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His eyes…burning red as I sit back on the throne, my body open for him to see…his hands start with my hair…running his fingers through, wrapping around the strands as he draws me closer, his hot breath on my forehead. I close my eyes as he kisses..over my eyes, my cheeks then finding my lips, his mouth covering mine…I slip my tongue between his lips and enter his mouth, exploring, finding his tongue and catching it I bite lightly and draw him in deep…tasting him, his growls of passion heard as I start to suck gently, then stronger as I feel his tongue start to grow…its length flickering at the back of my throat. I moan deeply as I feel his hands move down my naked body, he covers my breasts as I lift and mold them into hands that suddenly spread out, covering me fully. His thumb and forefingers manipulating my nipples, rubbing and pinching, they are swelling..filled..the sensitivity heightened as the passion flows over me, the wetness between my legs growing more with each touch…wanting him. My breath catches and I moan again as I feel his palms change..tiny mouths and tongues grow on each..licking and sucking both nipples as his body changes with his leech being set free…a body changing, made for fulfilling a woman, fulfilling himself. canlı bahis His hands, the mouths on each, engulfing my nipples, sucking and biting both..harder…almost drawing blood, I am in a frenzy, the feeling of exquisitness, the ecstasy overcomes me as my legs shudder and I come…soaking the cushion beneath me.

And as if knowing..he moves one hand down…covering me, feeling the wetness leak out of my throbbing body, elongating a finger he quickly slips it in..and again..I wash over him as I feel his finger growing inside…probing me…the tip of the finger having a tongue now…flickering deep inside me…I scream aloud as I feel that…passion over flowing…his one hand still sucking on a nipple…sucking hard..the nipple stretching and swelling, he covers my mouth with his again…cutting off another loud moan…his thumb…it changes into another mouth that covers my swollen clit and while being licked, sucked and entered I cry out from under his lips, violently as a massive climax flows from me, my body trembling hard, my come flooding over him, drenching hands gripping the arms of the throne so hard that they are bloodless.

He quickly moves down and covers me with his mouth, drinking me in, tongue searching..playing bahis siteleri with my clit as his finger is still deep inside of me…the tongue there continuing as well. I feel his hardness…his cock against my leg “I want to taste you” I throatily say and I suddenly feel myself being turned on the throne, my legs thrown open wide over the back of the chair and my head dangling over the bottom…I see him in front of my face..reaching out to me, I quickly take my hands and bring him to my open mouth…running my tongue over… then inside…the tip opening enough for me to slip my tongue inside…then with a thrust of his hips…he rams his cock into my mouth, stopping only at the back of my throat, I swallow greedily and move my head so that he fills me more, sucking his cock with passion and then moaning loudly as I feel his mouth again on me…his fingers spreading me open, sucking on my clit with equal passion then using his tongue, enters deeply – it changes..becomming a cock itself as he fucks me with his mouth…I suck harder on him, almost screaming again as I am being fucked…his hands both back on my nipples…sucking…his cock ramming faster in my throat and his tongue fucking me harder as his lips grab my clit and sucks…another climax bahis şirketleri hits as I feel his come hitting the back of my throat…wave upon wave hits me…my body violently shuddering, neither of us stopping…continuing to suck.

Then picking me up, he roughly lays me over the side of the throne..entering me from behind, sliding in noisily as I am slick with come, fucking me hard..roughly, hands covering each breast…the hands still the same, then moving a hand to my mouth as it changes again into a cock…I almost faint as I am being fucked now…my mouth and my cunt, both equally…both roughly…his mouth now..biting and sucking on my neck…his palm biting and sucking my nipple…I am being filled….from everywhere…I cannot hold any longer…my body shaking as a roar escapes his lips, the leech fully emerged, my body feeling like it is being split in two as I take him all in, we fall back to the ground as the explosion hits…his cock still buried inside me…the massive throbs forcing his come deep inside me…as is his finger….coming from the cock there as well…filling my mouth…forcing me to swallow so as not to choke as I lay atop him…I cry out one last time as the last of the orgasms hits….and continues….

We are both spent, both soaked with the fluids of the other…he turns my body around to face him and kisses me deeply…I look into his eyes, running a hand over his face… “My Lord…, My Body…Soul, My Love…yours forever…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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