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Dripping Wet

Chapter 09: Nude Sunbathing Twins meet Neighbors

After lunch Brenda asked the twins,” Girls, are you ready to learn the secret of my golden skin color?”

The naked twins looked up at her a little puzzled.

“Grab us some towels and join me outside on the patio,” Brenda said with a big smile. “We’ll work on our tans.”

Giggling the girls followed her to the patio door. Brenda, nude and unconcerned walked outside and stretched in the sun. The twins hesitated at the door.

“Brenda,” Abby said with a hint of disbelief, “Outside? What about the neighbors?”

“What about them? So what if they see us? Come on out. You won’t believe how good it is to feel the heat of the sun on your skin and to have breezes touching you all over.”

The eyes of the twins sparkled. This was naughty. Giggling they joined Brenda outside. At first, they stood holding their towels in front of their nakedness and anxiously looked around. They began to relax when they saw a row of bushes which offered some privacy.

“Be a dear Beth and spread my towel over here,” Brenda directed.


Tyler glanced out the sliding glass door at the cute tight little butts of the twins. He shook his head and wondered if this sun bathing expedition was just another game his bi-curious wife was playing. He had no doubt that Brenda would soon have the twins rubbing sun screen all over her body. That image popped into his mind and made his dick stir.

His mother, Janice, saw him sitting pensively on the sofa staring out into space shaking his head. “I hope he isn’t regretting what we’re doing? she thought. She walked over to him and said, “Tyler.”

Distracted by the view and his thoughts, Tyler hadn’t noticed his mom’s approach. He turned in her direction. He was startled to find her inches away from him. Since she was standing and he was seated, he was eye level with her belly button. His eyes drifted down and he stared at her soft thighs and into the clean shaven cunt in front of him.

Janice began to worry a little more. “Does he have second thoughts about the plan to save the twins? Is that why he is hesitatant to talk to me?” she wondered.

“Tyler, is there anything wrong?” Janice began tapping on his shoulder. “Is he lost in thought?” Janice followed his eyes, “Oh my God, is he lost staring into my vagina!” Janice was horrified at the thought.

The tapping brought Tyler back to reality. “Ah oh. How do I explain to my mother that I’ve been distracted by the loveliness of her pussy,” Tyler worried. Finding his voice he said,

“Ahh.., sorry mom…I…I was thinking.” Tyler lifted his eyes away from her crotch, but he was too embarrassed to meet her eyes. His eyes made it half way up her body stopping at her chest.

Tyler continued, “Uhmm…Mom, it looks like your plan is working. I’ve never seen the twins more animated and involved.”

“Yes. I only hope that this new behavior is a permanent change.”

Janice caught him staring at her breasts.

Tyler realized he was looking at her breasts. Her erect nipples and areolas were huge. “Oh my God! I’ve got to stop that,” he thought. His penis started to engorge. Ashamed, he turned his body away from his mother hoping he could hide his growing erection.

Janice, who for days had been questioning her sexual reactions to him, was surprised to notice that he was gazing at her chest. She also noticed the substantial change in the size of his penis. “What does this mean? Is it not just me? Is it better or worse if it is both of us?” she wondered. She felt a pang of guilt, yet at the same time an undeniable wetness down below.

Clearing his throat and hoping to clear his mind Tyler said, “Er, eerr… What more can you do, but reward the behavior you want to see.”

‘Ahaa.. yes. Yes,” a confused Janice answered wondering if they were talking about the twins or her or each other.


To distract the twins from their concerns about being outside in the nude, Brenda got up on her knees and said nonchalantly, “Girls, would you put some suntan lotion on me?”

Beth and Abby knelt beside her. They each grabbed the arm she offered them and gently rubbed in the liquid. They liked the feel of the slick canlı bahis oil on her golden skin. Sharing her, the twins worked their way to her back, her firm butt and then down her front. Brenda moved to accommodate their hands as they caressed her curves, her breasts, her legs and neither region. Brenda moved and moaned softly in response to their touch. The twins found the experience pleasurable too. They did a thorough job.

“Don’t forget to put sunscreen on too. That lovely white skin of yours will need time to develop a protective tan.” Brenda instructed.

Abby winked at Beth and addressed her in a little girl’s voice, “Shall we do ourselves or each other?”

Abby responded in kind with her exaggerated ‘little girl lost’ voice, “Gosh I don’t know sister…Wow! Look at yours tits. I don’t think I’ve ever seen your nipples so hard.”

Beth hammed up her performance, brushed her hand over her left breast and said, “Thank you. You know, I think we should put sunscreen on each other. I bet that’ll give Brenda the most pleasure?” The twins broke up laughing.

Brenda blushed. “I’m sorry. I know I’ve been taking advantage….Ohh! That was good. I’ve never heard you tell a joke before. So now I’ve got a couple of funny bunnies on my hand.”

“I’ve never told a joke before,” Abby confessed.

The twins applied their own sunscreen. They did each other’s backs. Brenda pretended to pout. All three naked goddesses basked in the sunshine, enjoying the warmth of the sun’s rays and the feeling of freedom that came from being outside unclothed.

