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My name’s Henry Podes, and I’m a 43-year old Inspector Grade III with Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Taxes. Since a few weeks ago I’ve also been committing criminal fraud. Let me tell you about it.

Part of my job is to interview tax defaulters and attempt to get them to arrange to clear their debt. I quite often make unnotified calls on people at their homes; often, if you catch someone off-guard, they haven’t had time to make up lies and evasions. One such call was to a rather swanky looking four-storey apartment block in the south of the city. When my press of the door entry buzzer was answered, I asked, “Am I speaking to Ms June Alexander? My name’s Mr Podes, and I’m here about your tax bill.”

The female voice, which replied was deep, cultured and, I felt, dripping with sexuality. “Oh, you’re a bit early darling, but…I’m certainly ready for you. Come on up.” I cursed under my breath as I climbed the flight of stairs to her apartment. She was expecting me – it appeared someone at the office had mistakenly notified her of my visit.

I was slightly stunned when Ms Alexander opened the door. She looked to be in her mid-fifties, but very good for it. She was everything that my dear wife Isobel isn’t – both her voice and her looks reminded me of an actress who was on television a lot some years ago, Rula Lenska. She had big flame red hair, big blue eyes, a wide white smile and sensual ruby lips. She was slim with big bosoms and long, shapely legs. It wasn’t difficult to see these features, as she was wearing a silky bed jacket which barely reached her thighs. I could clearly see the dark circles of her nipples through the thin material. In her high-heeled shoes she towered over my five-feet-nine.

She placed a hand on my shoulder and pulled me into the apartment, enveloping me in a miasma of flowery perfume. Leaning her mouth very close to my ear, she husked, “You’re older than I expected but that’s fine, I like experience. I wondered who you’d be. Now darling, I’m June, what shall I call you?” Normally I prefer formality, but since she had taken that approach it seemed only polite to tell her she could call me Henry.

Tax inspectors aren’t usually greeted so warmly, but I thought little of it, assuming she was just a bit eccentric. With a hand in the small of my back she guided me into a stylish lounge with floor to ceiling windows, and I perched on the edge of a plush sofa. I assumed I must have got her out of bed, even though it was mid-morning, and, clearing my throat delicately, I asked if she wanted to go and change into something more comfortable. To my surprise she flopped onto the sofa right beside me, her bare knee brushing against my trousered one, and said, “But I am comfortable darling.” I watched in shock as she reached out and loosened my tie. “I think we should both get comfortable.”

I was suddenly anything but comfortable. I felt hot and awkward, and blood was pumping into my groin area. Trying to maintain my professional detachment, I stammered, “Well, er, June, I really think we should get down to business.”

She giggled girlishly, removed my spectacles, and replied, “My thoughts exactly.” And with that, she fell on me. The suddenness of it took me completely by surprise, and I gasped in shock. My God, but that woman could kiss! She slapped her lips onto my open mouth and her tongue thrust past my teeth. As she pressed her body to mine I began to respond (well, even tax inspectors only human!), and as I slipped my tongue into her mouth it felt as if it had been seized by illegal bahis an industrial suction pump.

She was a fast worker too. She was stretched out on top of me, one thigh rubbing firmly against my rapidly growing erection. Within moments she had my jacket halfway off, pinning my arms, and had removed my tie. With one hand she tore open my shirt and her long blood red nails raked my chest and tweaked my nipples. I had no idea where her sudden lust had come from – I’ve never considered myself what might be termed a ‘babe magnet’ – but it was as irresistible as a bulldozer, and I struggled out of my shirt and jacket, leaving me naked to the waist.

June chuckled into my mouth, grasped one of my hands and placed it firmly on one of her big boobies, inside her bed jacket. Obediently I began to squeeze her firm flesh. She finally broke the kiss, taking a deep, gasping breath, then cried, “Suck it darling, I love my nips sucked.” She placed her hand on the top of my head and pushed me firmly into position.

