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He sat in the back of the conference room with his laptop open, staring blankly at the speaker. The middle-aged man in a gray button-up at the front of the room had developed software that promised to “invigorate company-wide productivity” and “expedite cross-departmental collaborations”. As his co-workers followed along with the tutorial, he ran his fingers over the keyboard, a weak attempt to mime typing. It was nearing the end of the day, the conference room was stuffy, and his mind wouldn’t stay put. He pulled up his email in the hopes of having something worthwhile to focus on, and maybe getting some work done.

Upon opening his inbox he found a long list of new emails waiting for him. Sorting through the advertisements for athletic shoes and discounted play tickets he spotted a few important items, including a last minute request from a client, a newsletter from his son’s daycare, and a reminder from his boss to attend the very tutorial he was currently sitting through. Then there was this:

“Your Package Has Been Delivered Successfully – Item


‘Package?’ he wondered. He couldn’t remember ordering anything lately, but it wouldn’t be the first time he was was surprised by his own past purchases. He also considered that perhaps this was just a bit of spam that got through the filter and thought the safe thing to do would be to delete it. But at the moment his curiosity was higher than his restraint, so he opened it anyways.

As soon as he did he recognized the logo of the company that sent it: TradEco, a new website designed to sell eco-friendly products of all sorts-food, cleaning supplies, furniture, etc. His wife had made a joint account for them on it the week before, but they hadn’t purchased anything at the time. He assumed she must’ve found something she liked so he scrolled down to see what was in the order.


‘…Organic lover’s playset?’ he thought to himself. ‘What the hell is that? ‘ All he knew was that it sounded…adult. He was about to click on the link to the product page, but paused as he remembered where he was, and the co-workers who were surrounding him. Shifting in his seat and tilting his laptop screen down to the point where even he could barely see it, he opened the page for the Organic Lover’s Playset. It read:

“This enviro-friendly product set will bring sensual delights to you and your partner for as long as you both can last, while ensuring that our planet will last long too! Enjoy guilt-free sexual indulgence with the following items.”

Each item had a description along with a well-framed, softly-lit photo. He scrolled down, revealing each item one at a time.

First there was the organic black silk blindfold, described as “soft and saucy.” Then came the feather tickler: “This cruelty-free feather tickling tool promises hours of mischief.” That was followed by a light-weight hemp rope designed for “playful restraint and dominance enforcement”, and then a compact solar-powered vibrator that uses “renewable energy for endless stimulation”. Finally he scrolled onto the last image.

The picture featured a lime green dildo, with a shape suggestive of a penis, but not so detailed as to be considered “realistic.” The base of the dildo was attached to a dark brown belt and the whole apparatus was situated such that the dildo slanted upward, with the tip landing in the top right corner of the photograph.

He let out a small involuntary gasp, which he tried to cover with a cough as he casino şirketleri glanced nervously around the room. Flustered, he leaned back into his laptop and glanced at the description : “This hypo-allergenic dildo with a luxurious vegan leather strap let’s everyone play the role they desire.”

He sat back in his chair and let out a quiet exhale. The speaker’s voice felt distant as he thought about what compelled his wife to purchase this little gift box. Now they were no strangers to experimenting in the bedroom: spanking, 69, and anal-play were all fair game. He’d even given her a golden shower or two. But this was the first time she’d expressed any interest in using toys.

He pictured his wife sitting at home, browsing through the website and stumbling upon the playset. Maybe she blushed and giggled at first, but then felt herself get wet as she imagined using the items on him and him using them on her. Soon, she found the idea of acting out her fantasy too enticing to resist and impulsively made the purchase. The whole idea was getting him hard, and he hoped the presentation would end before anyone noticed. The speaker was telling the employees how to report technical problems.

Too far gone to have any hope of paying attention, he slipped his phone out of his pocket to let his wife know he was aware of her shopping.

“Did you, um, make a purchase? Some sort of ‘organic playset’…” he typed out.

