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Double Penetration

Authors Note: This is my twenty-eighth story. It was written upon request by a very good friend and co-worker of mine about her work heartthrob when he left the company. Enjoy and please remember that all feedback is greatly appreciated!


It had been a very long day to end a very long week and Kahlen was relieved to finally be heading home.

She had worked the past ten hours straight so that come Monday when Will, the company’s top employee, was gone things would still run smoothly.

Thinking about Will as she locked up her office Kahlen felt the sadness at losing him as a co-worker as well as the flutter in her stomach she always got when she thought about his tall, thin, but muscular body in his fashionable slacks and dress shirts that showed off his incredibly strong and broad shoulders.

Will was the office heartthrob and had been Kahlen’s number one crush for the past three years, not to mention being the leading man in her fantasy life.

Now waiting for the elevator, Kahlen could swear she got a whiff of Will’s intoxicating cologne. She turned and there he was, in all his masculine glory, making her heart lurch and her body tighten.

“You stayed awfully late on your last night,” she said as they moved onto the elevator.

“Just wanted to tie up as many lose ends as possible before I left,” he said as he smiled at her. Oh that smile! It made her knees weak!!!

“That was nice of you,” she replied as calmly as she could. “We’re all going to miss you ya know,” she added as her pulse quickened.

Before Will could respond the elevator jerked to a stop and the lights blinked out as the dim emergency lights came on.

“Damn elevators! I swear they’re possessed!” Kahlen moaned in frustration as she pushed the emergency button.

Will sighed, “It’s after 8:00…maintenance will probably take a while getting here…hope you didn’t have any plans tonight.”

He laid his jacket on the floor of the elevator and sat down with a zen look of calm on his face in the midst of the quasi-emergency.

“Me? Plans on a Friday night? Don’t be absurd!” Kahlen said somewhat bitterly as she followed his lead and sad down beside him.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. I hope your plans don’t fall through because of this,” Will said somewhat sheepishly. Kahlen realized he’d misunderstood her sarcasm for an offensive comeback.

“Don’t be sorry. I meant it sarcastically, I have absolutely no life besides working and sleeping and eating so someone thinking I would have plans on a Friday night just makes me laugh…though somewhat bitterly,” Kahlen explained as she leaned her head back against the wall of the elevator and sighed as she closed her eyes and rubbed her temples.

“I find that hard to believe. A beautiful girl like you whose smart, funny and nice. I figured you had a serious boyfriend and if not then you were probably beating the men off with a stick!”

Inside Kahlen’s heart lurched, her body tingled all over and she caught her breath before she took control of her voice, “I haven’t had a boyfriend in over two years and I haven’t even been on a date in seven months!”

“Really!?” The surprise in his voice made Kahlen life her head from the wall and look at Will. He was staring at her with a strange look on his face that she couldn’t read.

Feeling somewhat pathetic for having confessed her lack of a love life or social life to the biggest crush of her life, Kahlen said with a hint of hostility in her voice, “Yes really! Is that so hard to believe!? Did you think I just went around dating random men!?”

Will laughed slightly before saying, “No! God no! I just figured you were taken that’s all. Since I technically no longer work here and therefore you can’t charge me with sexual harassment, I’ll confess I kinda had a bit of a thing for you but never did or said güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri anything about it because I figured you had a boyfriend.”

Now Kahlen’s heart was more than lurching, it felt like it was bursting! Her body wasn’t just tingling she felt hot all over! Her face flushed and she put her head in her hands in an effort to hide this from Will.

Silently cursing herself for how she was handling this situation, Kahlen felt Will move slightly away from her on the floor. She looked over to see him edging away from her slowly. He noticed that she had looked up and sheepishly said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I’m just going to go sit in the corner over here and not say anything till the emergency guys get here.”

Kahlen smiled, thinking to herself how sweet and gallant he was, “You didn’t make me feel uncomfortable, I made myself feel that way. Confessing my pathetic love life to a guy I’ve worked with, and admittedly had a crush on as well, since I started working here is embarrassing.”

Will’s shoulders relaxed and he smiled back at her, “Well it’s nice to know I didn’t make you uncomfortable. It’s also nice to know I wasn’t the only one with a crush.”

Kahlen laughed warmly, “I find it hard to believe you were completely unaware of the fact that not just me, but about at least half the women in the office at any given time have a huge crush on you.”

