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The day started out just like the last few weeks have.

I had just finished at the gym, my body feeling so alive. I love the new body that I have been working on over the last few months. I walk and feel the muscles as they move under my skin; the response from others who see me walk by is not so bad either.

I hop into my car for the drive home, feeling the heat of the sun as it caresses my skin. I pull into my yard and hurry to the house. I slowly get undressed in front of the mirror, which I now love. I walk to the bathroom and adjust the water temperature in the shower. Stepping in, I feel the water wash the sweat away as I grab my loofah sponge and start to wash my body, feeling the soft soap bubbles. I hop out of the shower feeling alive as I dry my skin. I then pick up my lotion and go the bedroom where I begin my morning treat to myself.

I put a small drop of lotion on my hand and start at my neck as I rub the lotion into my skin. I bring the lotion to my breast and work it in slowly, feeling my nipples rise as I rub the cream in. My fingers slide their way slowly down my stomach feeling the lotion as it glides over my abs, feeling my fingers when they brush my smooth pussy as I continue to work small amounts of lotion into my inner thighs and hips. I work the lotion into my calves as I continue my journey, picking up my peppermint foot cream. I enjoy the feel of the cool mint cream as I slowly work it into my feet, paying attention to each toe. My feet love the sensation of the cream as my fingers rub and caress them.

Now I lie on the bed and just soak in the feeling of my pussy, which now is wet from my morning, rub down. I grab my clit and begin to slowly rub and stroke it till my juices start to flow as my first orgasm begins. My nipples harden to my other hands’ touch as I slowly work my button till I feel like I am on fire, I slowly insert one finger as I continue to stroke and—

Damn! The doorbell starts to ring. Who the hell can that be?

I get up. Grope for my silk robe and pull it on, knotting the sash as I walk to the door. I look out to see the Postman with two large boxes. I open the door. “Good morning!”

“Hello, Brandy! I have a couple packages that you have to sign for.”

I quickly take his pen and sign for the large boxes and one envelope. “Thank you.” I smile as I give the man back his pen and struggle to get the two boxes in my door.

I look at the return address on the packages–they are from my lover. Now, what is he up to, I wonder, considering we live ten minutes apart.

I open the envelope first, hoping the answers will be within.

Dear Brandy,I have a special day planned for you. I want you to follow the directions on the enclosed map to take you where you need to go in the AM. Now, step number one–as you can see there are 2 boxes. You may open the Red one now and only the red one. Do not open the blue box. I stop reading, go over to the red box and open it like a child at Christmas wondering what he got for me. I lift back the cover to find a bright orange jumpsuit made of nylon with zippers. All I can think of is a skydiver’s uniform with all its loops and zippers. I lift the jumpsuit out and find another layer. There, wrapped in tissue, is a beautiful silk pair of thongs. They are the same bright orange with a hint of blue lace. Next to this is the most beautiful lace demi push-up bra of the same orange and blue.

I cannot resist. I have to try them on. I slowly pull on the thong and feel the back as it slides into place in the crack of my ass. I don the bra, feeling the silk and lace as it tickles my nipples. I stand in the mirror and get a good look at how the set makes my tanned skin look great. I then slip on the jumpsuit and look at the effect as I raise the zipper in the front just high enough to cover the bra’s center leaving just a little of the lace exposed as my breasts pop out slightly. Wow, did it look hot!

I return my attention to the letter.

Welcome back. I know you could not resist trying on your new duds. I hope you like them. Now for step 2–you will meet our friend, Ginny, at the spot indicated on the map at 6:00 AM tomorrow. You are to bring the blue box and be dressed in your new outfit when you get there. Ginny will explain more when you get there. Do not try to call me tonight. I will not answer any questions or your calls. See you later, my Slut.

I can hardly believe this! What the hell did he have up his sleeve? I want to ask him what he has in mind but I know he won’t answer any questions.

The next morning, the alarm rings with a loud buzz. I roll over and turn it off. I slowly get out of bed and hop into the shower. I lather and shave myself smooth for him, knowing that he hates razor stubble. I get out, ataşehir escort towel myself dry and apply my perfumed bath powder. I slowly get into my new undies, feeling them again. Oh, it’s perfect! I then grip the jumpsuit and slide into it, feeling the material on my skin.

