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The cell was dank and dreary. Lyeo sat on the straw stuffed mattress facing the bars. Hours had become days, days weeks and now weeks months. The wounds on His arms and wrists had healed sufficiently to just be an inconvenience and the largest, roughly stitched by a drunk and careless barber had finally stopped seeping puss. He had taken the last of the herbs He had purchased for a king’s ransom in rubies the night before but was satisfied that the fever He had feared was past. The guards largely ignored Him now, they had bored of poking fun at His imprisonment and apart from the occasional gawking visitor He was left in peace.

The barred window allowed Him enough light to read and a bribe to the guard commander allowed a few books to pass His time. Lyeo had thanked the man generously, almost too generously, but the commander was a fool and never grasped he was being played. Even at the height of His questioning Lyeo had managed to mix enough facts with fiction to appease the man’s intellect, which honestly was not of great caliber. Pain had to be endured long enough to make admissions seem real and Lyeo had enough knowledge of His own capabilities to submit when life or serious injury was in jeopardy. There is little point in dying just to protect what was common knowledge and any information He had was now so far out of date to be of little use to his captors or a danger to His comrades.

The weather had turned hot and humid. Swarms of ugly black flies covered the walls in the daytime and the scurrying of hungry vermin filled the darkness. Neither was of any great concern to Him. The streets of Drox had no better sanitation or aspect than this hell hole. The first book He devoured was a history of the twin cities of Drox and Gulle. The temptation to turn immediately to the last paragraphs giving details of the keep imprisoning Him was overwhelming but He stayed Himself. He could have read the description line for line but no amount of information would aid His escape from such a well-guarded cage. Doggedly He set Himself to read each word. Starting at the cover, working through the fly leaves, the contents, the introduction, never allowing Himself to thumb as was always His practice. This was to be an exercise in patience, an example in control, a tool for mental escape from confinement both spiritual and mental. The words He read aloud, as if to a class of others, accenting and illuminating the sentences and phrases with a tone of richness wasted on the bare walls and empty passageway beyond the bars. He had finished the second chapter, the early histories and felt a pang of excitement. Now He would get to the meat and bones of His interest, even to the pages He had waited for for so long. He looked up from the book and decided this was a moment when control was tested to its full, when patience was rewarded or accepted. Smiling Lyeo closed the book with a snap and placing it upon the mattress stood and paced.

He had a manner of pacing reminiscent of His ancestors yet different in specifics. He clasped His hands behind His back, fingers intertwined, head held close to His chest and eyebrows furrowed. Then at times His chin would jut forward, His face like marble and His eyes ablaze. Often He would laugh, twinkling embers filling the gray irises till they turned azure blue and lit the world with joy.

He returned to the bed and sat back leaning as comfortably as possible against the wall. A haze of flies buzzed from their disturbed promenade and settled elsewhere. He took the book into His still broken hands and looking at the faded leather cover, read aloud.

“A History of the Twin Cities of Dox and Gulle By Master Elric Devenge.”

Lyeo breathed deeply and knew as always He was in total control.

Agrafi Alkae was thirty seven years old. Her rise in the ranks of the Masters had not been meteoric but with careful attention to her duty and diligence she had managed to make a place for herself within the ranks of another wise male dominated elite. The posting to this prison was a solution to her talent, a way to side track her advancement found by those threatened by her sex and intelligence. She was not the usual sadist recruited as an interrogator, rather found the way into prisoners’ minds and secrets through cunning and an inane ability to find their weaknesses. Her mouth watered at the thought of confronting Him. She felt powerful, had an unbending belief in a state that made talent and hard work overcome power and privilege. For her questioning Lyeo was the highest peak she had so far attained, an embodiment of all that her forbears had overthrown. She came to the contest confident in her ability to break Him, that the psychological weapons in her arsenal far outmatched any gene that might suggest His superiority.

Their first meeting had been brief and inconsequential. Lyeo was accustomed to being displayed to visiting ranking officials and dignitaries and had been polite if disdaining. She had chosen her costume to impress, a flowing white robe, totally unsuitable for the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri occasion, in an attempt to show her contempt to the surroundings. His eyes had passed over her as she stood at the bars silently and she felt the stirrings in Him that most felt at her appearance. She knew He had been without a female companion or for that matter any company for almost six months. He was hungry and she sensed His interest keenly.