I have been married to the same woman for 18 years, and for a fleeting second a scintilla of guilt formed in my mind. But June was more or less forcing me to ravish her; she seemed quite desperate, and I decided I would rather simply enjoy the experience than risk annoying her — hell hath no fury and all that. Her cherry red nipple was huge, and I rolled it between my lips and flicked it with my tongue, the palm of my hand supporting the weight of her breast. She hissed and pressed one hand to the back of my head. The other hand found the belt buckle of my trousers and began to undo it.

She roughly yanked down my trouser and Y-fronts, then I shuddered as her fingernails scratched up the length of my erect cock. Detaching my mouth from her tittie, she squirmed down the sofa and pulled my trousers right down to my ankles. I jumped as those sharp fingernails scratched my scrotum, then I moaned involuntarily as her warm, willing mouth closed over my knob. Mrs Podes had certainly never done that for me! Her tongue was flicking the end of my prick, sending shivers right through my body, as her lips massaged up and down my length, her fingernails still scratching my balls, a surprisingly erotic sensation.

June gradually edged her body around, twisting her mouth on my prick, then grabbed my hand and thrust it between her legs. Her pubic area was completely shaven, and all four of my fingers slipped straight into her pussy. She moaned with delight and I worked my thumb in as well, until I was effectively rogering her with my entire hand. She squealed in delight and squirmed on my fist, then I felt her pussy clamp tight around me and her hips bucked up and down as she came. Within moments I felt my loins boiling, and I joined her in orgasm, releasing my sperm into her mouth. She smiled up at me, a small trail of white fluid trickling down her chin, and smacked her lips and swallowed, as if she was enjoying a fine wine.

I was feeling quite light-headed — stars were popping in my head. June murmured, “Oh God Henry, that was wonderful. Now it’s time for you to eat.” I thought for a moment that she meant she was going to cook me something, but with a chuckle she sat astride my chest and began to shuffle forwards, towards my face. In moments her warm thighs were either side of my cheeks, and her pussy had enveloped my mouth!

I had never even imagined doing such a thing with my wife, but as June bore down on me, wiggling her hole against my mouth, it was clear what she expected of me. I tentatively illegal bahis siteleri stuck out my tongue, and as it made contact with her slit she squeaked and bucked on me. I did a couple more times, and she giggled, and pressed down harder still on me. I wrapped my hands around her thighs, pulled her down onto me, and pushed my face as deep as it would go into her pussy.

I licked my tongue up and down the inside of June’s pussy, enjoying the arms soft sensation, and the sweet taste I was experiencing. I could hear her moaning and sighing, and I experimentally detached a hand from her thigh and inserted two fingers alongside my tongue. She positively squealed, and jumped a few inches into the air, coming back down on my face with a thump. As I licked and fingered her, my nose kept knocking against a small white button at the top of her pussy. I didn’t have much idea what that was all about, but each time I touched it she went wild, so I moved my other hand under her and started flicking my thumb across it. Her thighs clamped like a vice to my face and she ground her pussy down onto me, wailing as moisture flooded into her. I licked and stroked her as hard as I could, she kept squirming on me and the liquid kept coming.

Finally, she literally fell sideways onto a sheepskin rug on the floor, and gasped, “Enough! I can’t take anymore.” I was alarmed that she might have been hurt in her fall — that wouldn’t sit well with my employers — but she smiled coyly up at me, and husked, “Henry, come here.” Before I could respond she placed a hand around my naked calf, and yanked me down to join her. Then she lay on top of me and thrust her tongue into my mouth again, licking the taste of her own pussy from me.

For a lady of ‘a certain age’, June certainly didn’t lack energy. She slid down my body, and wrapped her magnificent boobs around my cock, giggling as she massaged it with them. She pressed her mouth to my chest, licking, kissing, even nibbling me. I had never felt so sexually charged in all my life and, unable to help myself, I wrapped my fingers in her hair, tugging gently at it.

I was sure June was going to breast-rub me all the way to another release when she crawled back up so that we were face-to-face. She rubbed her hairless pubis against my straining prick and murmured, “Do you want to put your big, stiff soldier inside my little pussy willow now?” She giggled and dropped onto all fours beside me, her freckled buttocks pointing at the ceiling, her pink pussy lips peeping out between them.

