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I guess I hadn’t slept long before Sandy’s movements, sitting up in bed, stretching her arms high above her head and yawning loudly, disturbed me. I half opened my eyes and turned me head, drinking in the sight of her torso silhouetted against the soft silver moonlight streaming through the window. She’d still got her arms stretched high above her head, hands loosely linked, her fingers toying with one another. The breast I could see was drawn upward, firm and tight, its perfect roundness marred only by the unmistakable sight of the hard nipple protruding from its apex. A long, contented, sigh whooshed from her lips as she turned and looked down at me.

“Hi, Max, you’re awake too then. It’s just gone seven — night not morning — and I’m starved. Gonna go and sort out something to eat,” she paused and I could see the wheels churning. “I know, use up that salad stuff we’ve got left. No point in carting that to SF in the car all day tomorrow.” Her voice dropped, became softer, a mixture of gentle pleading and sexiness as she leant over and kissed my hair. “Afterwards, can we,” she stopped to correct herself, “Will you drive me down to the Valley please? I want to see it one last time and see it in the moonlight.”

By now, I was wide awake and, as always, things were happening to Maxy as she had christened him. I couldn’t help it — the sight of her torso, an almost black outline against the cold, steely, rays pouring through the window from where I lay, and that glorious, firm, inviting breast were irresistible to me — and Maxy.

“OK,” sounds good,” I mumbled and reached to give her butt a shove.

“Hey, stop that!” Her anger was faked. “Pushing me out of the bed like that!”

“Well, off you go and sort out the food,” I teased. “Fair’s fair. You sort out the food, I drive you to the Valley.”

Sandy threw back the covers and clambered out of bed. For a moment, she stood in all her naked splendour, back toward me, bathing her breasts and pussy in the pearly glow tumbling through the window. I reached out, gave her butt a sharp smack and ordered, “Off you go and organise some salad!”

She gave a half-hearted yelp and scampered off, not bothering to cover herself. “You stay there,” echoed back from the hallway, “We can eat it in bed.”

I lay dozing until she reappeared wielding two plates. She handed me one and crawled into bed beside me. After a few minutes, I noticed she had arranged slices of tomato, pieces of mushroom and tiny bits of lettuce on and between her breasts.

“Try this plate,” she giggled. “I’m sure you’ll find it tastes much better than the one you’ve got!”

No encouragement was needed as I lapped up the salad, kissing, licking and sucking her breasts and nipples as I did so. After I had removed the last piece, whatever thoughts I had of my mouth moving on and down to find her warm, moist, clit were soon dispelled.

“Enough.” Her tone was serious — stern and disapproving. “You’ll have plenty of time for that. Now, let’s eat and get down to the Valley.”

Salad disposed of, Sandy pulled on her jeans and a sweater, not bothering with her usual G-string or bra, slipped on her sneakers and went out into the hallway to collect her jacket. Thinking ‘what the hell,’ I dispensed with my underwear and dressed in similar vein.

Sandy bolted out of the front door, calling back, “Last one to the car is a sissy!”

I followed and got into the car. “Not fair,” I complained. “You had a head start and didn’t even call out ‘Last one to the car’ until you were halfway to it. I’ll tan your ass for that later.”

She giggled. “Promises, promises! Oooh, I’m really scared. Little Sandy’s going to have her butt smacked!” Her voice casino şirketleri changed and became very prim and proper. “Would that be with my panties on, sir, or is sir going to take them off and smack my bare ass? Will sir kiss it better after he’s made it all red?”

We drove down into the Valley and Sandy asked me to stop at a point where we could see the grandeur of El Capitan and Yosemite Falls. El Capitan stood high and proud above the valley, its vast impenetrable cliffs of rock somehow comforting yet almost threatening as it loomed over the valley far below. The moonlight lit it in a patchwork quilt — patches of bright silver grey merged into a multitude of black abysses. In the distance, all that could be seen of the Falls was a thin silver streak, seemingly starting in the sky itself and striking down and down, like a bolt of lightening, to the valley floor.

She got out of the car and stood, statuesque, staring at El Capitan, seemingly sucking in its massive splendour, drawing every single granule into her soul. I got out of the car and leaned against it, gazing at her and the vista before me.

“Come here,” she whispered but, in the silence, it sounded like a shout. “Stand behind me and put your arms round me. Hold me tight. Oh, and leave Maxy in your jeans please!”

We stood, silently locked in our embrace for what seemed an age. She sucked in a long, slow, breath and I felt her breasts rise and push out.

