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She wasn’t sure what to expect. She stayed focused on her breathing, ignoring the slight chill the table still gave to her skin. Temptation crept in, and she considered removing the blindfold and looking around, but what if they were already in the room, just watching her lay on the table? She started to feel silly, like she was someone’s buffet or table centerpiece.

The sound of someone clearing their throat broke through her concentration, letting her know that someone was indeed in the room after all. They tapped their fingers against the table, first by her head, then next to her arm, as they walked around the table. It was bothersome that she couldn’t hear them walk around, only knowing where they were each time they touched the table.

Finally they made contact, and she could feel the heat of their skin through the palm of their hand. They ran their cupped hand down her arm, the palm and fingers rough to the touch. Involuntarily, shivers ran down her spine, causing her to shake her shoulders. The hand pulled back suddenly, possibly a reflex, possibly more interested in observing. A moment passed, and she felt it again, this time running down the inside of her calf, to the bottom of her foot, the hand wrapping around it, digging the thumb into the ball, pressing and rubbing on it. Another hand joined in, and both worked their way from the foot to the calf, each following the motion of the other as they kneaded the muscles underneath. She bit down, holding her mouth shut, not sure if she should make any noise, and just enjoyed the feeling as he passed from one leg to the other, working in reverse.

She felt his hands move away from her body, and suddenly everything was still again. She shifted her legs slightly; nervous if something suddenly offended him. Uncertainty ran through her mind, and she opened her mouth a few times to say something, only each time to close it again, not even sure if she should make noise. Finally an answer came through, as a finger pressed against her lips. She nodded twice, and the finger left. She hadn’t been abandoned or done wrong. She took that feeling and used it to steel herself, ready for whatever might happen.

Another moment passed, and his hand was on her again, this time running back and forth on her stomach, slowly running to just under mobilbahis güvenilir mi her bust line, before coming down, trailing off the side around her hips. She resisted the urge to grab the hand, suddenly realizing how much it bothered her when she didn’t have it. She felt them again, this time on her right thigh, both running up and down, making her want the touch more and more. It was an itch that she was not allowed to scratch.

His hands followed her body up now, passing her hips, her stomach, skirting the side of her ribs, just avoiding her breasts. She frowned inside, feeling bad that he had not touched her anywhere like that yet. Instead she felt his mouth against hers, his lips pressing into hers as his hands continued to caress her shoulders. Instinct made her try to devour his lips, and instead he pulled away, kissing along her jawline to her ear, his tongue flicking out and making first contact just below her lobes, his breath hot and heavy. She sensed that while he continued to toy with her, it was a hassle for both of them, each wanting more. Even so, he still was taking the time to draw everything out. His lips moved slowly down her neck, down to her shoulder, before scraping her skin with his teeth. She sharply inhaled, the hardness of his teeth unexpected. Once again his finger was on her lips, causing her to reign in her reactions.

His lips changed from simple kisses, making love to her skin with his mouth, moving back up under her chin. His lips found hers again, and this time both of them gave in, both letting the other explore with their tongue, wrestling and pulling, his hands cupping her face and pulling it up towards him. Pulling off, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, biting and licking at her neck, more insistent than before. She knew he wanted it as badly as she did, maybe even more. Yet, it remained restrained, a current under the surface, his motions still calm even as he moved over her body. He found her breasts for the first time, filling his hand with one, pulling it back and forth as he continued to nuzzle her neck. She fought hard to not arch her back into him, unsure of what the reaction would be.

He left her neck alone now, letting go of her hair and using that hand to cup her other breast. His mouth mobilbahis came down, and his lips kissed the areola, the darker skin contrasting with his lips, before letting his tongue play stiff against it, pushing the nipple up and down and swirling around it. His thumb and forefinger mimicked the movements on her left nipple, the pads of his fingers causing them to poke up erect. She bit on her lip, focusing on letting the feelings wash through her body without grabbing his hair like every part of her body was aching to do. His teeth pinched her right nipple, causing another sharp intake of air. She longed to react, to grab him and pull him on top of her and feel his body pressing against her, and wondered just how much she could really take.

Their lips met again, and she greedily took his tongue in her mouth, almost sucking it in, trying to communicate to him just how badly she was starting to need relief, wordlessly pleading for some sort of release. He trailed his hand from her breasts, down her stomach, and then ran his fingers up and down inside her thighs, each time coming up and stopping short of what she needed. She focused every thought on him touching her, not caring what it took, and spreading her legs wider to give him better access. He stood up, pulling his face back from her, and bit her nipple one more time before taking his hands off of her. She spread her legs apart slightly further, feeling her body’s lubrication dripping down onto the table, her breath catching in her throat, fingers digging into the table top.

All at once she felt his breath on her, his tongue parting her lips as his head dipped between her legs. She let a moan out, before biting down on her lips and cutting it short, almost at tears, afraid of what would happen. He seemed to let it slide, holding his tongue flat and brushing it up against her outer lips, the tip running just inside of her. He kissed her on the clit before moving down again, his arms sliding under her legs and pulling them onto his shoulders. Stiffening his tongue, he plunged it inside of her again, pushing through her lips and pressing his face against her, kissing her while twisting his tongue back and forth, before sliding it back into his mouth, and then back out again. She squeezed her legs, pushing down on his mobilbahis giriş back with her heels, trying to push him in further, even knowing that she was far from gone when it came to controlling the flow at this point.

His tongue continued inside her, flicking in and out, running up and down over her lips, flattening and rounding, tasting every inch. He pulled his arm out from under one leg, and brought it up to rub against her clit, massaging it as he continued to tongue her, even biting at her lips, every movement focused on bringing her higher and higher. She couldn’t stop herself any further and brought her hands down, grabbing fistfuls of hair and using every limb to push him down further. Only her teeth pressing firmly into her bottom lip kept any noise from escaping her mouth, and even then she could hear every scream and moan she longed to make in her head, echoing as he made love to her.

He stopped rubbing against her clit and slid a finger inside of her, running it in and out and continuing to batter her outer lips with his tongue and lips. Her toes curled and dug into his back and side, and her entire body began to tense as she felt her impending release starting to boil over. Just as she felt she was still in control of it, he kissed and licked her clit, sucking on it. It was all it took to finally give her that push over the edge, every part of her body tightening and releasing over and over as waves crashed over her again and again. Her arms flew to her sides, grabbing the edge of the table, feeling as though she might suddenly roll and topple off the table, despite having not moved much from her original position.

As she came down, she first realized that she could taste blood, and had bitten down so hard as to draw blood from her bottom lip. It then became plainly obvious that he was no longer tucked between her legs, still lying on the table, a puddle forming beneath her as she still felt the afterglow of her climax. She thought of moving, sitting up, but she continued to stay motionless, not knowing what else was coming. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally got the courage to pull her blindfold down slightly. Looking around, she couldn’t see anyone. Sitting up and removing it completely she saw that she was completely alone. Parts of her body continued to tremble slightly, and she cursed her luck, not knowing if pulling her blindfold had caused him to leave or if he had left prior to that. As she slid off the table, however, one chair caught her eye. In it laid a card and a single rose. She smiled, hopeful of what was to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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