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These stories will feature mature mothers with big, fake breasts enjoying the over-sized endowments of their sons. If that’s not something you want to read then go find something else on this excellent site.

Feedback is appreciated but don’t bitch about how unrealistic or cliched the scenario is in the comments – – you’ll be wasting your time and mine.

Everyone involved is 18 or over.


“God, what I wouldn’t do for some big cock,” Jessica groaned in frustration, sipping at her large glass of wine. “I am sick to death of Henry’s little penis.”

Jessica’s sister Annie swapped glances with their two friends Marie and Samantha, all three of them grinning at each other.

“Honey, that’s why we’re here,” Annie said.

The unofficial Trophy Wives Club of Colonial Street was meeting in Jessica Cooper’s house late on a Friday afternoon as usual to enjoy a glass or seven of wine and to bitch about their neighbours, their kids and – – most of all – – their husbands.

Each of the women had unashamedly married for money and security and while they had plenty of both, over the last few years Jessica and the others had come to miss the active sex lives they’d had when they were teenagers. All of them were typical MILFs and would not have looked out of place on the set of a porno movie.

Samantha Moore was the youngest of the group at a mere 29 years old; she was also the shortest at five feet tall. Blonde hair fell straight to her tiny waist where it met the top of a small, round, pert ass at the back, but down the front it ran into and over the huge, fake tits that her husband, Franklin, had bought for her. She was the only one of the group without any natural children, having a 23 year old step-son named Adam from Franklin’s first marriage.

Marie Summers was 36 and stood 5′ 2″, her pale skin, green eyes and masses of deep red hair betraying her Irish ancestry. Like Samantha, she too had agreed for her husband, Thomas, to pay for breast implants a few years before, leaving her with a pair of tits that could easily grace the cover of Score magazine. As he had gotten older, however, he took less and less advantage of them. By her own admission Marie had started fucking around sooner than she should have and had an 18 year old son named Bill whom Thomas had adopted.

Annie King was 38 and stood 5′ 6″. She kept her jet black hair cropped fairly short, a look on some women that could lean towards a boyish air but there was no way Annie could ever be said to look like a boy. Her slim, toned legs, her perfect round butt, her trim waist and her huge tits made sure of that. Like her friends, she too had agreed to her husband Edgar’s request that she get implants in order to prolong the marriage which had produced two children: 20 year old Clark and 19 year old Bruce.

Which left Annie’s older sister Jessica. At 39 and 5′ 9″ she was the eldest and the tallest in the club, not to mention being married to the richest man they knew. She had three children: the only daughter among the friends, 20 year old Kelly; 19 year old Lucas; and 18 year old Henry Junior who much preferred to be known as Hank. Like her sister, Jessica had raven black hair but let hers grow long, all the way down to the toned, round bubble butt that hours of exercise kept in shape. Her long legs looked good in anything from stockings to skin-tight jeans, her tiny waist and trim stomach were usually shown off in crop tops and her tits – – she had the largest, roundest pair of fake tits in the club, if not the entire town. She loved to show them off and delighted in the attention they brought her from just about every guy she knew – – the only one who didn’t notice her was her husband Henry who these days was constantly too tired from work or golf or anything else it seemed to pay any attention to his hot trophy wife.

Following her sister’s comment, Jessica looked across the table at the three of them.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Annie leaned forward, her big tits squashing against the cold wooden table and almost falling out of the low cut dress she wore.

“We’re going to take you to a new club we’ve found, one where you can meet a guy, have some great sex and not have to worry about Henry or the kids finding out,” Annie said.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Much as I bitch about it, I’m happy making do with Big Jim,” Jessica said with a dismissive wave.

“Honey,” Samantha said in her slightly squeaky voice, “trust us. No eight inch long dildo of yours is going to satisfy you as much as what’s on offer at Flo’s.” She giggled and ran her fingers along the length of impressive cleavage that was on display above the low neckline of her pale yellow dress.

“And if you think Big Jim is big, you definitely need to come with us tonight,” Marie said, flicking her red hair over her shoulder. Jessica couldn’t help but glance at the pale white mounds that were pushed temptingly up and together by the bodice of her dress. Over the years mobilbahis güvenilir mi she’d had a few drunken make-out sessions with the red haired beauty, never going any further than some heavy petting though the temptation was still there in the back of her mind. Marie caught her looking and winked at her.