“OK, you can let go now, Max. I want to r-u-n.” Freed from my grip she ran off, mixing short bursts of sprinting with slower skipping, little jumps coupled with throwing her arms around, interspersed with echoing laughter, pure joy. At one point, she turned a perfect cartwheel. It was pure joy — a child’s joy.

She came back, took my hand and led me toward a nearby tree. Little beads of sweat trickled down her face and she was panting, breathless from her exertion. She leant back against the tree, flicked open the zip of her jeans and wriggled furiously as she inched them down over her hips.

“Fuck me, Max.” Her voice a curious blend of demand and pleading. “Fuck me! Just put Maxy inside me, be rough, make my ass smash back into this tree until the bark makes it all red and sore and then come deep inside me. Don’t even kiss me, just fuck me!”

Before she’d finished speaking, my jeans were round my ankles and Maxy had slipped inside her eager hole. I thrust my hips back and forth and in the deathly silence could hear the ‘Thwack, thwack’ as her butt smashed into the tree trunk. It didn’t last long.

“Oh my God,” she yelled, her scream echoing far across the valley, and her body went limp. For a second I thought she was going to faint and forgetting Maxy was still spewing hot cum into her, grabbed her to stop her falling.

Her surprised look quickly turned to a warm, contented, smile. “Thought I was going to pass out. Hell, when I said you’d given me the best cum I’d ever had, I was wrong. You just did.” She grinned. “Maybe if we’re together long enough, I’ll live to find out that there’s even better to come, eh?” She pushed me back, removing Maxy’s dying embers from her crotch and turned toward the tree without bothering to pull up her jeans. Long fingernails attacked the bark of the tree, scraping off little pieces, which were carefully, lovingly, collected in the palm of her hand.

Pulling my jeans up, I asked, “What are you doing? Defacing that poor tree.”

“Souvenir,” she exclaimed. “I’ve got to have one. Being a soppy bitch again. I’ll never forget this place or tonight. Running, skipping, laughing, doing cartwheels here in all this peace and beauty. The moonlight, the scary black silhouettes casino firmalari of the trees, the mountains, the Falls,” she paused and lowered her voice. “You — my being fucked against that tree. When I’m old and grey, I’ll get these pieces of bark out and look at them. No one watching me will know what they mean to me, it will forever be my secret, nor will they know why I’m smiling and looking so happy. There, proved I’m a soft, sentimental, bitch yet again, haven’t I?”

“No,” I whispered, leaning forward to kiss her hair lightly. “Get some for me while you’re at it please. Think I’d like to look at it too when I’m old and falling apart.”

Satisfied that she’d gathered enough bark and having finally squeezed herself back into her jeans, Sandy skipped off toward the car. “Come on, home James please.”

As soon as we got back to the cabin, Sandy threw off her jacket, rushed into the bathroom, yanked down her jeans and stood in front of the mirror, staring back over her shoulder. “Come and look,” she called excitedly. “I’ve got marks from the tree all over my ass, you’ve scarred me for life you bastard!” She started to laugh. “I’m going to go and lay face down on the bed and you can come and pick off all the bits of bark that are sticking to me! We can add them to our souvenir collection. Maybe create two collections: one just tree bark, the other bark that was stuck to my ass. Just think, when you’re old and past it, you can give Maxy a rise by getting out the bits that were stuck to me and thinking about my ass!”

Good as her word, having kicked off her sneakers and jeans and tugged the sweater over her head, she skipped off to the bedroom. As I walked in, she was laying face down, legs slightly apart. I suspected it was deliberate — just enough to ensure I had full view of what was between them. Clambering up onto the bed, I knelt beside the inviting orbs of her ass, curving up from her thighs, curving ever higher before arching down into the small of her back, and began gently picking off the tiny pieces of bark.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “How about doing it with your lips? Think I’d like it more and think you would too.”

I’d tossed of my coat and shoes when we came in but was still wearing my jeans and sweater and got off the bed briefly to discard them before climbing back and letting my lips wander all over her warm, still reddened, ass. Long after I’d removed the last vestige of bark, I was still kissing, licking, sucking and exploring every inch of it.

Another, long, “Mmm” curled from her lips as she rolled over onto her side. “Lay down beside me, on your side, facing me so my back is on your chest and reach round a hold my tits, gently, just cup them.”

Always obedient, I did as I was bidden.

