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I remember walking back into the woods with him that first time. There were some fisherman backing a boat into the water at the ramp, and we veered right of them and took a brambly, muddy trail back into the woods.

I was wearing new shoes, brown suede thong sandals, and they hurt my feet more the further we walked. He grabbed my hand and nearly pulled me back down that trail, helped me hop over a puddle, and then we came upon a big, old tree that had fallen right across our path. The top of that log was level with my chest, and I started looking for a way around, but he just grabbed the tree and hopped right over.

I found a low branch to stand on and he helped me scramble up on top of that thick log. There I was stuck with my skirt sliding up my thighs, and I had strong doubts about jumping the three feet down from the that tree. He grabbed my left hand, hooked his left arm around my waist and jerked me right down before I knew what was happening.

I stared at him wide-eyed for a second before he took hold of my hand and kept hauling me back into the woods. For a few minutes I felt a little scared. I didn’t know him well, and I sure didn’t know where we were going or why we were in such a hurry to get there.

Finally we broke through to a big clearing. He dropped my hand. To our left was a path down to the river. We sat at the top of the path, and he took my hand and traced circles in my palm while he told me about the rope swing that used to hang from the tree in front of us and how he’d come down here every summer as a teenager to jump into the water here with his friends.

It was illegal bahis calm and peaceful, and I relaxed and looked into his eyes. He grabbed my face in his long, slender hands and kissed me right on the mouth. I was surprised but I felt a spark, and I responded, pushing my lips against his and leaning into the kiss.

He pulled away from me, looked down pointedly at my mouth and said, “You have fucking beautiful lips.”

“I have a pretty mouth, huh?” I laughed.

He pulled me in and kissed me again, hard. This time he pushed his tongue into my mouth, and I was surprised at how long and wide it was. I’d never kissed anyone with such a large tongue, and I immediately wondered how it would feel between my legs, which made my pussy begin to ache. I knew I had to be very wet already.

He lay his hand on my knee and pushed my legs apart. Instinctively, I tried to clamp them back closed, but he mumbled, “Nu uh,” while he kept kissing me. I obediently spread my legs for him, and he inched his hand up to the leg opening of my red panties. He pushed them to the side, slid two fingers inside my slit and moaned when he find out how wet I was. His rough fingers pressed between my slick, soft pussy lips felt amazing.

“Damn, baby!” He pulled his fingers away, and I almost whined and begged to have them back. But then he pressed them close to my lips and let me lick. I tasted wonderful. He rubbed What was left of my juices across my lips and then returned his mouth to mine and licked my wetness from my mouth.

The ache in my pussy became even deeper, more pronounce. I didn’t know what to do illegal bahis siteleri about it. Now I would just tell him what I wanted, that I needed to be filled, but then I was younger and uncertain.

All of a sudden he hit me! He reached over and swiped his hand across my shoulder. I screeched, “Ahh!”

Before I could ask what he was doing, he said, “Ticks!” and pulled me to my feet. He spent the next two minutes plucking tiny little ticks from my hair, brushing them off my skirt, pinching them off my legs. For some reason they loved me, and only one or two had gotten on him.

I wasn’t about to sit back down there, so we started back up the trail to his truck. When we came to that tree, I found a low branch again and climbed up on it. It was springy and I bounced on it a little as I thought about how to climb over.

I felt his strong hands grab my hips from behind and steady me on the branch. I thought he was about to help me over, but instead he pushed my hair to the side and started kissing my neck. The height of the branch put me level with him when normally he had at least nine inches on me.

I moved to turn around to return his kisses, but he held me still. He didn’t even tell me “no,” just held me in place. Then he reached up my skirt, grabbed the waist of my panties and roughly pulled them down to my knees.

I shivered in anticipation and maybe a little fear. I hadn’t expected this at all.

He unzipped his pants, and the next thing I knew, a thick, hot cock the size of a Campbell’s tomato soup cam was pressed against the crack of my ass. I reached behind me canlı bahis siteleri to feel it, and he let me. I couldn’t see him well yet, but I was pretty sure he had the largest cock I had ever encountered. I shuddered thinking he was probably about to try to press that huge slab of meat into my tiny, little, tight pussy.

“Do you want it?” he asked me.

I could hardly speak. YES I wanted it. I bit my lip and nodded.

“You want it?”

I nodded again and said, “Mhmm.” I didn’t trust myself to speak; even my ‘mhmm’ sounded shaky.

“Bend over,” he commanded.

I leaned forward and grabbed the log, but he pushed me even further. He pushed a finger or two inside my pussy and pumped a few times, trying to get me ready.

Within seconds I felt the mushroomed head of his monster cock pressing against my tight hole. I KNEW this was going to hurt before he warned me.

“You are TIGHT, woman. This thing will split you in two. You sure?”

I nodded again, then moaned as he began to slide his cock slowly inside my warm, soaking wet pussy. I stretched inside to accommodate him. It absolutely blew my mind that he FIT in there. It felt like he was touching and stretching every inch of me inside my pussy. It felt tight and full. I’d never experienced anything like it in my life!

After a couple of seconds, he started to move, pushing me forward and back with his hands on my hips. I didn’t know whether to cry out in pain or pleasure. I was feeling both, and I loved it!

“Baby, you’re sooooo tight. I’m gonna cum.”

Just as I was starting to enjoy the way he felt, such a thick shaft forced inside such small receptacle, he pulled out. As I turned around to face him, he shot a full load of thick, white semen onto the red clay.

It was months before I convinced him it was okay to cum inside me. He didn’t trust “the pill.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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