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Anal Creampie


I’ll have to rewrite some of this story, as the “nice” opening I had originally started with won’t cut the mustard. Since things went south for me in the fall of 2004, I’ve had my eyes “opened” to more of the true nature of the girl involved. She’s done some things in the intervening months that really make me question the kind of person I thought she was- I guess I was blind. I’m a pretty private person when it comes to my sex life, but I feel some of this might help me get over her. Plus, she felt is was OK to tell all her buds about our hookups, so I want to tell my side. Getting over this has been the hard part for me, and I’m having trouble letting go.

For anyone who feels the need to get to the good stuff, it will be a bit before I get all the cathartic issues and setup out of the way. I’m changing her name to protect her a bit, as her real first name is so singular that it would give her away to all who know her, very quickly.

To explain who I am, and where I was a year ago, I worked in physical therapy at a Nursing Home in a semi-rural backwater town in the Northwest. I had a good job, with a super boss, and some nice folks to work with. It would seem that there are pretty much two kinds of women in the health care and nursing setting: sexy and attractive, or huge and rundown. Despite all the oxygen dependent COPD patients, smoking is rampant, along with piss poor eating habits. Coffee, cigarettes, and fast food seem to sustain.

In there somewhere is me “Average Joe”. I’m 36, 5’10”, 180, not in awful shape, but needing some toning. I was married, but not happily though, and that’s part of why I’m where I’m at. Divorce was on the horizon whether this history unfolded or not. I have average looks, above average smarts, and no physical characteristics of particular note. Blue eyes, glasses, and light brown hair. I’m no ladies man, and was never much to pick up women- just inept I guess. I always said I could fall into a barrel of titties and come out sucking my thumb…. I seem to be the guy women would rather have as a friend vs. boyfriend. I fit well at work, and I was well liked by other staff members. I enjoyed my work I was lucky, as for the most part my female co-workers were attractive. My boss was a handsome older woman, the chief female aide was tall, pretty, and voluptuous, and our Occupational Therapist was cute and had a great figure. Thing is, I had worked around hot women my whole life, and never really thought about mixing work and pleasure, as I always thought it unprofessional. That would all change…..


Halloween of ’03 may be one I always remember fondly. I own a kilt, and use any excuse to wear it. Halloween is one of those times. It’s the first time I can remember seeing her. Her has a name: Angie, and she had started working as a CNA (Certified Nurse’s Assistant) on the floor. Angie was packed into a black witch’s costume a’la something out of a B-movie with Carmen Electra. She’s about 5’4″, cute as a button, with long light brown hair, blue eyes, nice butt, and a dose of cleavage to make you cry to Mama. Sure to give some of the male residents a coronary. Hell, I felt like I’d have one!!

I must have worked and seen her for 3-4 weeks before I even really spoke to her. I might have traded some “skirt” talk on Halloween (I wore a kilt), but the memory isn’t there. She was very nice, alert, mature, and helpful with my patients, and I figured her to be in her mid 20’s. We flirted mildly for about two weeks before I found out from one of her co-workers that she was only 19! WOW!! I was pretty surprised. She also had a daughter, and was going through a rough patch with her boyfriend. I wrote it off, and just figured the flirting to be just a normal office thing. No biggie.

Well, the flirting picked up. I’ve always been attracted to younger women- my wife was 8 years younger than me, but a 15+ year difference seemed inconceivable at the time. I found myself going out of my way to chat, flirt, or just follow like a puppy dog. I couldn’t help myself. I talked to other male co-workers, and we all agreed, Angie had some pheromone thing, or some intangible quality men flocked to. I was definitely a statistic.

One of my duties to prep some patients was to load portable oxygen tanks for our COPD residents, so they don’t crash with my therapy. The tank filler is in a separate locked room outside the main building. One day in February of ’04 I needed to load one, and Angie was nearby and offered to keep me company. This was a boring duty, and usually canlı bahis not handled by two staff members, but I liked being around her. We went to the O2 room, and I setup the tank. She was staring at me, and I was instantly nervous, like I was on a first date. All I could think about was attacking her, throwing her up on a nearby case of water jugs, and ravish her. I was dumbstruck, and made some unintelligible banter and tried not to look at her. We were both nervous, I was to find out later. But, alas, nothing happened except my cold shower later in the day. We did swap e-mails and cell numbers later in the week.

I IM’d her a few times, and we talked about the creeping demise of our respective relationships. The flirting continued, until we got naughty and suggestive. We passed some positively sexual IM’s and e-mails over the course of two weeks, until her boyfriend blew up at her. He was the insane jealous type, looking on her cell phone for who was calling, and re-reading her IM history from the computer. He freaked, and some bad mojo started. More on that later….