Annie grinned at her sister. “Flo’s stands for ‘For Ladies Only.’ They have a strict membership policy – – only rich MILFs like us, basically – – and the only guys they let in are carefully vetted to make sure they conform to their targets.”

“Which are?” Jessica asked, intrigued despite herself.

“Young, between 18 and 25, good looking, smart and, most important of all,” she looked at her friends.

“Hung like a fucking horse!” all three said together, laughing and drinking their wine.

Jessica raised her eyebrows in surprise. “Really?” she asked.

“Mmm-hmm,” Annie nodded. “Just last week I had some teenage stud whose cock was as big as my forearm,” she said, laying her arm along the table for emphasis. “Edgar used to beg me to blow him when he titty fucked me,” she said referring to her husband, “but I could never really reach it. Last week, I was blowing this kid while he fucked my tits and he had plenty to spare.”

“It was a hell of a thing to watch,” Samantha said.

“You watched?” Jessica exclaimed.

“Both of us did,” Marie said. “They run a private booth system so it was just the three of us and this guy called Steve.” She reached over and took Jessica’s hand. “I swear, Jess, watching your sister get fucked by that huge cock – – it was the hottest thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

“You fucked him? There and then?” Jessica asked Annie.

“Mmm-hmm, and just like in a porno, when he was done, he shot his huge load all over my face and tits,” Annie said, smiling and licking her lips at the memory. “Come with us, Jess. It’s Marie’s turn to pick a guy,” she said, winking at her sister, knowing of her attraction to their friend.

Jessica downed the last of her wine and looked at her sister and her friends.

“What the fuck. Why not?” she said.


A few hours later, the four women entered Flo’s, having been greeted at the door and their membership checked, Annie introducing Jessica as a probationary member. On the face of it, the place looked like a normal nightclub. There was a bar off to one side, a small dance floor, both men’s and ladies’ washrooms in another corner. Men and a few women wandered about, chatting and laughing with one another as music pumped from the speakers in the ceiling. Along one wall were a series of mirrors which, the others had told Jessica, were actually one-way glass with private booths behind them and it was to one of these that the women went.

With the mirrored door closed behind them, Jessica and the others found themselves in a spacious, air conditioned room. Along the other three walls ran a wide, horse-shoe shaped sofa with a low table in the middle of the room. Marie and Samantha sat at the head of the sofa while Annie sat at one end, Jessica opposite her at the other. All four were dressed smart but slutty: Annie’s dress was skin-tight, hugging her every curve, strapless at the top and held up by the way it stretched over her big melons, falling to mid-thigh; Marie’s was a little looser and longer, but was slit up to her waist line on one side, revealing her fishnet hold-ups, and the neckline plunged to her belly button, clearly revealing the sides of her huge, bra-less tits; Samantha had changed into a mini-skirt that rode low on her hips, exposing the strap of her G-string, and a tube top that lovingly wrapped itself around her big jugs; and Jessica wore a simple black dress, the hem just reaching her stocking tops, and while the front went right up to her throat, it had a cut-out panel over her enormous mounds of tit-flesh, showing off her deep cleavage.

Jessica watched through the mirrored glass as women around their age would occasionally walk up to a young man at the bar, speak with him for a minute or two, before they would both walk off together.

There was a tap at the door and Marie called out that it was open. A young, olive skinned, good looking man walked in carrying a tray with four glasses, an ice bucket, and several bottles of wine.

“Ladies, may I offer you some drinks?” he said, placing the tray on the small table.

“Thank you, Roberto,” Annie said, reaching out and taking his hand. “Can I introduce our newest member, Jessica?” she said, pointing her out.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Roberto said, taking Jessica’s hand and kissing the back of it lightly. Jessica smiled at the courtesy.

“Roberto isn’t just a waiter,” Annie said. “Sometimes he escorts here, too,” She ran her hand down his leg, pulling his pants tight around the impressive length that ran to half way down his thigh. Jessica’s eyes widened as she realised just how big his prick was, even soft. “But do mobilbahis I take it you’re not free tonight?” Annie asked him.

“I’m afraid not, Miss Annie,” he said. “Even I need a rest at times,” Annie sadly let go of his leg and he left the four women to pour out their drinks.

“So what happens now?” Jessica asked, sipping her wine, already feeling light headed from the alcohol she’d had earlier.