Lyeo looked up from His reading as the sound of footsteps echoed in the corridor. He did not bother to rise but rather waited patiently to see what might appear, pleasant or unpleasant. The woman was handsome, some might say beautiful, with dark brown hair that would have flowed well past her shoulders had in not been coiled so carefully at her neck. Her cheek bones were formed well and her chin was strong yet sensual in a way that only a woman’s can be. Her eyes were brown but with a fleck of almost yellow in each. The mouth was round, lips plump and highlighted by an almost indiscernible coat of lip paint. Lyeo sniffed the air and studied the scent she exuded. The slightest hint of lavender was almost masking the smell of her menstrual blood, the fact she was bleeding curling His mouth into a wickedly welcoming smile.

Her breasts were held high by the tight bodice of her gown and the cleavage thoughtfully left exposed promised happy and rewarding wanderings. He had noticed that quality of cloth or tailoring was a mark of officials here and appreciated the pride they took in their appearance even if few had the natural style to carry the finery well. This woman was an exception. Her body filled the covering with panache and Lyeo congratulated her silently on having a body to be savored. Their eyes met momentarily and Lyeo allowed her to think He looked away first. He opened the book and began to read quietly, but discernibly.

“Drox and Gulle where the fiercest of opponent states till the yoke of the Masters bought the glory of the Twin Cities to fulfillment. You know this work Agrafi?”

She wondered momentarily how He knew her given name.

“Yes Wolf Gatherer. I had not realized you were interested in our histories.”

“It amused the barbarians to throw the enforced vegetarian a biography of His all-powerful captives as a tainted pork chop and it is always wise to understand your opponents.”

The woman laughed. It was an honest sound and Lyeo smiled back. He knew this game was just beginning.

Agrafi sat quietly in the rearmost nook in the tavern. From her vantage point both the entrance and the main area were clearly visible. She still wore the same costume she had adopted for her viewing of Lyeo but had remembered to add the ornate double belt to support the heavy two handed sword she had showed such excellent proficiency with at any opportunity. The tavern was pleasant enough, the food had been basic but palatable and the local spirit was of a standard above that generally served in soldiers drinking houses. Her attention had been taken by the serving girl. She was perhaps twenty years old, slim and with a demeanor that was both pleasant and servile. Agrafi liked her women servile, willing to be molded and used as she wished. There was a certain irony that she looked at the rest of her sex in exactly the way the Masters looked at her, as fair game for their needs and desires.

“Mistress Agrafi?”

Agrafi looked the girl directly in the eye and the girls gaze dropped immediately.

“Mistress I wondered if I could serve you in some way?”

The girls voice was very measured and extremely docile.

“Do you think you will be able to serve me obediently?”

She watched the effect her carefully chosen words had on the girl’s body with satisfaction. She noted the blush to her cheeks and upper torso, the way her breathe started to come a little quicker and how her chin nestled docilely upon her chest.

“It would be a great honor to serve the Mistress in any way she pleases.”

Agrafi rose from her seat and beckoning the girl to follow started towards the door.

“Where do you think you’re going Sophi?”

The tavern proprietor owner made to bar the girls way.

“Stand back, Masters business.”

Agrafi’s hand rested casually upon the gilded pommel and pushed the grip forward into clear vision.

“Apologies Mistress, I am sure sophia will be happy to help you in any way possible.”

The proprietor’s voice grated on her ears, he was a weasel and she was half inclined to draw her blade and end his miserable existence. She could well imagine the uses this brute had put sophia too.

“Then you will be happy to pay her for the time she helps me with my inquisition!”

The man grimaced but nodded quick enough. Agrafi spun on her heels and with her new playmate trailing behind strode towards her quarters.

