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We need to do a research project so we go to an old library in a nearby neighborhood. It’s in an older section of town. The houses, at one time, had been homes for the town’s elite. Now they are run down and will require a lot of renovation to bring them to any semblance of their former selves. It seems a shame for them to be in such disrepair.

We arrive at the library, where the librarian directs us to the stairs leading up to the research section of the building. The stairs creak as we walk up them. It is a little spooky and you lean up close to me and hold my arm. We go to computers, which are located in a secluded area in the back of the room. Shelves of books hide the computers from direct view of library personnel and patrons, if there had been any there. We are alone with a myriad tales surrounding us.

After a couple of hours of research my mind starts to wander and I think of all the things I want to do to you. I begin to whisper my thoughts to you. A mischievous grin dances across your face.

You are wearing a skirt. You reach under it. Slowly and tantalizingly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you slip your panties off and stash them in your purse. I slide next to you. I tickle your ears with my beard and touch you in places that make you shiver. I turn your chair around so that it is facing me. I scoot up close to you and run my beard all over your face and neck. I reach up under your blouse and remove your bra. I shove the bra into your purse.

I lift your blouse and run my beard on your nipples and my tongue over your breasts. I bite lightly on your nipples. I press your breasts together and suck both nipples into my mouth at once. At the same time, I reach under your skirt and slide my hands up your thighs, sucking as much of your breasts in my mouth, as I can. At the same time I am running my tongue over your nipples.

I slowly slide my hands up until I feel your wetness. I slide my thumbs in as you arch your back. You move closer to me. I place my thumbs strategically in the places they feel best to you. One is on the g-spot and the other güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri is against your ass.

I pick you up and place you on my lap. I draw you close to me and hold your breasts against my face. Your breasts wrap around my face. I lick you breastbone. I lick you down to your navel and run my tongue around the rim.

You get on your knees and lift yourself up closer to my mouth. Finally, you stand on the chair so my face is between your thighs. I run my tongue between your lips and search for that wonderful piece of paradise. You move back and forth on my tongue. My nose presses against your pubic bone. I love the taste and smell of you. The juices flow down my beard. Down my neck and onto my chest. It tickles as it runs down my stomach, but it’s a wonderfully delightful sensation.

I lap up as much as I can. You are too copious for me to catch it all. It seems like everyone in the library should be able to hear us by now. Is there anyone watching, I wonder? At this point, I don’t care. I just want to have you right here güvenilir bahis şirketleri and NOW.

You slide slowly down my face and chest. You come to rest on top of my knees. You unzip my pants and remove my cock. You ease yourself onto me. You feel so good. So wet and warm.

I just hold you still and hold your breasts against me. I feel your breath on my forehead. You slowly move up and down. I take off my shirt so I can feel your breasts against my chest. I feel your breasts rising and falling and your wetness wrapped around me. My jeans are soaked with your wetness.

You start to pump a little faster and your breath becomes shorter and faster. You are getting close to orgasm, I just hope I can last for you. The noises of love are making me climax. I explode inside you.

You feel my warmth inside you and it drives you over the edge. You slam down on me one last time and slump over and hold me close. I hold you tight and feel your heavy breathing as your breasts press against my heaving chest.

It starts quietly at first. Then we realize that someone is applauding.

Grabbing and clutching clothes we hurriedly run for the back stairwell. As we stumble down the stairs we hurriedly get dressed and run out the door. We can’t wait to get home and start over again.

(c) August 22, 2000 – Bob White Crow (Inspired by linda_9712) Bob White Crow Enterprises

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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