I leave the house and start my drive to the spot indicated on the map in the early morning dawn. It’s so peaceful and quiet as I speed along the back roads to the field in which he had marked on the map. I finally arrive at my destination. Pulling into the field, I look to see two vans and a lot of activity. All of a sudden out of the chaos walks Ginny up to the car. She is in the same type of jumpsuit but hers is blue. Just like my lover–our suits match my undies.

“Hi, Brandy! Long time no see. How are you, luv?”

“I’m just great! What’s going on?”

Her smile is so wonderful. “You and I are going on a special air balloon trip that lover boy has set up.”

My heart jumps at the thought of being in the air with my lover. “Great! I’ve always wanted to join the mile high club. Where is he?”

Ginny laughs, “He won’t be with us–just you, Craig, me and the pilot. Don is setting up the other part of your surprise. Do you have the blue box?”

“Yes, it’s in my trunk ”

Ginny walks to the rear of the car as I pop the trunk. I get out of the car, lock the doors as Ginny walks up with the large Blue box. “Well, Brandy, let’s get over to the balloon; we’ll be taking off soon.”

I walk slightly behind Ginny, watching the way her ass moves under the blue material of her jumpsuit.

“Hello, Craig. I want you to meet our special guest of the day. Brandy, this is Craig and he will be here to do some very special work for Don. ”

“Hello, lass, how are you doing?” I hear his voice as it slides into my head; it is so strong and full of pure wanting. I fight to keep my self from licking my lips. I take a quick look at this strong man. He’s around 5’8″ tall and he has hair that is brown like chestnuts and has just a little curl to it, his eyes a startling green that you want to get lost in like the sea. He’s rather built from what I can gather, and he’s also wearing a jumpsuit of blue and orange.

“Hello Craig, this is a pleasure.”

He extends his hand and helps me climb into the basket of the balloon; I feel his fingers that are strong and callused from hard work. My skin tingles as I think of those hands working lotion into my body.

“Well now that you two are introduced, let’s get this show on the road.”

“Craig, can you please set up the screen so the pilot can get in.”

“Sure thing, luv, your wish is my command.”

“Brandy, we need to open the box and start setting things up.”

I feel the balloon as it lifts from the ground, and the soft sway of the basket as we go up to the clouds. I slowly walk over to Ginny and help her open the box.

“Craig, get the basket of drinks out, please.” I look into the box as Ginny pulls open the flaps. There, lying at the top is a video camera and a tripod, and another envelope with my name on it. I reach in and take the envelope and slowly open it, I remove the letter and look at Ginny who smiles, lifts out the camera and hands it to Craig. Then she starts to set up the tripod.

Dear Brandy,Today is a special day for you. I want to make you a member of the mile high club and Ginny has volunteered to help. She has hired a friend to help video tape this event so I may watch it with you at a later time. I want you to relax and enjoy the ride, have fun and smile. Your master, DonI look up from my letter to see both Ginny and Craig smiling at me. “I can’t believe this–how long have you two been plotting this one?” I ask Ginny.

“Oh, for a month. We wanted to reward you for all your hard work.”

I look in the box and see that there is a bottom that can be lifted out. I grab the handles and lift the bottom out to discover that Don has indeed been busy. Lying there gleaming in the sun is a small arsenal of toys for my pleasure.

Ginny laughs, and then says, “So you have discovered the next layer in the box, have you?”

I pick up the first toy in the box. It is a wonderful purple butt plug, so soft to the touch. I throw it to Ginny “Hope you can think of ways to please me with this.” I then go back to the box and look at the rest of the toys. There are a double-ended dildo, a set of vibrating Ben Wah Balls, plenty of lubrication, nipple clamps, and two vibrators of varying size. I lift out the tray to find a large white blanket at the bottom of the box. I lift out the blanket and I lay it out on the floor of the basket.

“Brandy, are you ready to begin your initiation?”

I look over at Ginny and avcılar anal yapan escort feel the heat of lust in her eyes. I reach out my hand and take her zipper in my fingers and pull it down, exposing her tits. I look at them in their cage of lace and satin, I slowly run my finger over the tit feeling the nipple rise under the lace. I hear her breath intake as I slowly lower my head over that raised bud and feel the lace as my tongue licks the nipple till I hear her moan. “I’m ready, but are you, Ginny?”

