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It was a perfect holiday, the sand beneath our feet, her hand in mine. Looking at her and she smiles back at me, warmth spreading throughout my body. I squeeze her hand a little tighter, just to feel it. How wonderfully real it feels. She turns towards me and we embrace, only a few birds above are present to witness our love. They will never tell of what they see here today.

She had driven me there, to that secluded beach, as a sort of surprise. As she drove I’d joked that we were going so far from civilisation that she would be able to do anything to me and no one would ever know. she just smiled when I said it. That lovely smile.

We got out and walked the short distance from the car, she had parked it under the shade of a large tree, to the beach. It was so quiet, with only the waves and a few distant birds making any sounds at all. So calm and peaceful that all the stress of everyday life just melted away, a distant and unpleasant memory. She walked up to me and took my hand. There were just the two of us there and nothing else mattered. With her eyes and lips drawing me in as if they were magnetic in some way I kissed her. I kissed her and melted into her arms as we embraced. We kissed for what felt like a quiet and bliss-filled eternity. Just holding on to each other. her soft lips against mine.

It was her idea at first, but since we were alone and I feel more comfortable undressed I agreed immediately to her proposal that we remove those last trappings of civilisation that were our clothes and slip into the water dressed like Adam and Eve. There’s something so natural about being naked and like many women she looked quite beautiful au naturel. I could never say no to an opportunity to see her naked, nor decline her an opportunity to see me equally undressed. She slipped into the water like Venus from the sea returning for a visit to the place where she was born. It was beautiful just to watch her. Walking into the water myself she couldn’t resist taunting me a little, egging me on to go further out by keeping her distance. Her pull was as usual significantly larger than my fear about being a bad swimmer. The water was about shoulder high when she swam into my arms, her hair and skin glistening from the warm water. Her eyes glittering with something more. She held on to me as we kissed, making me hold her up in the water a bit. Feeling her limbs all around me, trapping me in a way I could never object to. All I could do was to hold her tight as I felt her body against my own, squeezing away the water between us. Kissing the only woman in the world right then. Just having her near had an intoxicating effect on me.

We swam some more, with her taking the lead. I don’t know which one of us is the most daring on land but in the water it is most certainly her. She swam up behind me, planting a love bite on my neck. Telling me that my skin tasted salty. She clang to my back, moving her hands all over my front. Feeling her bosom against my back. I turned around and held her in my arms again, she has such a lovely loving smile. I couldn’t resist lifting her up by her buttocks, holding on to them tightly. After kissing her again I knew just what I wanted to do so I suggested getting out of the water. Our skin glittering as we canlı bahis left the water for dry land, sitting down on the beach. Relaxing I lied down next to her, hoping to entice her into mounting me. leaning towards me she let her right hand draw little patterns with the droplets of water that were left on my torso and abdomen, her fingers edging slowly downwards.

Her fingers came upon it as if by accident and she smiled at me after she had discovered, seen and felt, the state she had put me in. She let her fingers wander up to my chest and started playing around my nipples. Circling them again and again before squeezing them, gently at first and then harder. Egging me on until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Feeling like a ravenous wolf that had been starved for far too long I rolled her over on her back. Kissing her at first on the lips and down the salty skin on her neck. Kissing my way further down, I could play with, caressing and kissing, her heavenly hills for an eternity. Nibbling on her lovely nipples, rolling them against my lips. Her hands caressing my neck and back. Telling me to go on she pushed me downwards a little, quite aware of my weakness for her bosom. Kissing my way down over her stomach and then out on one of her legs. I love feeling them both wrapped around me and against my lips and fingers so that I might worship them.

Kissing and caressing my way up and down her legs, so lovely. I was in a trance as she purred with delight. Kissing my way down her inner thighs, wandering slowly towards her fountain of life. The edges between her thighs and her groin are perfect for the tip of my tongue, a snug fit. her skin still salty from the water. As I kissed my way around her sensitive spot she grabbed my hair, more and more trying to direct my movements. As she put her legs up on my back I could no longer object and lying there I kissed her luscious lower lips with as much fire as I a few moments ago kissed her mouth. The tip of my tongue an eager explorer into her many wonderful mysteries. My hands wandering all over every part of her that I could reach. My hands never getting enough of her, always hungry for more. Licking her up the tip of my tongue circled her rosebud, brushing up against it to test her excitement. Her juices were already flowing like a torrent, leaving me with a wet chin. So firm was her rosebud that soon I was sucking gently on it, leaving her shuddering, moaning.

She held my head, my face, tighter and tighter against her hungry lower mouth. Almost insatiable in her desires. As she started convulsing more and more my hands sought out her breasts, my fingers playing with her swollen nipples. In the back of my head I wondered what the local wildlife was assuming from her animal moans and groans. To be the cause of such pleasure is an enormous boost to ones ego. There are few if any things that even comes close to compare to it. With her grip so tight that it was like she was trying to push me inside and her thighs pressing against my cheeks she started shaking, I pushed her over the edge and into the abyss. She climaxed with her whole body, pulses that even I could feel travelling all the way up and down her body. Her shaking hands rubbing my face in the mess I had made as I struggled to keep suckling bahis siteleri her clit. By the time she was calming down most of my face below the eyes was wet from her juices. All I could do was to lick my lips and smile.