Will inched slightly closer to Kahlen, “To tell you the truth, there have been some women in the office I knew had crushes on me. Mainly one’s like Laurali who come on WAY too strong. Though I never knew you had a crush on me, which is a big part of why I never acted on my crush on you. I figured if you were single you weren’t interested, and having my only work crush shoot me down would be too big a blow to my fragile male ego.”

A warm blush crept over Kahlen’s face, “Your ‘only work crush’?” she said softly, not having the courage to look Will in the eye as she asked it so she busied herself with focusing very hard on the impeccable stitching on the hem of his slacks.

“Yes. You’re the only woman from work I’ve ever had a crush on. Most of the others are too trashy or too forward or too stupid. You’re classy, subtle and intelligent. Not to mention beautiful.”

Now Will was the one studying the hem of his pants. His sudden shyness at making his feelings known gave Kahlen courage, “Funny, I never acted on my crush towards you because I figured you wouldn’t go for someone like me. That’s not to say I can’t be forward. Once I set my mind on something, or someone, nothing can stand in my way. I just never figured I could set my mind on you.”

Will finally made eye contact and looked very shy and almost fragile in that moment, “So…now that you know you could set your mind on me if you wanted too…what would do?”

A slightly awkward silence ensued. Kahlen wasn’t sure what she should do or say. Should she just jump in, follow her heart and say she wanted to ask him out to dinner once they got out of this infernal elevator? Should she follow her long neglected libido and lean over and kiss him? Or should she follow her mind and continue discussing the subject in terms of the hypothetical until she could safely change the subject?

Obviously the awkward silence lasted too long for Will’s male ego to handle and he began inching away again. Instinctively Kahlen reached out her hand to touch his shoulder, silently telling him to stop moving away. “Sorry I didn’t respond fast enough. I just…I don’t know what to say. Part of me wants to ask you out whenever we get out of this stupid elevator. Part of me wants to keep talking about ‘what if’s’ and keep things light and then change the subject. Then there’s part of me that wants to be bold and kiss you and I’m having a really hard time trying to sort out what the best course güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of action would be.”

Kahlen’s admission had the desired effect, and then some. Will stopped inching away and began inching closer to her. Then he reached out and lifted her face so they were making eye contact, “Maybe I can help you decide,” he said softly before he leaned in and gently began kissing her.

His lips were so warm and surprisingly soft. Kahlen felt her body melt as she leaned into the kiss and sighed when she felt Will’s hands in her hair.

Time seemed to stop. All Kahlen could feel were Will’s lips against hers, his hands in her hair and his body pressing against her. She moved her hands around his body and felt his lean muscles underneath his dress shirt and she reveled in the sensation.

Will’s hands began to stray from her hair, down to her shoulders, then around her waist to hold her tightly to him. They were both on their knees now, bodes pressed firmly against each other and Kahlen moaned into his mouth as she felt his cock harden in his slacks against her stomach.

Eventually Will’s hands tentatively found their way to Kahlen’s ribcage, settling his palms just beneath her large breasts. Kahlen kissed him harder and Will took the silent hint. He gently cupped her breasts, exploring them through the fabric of her shirt, teasing her hard nipples which were eagerly poking through to greet his nimble fingers.

Kahlen moaned into Will’s mouth as their kiss deepened and became ever more passionate. His fingers were around her body now, frantically reaching to unclasp her bra. When the clasps came undone Kahlen slipped her arms inside her shirt and removed the bra, tossing it absentmindedly to the floor as she reached for Will’s hands and guided them again to her supple breasts.

Wills fingers expertly teased her hardened nipples and Kahlen began moaning into his mouth every time he would gently tweak them. Kahlen was so lost in the moment, in the sensations, that when Will suddenly pulled his lips from hers the reality of the situation came crashing down around her and Kahlen was suddenly embarrassed. As she was about to push his hands away from her breasts, pull her shirt back down and try to hide, Will bent his head and took one of her hard nipples into his warm mouth and began licking and suckling it.

Kahlen’s head fell back and the embarrassment she had temporarily felt was lost amidst the incredible sensations flooding through her body. Will’s mouth was working wonders on her hard nipples, switching between them frequently as one hand teased whichever nipple his mouth was neglecting and the other began to search for the hem of her skirt.