Beth said, “I feel…at peace.”

“Yes,” Brenda replied flippantly. “It is nice out here.”

“No, I don’t mean this is nice and I am happy. Over this last couple of days, I have achieved contentment.” Beth explained.

Brenda realized that Beth was talking from her soul. She sat up and looked at the twins. “How about you Abby?” Brenda inquired.

“Yes. I feel different…” Abby giggled. “Well, I’ve also felt different than other people. The ‘I don’t belong, I’m not as good as you’ kind of different. That’s why I stayed to myself. Now I’m feeling better about myself. I’m happy. I like talking and doing stuff with you and Aunt Janice.”

“That’s great news girls. You are smart beautiful women. You don’t need to take a backseat to anyone!” Brenda was beaming at them.

Brenda changed her smile to a leer and added, “Gosh, I wish I had the use of my hands so I could hug the both of you. I’d rub my boobies all over yours and grab your ass.” Brenda laughed to show that she was kidding.

“Let me be serious for a moment. None of us are perfect. Like, I’ve been a bit of a leech recently. I’m sorry about that, I’ll behave better, ” Brenda apologized. She continued in a serious voice, “It sounds like you two have learned a big lesson: It’s not about what you don’t have. Life is about recognizing and being grateful for what you have and you girls have plenty.”

Abby responded for the twins, “We all are in uncharted waters…exploring new personalities. Ms. Lesbos, we’ll let you know if you go too far. Please continue to help us.”

The three ladies settled into a comfortable silence paying homage to the sun. They were all smiling lying on their backs. The twins’ young breasts were still firm enough to be almost vertical. Brenda breasts fought a losing war against gravity and her tits flattened out.

The stillness was broken when a Frisbee came floating over the shrubs. It startled everyone as it clattered on the patio. Bent on retrieving it, Tom passed through the bushes and was stunned by what he had stumbled upon — every school boy’s dream – naked women.

“Need help finding it?” Paul queried as he too made his way through the bushes.

“Hello boys,” Brenda said calmly. The boys froze at the sight of the naked breasts and bare beavers. The twins were too shocked even to attempt to cover themselves, leaving their young, firm bodies on display. A look of surprise and excitement was on the faces of all four teenagers.

Rising to a sitting position, Brenda said, “I’m Brenda. I’m your married next-door neighbor. These are my visiting nurses and cousins, Abby and Beth,” Brenda said as she raised her bandage covered bahis siteleri hands showing off her injuries.

Paul, the tall thin one with a mop of black curls on the top of his head, stammered, “Ah, Ah..I’m sorry to barge in on you.”

“Nonsense. No harm done. We were just getting some sun. Get your Frisbee,” Brenda said pleasantly.

The other boy, stocky and blonde, said, “I’m Tom. I…I live next door when I’m home from college.” Brenda nodded to him.

Paul was drinking in the view a little more brazenly than Tom. Tom was trying to be discreet as he retrieved the Frisbee. He was looking at the naked twins out of the corner of his eye. That strategy proved problematic as he tripped and fell on the patio bricks. Brenda had to work hard to suppress a giggle.

As the college boys turned to leave, Brenda called out, “You’re welcome to stay and join us if you like. We would appreciate the company, wouldn’t we girls.” Brenda looked the twins’ way encouraging them to join in the conversation.

However, Abby and Beth were still startled and aghast with the situation. They had their mouths open at Brenda’s unnecessary invitation. They shot Brenda a look that said “Are you crazy! We’re naked!”

Paul responded, “That sounds nice. Tom and I have been running around all morning. It would be nice to take a break.”

Tom was too petrified to move or talk. He couldn’t believe any of this was happening.

Brenda kept the conversation going. “So what school do you go to?”

Paul responded, “We’re both freshman at Appalachian State.”

“Oh, the twins… I guess you’ve noticed that they are twins, are Seniors at Rolly High.”

As Brenda was saying this, the boys who had been studying the nude teenagers earnestly, expanded their examination beyond staring at tits and pussies and did notice a family resemblance. The shock of having strange boys studying their naked form still had the girls cowed and speechless so Brenda carried the conversation lying as she said,

“Abby and Beth weren’t you telling me the other day that you were considering going to Appalachian State?

The twins in shock and still sporting their “deer in the headlights look” didn’t move or respond. Causally, Brenda turned to the boys and she opened her legs to give them a better look at her hairless cunt saying, “The girls have room on their towels if you would like to join us for a little sun worshipping, but house rules require you to lose those clothes. We’re nudists.”

Paul hesitated for only the split second it took him to look up and down the naked twin nearest to him, before he peeled off his shirt, shucked off his shoes and began working on his shorts. He signaled Tom to do the same and soon both were naked. Tom sat with Abby while Paul sat next to Beth. They both tried to act cool even as they sported full blown erections. All the girls noticed their swollen pricks. Abby and Beth traded a secret smile and telepathically tried to say “Thanks” to Brenda.

