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I went out to a club. It was the first time in years, first time since the breakup. I got to the bar, ordered a rum and Coke, no ice. I turned and leaned on the bar, watching everyone, drawing it all in. I started feeling out of place. At 37, you apparently don’t go to a club. As old as I felt, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the women in this place. Their eyes, drawing in the attention of every man and most of the women they glance at. The lips, shining with the shimmering lip gloss. The swell of their breasts in their tight shirts, drawing down to their tight stomachs. The flare in their hips, the curve of their ass, all accentuated by the skirts flowing across them while on the dance floor.

I kept staring, rolling the straw in my drink. As I finish the drink, I turn to place it on the bar when my arm is hit knocking the empty glass down. I turn around to see who hit me knowing that I know no one here. As I turned I saw her. She was about 2″ shorter than me, with light brown hair down to her shoulders. She was pretty, about 23, with mesmerizing eyes and a beautiful smile. She wasn’t skinny or fat, ample and voluptuous. She wasn’t wearing the skirts and tight shirts the majority of the women were wearing. A top and blue jeans, which looked nice on her. I couldn’t help but think that the simple outfit made her prettier than if she wore the skirt.

She placed her hand on my arm and said something to me. I leaned toward her, trying to hear her over the loud music coming from the speakers.

“I said I’m sorry I spilled your drink, I didn’t mean to.”

I smiled at her, “You’re telling me you don’t run around knocking drinks out of old guys hands?”

“Umm, no, not tonight,” she laughed, “and you’re not old. Just… experienced.”

“You have no idea,” I said, winking at her, “but I probably look old enough….”

“To be my dad? Why do guys always say that? Don’t y’all think if I had an issue with age, I’d let you know?” She asked.

“Fair enough, in that case, can I get you a drink? It’s the least I could do for you hitting me,” I smirked.

“Contributing to the delinquency of a minor now?” She laughed.

We had a couple drinks, standing at the bar, talking about ourselves. Me explaining the feeling of being out of place. She was telling me about the challenges of trying to have a good time nowadays, not looking for anything specific but not wanting to deal with the drunk guys her age. We had fun talking, the young girl trying to have fun without a drunk guy, and the old man having an enjoyable conversation with a beautiful woman.

A few drinks, turned into a few more. The 10 minute conversation turned into an hour. Smiling and laughing, telling jokes filled with inappropriate innuendos.

After awhile, a song came on. A decent song that I actually knew. “I know this song, finally,” I laughed.

“Good, because I love this song,” she winked.

She took a step back and started swaying her hips, gliding to the rhythm. Each move she made, every curve drew my stare. I followed her body up, looking into her eyes, catching her stare. She smiled at me, lowered her eyes and stepped towards me. I placed my hand on her hip and slid it around to the top of the curve of her ass, pulling her in closer to me. We were moving in one motion, with our foreheads together, staring at each other. The perspiration began to form across our bodies. The undeniable heat in the club. She licked her lips, pushed her hips forward, and slowly started grinding against my crotch. I pushed back into her, pressing my hard cock against her, showing her the results of her moves.

She lifted her head up and pressed her sweet lips to mine. I returned, sliding my tongue into her water mouth. We kissed for a while, grinding to the song. We were alone in the crowd, just us. I began to smile as I slid my other hand around her waist, moved it lower and grabbed her illegal bahis ass. She quit kissing me and leaned toward my ear.

“You have me so wet right now. I want you to touch me. I need you to touch me.”

I turned my head and placed my mouth on her neck, right below the ear. She started saying something, I either didn’t hear or didn’t care at the time.

“Oh shit, feel me, please touch me.”

I slid my hand into the back of her pants, moving my finger gently inside her panties, between her cheeks, and started playing with her delicate hole.

“Ugh, I didn’t know you were going to…oh,” she moaned.

She reached her hand down to the front of my pants, pressing her palm against my hard dick, causing me to groan. She massaged it through the front of my pants, pulsing her grip. She then slid her hand up and started trying to unbuckle my belt.

“You need to act right young lady,” I whispered in her ear, “We can’t do this here, we need to go somewhere.”

We began walking towards the door, my hand on the small of her back. To my right, I saw a man come out of the bathroom, leaving the bathroom vacant. It spawned an idea. I smirked and grabbed her shirt, pulling her into the bathroom with me.