Adding yet another sexual first to my amazing morning, I positioned myself behind June, my hands resting on her buttocks, and placed the tip of my cock at the very edge of her vagina. She giggled again and pushed back at me, drawing me into her. It was the most amazing, er, fuck of my life. I thrust at June with all my strength, and she pushed back at me with every stroke, forcing me into her as deep as I could go, my balls swinging against her. She reached for one of my hands and drew it down to her pussy, placing a finger on that white button again. Obediently I began to flick it as I drove my tool in and out of her, and she started writhing against me, hissing, “Oh God Henry, that’s so good, oh yes my big strong taxman, fuck your little Junie through the sound barrier!”

Then she screamed — literally — and I felt her pussy tighten again. She collapsed onto her tummy, drawing me down with her, my cock still inside her as I continued to fuck her for some time before I came, causing her to writhe canlı bahis siteleri and moan once again. I felt totally drained and slumped onto the rug beside her. She hugged me and kissed my nose, and whispered “Christ Henry, you really are good, well worth the money.”

I wasn’t sure what she’d meant by that last comment but, feeling slightly embarrassed by my most unprofessional behaviour, I quickly dressed while June went to her en suite bathroom. She emerged from her bedroom still quite naked, her face flushed, swaying her hips in a most arousing manner. She had a purse in her hand, and smiled as she said, “Now darling, what was it we agreed, one hundred pounds, wasn’t it?”

I checked my file and said, “No, it’s eight thousand pounds actually.”

Her jaw dropped and she stared at me. In a bewildered voice, she said, “Sorry? Henry, I know you’re good, but…”

I clarified my comment. “That’s the amount we estimate you owe in undeclared tax for the past two years. Eight thousand one hundred and twenty three pounds and fourteen pence actually. I have the full details here if you wish to see them.”

She slumped down on the sofa beside me and gave me a strange look. “Wait a minute. Do you mean…are you saying you really are a taxman?”

I was confused now. “Of course, who did you think…?”

“Oh my God! So you’re not ‘Loverman’ from the Hot Hunks website? Oh my God…” And with that she collapsed backwards on the sofa, crying with hysterical laughter, her legs kicking in the air, giving me another delightful view of the pussy which had so recently given me so much pleasure. I was totally perplexed at what was happening though.

Gradually June calmed down and, sitting up, wiping tears from her face, she placed a hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry Henry, this has been a terrible case of mistaken identity. I’m expecting someone else this morning you see, and…” she started to snort with laughter again. Eventually, she said, “You know you really are very good at this, have you ever thought of doing it professionally?”

Then she seemed to calm down completely, as the information I’d given her about the payments she owed sunk in. It often seems to take people like that. Looking at me appealingly with those big blue eyes, she said quietly, “Eight thousand pounds you said? That’s an awful lot of money.” I shivered as her hand rested on the back of my neck, her fingers trailing through my hair. “Henry, isn’t there some way we can, well, sort of make this go away?”

Her fingers were sending electric pulses from my skull straight down to my cock. I thought quickly. After all, eight grand isn’t that much really, not in terms of the sums my office deals with in the course of the year. My heart thumping, I said, “Well, I suppose I could move a few figures around on the computer, rebalance a couple of accounts…”

June chuckled, “I’d be ever so very grateful Henry.” Her hand rested on my groin, a finger stroking the length of my cock. “For a very long time.” The hand unzipped my fly, and warm fingers slipped into my Y-fronts…

As I left June’s apartment block about fifteen minutes later, a rather offensive young man brushed past me, knocking my shoulder with his. He was about 30, with a tanned face I suppose some ladies would call handsome, and a rather muscular physique, like a bodybuilder. He was crammed into a business suit which he clearly wasn’t used to wearing, and which appeared at least one size too small for him. As he pressed June’s buzzer it occurred to me to wonder whether he intended to declare the earnings he was about to collect.

So that’s how I became a fraudster, and an adulterer. I’ve got to know June quite well in the weeks since then. And her friend Lucy. And Lucy’s daughter Karen. But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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