“In a moment, I’ll head out, cruise the floor and find someone who’s available,” Marie said, smiling at her friend. “Then I’ll bring him back here and while you three watch, I’ll suck him and fuck him until he cums right here,” she said, running her fingers between her tits, winking at Jessica again.

Jessica glanced away, looking out on to the floor again. “Why are there younger women out there? I thought you said this place was for rich MILFs like us?”

Samantha giggled. “Sometimes you’re not looking for a big cock,” she said. “Sometimes you want a piece of pussy, ain’t that right, Marie?” she asked her friend, still giggling.

“You should know, bitch,” Marie laughed, blowing her a kiss before looking back to Jessica’s slightly shocked expression. “But tonight I want some cock,” she said. She put her glass of wine on the table and stood, adjusting the neckline of her dress to maximise the amount of boob on show. “Back in a few minutes, girls,” she said before heading out.

“How – – how come it’s Marie’s turn?” Jessica asked, watching her friend approach the young men stood at the bar and begin chatting with them.

Annie shrugged. “We figured that was fair. She found the place and then told Samantha and then me so we just carried on in that order. Last week I had the pleasure of a guy called Steve; the week before Samantha had her first black guy – – “

Jessica looked at her friend in surprise. “You fucked a black guy?” she exclaimed.

“Hell yeah,” Samantha said. “And he was hung like a bull. I seriously didn’t think it was going to fit in my little pussy,” she laughed. “A few weeks before, Marie fucked him and the difference in their colouring was so gorgeous: she’s so pale and he was so dark, they looked so fucking good together,”

“Sounds like you and Marie are a little closer than we thought,” Jessica said, surprised to find herself a little more jealous and annoyed than she thought she would be at the idea.

“Sis,” Annie said in a soothing tone. “You need to catch up. We’re all a lot closer than you thought,”

Jessica was about to reply when Marie re-entered the booth, alone.

“Don’t tell me you couldn’t find anyone?” Samantha said, obviously disappointed.

“Oh I found someone,” Marie said with a huge smile. “But it has to be a surprise. All of you, close your eyes and don’t open them until I say so, okay?” Annie and Samantha groaned playfully, but went along with it, scrunching their eyes shut. “You too,” Marie said to Jessica, not moving from the door until the busty brunette sighed and closed her eyes as well.

“Keep them closed, girls,” Marie said. “Our guest also has his eyes closed so he can’t see how many are in here,”

The others heard her manoeuvre the young man past the small table and have him sit at the head of the horseshoe sofa where she joined him, sandwiching him between herself and Samantha.

“I’m going to count down and then everyone open their eyes, okay? Three – – two – – one – – go!”

The young man’s eyes opened, taking in the women before him while they did the same, their eyes going wider and wider, Jessica’s mouth dropping open in amazement while Samantha and Annie stared for a moment before bursting into laughter.

“Mom!?” Hank said, staring at Jessica.

“Hank!? What – – what are you doing here?” she managed to say after a minute’s silence.

“Well – – I – – what – – what are you doing here?” he said, finally finding his nerve.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw him at the bar,” Marie said, stroking his short cropped hair. “And while young Hank here was surprised to see me, I’m glad to say he was more than up for the idea of coming back to a booth with me.” She looked over at Jessica. “What do you say, Jess? Want to watch me fuck your youngest son?”

“What? No, you can’t! Marie, no!” Jessica said.

Marie ran her hand down Hank’s thigh, outlining the large bulge his cock made in his pants, the other women watching as it bucked and thickened under her hand. Even Jessica gasped as she caught sight of how large her son was.

“Oh my – – that is big,” Marie said. “That’s just what your naughty auntie Marie needs tonight,” she said to Hank. All the women had known each other’s children for so long they were all unofficial aunties to them. Marie opened the pop stud on his pants and undid the zipper, smiling as Hank lifted his hips so she could slide his pants down his legs. He wore no underwear and the cotton slid over his tanned thighs, exposing inch after inch of his thick, half-hard tube of meat.

“Hank – – Hank, mobilbahis giriş please, stop – – Marie, don’t,” Jessica moaned, unable to look away as her friend reached out and grasped his big, stiffening length.

“Oh no, Jess, I’m not stopping yet,” Marie said, hefting Hank’s big organ in both hands, stroking it as it lurched upright, huge and hard. As she jerked on it, her fingers struggling to get round its girth, it pulsed, sending out a thick line of pre-cum that she quickly spread over the big dick in her hands. The booth became filled with the slick sounds of her double hand job, each of the women – – including Jessica – – watching Marie stroke his enormous meat.