I feel her fingers as they pull my zipper down and take my tits into her hands. I feel the heat of her skin as my fingers work around her back and release her tits from the bondage so I can eat the firm smooth skin of her breasts. My tongue lashes her nipples as her fingers work their magic on my skin. I reach up and pull the jumpsuit off her shoulders as my teeth bite her hard nipple.

I hear a gasp from Craig, as the jumpsuit slips off Ginny, leaving her exposed in her thong with my head buried in her tits. I feel Ginny’s hands as they slip my jumpsuit off; I can feel her tongue as it laves my nipple and then her teeth as they bite me gently. I stop and look at her as she continues to eat my tits. My fingers wrap in her hair feeling its texture. I watch her as she slowly works her mouth lower, feeling her tongue and teeth as they work their way down my stomach, her fingers working their magic on my legs as she continues to lick my stomach, her tongue going closer each time to my pussy. I feel her heat as she keeps working my skin. I arch my back wanting to feel her tongue on my pussy, lick the juices that are starting to escape from my hot quim.

I look over and smile at the camera. I notice that Craig’s jumpsuit is a little strained in the crotch. I turn my head to see that sweet Ginny has laid her body over mine into a beautiful 69 position. I reach my hands up and grab her ass and pull her pussy down to my face and smell her scent as her pussy comes to my mouth. I let my tongue start working her pussy lips, taking them in and licking them hard and slow. I feel her tongue mimic what I have just done. I love the feeling and I return it to her. My mouth takes in her pussy, drinking in the sweet taste of her as my tongue plunges into her pussy deep and hard, feeling her walls as they tighten around my tongue. I feel my body start to shake as she continues to bite and stretch my pussy as my tongue licks and drinks her juices like a bee sipping nectar from a flower. I want her to cum hard for me. I want her juices to coat my face. I feel her as she starts to lick my swollen clit and her fingers as they start to rub my pussy slowly, one sliding in, then there are two.

“Oh yes Ginny!” I scream as my body starts to rise to hers. I feel her as she comes in my mouth. Oh, such pleasure that I feel in my body! It’s in a state of pure lust. You know that feeling that you have when nothing in the world but the attention that your lover gives, that needing of more to quench the fires that have started burning inside, making you sweet and pant with wanting.

I feel Ginny as she rises up and gently whispers in my ear, “Is your ass hungry, Brandy?”

I look at her and she sees it all in my eyes as my mind screams yes. I slowly roll over on my stomach. I feel her fingers as they gently start to rub my shoulders, slowly working their way down my back, feeling the pressure of them as they push me into the blanket, rubbing my hard nipples into the soft basket. I hear her whisper to me to relax and lift my beautiful ass in the air. I raise my ass to the sky, feeling my tits still rub the blanket. “Craig, help me here won’t you”

“Sure, luv, what do you need me to do?” ” Hand me that lovely purple butt plug and the lube that is in the box, will you? I don’t want to let Brandy’s skin get cold to my touch.”

“Here you go, luv, anything else that you need?”

“Yes, would you mind putting a little lube on that plug and dribble a little here.” I feel her hands as they spread my checks to expose my clit to the lube. I feel it as it trickles on my bud.

“That enough, luv?”

“Yes, thanks, Craig. Now if you would go up to Brandy’s head and work on rubbing her shoulders–I think she could use a little care there”

I feel Ginny’s hands as they rub my ass and then Craig’s hands as they touch my shoulders. I can’t believe this. I am so alive-

Thwack! Ginny’s hand slaps my ass. “I want you to tell me what you need, Slut.”

“I want you to fuck my ass, Ginny, please.”

“What else do you want, Brandy? Do not hold back on me. ” Thwack! She hits me again.

“I want to see Craig’s hard cock and lick it, Ginny.”

“You heard her, Craig–lets see what you have avcılar bdsm escort to offer a girl.”

Craig stands and takes hold of the zipper on the front of his suit and pulls it down, showing his rippling chest and stomach, then the sight of his rock hard cock as it springs from his suit. The outfit falls to the floor of the basket. What a sweet cock–it must be about nine inches long and two inches thick.