After a few minutes he felt a buzz.


And then a second.

“You know me…always trying to help the planet any way I can ;)”

He smiled. “And what exactly do you intend to do with that stuff?” he replied, hoping she’d give him some insights into her fantasy to occupy his mind.

“You’ll find out later. But don’t worry, I’ve done my research”

Just as he was pondering what she meant by “research”, an email showed up in his inbox. It was from his wife and contained three links. He clicked on the first, and saw a video loading. Frantically muting his computer and hunching down even further, he saw a lean young man leaning against a wall. A woman with long dark hair trailing down to the top of her butt was blindfolded and on her knees in front of him. He had his hands on her head, guiding the tip of his cock in and out of her mouth.

He then opened the second link. He watched as a naked red-headed woman approached a man lying on a bed who had his wrists tied to either side of the headboard and his ankles tied together. The woman got up on the bed, calmly flung one leg over the man and sat sprawled across his shins with her large breasts dangling around the man’s thighs. The woman then reached up and began passing a vibrator up and down his cock. She hovered over the man as he hardened and throbbed in response to the vibrations.

The third link went to a site dedicated entirely to dominatrix porn. A young woman with a short black bob was decked out in a red leather corset and thigh high leather boots. She ordered a man slightly older than her to bend over a sofa, and enforced her demands with several light flicks of her flogger onto his ass. Once he was in the position, the dominatrix stepped into and adjusted a strap-on until is was snugly tied to her hips. The dildo attached to it was long, thin, and black. She spread the man’s buttchecks and placed the tip of the dildo to his asshole. She then gave a firm thrust with her hips and…

Suddenly, members of the audience were applauding and getting up from their seats. Startled, inexplicably sweaty, and with his dick bulging in his pants, he slammed his laptop shut and headed casino firmalari out of the room with everyone else. He stopped by his office to grab his coat and then got into the elevator, making sure to carefully place his computer bag in front of his crotch. It was nearing six o’clock and he didn’t know where his wife was. She was a freelancer and worked mostly from home but occasionally went elsewhere. While he liked to picture her sending him those dirty links while sitting in a crowded coffee shop, he was more excited by the idea of finding her at home when he got there. As aroused as he was now, holding off any longer seemed like torture.

As he walked toward the subway he texted again, attempting to sound neutral: “On my way home.. you there?”

After a few minutes of waiting at the platform, a train came. After he got on he glanced at his phone: No reply, and now he had lost service. He wasn’t normally one for suspense but at the moment it seemed to only intensify his arousal. He let his mind drift into scenarios inspired by the videos: his wife tying him up and teasing his cock with the feathery toy, him blindfolding her and running the vibrator from her clit to her anus and back. Finally she’d put on the strap-on, and gently fuck him until he inevitably explodes.

He drifted around in this fantasy land throughout the ride home and kept only just enough awareness of the real world not to miss his stop. As he emerged from underground, his phone immediately buzzed.

“Ready and waiting” the message read.

He smiled and picked up the pace as he headed toward their apartment. He opened the door to find the kitchen and living room empty. He turned the corner and saw the door to their bedroom was closed. He opened it, and there was his wife in nothing but a white tank top, laying casually across the bed flipping through a magazine. Each of the items he’d seen online were now placed in a row next to her. The magazine, he noticed, was actually a catalog advertising more “play items” that he assumed must’ve come with the package. She glanced up when he walked in, then rose from the bed.

“Wow, you really are ready,” he said.

“Shhhh,” she said as she grabbed the rope from the bed. “Take off your clothes and sit down.”

She sat on his lap facing him and pulled his hands behind his back. With her lips nearly touching his, she then wrapped the rope around his wrists, tying them together snugly and finishing it with a sturdy knot. She nudged his chest telling him to lean back and as he fell back onto the bed she climbed forward on to him.