When Will found the hem of the skirt Kahlen felt his hand begin to ease up her thigh until he reached the edge of her lace boy cut panties. Suddenly both his hands were up her skirt and gently tugging the panties down to her knees.

Kahlen felt Will move his jacket on the floor behind her and he gently pushed against her shoulders, easing her down onto the floor, all without pulling his warm mouth from her now incredibly sensitive nipples.

On her back now, Kahlen was loving the sensation of Wills mouth on her nipples, but even more so was the growing anticipation she felt as his hands slowly worked the panties off and began rubbing her calves and thighs, moving ever higher.

Kahlen moaned out when she finally felt one of Will’s hands gently cup her mound. She was hot, wet and more than ready and when his fingers gently moved against her, he found her body very welcoming.

Between Will’s mouth on her nipples and his fingers gently moving inside of her Kahlen felt her body growing towards climax. Her breathing was growing more rapid and she was moaning softly in her pleasure. Then she felt Will’s fingers begin slowing their pace inside her and she whimpered güvenilir bahis şirketleri softly and looked down at Will as his mouth pulled away from her nipple.

He had a devilish gleam in his eye and when she saw his body moving downward her head fell back in anticipation of what she knew he had in store for her.

In moments she felt his wonderful tongue pressing against her opening alongside his fingers and she moaned out in pleasure. Will took the hint and moved his tongue up to her throbbing clit and began working slow circles around it, driving her insane. Kahlen’s hips bucked up in a futile effort to get more attention on her clit and in response she felt Will push his fingers deeper inside her. She moaned and settled back against the floor.

Then she felt it, Will’s fingers picked up a quick and steady pace working themselves in and out of her wet pussy and his tongue locked onto her sensitive and aching clit.

Within moments Kahlen felt the climax building inside her trembling body. Her hands were tangled in Will’s hair, pressing his mouth against her body and she shuddered, moaned and felt the orgasm wash through her in waves of intense pleasure.

Kahlen felt as if she were floating. In a detached way she felt Will gently remove his fingers from her quivering body, but all could really focus on was the waves of sensation coursing through er veins.

As she slowly came back to herself she felt Will rearranging her clothing to cover her body and she looked up to see his face flushed with embarrassment.

As if he felt her watching him, Will’s eyes met hers and he quickly looked away and moved backwards, “I’m sorry…I…I should have kissed you…I shouldn’t have…I didn’t mean for that to happen…I just wanted to kiss you and then I lost control and I never meant for that to happen…I’m-“

Kahlen sat up and reached her hand out to raise his eyes to hers and cut him off, “You have no idea how many times I’ve fantasized about being with you…about doing what we just did…the only reason you should be apologizing to me is if you don’t finish what you started.”

With that Kahlen lay back down and began inching her skirt back up to her waist. Will was starring at her with a mixture of shock and passion on his face and seemed frozen by indecision. The skirt all the way to her waist Kahlen spread her legs and said in a voice quickly growing thick with renewed passion, “Please Will…I promise I’ll still respect you in the morning.”

Will needed no more prompting, with his eyes locked on hers he quickly removed his clothing and was moving towards her. Kahlen reached her arm out and pulled him above her body to kiss her soft lips as her hand snaked down between their body’s and gripped his had cock in her hand and guided it to her waiting pussy.

Once he was buried deeply inside her they both laid there for a moment, enjoying the sensation and kissing each other passionately. Eventually Will began slowly moving his hips, feeling her body wrapped so tightly around his.

Their pace began to quicken, Will’s lips left hers and his head was thrown back as he began moving in and out of her faster and harder.

Their bodies were gleaming with sweat; their moans filled the elevator as their bodies pressed tightly against each other. Kahlen felt her body tighten as her orgasm neared. Her moans became screams as her body shook as she felt the waves of pleasure crash down around her the same moment she felt Will reach his climax deep inside her.

They lay there for a few moments savoring the afterglow of their lovemaking. Then Will eased his body off of Kahlen and handed her clothing to her as he began dressing himself, “No need to have us both b e naked when maintenance shows up to get us out of here” he said with lightheartedness in his voice.

Kahlen dressed herself and thy soon were sitting next to each other just as they had been when the elevator first came to a halt. After a few moments of silence Kahlen looked over at Will, “So…whenever they get us out of here…what do you say to coming over to my place and we can order in some dinner?”

Will leaned over and gently kissed her soft lips, “I’d love to”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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