Sophia followed her new Mistress as she walked quickly towards the compound where the Masters and dignitaries quarters were situated. She was feeling nervous but very excited; güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her sex was wet from the anticipation of what pleasures were to follow. She had had experienced several trysts with females in previous years, in fact living for some time with one rather forceful partner who took great joy in keeping her naked and bound for days. She had quickly recognized Agrafi’s dominance and apart from sexual arousal she had immediately recognized that a friend in the ranks of the elite, especially the Masters ranks was a very good thing. The tavern owner had seemed really good hearted at first and Sophia had stupidly shown her gratitude by allowing him to have her body. He had been gentle and kind enough to start but then began to show a streak of cruelty and lack of concern for her welfare she found frightening.

When eventually the proprietor suggested she start to exchange sexual favors with customers for money she had realized his intention had always been to pimp her out. She had seen enough of the results of prostitution on the back streets of Gulle to know this had to be avoided at all costs. Sophia had no intention to look fifty by the time she was twenty five or to risk serious injury or worse from the wrong sadistic client. Agrafi’s interest seemed a suitable way to escape her situation and she was happy to play the little obedient role for all it was worth. She had no problem being submissive to this beautiful woman, in fact looked forward to her use. If she played her cards correctly this could be the start of her good fortune and a way out of the squalor she had begun to accept as her lot in life.

Lyeo heard the slap of sandals approaching His house. Certainly it was not a very splendid house, nothing compared to the palatial splendor of the His residence in Drox, not even as comfortable as the Vuk Keep in East Mons but the Wolf-gatherers lair was always His lair for all that. He closed His eyes and waited, knowing that she would speak first and His response would set the tone for the day.

“We meet again Lyeo. I am honored to say the council has asked me to negotiate with You in order to facilitate Your release.”

Wolf studied the woman and her tone. She was an adept conversationalist, her words were suitably polite whilst suggesting a degree of personal power not to be trifled with.

“I am sure the council is wise giving you the task.”

A sufficiently acquiescent answer, an acknowledgement of her rank and position.

“Would Lyeo mind if I carried out my obligation within His house, or would you prefer a more neutral setting?”

Wolf was beginning to enjoy the verbal chess, her opening gambit was suitably subtle and suggested that many entrapment’s and sacrifices would be offered before the match reached an end game.

“You are more than welcome to enjoy the hospitality of My dwelling, but I might suggest you acquire a chair that is somewhat more comfortable than I have to offer.”

As He spoke Lyeo casually indicated the bucket that served as His latrine. She smiled in amusement and nodded.


Agrafi’s voice was pleasantly commanding. A guard appeared almost immediately. Lyeo noted that he was not one of the usual men and assumed she had bought her own entourage.

“Bring both myself and the Wolfgatherer chairs suitable for a frank and forthright exchange.”

Nicely played He thought, she had prepared for this moment well. The guard disappeared in a flash and miraculously returned momentarily with two very pleasant looking leather easy chairs.

“If I did not know better I would think you had prearranged that!”

Lyeo eyes twinkled and the corners of His their sockets crinkled in amusement.

“It is not going to be possible to hide anything from you Wolfgatherer.”

Agrafi laughed a little as the cell door was reopened and the chairs positioned facing each other at a distance of some four feet. Close enough for intimacy He thought but not too close to make the occupant unable to react to danger. Agrafi stood patiently until receiving a gesture from Lyeo seated herself in the chair to His left, the one most easily observed from the corridor. Agrafi sat gracefully, her knees tight together ensuring her gown was straight and correct. Lyeo noted the lack of weapon but was certain that the guard who withdrew would be but a stone’s throw away.

“Leave the door open please guard.”

Agrafi was showing Lyeo a large and obvious measure of trust, but also allowing herself a means of escape should she need it.

Lyro sat facing Agrafi. His hands caressed the leather arms and He filled the chair squarely and with great pleasure.

“This is a great service you do Me my dear.”

“Lyeo, there has never been any real animosity between my superiors and You. Perhaps if the fields of influence had not crossed we might have been fast friends.”

“It is always a good thing to be friends but unfortunately the time for such liaisons is well past. Too many of our associates have güvenilir bahis şirketleri drawn blood one from the other.”

Surely Lyeo it is never too late to draw together in an alliance that suits both parties?”