I shut the door and pushed her against it. The innuendoes were gone, the mutual desire in our bodies was clear. We were in a place of primal lust, one thing on our mind. I started kissing her, moving from her mouth to her neck. She reached down and began to unbuckle my pants, preparing to pull out the hardened dick she’d awoken. I grabbed both of her wrists, moved them above her head, pinning them against the door.

“Leave them there. Don’t move them or I will quit this game.”

She whimpered, “I want to play this game but I need to feel you.”

I put my hand around her throat and pushed against her chin, turning her head away from me and exposing her neck. “I said if you want to play then you need to be a good girl and follow the instructions.” I placed my mouth back on her neck, biting.

She moaned and I pressed against her, grinding my dick back into her desire. I grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up her body and off of her. I grabbed both straps of her bra and pulled them down her shoulders, exposing her voluptuous breasts and hardened nipples. I pressed my lips around her nipple, sucking in her flesh while nibbling at the tip. She took her hand and wrapped it around the back of my head, attempting to draw me deeper into her breast. I released her breast and pulled away.

“Fuck, why did you stop? Put your mouth back on it, please!”

“You don’t remember your instruction?”

“I’m sorry, I do. I’ll listen,” she said as she moved her hand away.

I grabbed her wrist and placed it back above her head.

“Right here. Nowhere else, you understand?”

She nodded as she looked into my eyes, pleading for me to continue. I returned to her nipple, dragging her breast away from her with my teeth, listening to her moans. I reached down and unbuttoned her pants, sliding the palm of my hand against her stomach downward to her wet pussy. I returned my indeed finger between her lips, lubricating it with her juice before gliding it across her clit. As I reached her clit, she drew in her breath and arched her body forward. I rubbed across her clit a few times, listening to the moans she was making. Then I pulled my hand out, grabbed the edge of her pants on her hips, and pulled them down. She stood there, exposed, with the smell of her arousal slowly filling the room.

“Spread your legs.” I told her. “Wider than that.”

I started kissing her neck again as I slid my hand back down her body, planning my thumb on her clit and two fingers inside her soft, wet pussy. I began firmly rubbing circles around the clit and sliding my fingers in and out, in and out. She reached down and grabbed my arm, trying to press illegal bahis siteleri it closer to her sex.

She began moaning, “this is what I wanted. Oh my God, this is…I needed this.”

I pulled my fingers out of her and she looked confused, a trail of wetness still connected. I held my hand inches from her. She understood.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” she cried as she put her hand back over her head.

I drew my hand back and spanked her inner thigh, “Spread them again.”

She opened her legs up and I drew back, spanking her some more as I heard her moans continue. When her thighs were stung and reddened, I began to gently caress her. I placed my fingers back inside of her, spreading her wetness, bringing her back to that edge.

“Don’t move.”

I pulled my hand away and kneeled down, becoming eye level with her beautiful, wet pussy. I smiled to myself, knowing it was driving her mad not being able to touch and seeing the looked in her eyes when she disobeyed. I moved my mouth towards her and heard her moan. Such an eager woman. I placed my fingers at the edge of her lips and spread them apart, opening her up to my gaze. I drew back and spit on her pussy, an unnecessary act but desired. As soon as the spit hit her sweet pussy, I drew my mouth forward, latching onto her clit and vigorously thrusting two fingers inside of her. Sucking…nibbling…in…out, repeatedly. I keep my movements quick and determined; eager for my prize of her orgasm. The moaning continual, only pausing for her panting for breath.

I stopped as soon as her hands slid across my shoulders. I pulled my mouth away, staying close enough that she couldn’t see my smile. She immediately knew, drawing her arms back above her head while still trying to buck her hips to my mouth.

“Fuck, I’m sorry, I was… please don’t stop. I was so close. I was almost there.”

I stood up and glared at her with a strong look of disappointment on my face. “You were doing so well. You were being a good girl and following the rules. Then you decided to go for it like they no longer applied?”

“No, I’m sorry. I wanna keep being a good girl. I can listen. I was so close. I can listen,” she begged, needing her release.

I grabbed her hip and rolled her over, facing the door. I pulled her back to me and pushed down on her back, bending her downward. “Put your hands on the door. Don’t move them.”

I started spanking her repeatedly across both cheeks, a small punishment for not playing by the rules. The slap of my hands across her flesh delivered more please than the painted sting. I spanked her thighs, an act she understood as she spread her legs. I placed the palm of my hand on her reddened cheek, caressing her gently.