“Well, Brandy, will that work for you?”

“Yes, Ginny.”

I watch as Craig’s cock comes close to my waiting lips. Just as that wonderful cock touches my lips, I feel the ripping pain as Ginny rams the butt plug into my ass and causing my lips to open as Craig shoves his cock into my mouth. I feel the plug as my ass tightens around it, feeling my pussy get wet from the pressure of the plug. My mouth takes in that cock as my tongue slides from the bottom up to the top, feeling the texture as I slowly stroke the cock with my mouth. I feel a buzzing on my pussy as Ginny starts to fuck me with a vibrator, feeling it as it enters and rub against the butt plug, feeling it slide in and out as my mouth works Craig’s cock. I feel his balls on my chin as I take him in deep, feeling his cock head rub the back of my throat.

Ginny must be watching me because as I take Craig in deep, the vibrator does the same making my pussy vibrate with pure pleasure. I work Craig’s cock like a lollipop, licking and sucking his head and then slowly letting my tongue slide down the underside and lick his balls and then take him in deep. My body starts to shake from the waves of pleasure that Ginny is creating with that vibrator and the plug. I feel myself start to lose control. I feel Craig’s cock as it starts to explode in my mouth, swallowing, trying to take it all in as my own body comes so hard that I see stars and feel the heat of my fire as it runs out of every pore of my skin and drenches my body.

“Thanks, luv, for the head–it was nice,” says Craig. I feel him as he stands up.

“Well, Brandy, are you ready to please me, now?” asks Ginny.

“Yes.” I turn over to see that she has the double dildo in her hand. I reach over and take the lube and dildo from her and slowly lube both ends then reach over and start to rub lube on her swollen pussy, feeling my fingers as I go into her pussy, stroking her. I lift the dildo and slowly put it to her ass as she lets out a moan of pleasure. I then slowly insert the other end into my pussy, feeling the plug as the dildo fills me. Ginny looks as me as we start to fuck each other with the dildo as it slides into our holes. I reach up and take her tits into my mouth as my hips rock with her motion, making her moan. I look into her face, see her surrender to the feelings that we are giving each other. I feel her fingers as they grasp me

“I’m coming, Brandy! Please don’t stop fucking me.”

I keep rocking her till I feel her relax and let go. I slowly remove the dildo from her ass. She lies on the blanket and holds herself, shaking with pleasure. I remove the dildo from my pussy and reach back and slide out the plug. I feel empty again.

I look at Craig who has a ragging hard on again and I turn and wiggle my ass in his face. He gets the hint and I feel his cock rub against my opening and enter my ass. It stretches my ass wider. I feel his cock filling my ass as his hands press on my back. I start moving my ass, taking him all in as he pumps harder, filling me over and over. I feel his balls as they slap my pussy. My body starts to burn again as he continues to fuck my ass harder.

“Luv, your ass is so tight–I love the way it grips my cock.”

” Keep fucking me, Craig!” I’m screaming with pleasure as we go at it for what seems like hours, my body and his fucking. His hands reach to the front and squeeze my tits as I feel my body start to cum.

“I’m coming, come with me! I need you to shoot your hot seed all over my ass and rub it in.”

“I’m almost there, luv, keep with me–one, two, three, yeah.”

His cock pulls out of my ass and his hot jism spills on my ass. His hands rub it in as I lift my head. I see that Ginny has gotten up and dressed.

“We are almost to our destination, Brandy. We have to get you cleaned off and dressed.” She lifts a bottle of water out of the basket and pours it over me and washes me off. She helps me step into my thongs. I feel the lace cage as it captures my tits again. ” Here is your suit, luv. Better get dressed.”

I pull the suit on my skin as I feel the basket lower and touch the ground. My body is so spent that I feel sleepy, yet I am alive from all the pleasure I have received. A blindfold slides over my eyes. “Hey! What’s going on?”

“You can’t see what we have planned next.” Hands lead me out of the basket. My feet touch the ground and I am lead for a short distance. I hear a door open and feel the cold air of an indoor room heat my face.

“The bath is ready for her.” I hear I voice say.

“Good. She really needs one.”

“Come on, Brandy. You can have a hot bath and then a nap.”

The rest is yet another tale.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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