She moved her ass slightly forward, away from me, as she reached back and caught hold of Maxy. Seconds later, I felt her rubbing his tip, already moist from the beads of pre-cum oozing from him, against her asshole. She let go and her hand disappeared briefly, returned to pay attention to her asshole and gripped Maxy again.

“I’m a bit sore, tender, from the Valley,” she whispered. “I want you like crazy but Maxy is going to have to go in here.” I felt her push my glans against her asshole and realised the reason her hand disappeared briefly was that she’d lubricated it. My cock was slipping and sliding back and forth, pausing by the inviting hole, on a veritable skidpan.

It was my turn to utter, “Mmm.” No sooner had I than I felt Maxy’s swollen bell-end ease his way inside her ass. “Hmm,” I breathed. “Not sure I’m going to last long, Sandy. You’re so warm, so tight, so slippery but most of all the combination of your being tight güvenilir casino and the pressure of me going in has hit the sensitive spot at the back of my bell-end. But, it’s heaven, sheer heaven!”

With that, she pulled away slightly, and I guess, relaxed her ass muscles. “Oh, don’t come too soon,” she moaned. “Sandy want you deep up her ass. Sandy want you to pump Maxy up and down it. If you can reach, Sandy want you to smack her ass ‘cos she’s being a naughty, dirty, girl shoving your cock up her ass. Sandy want you to slide up and down her ass slowly, then faster and faster and harder and harder. Then Sandy want Maxy to spit all his juices deep up inside her ass.”

I laughed.

“What’s funny?” she growled.

“Oh, just that I love the way you clip your words — say ‘Sandy want’ instead of ‘Sandy wants’ — you do it all the time, deliberately speak bad English!” I was aware that it was the first time either of us had used that word — ‘love’ — since we met in Caesar’s Palace.

She pulled away, almost but not quite removing Maxy from the hole that was giving him, and me, so much pleasure. “Oh well,” she teased. “If you don’t like the way I talk, you sure as hell aren’t going to fuck my ass!”

I leant forward and kissed her neck, whispering, “If you noticed, what I said was ‘I love the way you clip your words,’ Sandy.”

I sensed her smile and felt her push back, inching Maxy back deep into her asshole. “Well, guess that’s OK then. Try to let me do the work, pace things. It’s my ass that’s got hot, throbbing, Maxy filling and stretching it after all.” With that she began slowly sliding back and forth on the sheet, her ass swallowing Maxy, revelling in his presence within it, then almost spitting him out in seeming disgust. Her pace increased. “You’re not smacking this dirty cow, hit my ass you bastard, make it red, make it sting, make it sore.”

I started timing my smacks to coincide with her withdrawals, conscious that the impact when Maxy was it his deepest might hurt her internally or even cause some damage. Light taps became hard slaps as her pace increased and I could see the pale skin of her ass-cheeks turning pink and getting redder — angry looking. By now it was heaving back and forth and had developed a rhythmic wobble, her normally firm muscles unable to control its usual firmness.

“Sandy going to be a really naughty, dirty, girl, now,” she gasped. “If you can manage to look over Sandy’s shoulder, you can watch her finger her clit and lick her cum off her fingers.” She paused and a hand appeared in front of my face. “Lick that, suck my finger and taste my clit. Mmmm, nice isn’t it? Pure Sandy essence! Bottle it and you could sell it for a fortune!” She stopped abruptly and whimpered. “Hell, Sandy going to come! Maxy, do your damnedest! Blast my ass to kingdom come with your juices!” She gave a final heave, thrusting her ass hard down on Maxy and bawled, “Ready, steady — FIRE Maxy, bloody well fire like you never have before!”

Listening to her and feeling her last, glorious, crash down onto Maxy, forcing him so deep up her ass, was all the encouragement Maxy needed as he exploded, huge jerks filled my groin as he spurted out gush after gush after gush of his milky, hot, liquid into the dark cavern enveloping him.

“Oooh,” she breathed as she pulled free and turned to look at me. “That was sssooooo good! Think I’ll let you do that again if you’re a good boy!” Her eyes were glazed, she was intoxicated on the high of having her ass fucked. Sandy was indeed a happy, contented, girl. She sighed. “Well, Max, long journey to SF tomorrow so we best get some sleep. Give naughty, ass-fucked, Sandy a kiss goodnight, pleeeeze.”

We kissed briefly, snuggled up together and sleep overcame us very quickly. Just before the stupefaction of sleep overcame me, I lay wondering what Sandy could possibly have in store for me in Frisco.

Well, patience friends! You will find out! Later!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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