It took a while for her to come back to earth, she pulled my head up as if to kiss me but then instead asked me with a smile to wash off. So I went down to the water, leaving her looking like she had just run a marathon. Panting and sweating, she looked like she had been hit by a hurricane of lust. She was mind-numbingly beautiful, almost as beautiful as she was at the very instant that she came. Waded in until I was about waist deep, scooping up water in my hands and splashing my face. In the end I went a bit deeper and got rid of the sand that had stuck to my chest as I had been lying there licking hard. Going under a few times. After a while I looked back up at the beach. For a moment I panicked, she wasn’t there. I looked up and down the beach but she was nowhere to be seen, my mind was starting to spin in all kinds of different scary directions. Had she left me? No, that wasn’t her type of humour. Had she been taken? No, no sign of anybody else anywhere near. Then I felt something touch me under the water, I turned to look and there was that smile again.

She kissed me and I felt a surge of relief, as well as excitement. She led me towards the shallower waters, taking my hand in hers. She led me to where it was only a couple of inches or so of water when the waves came crashing in. Kissing me and then kneeling before me she told me it was time to return the favour. Running her fingers down over my chest, all the way to my groin. Continuing down my inner thigh. She let her fingers explore all around my staff, rising up under her inspection. Playing and touching all over my most sensitive skin. A few light kisses and she had me shivering with delight, knees trembling. She gripped me more firmly, pumping me. Feeling impatient I pleaded with her to just take me.

She helped me lie down on the sand, my feet sticking out into the water which reached all the way up to my bottom at it’s highest. Crouching next to me she held me in a firm grip, playing with me until she had me at full attention. She smiled as she crouched over me, guiding me in. At first only letting the tip taste her wetness. She was as eager as before if not more. She teased me for a while, only taking it in a little, before she seemed to grow tired off it and engulfed me so quickly that it made me gasp. When I was fully immersed she looked at me and said that she had me now. That now she owned me, I was hers. As she moved slowly up I couldn’t have agreed more wholeheartedly with her. She was the perfect rider for a beast such as myself, the perfect mistress.

She rode me as the waves came crashing in, smiling at her captive as my hands wandered between her bosom and her buttocks. Squeezing both, delighting in her flesh as it swallowed and milked my member. Smiling she leaned down, biting my neck. Holding her buttocks tightly I did what I could to increase her pace, counter thrusting as much as I could. The waves tickling and caressing my sensitive sack and inner thighs. Holding her close to me as we made love. Wanting to feel her body. Enjoying bahis şirketleri the feel of her skin against mine in the warm weather on the lovely beach. Our own lover’s paradise, ours and ours alone. She pushed off against my shoulders and rose back up to sitting. Riding me with just her hips, grinding against me. Riding me like that she asked me who was my queen and conqueror, how could I name anyone but her? Calling her my lady she called me her dirty boy, taking hold of my jaw for a moment smiling down on me. There’s just something about a woman with an appetite that’s an enormous turn-on to me. A woman filled with desire, passion. That asks or makes me fill her needs.

She leaned down again, rubbing our pelvic bones against one another through the skin, grinding her clit against me. With her head to the left of mine she whispered into my ear that she was going to do whatever she wanted with me, that she would keep riding me until she was satisfied and not stop a moment sooner. I whispered back that I loved her and that she could do with me as she pleased. She said she knew, before nibbling roughly on my earlobe. Making me wince at the same time as she was making me moan with pleasure. I don’t know how long she rode me like that, fast enough for me to enjoy it but too slow for me to climax. It felt like an eternity of pleasure-filled torment. But then she seemed to be closing in on her apex, I could feel her shuddering as she moaned into my ear. She arose and with one hand caressing herself she dug the fingers of her other hand into my thigh and rode me with force. With my hands on her hips I counter thrusted and did everything I could to go faster, harder. She seemed determined to come together, her hand caressing herself faster and faster as she bounced around on top of me. Involuntarily I dug my fingers into her hips, there was no way I would be letting go now. Water splashing up as we frantically fought our way to our common yet selfish goal. To explode in desire.

We were both shaking and shuddering, pulses flashing up and down our spines signalling the approaching annihilation. I don’t know who of us screamed the loudest when we came. I’m not even sure which of us came the first, but the difference was so minute that in my disoriented state I had little ability to tell. She seemed to start milking my member a second or so before I completely lost control of myself and emptied myself into her shaking body. Almost blacking out as I did so. Forcefully milked into oblivion by her pleasure-driven orchid, her flesh-eating flower. Time and time again I released until there was nothing left and I lied like some jelly fish washed up on the shore, equally incapable of moving as I seemed to have ejaculated my spine into my loved one. She rode me without mercy until her own shudders had ebbed out and left her as drained as myself. Lying there with gentle waves lapping at our fatigued bodies. Panting and smiling at one another. I caressed some of her hair away from her face and then kissed her, breathing life into each other. We just lied there resting until we were more than certain that our legs were strong enough to walk with again.

We swam a bit more before walking further along the beach, exploring the surroundings. Stopping here and there to kiss, even stopping to make love a few times. Colonising the beach and claiming it as our own by our love-making. Scaring the wildlife by our enthusiastic moans. It was late when we left, vowing to return soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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