highlighted my lack of imagination together with my youthful enthusiasm.

Once in the car, I simply instructed Jane to slide apart her split dress and display her legs (she was wearing stockings and suspenders). I then pulled up just ahead of a young guy making his way home, and instructed Jane to open her door and ‘accidently’ flash her stockings. I got out, feeling a little embarrassed ankara eryaman escort and tongue tied and blurted out ‘ do you want to fuck my girlfriend’..

He looked at me as though I were mad and carried on walking — I called out, ‘I am serious mate — she will do it’.

He stopped and looked down at Jane, before saying, ‘you sure’? – I answered ‘go for it buddy, it’s all yours’.

He walked up to Jane’s door, and stared at her legs, still undecided.

I looked at Jane and said, ‘show him’.

He stared, as Jane pulled back her split skirt revealing that she was naked above her stockings, and available. His recent doubts were forgotten, as he pulled his jeans and boxers to his knees and knelt in front of her. He then lifted her legs to afford better access, and worked his cock until he was ready, and then, still kneeling on the pavement, penetrated her with a grunt. Jane let out a small, high pitched yelp, as she took his cock balls deep, before being vigorously fucked at the side of the road.

I had walked around the car to get a better view and simply stood watching the show. At the same time I was nervously keeping one eye open for any pedestrians that might appear. I watched and listened, shaking with excitement, as he frantically pumped her, grunting as he took his pleasure. He enjoyed the quickest of quickies before ejaculating with a sigh and pulling out. He then got to his feet, adjusted his trousers, and walked away without a word.

Jane twisted back into the passenger seat and began to straighten her skirt — I got in the driver’s seat and told her to remain escort elvankent exactly as her ‘friend’ had left her. I then pulled around the corner to a quieter spot, got out and walked around the car before having her re-enact exactly the performance she had given ten minutes earlier. She was slick with sperm, and with a slight gape from her recent encounter, which I found tremendously erotic. I knew at that moment, that this was what I needed her to do for me, and, in just a few minutes I, also, had took my enjoyment from her recently used body.

When we had finished and adjusted our clothing, I asked her if she had enjoyed having sex with more than one guy in this way. She confessed that she did not particularly enjoy a complete stranger breathing stale beer in her face while pumping her full of his seed – but if that was what I enjoyed, then she was prepared to do it.

I believe that this was the moment that confirmed our lifestyle choice – I knew that I would have to do it again. Jane has been with dozens of men, in all manner of situations, since that day.

Over the next few months, a very young Jane had sex on several occasions, with any guy that I could pimp her out to – unfortunately, as a result of all parties being so young, the couplings tended to be fast and furious.

One of the few of those early shows that sticks in my mind, is an occasion where two guys had her in the car park of a pub — it was all quite frantic as I kept watch. After a couple of minutes I heard a small, shrill, yelp from Jane. I guessed that one of the guys was using her for anal etimesgut escort bayan sex (he was). Unfortunately I was some distance away, and on the other side of the car, therefore unable to watch the expression on her face as she was sodomized. I vowed to ensure a close up view, whenever I got another chance to have her used this way. Anal sex became an activity that she was to experience many times over the coming years.

In fact, to jump forward some years, but on exactly the same theme, I recently watched Jane, from the driving seat of our car, as she had sex. She was bending over the bonnet, being fucked from behind, while facing me. I was enjoying the show but I wanted more. I waited until she looked directly at me and silently mouthed ‘your arse’ but she shook her head, I mouthed back ‘do it’ but she shook her head again, I mouthed ‘now’, and watched in absolute bliss, as she gave me a reproachful look, before reaching behind her and aligning the guy’s cock to allow him to bugger her. I saw her expression change as she arched her back and groaned with pain/pleasure, as he penetrated her – he was an older guy (around sixty), who I knew from a local Working Men’s Club, he was overweight, unmarried and did not have many opportunities to have sex. I had insisted Jane do it with him, and, despite her objections, managed, eventually, to talk her into the position she now occupied. I thoroughly enjoyed the all too short experience, of watching him fuck her arse.

However, I digress, but I insert that short story to demonstrate how our experiences of years ago are still influencing our present lifestyle. We have never had kids, and heaven knows how much cock Jane has had over the years. At present, she, as you may be aware from my previous submission, is very busy with a new ‘boyfriend’. although, we will, I am sure, soon be able to resume our singular lifestyle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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