“It seems you have the advantage of me Agrafi. I was not aware that there was any common ground.”

“The rise of freedom has touched all our lives. I understand your fidelity to some factions in the modern world, but surely You must see the folly in allowing the message of self-government to spread like a cancer through the world. Soon even the northern tribes will realize they make friends of enemies and it will cost them dearly.”

Lyeo looked at Agrafi hard then reading she was speaking truthfully from a predefined script He looked away considering.

The sun was making the bars in the cell window cast shimmering patterns on the wall. The flies had scattered from the illusion of moving light and were trapped in the shadow between the window and the corner to the left of His bed.

“I take your words at face value, but always with alliances or friendships, however casual or deep, there are things that must be given or understood. I am assuming that the cost to Me of such a liaison would involve My donating some treasure to you, as you would grant to Me the gift of free movement.”

“The only jewels I seek for my superiors are the gems you have within your person. We understand You cannot give the finest pearls or diamonds but perhaps a few less precious rubies or even garnets would help to seal any bargain.”

“This is a matter that needs much thought, much consideration. The ramifications need to be followed to their natural conclusion and this takes time.”

“Then I would be happy to postpone a continuation of our discussions until You have had sufficient time to masticate.”

“That would be a great service to Me. I am not a person that likes to make rash decisions or judgments.”

“How much time would you consider adequate?”

“This time tomorrow would be perfectly acceptable.”

“Then with your permission I will withdraw till then. Please allow me to leave these chairs for Your use in the meantime. Shall we say as a proof of our good faith.”

Wolf nodded and rose as Agrafi did and extended His hand. Out of the corner of His eye He saw the face of the guard quickly lean into view and then seeing no problem withdraw. Her hand was warm and soft, nails beautifully manicured and her handshake was firm for a woman. Lyeo was aware of her scent again and noted with some pleasure that the smell of menstruation was passing quickly. He also noted with some interest the smell of another woman mixed with her own. Local, peasant, too strong to be a servant. Lovers then, yes definitely a lover. Agrafi got more and more interesting.

“Till tomorrow My dear.”

Wolf nodded courteously in the old court fashion bringing His heels together in a click.

“Tomorrow Wolfgatherer.”

Agrafi turned and with cat like grace left Him alone again. Lyeo heard the guard close the cell door and turn the key but He did not glance. He was thinking how clever someone had been to send this woman. She was exactly the kind to interest Him, maybe even to take His mind of the machinations behind this gambit.

Deep in thought He reached across to the pile of books piled high beside His bed. The volume he sought was four down but recognizable by the board and leather bound cover. Sitting in His comfortable new chair he began to read.

“The Orders of the Masters of Drox” by Larius De Chen. Chapter One. Drox is a state totally seated in the principle that rule must be by those whose natural talents have bought them to a position of power. Such power may be seated in force of arms, superior intellect, longevity of establishment or commercial success. Rule is by the council of the strong who are empowered to control and instruct all lesser citizens and slaves to their bidding…”

Agrafi opened the door to her chambers quietly. The girl was still in a fetal position on the floor, her hands, knees and feet still pinioned. She had managed to fall asleep at some time during the morning but the stains from her pleasuring the night before still showed damp on the wooden floor beneath her. Her ass bud had closed tight on the butt plug and Agrafi was pleased how the end had sunk into the soft tissue of each buttock. There would be a nice mark when it was eventually removed.

The girls back bore the scratches that her nails had left as she used the strap on dildo in the girls sex. The mounting and riding had released much of the intense stress from this difficult assignment and the girls responses to her taking had made the evening satisfying.

Agrafi quietly sat on the chair immediately behind the prone figure. She was mentally exhausted from the mental fencing with Lyeo and wanted to just close her eyes and rest. Sophia murmured in her slumber, little cooing noises that seemed almost childlike in their softness. Agrafi knew better, the wetness seeping from the girl’s sex told an entirely different story, the dream she was living was rather erotic than serene. Leaning forward she gently passed a finger along the girls still puffy lips and held the digit beneath her nose. The scent immediately tightened her stomach muscles and she slid the finger into her mouth.

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