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It had to be only two weeks since I started in the new part of the factory that I had noticed Dawn. I was walking down to the lunchroom when I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye. My head had jerked to attention in her direction, and I could not believe that a woman looking as fine as she did worked in the factory. Over time, I learned that there were quite a few lookers on the daytime shift, but none ever compared with Dawn.

It took me a week to get up the nerve to say “Hi.” To her one day, and had butterflies in my stomach as I said it. She had replied with a “Hello.” back, and a great smile. Over time, I worked up the nerve to engage her in more conversation and soon made it a point to stop for a quick chat on my way to lunch or on the way home.

I learned over months that she was married, (as was I), and that she was pretty reserved. Never giving away too much about herself, and blushing at even the slightest mention of a crude word or comment. I had a happy home life, but every day I found myself fantasizing about Dawn after I had spoken to her. But I resigned myself to the fact that nothing could ever come of it, and I didn’t even know if I was capable of anything physical with her as I had never cheated on my wife before.

Months continued to pass by, and winter rolled around. As I was heading into work one day, the announcement came over the radio that a major snowstorm was going to hit our area hard, and during the day. I was supposed to be leaving for the north part of the State that day to meet my wife, and in-laws at their cabin, but with the impending storm I wasn’t sure what the day held.

About 3 hours into the work day, a friend of mine came in and said that snow had already begun to pelt the area, and accumulate to 5 inches. Hearing this, quite a few workers left work early, but I volunteered to stay on due to the fact that my home was only 5 minutes from the plant. 2 hours later, another fellow came in and said that the parking lot was a wreck, and that the snow now totaled 9 inches. My foreman decided he needed to head home, so we were released from work.

As güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I walked down the aisle way, I noticed Dawn on her cell phone. I stopped, surprised that she was still there, and listened as she finished her conversation with her husband. As she hung up, we small talked about the storm, then I asked her what she had planned. She told me that she was going to stay in the temporary shelter the plant had put together for workers who had long drives home, but that she was a little concerned with sharing a sleeping area with some of our co-workers. I don’t know what prompted me to ask, but I invited her to stay at my house and sleep on the couch if she’d like. I thought I saw a glimmer in her eye, but she acted a little sheepish about it. I reassured her that it had to be better than staying at the plant, and that I was going to be alone that night anyway with the wife 200 miles away. She finally accepted and we trudged our way out the truck.

I couldn’t help but take quick glances at her as we drove, and found myself fighting an erection as she brushed back her wet hair from her head, and I saw her perky breasts jut out from under her sweater material. The cold had made her nipples hard, and the sight of them jutting out made my groin swell quickly.

When we reached my house, the storm was blowing snow blindingly, and that coupled with the raging hard on in my pants made it hard to walk to the door. I slipped on the sidewalk, and Dawn who was walking behind me, grabbed out for me and ended up with her hands on my crotch. She blushed, and apologized. I acted as if nothing had happened, and thanked her for the attempt at helping.

Inside, I made us hot chocolate and waited as she dried off in the bathroom. When she came out, we talked for hours and I soon found us in deep conversation about our lives. We never spoke about our spouses, but instead talked of things we wanted to do yet with our lives and our dreams. After a while, she walked to the window, and gazed out onto our deck. As she spotted our hot tub, she exclaimed that she loved them and what a perfect night it would güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri be to go. I said why not, and when she protested that she had nothing to wear, I just told her to borrow one of my shirts, and shorts. She agreed, and I went out to remove the cover while she changed. When she came out, once again my cock swelled as I could see her breasts perfectly under the T-shirt. I stuttered that I would be right back, and went to throw on my suit.

When I came out, she was already in the tub and had her head back with her eyes closed. With snow falling all around her, and steam wafting up from the water I was sure I had never seen anyone else look as gorgeous as she did. I slipped in, and commented on the snow. She opened her eyes, and cut me off in mid sentence as she planted a kiss on my lips. I began to speak, but she placed a finger on my lips, shook her head, and kissed me again.

Our kisses started slow, exploring and tasting one another. I felt her soft warm tongue grace my upper lip, and I met it with mine. I suckled her bottom lip gently, and she darted her tongue in and out of my mouth. I hadn’t made out like this since early high school, and the sensations on my lips was amazing. Soft, warmth, and urgency met my every advance. I slipped my hands behind her head and cradled her head, as she slipped into my lap. Moving to her ear, I nibbled gently then harder on her lobe. Nuzzling her neck, she pulled tighter to me. Slight moans and gasps escaped from her as sucked gently than harder on her sensitive neck. She ground her crotch onto my hardened cock as the snow continued to fall. I removed her top, and just about lost my load there. Her breasts were just as I had thought about them; firm, perky with jutting nipples. I cupped her breast with my hand, and she rolled her head back in pleasure. I moved my mouth to them, and sucked, licked and nipped each one. Rolling her nipples with my tongue, I lifted her out of the tub.

Carrying her inside, as a groom would a bride, our lips stayed together. I could feel the heat from her crotch emanate, and as I laid her down on güvenilir bahis şirketleri the couch I slipped my right hand down to it. I traced the inside of her thigh, and cupped her love. She was soaked, lips full and exposed, as I slipped my finger inside her. She moaned, and strained to get more inside her. I kept my mouth on her right breast and slipped another finger into her, then began to move it in and out. Her clean scent greeted my nostrils, and I knew I had to taste her.

I slipped my head down, and gazed for a second at the perfect trim job she had done on her pussy. I slipped my hands under her buttocks, and used my ring fingers to tease her anus as plunged my tongue deep within her. Lapping her furiously, the more I tasted the more I had to have. Alternating between tongue fucking her, and covering her lips with my tongue, she flowed more and more. As I sucked her clit, she had her first orgasm, drenching my face with juices. I continued, and brought her to another by inserting my fingers in her ass, and fucking her pussy with my tongue.

As I stood up, she lunged forward and grabbed to base of my cock with her hand and took all of me into her mouth. The things she did to me blew my mind, and it was if all the great aspects of head I had received over the years came together in the work she was doing on me. I lost it when I looked down to see her eyes meet mine, and I saw the pleasure in them. She swallowed me dry, and then pulled me to her.

I slipped into her slowly, as our lips met again, then matched my pace with the grinding of her hips. I felt as one with her, and never had felt anyone so tight. She milked me to orgasm again, the slid onto her belly, as I took her from behind. Pulling out as I came, I coated her buttocks with cum, then used as lube to enter her tight ass. She tensed briefly, and then matched my rhythm. That time was slower, and I came again deep within her. We held each other as we recovered then she rode me to another orgasm, her juices coating my stomach and hips.

Our last time of the evening, I stopped just short of coming and we slipped into a 69, and gave each other release with our mouths and fingers.

She stayed until morning, and then I drove her to her truck at the plant. We still talk at work, but nothing like that has ever happened between us again. I dream of her sometimes, and the time we spent together but mainly I’m just happy to have the memory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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