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e: This is a follow on from The Phone Call (story id 19790). Read that one first.

I wasn’t sure it was a good idea but Laura had insisted I visit her in Cambridge during the week. After an hour trying to follow her emailed directions I eventually located the house she was renting in a leafy side road. Her instructions were to beep the horn twice and wait. This I did. I scanned the houses opposite, wondering where her voyeur lived. They all looked pretty anonymous, maybe he was at work. What a phone call that had been, but was she now in danger from this man -?

A piercing wolf whistle brought me back to the present.

“Nice car Daddy! BMW convertible. Mmm I like.”

As Laura climbed into the passenger seat I had an overwhelming desire to hold her. As a father. What was she thinking? Was I tarnished in her eyes? As we hugged I was aware that things were different now. More intense. No words were spoken but we had clearly crossed some kind of threshold.

The day was mild and she was wearing a pale yellow summer dress which came to just above her knees. Plus the ubiquitous trainers that the young seem able to match with anything. Her hair was tied back accentuating her elegant neck around which she wore a delicate silver chain.

“Um…” I muttered

“That one there,” she said grinning and pointing up to one of the windows across the street. “He works during the week though.”

We looked at each other. It was “the look that made everything OK.” I glanced down at her legs and she obliged by shifting slightly in the seat so that the flouncy dress rode up an inch or so.

“So,” I said, “what’s the plan?”

“Kiss me”

I leaned down and kissed her cheek

“Not like that”

She took my head in her hands and planted her lips on mine. Instinctively my mouth opened and I felt her wicked tongue probing my lips and teeth. She responded equally to my tongue exploring her own mouth which seemed at once both familiar and strange.

Suddenly she pulled away and stared at the erection tenting my trousers.

“Good,” she said. “We’re ready”

“For what?”

“Shopping Daddy. We’re going to buy clothes”


As we walked through the shopping mall a light summer drizzle started. Shop staff looked miserable and bored.

“Here we are,” she sung as we approached a small shop which seemed to specialise in school wear. In the window I saw the blue & silver uniforms of some local school, briefcases, ties, skirts and trousers.

“You’re kidding,” I gasped

“Be brave my father, school starts in 2 weeks.”

With that she winked and dragged me into the shop

There were about 3 other people inside plus an elderly man with a tape measure konyaaltı escort round his neck. Nobody gave us a second glance as Laura went straight to the 6th form section. The elderly man bade me good morning before attending to another customer.

At the end of the shop were 3 cubicles for trying things on. Laura seemed a little perturbed that the one at the end was occupied.

“Can I help you sir, miss?”

The elderly gentleman had approached.


“Yes I need Oakdene 6th form please,” Laura interjected

“Of course, I’ll just get Edna”

“Oh look, we’re in a bit of a hurry, Daddy’s taking me to dinner. Can you serve me?”


The poor man seemed a little nervous

The curtain of the far cubicle swished open and a chubby 8 year old emerged looking very quaint in a bonnet and long blue school skirt before running to her mother at the other end of the shop. Laura’s face brightened

“What size…?”

“These will probably do,” Laura had hurriedly picked up a white blouse, a blue skirt and matching blue jacket. “Would it be OK to try them on?”

“Yes of course,” the poor bewildered man uttered.

Laura packed off to the far cubicle. It was then I realised why she had been so anxious. She drew the curtain across but left a gap of about 4 inches. From where we stood we had a full view of her reflection in the cubicle mirror. So. It had begun!

Tucked away in the end of the shop nobody took any notice of us. I tried to make small talk with the salesman as he busied himself with tidying up the racks. At a certain position he seemed to dwell a little longer than necessary. Looking across at the mirror I saw Laura hanging up the 3 items. Methodical. She looked at her reflection from the front and side. Just for a fleeting moment I caught her eye.

She lifted the yellow dress over her head and spent a long time hanging it neatly, during which time both I and the shop owner had a clear view of her reflection. She was wearing a white flimsy bra with matching knickers. As she pretended to be pre-occupied with something on the hanger she jutted her breasts forward. Then she turned her back to the mirror and leant forward to untie her shoes. In doing so her beautiful little bottom was thrust towards the mirror. She parted her legs slightly exposing the thin band of material between her legs.

I felt like I should be doing something so I pretended to make a call on my mobile. This allowed me to wander around a little without looking obvious, and enabled the gentleman to watch without feeling intimidated by me.

I watched as she pulled the blouse on. It was clearly too tight. Then she pulled on the skirt. It was about an inch below her modesty. Finally the kültür escort blue blazer completed the ensemble and she (and we) surveyed the reflection.