“I need you inside me. I’m so close. I’m going to cum so soon. Please. I need you inside.,” She panted.

I slid my hand up across her back, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back to look at her. “You want me inside you… That’s what you want?” She nodded her head, looking into my eyes. I pushed her head back down and slid my hand back across her ass cheek, spanking her one more time. I slid my hand underneath her, lightly running my fingers across her wet lips. Once I gathered enough of her wetness I slid my hand slowly up and slid a finger into her tight, clenched asshole. I heard her moan, the breath drawn out of her, shaken by the feelings this new touch has caused. I pulled my finger out to the tip and pushed it all the way back in. I took my free hand and spread her cheek. I leaned forward and spit into the crack of her ass. I pulled my finger out of her and rubbed them across the spit and drawing light circles around her ring. Then I slowed my circles and pushed two fingers into her ass, thrusting them in and out with the same vigor. I leaned down and slid my tongue between the crack of her ass, slowly guiding it up the canlı bahis siteleri crack and across her back, moving toward her neck. I reached up with my free hand and grabbed a handful of her hair. I drew her head back as I stood her up and pressed her naked body against the door.

I started biting her neck, whispering, “Since you were trying to be good, I won’t let you cum yet but I will let you use your hands.”

I pulled her off the door and pressed my back to it. She started kissing me, pressing her tongue into my mouth. She reached her hands down to my belt, no longer wanting to feel my cock with the clothes as a barrier. She unfastened my pants and reached into my boxers, grasping my hardness, causing a moan from my lips now. She began moving her hand back and forth and leaned her mouth towards my neck, running her tongue across my flesh.

“You’re so hard for me. Do you like that? You like my hand wrapped around your dick? Tell me what you want,” she said, attempting to show some sorry of dominance.

I slid my hand across the back of her neck, turned my mouth and began kissing her. I slid my hand further up and grasped her hair, pulling her back to look me in the eyes. I didn’t say a word. I began pulling my hand downwards, moving her head lower. She sank down to her knees, kneeling before my hard dick. She gently lifted the dick and ran her tongue across my balls and up the shaft. She swirled her tongue across the head and drew it into her mouth, sealing her lips around my shaft and tasting my pre-cum. She moved her head up and down, sliding my dick across her lips. I pulled in out of her mouth, creating a popping sound as her suction breaks.

I looked down at her while maintaining my grasp of her hair. I held her firm as I slid my hardened cock across her lips, cheeks, and face; leaving a shiny trail of pre-cum everywhere my cock touched. Once I was done spreading my cum across her beautiful face, I pushed my dick back into her mouth. I held her there as I thrusted my dick back and forth in her mouth, starting into her eyes.

In and out. In and out. I had developed a rhythm and was approaching my climax when the door handle turned and I felt a weight pushing against me to open the door. I stayed where I was and asked who it was. It was a bartender in the club. Apparently we had been in the bathroom 35 minutes and they felt the need to check on me, along with the multiple people waiting for the bathroom. I slowly began rocking my dick back and forth into her mouth as I explained to the bartender that I was ok but my friend was throwing up near the trash can. I told him that she was ok and that we would be out when I got her “presentable.”

The door shut and she started laughing. I slowed her laughing by sliding my still hard cock back into her mouth. I thrusted back and forth a couple of times before I pulled out and wiped the mixture of her saliva and my pre-cum across her lips and face again. I told her we needed to go somewhere else so that we could finish. She reached down and grabbed her discarded clothes as she stood up. She took her underwear and as she leaned over to put them on I put one hand on her back, keeping her bent over while I reached my other hand between her legs. I aggressively rubbed her clit with my fingers before sliding down and thrusting them into her still dripping pussy. I quickly moved them back and forth until she started rocking her body towards me, moaning out while trying to get my fingers deeper into her.

She was on the edge of her orgasm when I pulled my fingers out before she came. I wiped my soaking wet fingers across her ass cheeks. I raised my hand and spanked her, telling her she needed to hurry up because I was tired of waiting on her. We got dressed and departed the bathroom. We walked towards the door, getting stares from the people in the club. Me smiling…for what was about to happen when we got to where we were going. She was smiling as well…the same thoughts in her mind. But she had forgotten about the glaze of pre-cum that had been spread across her lips, cheeks, and face; which was still there for everyone to see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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