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This story is going to take some time to build up into more intimate happenings.



Avandria Alexis Adams. She’s wearing the dark brown high waisted shorts I left at her doorstep last week. They’re a corduroy texture with black buttons. Her ass looks amazing in them; I knew it would. She’s paired it with a white tank top that (sadly) isn’t see-through. However, I know that she’s hiding a sexy white lace bra underneath, her thong to match…

Her long auburn hair is falling down in curls next to her heart shaped face. She’s wearing blue hair clips which compliment her blue eyes. Her makeup is minimal besides her pink lip gloss that accentuates her full lips.

All of this I take in at just a glance early in the morning. That’s all I have for now: glances. She still doesn’t know that I even exist. It’s so hard to talk to such a beautiful girl; that’s why I must learn everything about her before I make my move. Never mind that new boyfriend she has- he won’t last long. I’ll make sure of it.

After another monotonous day at my job as an IT tech, I quickly pack up my things and get into my car. I drive the fifteen minutes from that parking lot to the parking lot where Ava works. I’m just in time to see her walk out of the elevator and into the parking area. She searches around to find where she’s parked. I looked for her car, but I didn’t see it, which is strange.

Another car that I recognize pulls into the structure and she smiles when it pulls up next to her. She climbs in, and through the driver’s side window I see her lean over to kiss the driver. It’s that stupid boyfriend of hers, Daniel.

Daniel is a tall man, taller than Ava. But I’m taller than him. On the dating profile she had before she met Daniel she said she likes very tall men. He stands at 5’11”, and I’m at 6’3″. He’s a lanky guy, not very muscular, which I also know from her dating profile is not her type. She likes guys like me, fit and strong. Everything else about him is to her liking, to the T.

He has green eyes and dirty blonde hair. He has a great relationship with all of his family, or at least he seems to based on his social media. He’s a full time college student working on his Master’s degree. That means he’s unemployed and lives on his parent’s money and student loans, which Ava never specified if that’s what she’s looking for or not. He’s a smart guy, but not good enough for Ava. She deserves the best.

I’m a part time student at the local college, also working on my Master’s. I’m living off of my own earnings. I don’t have much family to begin with, but I am close to all of them. I also have green eyes and dirty blonde hair, though mine is closer to brown than Daniel’s.

Ava and Daniel drive off, so I follow them illegal bahis from a few cars back. Daniel turns right, which is weird because Ava’s house is the opposite direction. Maybe they’re going on a date.

I’m very mistaken, because I notice that Daniel is driving further into the residential part of town instead of the business side. He must be taking her to his house. It looks like I might have to rig his house like I did with Ava’s until I do something about getting rid of him. That means after I find out where he lives I should go shopping.

We drive for another few minutes. I make sure that I stay far enough behind him for him to not get suspicious. When he pulls into a dead end street I drive a few blocks away and park on the side of the road. I walk back to the street and look for his car. Annoyingly I see that he’s parked at the end of the street in between two houses.

A minor inconvenience at best, I have a track on Ava’s phone. I get closer to the two houses so it’s easier for my track app to work without draining too much of Ava’s battery. I might be smart, but an app like that can take a few percentages if I’m not careful. I wouldn’t want her to go into another store to try to fix it.

I put in the tracker when she brought her phone in for some repairs before she even knew Daniel. I was already finished with the app, I was just trying to find a way to get it onto her phone. When she brought it in, it all but fell into my lap.

My coworker got the phone from Ava and told her to come back in a few hours since he isn’t too great with phones; he’s more of a computer guy. Fortunately for him, I’m pretty fast at working with phones. So, he gave it to me. It took me all but ten minutes to fix what she brought it in for, then install the app. I had to check to see how it would work, where I could hide it, and blah blah blah. But it was pretty simple once it was on the phone.

The tracker can also give me a look into her phone, so that’s handy. That, however, takes a significant amount of battery if I take longer than two or three minutes at a time.

It only takes a few seconds to find that his house is the nicer of the two. He has some roommates, if the cars packed in the driveway have any significance. I’m glad this neighborhood isn’t too nice, I might seem out of place if it was. I go around the side of the house to find that we’re on the edge of town, the only thing behind the house is trees. That will be handy if they stay together longer than I’d like.

I look up and down the house until I catch sight of Ava and Daniel through a window. It must be his.

I find a nice spot to watch them where they can’t see me. That’s when they start kissing.

Ava and Daniel haven’t had sex yet. Ava is a very responsible illegal bahis siteleri woman, she wouldn’t just give herself to just anyone. I’m not saying she’s a virgin, she’s not. I’m just saying that she’s careful.