She emerged from the cubicle looking for all the world like a precocious schoolgirl

“How’s that?” she asked diffidently

“Looks a little short” I said, assuming the role of concerned parent.

“Tch, you would say that. What do you think?”

The elderly man seemed in no position to think anything.

“Well, it might be worth trying the next size up,” he managed to splutter

“Oh I need some new sensible shoes, I almost forgot”

“Certainly, the standard issue this year?”

“Yes, size 5 please”

The man disappeared to the back room as Laura sat in the comfortable chair

“You don’t really think it’s too short do you daddy?,” she said, opening her legs to give me a full view of her panties.

“Are you….?”

“Soaking,” she whispered. “Were you watching?”

The man reappeared with a pair of low heeled black “sensible” shoes and a foot rest which he planted in front of Laura’s chair.

“Here we are” he said. If you’d like to put your foot up on the rest.

I watched, my heart pounding, as he knelt down to lift her right foot onto the stand, in doing so exposing her white damp knickers. The gentleman shoe-horned her dainty foot into the shoe, all the while glancing up between her legs.

“What do you think Dad?”

“Let me just check the leather”

I knelt down under the pretence of checking the quality of the leather. As I pulled at the shoe I became aware of the musky scent of my daughter’s vagina. I glanced up and could make out the trimmed black pubic hair through the moist material.

“Seems OK,” I said finally

I wanted to get out of the shop as quickly as possible. My cock was leaking precum and I was already salivating at the thought of the wank I was undoubtedly going to have as soon as possible.

Laura had other ideas though!

“While I’m here I might as well get my tennis gear too”

My heart leapt

“Certainly miss. This rack is for sportswear. If you’ll excuse me a moment I have to see to another customer.”

We sifted through the items on the rotating rack.

“Let me just check the leather? Jesus!,” she giggled

“Well I had to make sure of the quality”

“Of course. And what was the quality?”


“Ah here were are, this is what I was looking for”

She had taken down a white Fred Perry tennis shirt and white pleated skirt. From another shelf she selected a pair of white tennis knickers and a sports bra.

“You’re joking!” I gasped

“Scared daddy? I hope our salesman doesn’t have a weak heart.”

She held up the markantalya escort items and caught the man’s eye. With a glance she informed him she wanted to try the stuff on. He nodded in agreement. I felt his new customer might not get his full attention for a while.

“Won’t be long,” she whispered as she entered cubicle 3 again.

As we watched she surveyed herself in school uniform again. Slowly she unbuttoned the blouse, her cleavage heaving slightly with the excitement of what she was about to do. The shop man again busied himself by a rail of clothes, glancing furtively at the reflection from time to time. Now she stood in her bra and school skirt. Without flinching she reached behind and unclasped the flimsy item. It fell to the floor and the full lusciousness of her young pert breasts was exposed. She could not hide her excitement, her nipples were hard and ripe.

She fiddled with the packaging of the sports bra for longer than necessary, all the while affording us different angle views of her breasts. Then, with a swift change of mind she hoisted up the skirt and tugged her panties down her legs.

Making sure she stayed in view she sat on the small shelf opposite the mirror, her short skirt now up round her waist as she leaned forward to unlace the “excellent” leather shoes. By now I was ready to come in my pants. She reached up for the tennis knickers, in doing so her legs fell open and there in full view was my daughter’s soaking wet cunt. She stayed in this position for a good 30 seconds as she read the packaging – perhaps checking the washing instructions.

She stood up and undid the skirt, now standing completely naked. She turned her back to the mirror again and bent down to pull on the tennis knickers, her wet lips exposed, then she turned to face the mirror as she hoisted the garment up fully, her breasts jiggling with the effort. She seemed concerned with the cut of the panties and dwelt for a while, pulling them up tight so that they bisected her labia, then rolling them down to her thighs as though checking whether the elastic would hold in a strenuous match.

Suddenly she poked her head round the curtain.


I wandered over, obscuring the salesman’s view and waited outside the cubicle. She handed out the items one by one: the blue skirt, the white blouse, the blazer, the sports bra, Fred Perry top, the pleated tennis skirt and the shoes, all of which I passed to the shop assistant.

Letting the curtain open a little more I watched as she pulled down the tennis knickers, pausing at the moment the material eased away from her wet mound. She pulled them off and handed them to me, all the while staring in my eyes, enjoying my discomfort. With stern resolve I handed the musky item to the gentleman.

Finally she pulled on her yellow dress over her naked body and put her bra into her handbag. She picked up her knickers and rubbed them between her legs before tossing them in the corner of the cubicle.

I paid cash.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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