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Big Tits

That night at dinner, the two couples laughed and ate huge plates of seafood and finished off three bottles of wine. The more wine they consumed, the more they laughed. The girls talked about spending the afternoon on the beach; the boys talked about their afternoon in town. Judit never mentioned her little exhibitionism. Immogen did catch her smiling at her a couple of times like they shared a secret.

After dinner, they sat in the living room and shared after dinner drinks. Judit sat on Joseph’s lap in the big overstuffed chair. Immogen sat next to Rob on the couch.

“You two are really becoming the best of friends after only a couple of days,” Joseph said over Judit’s shoulder.

“Oh honey, Immogen is wonderful!” Judit answered back, smiling at Rob and Immogen. “And she’s a really good photographer, too!”

“Really? Well, let’s see her pictures!” Joseph said. “You all refresh your drinks and get comfortable. I’ll download into my mini projector and we can show them up on the wall.”

“Uh, Judit, are you sure you want everyone to see those pictures?” Immogen asked, sitting upright.

“Of course!” Judit replied. “It will be fun to see them even bigger than life size,” she said with a wink.

“What are you worried about?” Rob whispered in Immogen’s ear. “Are there some nude pictures of you?”

“No, nothing of me. But…Oh well, if Judit is game, then so am I!” Immogen answered back.

“I’m going to go put on my jammies. Immogen, come with me!” Judit said and walked across the room, grabbing Immogen’s hand.

They went into the bedroom where Judit proceeded to slip out of her shimmering gold blouse and black skirt. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Immogen watched as she dug in the drawer for a tiny yellow nighty and matching G-string.

“Well, what about you? Don’t you want to give Joseph and Rob a nice show?” Judit asked Immogen.

Immogen pulled down the sleeves of the skin-tight black wet-look dress and stepped out of it. She reached in the closet for the pink sheer nighty and the matching pink G-string knickers. “Sure, why not?” she said, feeling a bit naughty after all that happened today—and after several glasses of wine.

When they went back into the room, Joseph had moved the chairs around to face a wall and had removed the painting to create a screen. The men had untucked their shirts and loosened their collars. And, all four glasses were topped off. The men turned and noticed the ladies.

“Well, well, well,” Joseph said. “Rob, I think we have the two most beautiful women in the world right here, wearing next to nothing. We are the luckiest guys in the world.”

“I agree,” Rob said, plopping back down in the couch and pulled Immogen down next to him. “I feel lucky to lie down next to Immogen every night.”

Joseph fell back into his chair, pulled Judit onto his lap, and then clicked on the remote. The first dozen or so shots were pretty tame, showing Judit applying her suntan lotion to her arms and legs. There were a few shots of the boys on the towel next to them.

“Those guys were pretty close, weren’t canlı bahis they Judit?” Joseph asked, smiling ear to ear. “Well, you always do like to put on a show.”

A few images later the show really began. The room became silent as Immogen’s pictures showed Judit first playing with her nipples then dipping her fingers inside her bikini bottom. Immogen could feel Rob’s fingers rubbing up and down her arms, a sure sign that he was getting turned on, as he watched pictures of Judit fingering her slit in front of the men. When a picture appeared where you could clearly see Judit pinching her clit with the men on the beach watching in the background, Joseph whistled and said, “That’s my baby. She always loves to be watched.”

Immogen looked over and saw Judit’s eyes closed as she leaned back against her husband. Joseph was pinching her left nipple with the hand not holding the remote. Immogen could feel Rob shift below her. He was getting hard and breathing onto her neck.

“Rob, don’t you think Judit has a beautiful pussy, with the little silver stud in her clit?” Joseph asked as he slipped a strap off Judit’s shoulder so the nighty would fall off one breast.

“Yes, she has a very beautiful flower,” Rob answered as he subconsciously also begin fondling Immogen’s breast. “Immogen thought about also getting pierced but was afraid of the pain.”

“Well, Immogen, I can tell you Judit and I both enjoy her piercings,” Joseph said, increasing the intensity of his nipple rubbing. “And my dear Immogen, did Judit cum on the beach in front of those other men?”

He clicked through a few more pictures and got his answer as she shot showed Judit with her head back, biting her lip, her fingers frozen inside her bikini bottom. The last shot was of the voyeurs, three of them with their cocks in their hands and cum on their legs. The fourth had his own camera and was aiming right at Judit’s crotch.

“Yes, I think she put on a show for the camera and for those men…”Joseph said, his voice trailing off.

There was a moment of silence. Judit had opened her eyes and was looking back at Rob and Immogen. Rob had one hand on Immogen’s right breast and the other was cupping her pussy on the outside of her knickers.

“I think Rob and Immogen should put on a show for us,” Judit said in a low, seductive voice. “Don’t you think that would be fun to watch, Joseph?”

Judit got up and went across the room to turn the projector off and the music on. She sat back down on Joseph’s lap and looked expectedly across the room at Rob and Immogen.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” Rob whispered in Immogen’s ear.

“Don’t worry about it, sweetheart,” Immogen said, taking a long sip of win then pulling her nighty off her other shoulder. “Tonight, I want to.”

Immogen stood up and pulled off the rest of her nighty, keeping the tiny G-string on for now. She turned around to face Rob, showing her smooth and shapely behind to Judit and Joseph. She got on her knees and began running her hands up and down Rob’s thighs. Slowly, she worked her way up to his shirt, bahis siteleri slowly unbuttoning it the rest of the way and kissing her way down his chest and stomach. She could feel his hard cock pressing against his pants. She lifted herself up to give him a long, wet kiss before settling back on her knees on the floor in front of him.