“Marie – – please stop,” Jessica breathed.

“Should I stop, Hank?” Marie asked, staring at his prick the whole time.

“Hell no,” Hank said. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since I knew what fucking was.”

“Just me, baby? No-one else in this room?” Marie asked, grinning as his prick spurted out more pre-cum that she again smeared over his cock. “What about auntie Samantha? Want to get this big hunk of meat inside her tiny little pussy?”

“God yeah,” Hank said, looking over at the tiny, buxom blonde who squealed in delight, clapping her hands at the thought.

“What about auntie Annie? Your real aunt?”

Hank looked across at Annie who stared back, her eyes wide, a big smile on her face as she nodded.

“Yeah, I wanna fuck my real aunt,” he said boldly.

“So you’re happy to commit incest? That’s interesting,” Marie said. Still stroking his prick, she looked across at Jessica. “Do you want to fuck your mother, Hank? Want to slide this – – big – – fucking – – cock – – into your mom’s pussy? Let her suck you off? Jam it between her huge fucking tits? Do you?”

Jessica stared at her son, her mouth open in shock at the thought of what Marie was suggesting. Hank looked straight back at her.

“I wanna fuck my mom most of all,” he said, groaning as Marie dipped her head and sucked in the bulbous knob of his fuck meat, her tongue slavering around it, coating it in spit, smearing his pre-cum around it. Never letting it out of her hands or mouth, she climbed on to the sofa, her knees on the cushions, her ass pointing at Annie.

The three other woman watched as Marie crammed as much of his prick into her mouth as she could, making herself gag time and again, thick lines of spit hanging from her lips and clinging to the throbbing length of Hank’s cock. Pulling her head off his fuck meat for a moment, she looked back at Jessica.

“He tastes so good, Jess,” she moaned before plunging down on him again. As she crammed as much of his prick into her mouth as she could, gagging as the fat head of his knob pushed into her throat, she never once took her eyes off Jessica who stared at her with a mixture of shock, anger and – – best of all to Marie’s mind – – jealousy and lust. As her lips reached the trimmed wiry pubic hair at the base of his fuck stick, Marie’s body shook and quivered as a mini orgasm rippled from her pussy.

“Fuck, Hank,” Annie said as Marie slowly pulled her mouth off his prick. “I think she just came from deep throating your cock.”

“Damn right I did,” Marie gasped, catching her breath while smearing the thick spit over Hank’s engorged member. She looked over her shoulder at Annie, and moved her ass back and forth. “Want to take my panties off, baby?” she asked her.

Marie returned to sucking on the head of Hank’s length as Annie took hold of her dress and flipped it over, the waist-high split allowing her to fold her friend’s dress over to one side, exposing her fishnets and the tiny thong she wore. Annie pulled the thin straps of Marie’s thong over her hips, the crotch peeling away from her soaking wet, shaved pussy lips. She managed to move it down to her knees before Marie needed to raise them one at a time to let her pull it off.

Annie ran her hands over her friend’s taut, round ass cheeks before leaning forward. She spread her butt cheeks wide and lovingly licked the length of her twat, from her clit, up her lips, to the pink rosebud of her asshole.

“Oh you lucky bitch,” Samantha breathed, making Jessica look over at her. The blonde had her heels up on the sofa, her legs spread wide, her mini-skirt bunched around her waist. As she groped at her big tits with one hand, the other moved two fingers in and out of her bald pussy as she watched the scene in front of her.

Annie opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out, pushing as much as she could into Marie’s sopping box, noisily slurping at the juices that ran from her friend’s pussy. She dragged her tongue upwards, licked around her crinkled butt hole for a moment before easing the tip inside, slipping it in against the muscle. Marie’s body shook once more and she purred and mewled around Hank’s big prick, cumming for a second time.

“Fuck,” she whispered, taking her mouth off Hank’s cock. “Fuck your sister eats pussy so good,” she said looking across at Jessica.

“You taught me well,” Annie said, kissing her on both butt cheeks. She looked over at Jessica who still sat watching the entire scene with wide eyes. “Want to swap places with me, Jess?” she asked quietly, her lips and chin glistening with Marie’s love juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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