“Gentleman, pardon me for saying this, but by the bright white skin I’m seeing, it doesn’t look like you sun au natural often. I can’t have you getting burnt. Abby and Beth, you have more sun screen don’t you? Would you mind putting some on our new friends?”

Again all four of the teenage faces were a mixture of shock and excitement. The boys’ expressions evolved from fearful into “I don’t think this day could get any better”. Brenda winked at the twins encouraging them to seize the moment. The twins nodded to each other bucking up their courage. They each grabbed a bottle of lotion and began rubbing it into the boys’ backs. Soon they were doing their chests and legs. At last they were kneeling in front of the hardened dicks and after taking another deep breath, they proceeded to polish the steely rods.

As Abby applied lotion to Tom’s cock she appraised it. It was thicker than Tyler’s. It required both of her small hands to encircle it. It also was shorter – roughly 5″ long. She liked the way it felt. Beth found Paul’s prick to be an inch longer than Tyler’s. It was thinner in keeping with his long, thin frame. She found his dick smooth and hard. She stroked it enthusiastically.

The boys leaned back with an “Oh my God!” expression bahis şirketleri on their faces relishing the sensation and staring at their nude caregivers. They were mesmerized by the hard pink nipples and jiggling tits in front of them. Occasionally they got a glimpse of the twins’ big brown eyes as Abby and Beth looked up from their cocks to sneak a peek of the boys’ faces.

Tom began to cry out, “OOhh, oohh, uggg” and he ejaculated in long, forceful streams of cum. Most of it landed on Abby’s breasts. Paul managed to hold back only seconds longer before he blew his wad. He was more like an erupting volcano. Cum poured out of him in short spurts that didn’t travel as far. Most of it ended up on Beth’s hands with some making it to her thighs and stomach.

The boys were mortified. The twins were each amazed that they could have this kind of effect on a male. Brenda was giggling. She tried to hide the fact by putting one of her white gauzy mittens in front of her mouth.

Paul stood up and said, “I’m so sorry about…that.” Tom looked deeply embarrassed too, but then he looked deeply into Abby’s eyes and said, “Gosh, that was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. Can I take you out on a date?”

Brenda piped up, “Boys we’re done sunbathing today. Why don’t you join us tonight for dinner at 6 and I’ll let you take the twins to a movie.”

Again the four teenager faces were a mixture of shock and excitement. Tom and Paul were elated that the ‘incident’ was forgiven. They grabbed their clothes and cried out, “See you at 6” to the grinning twins. The twins had already forgotten the horror of strangers seeing them nude. They were going on their first date!

As the boys slid through the bushes, the twins rushed to Brenda’s side and huddled against her. Brenda said, “You two sure made an impression on those boys.”

“They were cute,” the smiling twins said. They hugged each other and squealed “We have a date tonight!”

That moment of pure excitement was soon followed by a look of pure terror as they realized they were about to go on their first date. Truly scared they turned to Brenda and said, “What will we wear? What do we do on a date?”

Laughing, Brenda hugged them both and said, “We’ll get you ready. Let’s go inside and tell Aunt Janice.”

Janice rose from the sofa to greet the trio of chattering women. Her nose was assaulted by the aroma of sex. She paused and said, “What is this you girls have all over you?”

“Not me,” responded a sheepish Brenda scooting over to hug her husband Tyler.

The twins were struck silent. Janice reached out and scooped up the sticky white substance from Abby’s breast as she examined it she said in an accusatory manner, “Is this what I think it is, Brenda?”

“Aahh, aahh …yes it is. I’ll tell you and Tyler the whole story. It’s kind of funny. Girls why don’t you go upstairs and get cleaned up while I …speak to Ty and Janice?”

The twins notice the tension in the air. They were off like a shot taking the stairs two at a time leaving Brenda to make their defense.

“Ahh.. so…The boys…nice college boys…from next door came over and joined us in sun bathing. Well, you know the whole plan was to get the twins interacting with others….so we all chatted…enjoyed each other’s company. I invited the boys to join us for dinner and the boys will be taking the girls to the movies afterwards…”

“Where does the cum fit into your explanation?” an impatient Janice asked.

“Well…well the boys were sunbathing… nude with us…and uhm, they needed some sunscreen…Well, you know, to make the girls interact more with the neighbors…ahh, I had them apply sunscreen on the boys…well, young men aren’t known for their stamina. They came when the girls were applying the lotion to their dicks…I mean penises.

Tyler couldn’t hold it back anymore. He burst out laughing. Janice too lost her battle of maintaining a stern demeanor and shook her head saying, “Brenda, Brenda, Brenda. What are we going to do with you?”

“Believe me Janice, the girls are okay. They are thrilled to be going out on their first date. They want to talk with you about dating, what to wear, etc….”

Seeing that the situation was defused, Brenda said, “I’m going upstairs to rinse off the sun tan lotion. The girls and I will be down in a bit.”

Brenda hid upstairs with the twins for over an hour before returning downstairs.

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