He was breathing heavily as she sank her pussy onto his lips. He immediately, instinctively, began lapping at her engorged labia. He flicked her clit with his tongue repeatedly while she gasped. After several minutes of riding his face and moaning, she climbed off and rolled to his side. She then grabbed the blindfold, placed it over his eyes and pulled the strap around his head.

He couldn’t see her anymore but sensed that she had moved away from him. All of a sudden he felt a brush of air near his testicles, then another. There were several short bursts of air before the feathers made contact with his skin, at which point the sensation transformed into a soft brushing. His wife swirled the feathers all around his scrotum, up and down his shaft, around his inner thighs, and ended by dusting the tip of his penis. The light touch brought a tingling sense of awareness to the whole region that he calmly enjoyed. Suddenly, the feel of his wife’s wet lips on his cock burst through this delicate sensation. She filled güvenilir casino her mouth with him while grabbing tightly onto his thighs. She swayed, pushing him into her throat several times as saliva began to run down her chin.

He laid motionless and moaning as she pulled herself away from him and stood up. Soon she was reaching underneath him and untying the rope. Once he had a hand free he pulled the blindfold up to his forehead.

“Is something wrong?” he asked

“No! Of course not. It’s just my turn now,” she replied grabbing the blindfold off his head. “Or should I say your turn?”

She handed him the vibrator and laid on the bed with her eyes covered. He paused for a minute and then deciding the blindfold was insufficient, pulled her wrists above her head and tied them tightly while she squirmed lightly. Pulling the remainder of the rope down beside her, he then wrapped it around her legs, right above the knee and tied a knot. He shoved his right hand in between her thighs. They were tightly pressed together now due to the rope and the area felt warm and moist. He inched his hand up to her pussy and began squeezing and rubbing.

With his left hand he turned on the small metal vibrator and started by rubbing it over her breasts. He hovered around each nipple, making smaller and smaller circles until he was just touching the very tip. Finally, he dragged it down her stomach and into the palm of his right hand. He then pressed it right to her clit and held it there as her breathing increased and her hips began to thrust upward. Just as her panting was intensifying, he turned the vibrator off. He grabbed her hips with both hands and firmly rolled her over, so that her ass was now facing him. He sat up on his knees on the bed and slid his dick into her pussy. Seemingly surprised by this, she tensed and let out a small scream. He thrust into her repeatedly, feeling her buttocks smacking into him each time. He leaned forward, putting his hands next to hers on the bed. After a few more deep thrusts, he began to untie her wrists. He then pulled out and untied her legs. He rolled her body, now limp from pleasure, over to face him again and removed the blindfold.

“My turn again,” he said, “Or should I say yours?”

She blinked her eyes open to see him handing her the strap-on.

She gave him a coy, are-you-sure-you-want-to look to which he responded with a long passionate kiss. She stood up, drew the strap-on up to her waist and pulled on the belt to secure it. He was laying face down on the bed now with his legs dangling off the edge. She positioned herself in between his open legs and squatted down a bit. Grabbing the dildo at its base, she slowly pushed it into his asshole. Once it became clear from his gasps and moaning that he was enjoying the sensation, she began to move in and out. What started out as slow and cautious became faster and more passionate. She was grabbing his butt and running her hands up and down his back as she used her hips to control the bright green toy. Her arousal was rising with his and with the motion.

“Stop,” he said. She feared she had hurt him and quickly pulled out. He turned around. “I need to fuck you.”

She slipped out of the strap-on and kissed him deeply. They pushed all the items to the side and she climbed on top of him. He began thrusting into her so aggressively she could barely keep her balance. She felt closer to bursting with each bump of his body against hers. He began to move faster as both their moaning intensified. With one particularly large thrust, she felt the orgasm wash over her. Just as she leaned her head back in satisfaction, he exploded inside of her and pulled her down to him. She collapsed onto him with her face into the pillow. He let his head fall to the side and caught a glimpse of the toy catalog laying next to him before closing his eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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