She gave a quick look over her shoulder to see that she had a very attentive audience. She returned back to Rob and slowly unbuckled and unzipped his trousers. She looked up at him as she pulled out his erect cock.

“I know that you have wanted others to watch me. Now it’s going to happen,” Immogen said as she licked the underside of Rob’s cock while fingering the head with her thumb. She took his cock inside her mouth, slowly, as she pulled his pants and boxers the rest of the way off into a pile on the floor.

Rob put his head back on the couch as Immogen slowly worked her mouth up and down his shaft. At the same time, she massaged his balls, feeling them weighty and full. She increased the tempo a bit, alternating with the spiral hand twists she knew he liked. Careful not to go too fast so he wouldn’t explode, she glanced back over her shoulder again and winked at Judit and Joseph. She noticed that he had his cock out and Judit was slowly stoking it while still sitting on his lap.

“Rob, it appears your girlfriend really enjoys giving head,” Joseph said. “You are a lucky man.”

“Yes, I am very lucky,” Rob said as he sat up a bit and pulled Immogen up to him.

“Take off your panties and turn around,” he whispered to her. “Let’s let them watch me fuck you.”

Immogen hesitated for a minute then stood up, faced the couple, and slowly pulled down her knickers. With her eyes fixed on Judit and Joseph, she reached down, felt her own wetness, and then reached back to feel for Rob’s thighs. Rob put his legs together, put one hand on her hip, and guided her pussy back toward his massive hard on. He held her in place with one hand and guided himself into her. Immogen looked directly into Judit’s eyes and slowly absorbed Rob’s cock. There they were, for the first time, in front of another couple, making love. Immogen was completely turned on. Her pussy was soaked as she slowly started moving up and down on Rob’s pole.

She closed her eyes, forgetting about the company in the room, as she felt herself getting into a rhythm. Rob had his hands on her hips and was guiding her up and down. This freed Immogen’s hands to pinch her own nipple, lick her fingers, or even stroke her clit. She was lost in her own world. She loved to make love to Rob. This was better than ever: spontaneous, and, for the first time, with an audience. It was just like she had fantasized.

After a few more minutes of smooth stroking, she felt the presence of someone close. Joseph had moved and was now standing directly in front of her. Judit had moved to her left side and had sat down next to Rob.

“Immogen, dear, my husband would like you to suck his cock while Rob fucks you,” Judit said. “Is that ok with you both?”

“Whatever Immogen wants is bahis şirketleri fine with me,” Rob said, only slowing down his motion for a second.

Immogen looked up at Joseph then took his cock into one hand and pulled him closer with the other. As Rob picked his speed back up, Immogen matched his thrusts with deep gulps on Joseph’s cock. It was darker than Rob’s and perhaps a bit thicker. He was also completely shaven and Immogen liked the smooth feel against her lips.

She and Rob had talked about this in fantasies but now it was happening. She had Rob’s cock buried deep in her pussy and Joseph’s deep in her mouth. She felt Judit’s hands in her hair as she moved closer to join in the action.

“Rob, Immogen is so pretty when she is making love,” Judit said. “And you are amazing the way you can still concentrate through all of this!”

Immogen heard a kissing sound and knew that Judit and Rob were making out. She knew he found her very attractive and felt him pick up the speed more inside her as she imagined Judit’s tongue dancing on Rob’s. Immogen picked up the speed as well on Joseph’s cock, cupping his balls and feeling him start to slam harder and harder inside her mouth.

She felt Rob tighten up then felt him explode deep inside her as Judit reached around to squeeze hold his balls.

“Ohhh fuuuckk,” Immogen heard her boyfriend moan as he continued to pump semen inside her. Normally, she would try to match his speed, slowing up when he needed to withdraw. But now, for the first time, she also had a hard cock inside her mouth to take care of so she just continued to slowly move on top of Rob as his cock subsided while moving her mouth faster on Joseph’s cock.

Judit had now shifted slightly and began pinching Immogen’s nipple.

“Gently squeeze his balls and put a finger in his ass and he’ll cum right away,” Judit whispered in her ear as she rolled Immogen’s nipple between her fingers. “He’ll tell you when if you want him to pull out.”

Immogen moved her right index finger up behind Joseph’s smooth, hairless balls and slowly pressed it into his ass. He felt him tighten up then slowly start moaning as he pounded himself into her mouth.

“Immogen…Immogen,” Joseph moaned. “I..I’m…almost…there…here it comes!”

Immogen pulled Joseph’s cock out of her mouth and aimed it at her tits and felt the first spray of warm cum. She pumped him with her hand as three or four more bursts landed on her chest. She looked up and Joseph’s eyes were closed and he was biting his lips, lost in the moment.

After a few seconds, Immogen still had Joseph’s now softening cock in her hand. Judit had began rubbing Joseph’s cum around Immogen’s nipples. Immogen could still feel Rob inside her, his cock revived a bit and semi erect. She wondered what he was thinking, watching a man cum all over her right in front of him.

Judit broke the silence, as she often did.

“I wish we had videotaped that!” she said.

That caused Immogen to giggle then begin a full-on laugh. Soon the men were laughing too. Joseph collapsed backward into his chair. Immogen couldn’t help herself and fell to the floor giggling. Judit laid down on the floor next to her and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

“Yes, Immogen,” she giggled. “We must always remember the camera.”

End Part 3

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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