But… if her track record says anything about her, five months is when she normally takes the relationship a bit further. And it’s been exactly that.

Daniel grabs Ava by the waist and pulls her closer to him. I grab some binoculars to get a closer look.

Ava reaches her hands up into his hair and pulls slightly. I wish I could hear what’s going on…

There’s a rustle in the trees just a few yards away, so I stand up quickly and jog back down to the street. I walk briskly back to my car and drive off to the store to buy some gear. Maybe I’ll pay a visit to Ava’s house tonight. I don’t think she’ll be coming home.



He’s so beautiful. His dirty blonde hair is messy from not being brushed this morning and his green eyes are shining bright as he stares ahead. Just a glimpse from across the classroom. That’s all I allow myself, just in case someone sees me. I don’t want to stare and have people catch me doing so.

He looks down at his paper to jot down some notes. His reading glasses fall down his nose slightly and he pushes them back up with the eraser of his pencil. I see this through the mirror-like metal door on my left which is pointing at the perfect angle for me to watch him occasionally. It’s not like looking at him directly, but it’s something.

I barely notice the teacher talking. I’m not even technically taking this class, so I don’t need to pay attention anyways.

Daniel starts packing his stuff, so I start to do so as well. His classmates slowly file out of the classroom, but he stays behind for a second to talk to the teacher. I leave along with everyone else, I don’t like one on one interaction with most people. I’m sure as hell not going to talk to Daniel yet. Not until I’m ready.

I wait in the parking lot, my car parked a few spaces down from his. It takes him about ten minutes, but he finally walks past my car to get to his. I wait until I see him drive out of the parking lot before I follow him.

Just like always, he drives straight home after class gets out. I park my car on the street next to his, then walk around the bushes to my secret spot. I can see almost his entire room from here.

He takes off his shirt and I take out my binoculars to enjoy the show. He likes to shower after class… and he likes to leave the door open when he does. He has a private bathroom, so he can do that without being seen by his roommates.

Daniel takes off his jeans and I see that he isn’t wearing any underwear. I groan and feel my pussy canlı bahis siteleri getting slightly wet. He’s slightly hard; he likes to masturbate in the shower a lot, so that’s probably why.

He walks into his bathroom and turns on the shower. He waits for a few seconds before getting in. I turn on my mics and cameras through my iPad.

One of the cameras I’ve hidden in a tile on the shower wall. Since the tiles are black and he’s extremely oblivious I know he won’t ever find it. I’m also pretty good at hiding things.

I watch him through this one. The microphone is hooked up in the shower rod that I’ve poked a small hole in so I can hear through it. I turn that one up and mute the rest.

He reaches down to his cock, just as expected. I get cozy in my hidden spot and sit back to enjoy the show.

Daniel starts stroking himself, moaning lightly. His walls are pretty sound proofed, so he can make some noise without being heard. He leans against his shower wall, directly across from the camera I’m watching him through.

He bites his lip and I mirror the action. I can feel myself getting more wet from each stroke of his beautiful cock. I imagine that he’s thinking about me as he touches himself…

“Mmm, yes. Oh, Ava…” he moans. I frown and click off the mic button, trying to forget he said her name. But, sadly, the moment is ruined. I can’t get back in the mood now.

A few days ago, Daniel and Ava celebrated being together for five months by going all the way for the first time. I watched it all happen. Every painful moment. The only thing that saved it was watching her mess up on pleasing him multiple times. I enjoyed watching him have to correct her. I wouldn’t have made those mistakes. I know what Daniel likes better than Ava does.

I switch off my iPad and stand up. I walk to my car, my head hanging slightly from not being able to cum like I wanted to. Looks like tonight I’ll just have to finger myself to one of the videos I’ve recorded of Daniel masturbating.

When I get home, I look in my work bag. I work at a local IT shop and bring my work home with me occasionally. I pull out a computer that’s taken me more time than usual and pull out my repair kit from a nearby drawer. I work on it for a few minutes, but can barely focus. I’m so horny from watching Daniel masturbate… I don’t think I can wait any longer. I pull out my iPad and scroll through my pre recorded videos of Daniel and sit back on my bed.

I take off my clothes slowly, touching my body like I want Daniel to touch me. I turn on the video of Daniel moaning and watch as I move my finger slowly inside me. I moan, knowing no one will hear me since I live alone. I shove another finger in my wet pussy and use my other hand to rub my clit.

I bite my lip a little too hard when Daniel moans especially lod. I know he’s about to cum, so I get myself close too by going a little harder and faster. Just as his cum shoots across the shower, my pussy quivers with a strong orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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