Professionally for the military, I was trying to get into a school, and had to get in shape. I mentioned to Angie that I was running, and she offered to run with me. I was still pretty naïve at this point. DUH! She met me at the park to run, and that’s when things took a life of their own. We stretched, and started to jog. God she smelled and looked great, and I was soon running with a hardon- uncomfortably. I couldn’t keep from looking at her heaving breasts as we ran- they had a life of their own! About halfway though the first lap in the wood, I’d had enough. I stopped, grabbed her, and kissed her. She melted into my arms. Floods of emotions ran amok. I had some serious guilt issues right off the bat, but I was unable to keep my hands off her, and unfortunately, she didn’t struggle a bit.

We sat and talked in the woods, kissing and groping a bit. We both admitted we were in a screwed up position, and she didn’t feel comfortable as the “other woman”. She was a fantastic kisser, and really enjoyed it. Can’t say that I was complaining…

A couple of weeks passed, and the tension at work was so thick you could cut it. We IM’d almost every day, where she complained about her boyfriend, and I complained about life at home. She eventually broke up with him, but he was psycho, and didn’t go away like she wanted.


I had left work, and began working full time in another town for the military. I didn’t get to see her everyday, and maybe later this was to be a telling reason on why things didn’t work out. But, I had an upcoming weekend where I had to work, and my wife informed me she was leaving to visit her folks. Since I had some free nights, I asked Angie if she wanted to catch a movie. She was busy early Friday evening, but said she’d be free at about 7pm. Her cousin took her daughter for the night, and I met Angie at the place her cousin worked. She was wearing a tight top, and some tight black pants, and looked fantastic. I also noticed I had a hardon just being near her. Except for being in the car away from her, I was to have this erection just about any time I was around her.

We weren’t able to come up with a definitive plan, so I asked if she’d like to rent a movie, and we could grab some pizza. She agreed, and I kissed her goodbye so she could get the flick, and me the dinner. She met me at the house about 40 minutes later, and we started the movie ( some slasher flick ), and had some pizza and beer. After only a few minutes of the movie, we started kissing, and it was all downhill from there. I never expected things to move so fast, but who was I to complain?

We moved around on the sofa, grinding and kissing, and I started to massage her boobs. Soon, she was sitting on my lap, and I helped her get her shirt off. I faced some of the finest cleavage I have seen, in print or real life. I pulled the straps of her bra off her shoulders, and then undid the front clasp and released….. Heaven.

She had the most fantastic breasts I had ever seen in person. I was never much of a big tit fan until that moment. They were large- 34D+, round, and well shaped with little to no sag. I said ” Wow” as I caressed them, and she said “Silly, they’re just boobs!”, but I begged to differ…She had nice nipples, and I stated nursing like a baby.

I was a bit road worn, and still in my military getup, so I told her I was going to take a shower (since it appeared we were going to hook up). I asked her if she wanted to come along, bahis siteleri and she said yes.

I took her by the hand to the bathroom, and lit a candle for mood after I started the shower. We took each other’s clothes off, and it was the first time I got to see her nude. I wasn’t disappointed. I was still mesmerized by her chest, but she had a pretty cute figure, too. Her ass was a little on the ghetto booty side, but was round and firm, and she had trim hips and nice legs to go along. Her tummy was flat, and she had a few stretch marks from her pregnancy that she was a little self conscious about, but they were no matter to me. But what struck me was her puss: shaved and about as perfect as I’ve ever seen. We kissed and caressed, and then I led her by the hand into the shower.

The candle provided a warm low light, and we kissed and lathered each other for a long time. I washed her long hair, rinsed and straitened it, which I feel is a very intimate and sexy thing to do in the shower, and soon began exploring her body. I stood behind her, with my erection driving into her from behind, with the water rinsing her front while I massaged her shoulders, tits and tummy. After several minutes of this, she turned around, and we kissed some more…

She kissed down my chest and stomach, and started kissing and caressing my erection. She feather kissed it, then took it into her mouth. I don’t have the ubiquitous 9 inch schlong, but it is about 7 inches or a hair over, and fairly thick. I never have complaints, anyway. She was able to get some of it in her mouth, and sucked me into oblivion for a couple minutes. She was very good at it, and gave some of the best head I’ve ever had.

I stood her up and kissed her some more, then we finished the shower. I toweled her off, and dried her hair as best as I could. I took her by the hand, and led her back to the bedroom. We kissed next to the bed for a few more minutes, but the tension was killing us. I laid her down, and started in on her magnificent boobs again, and rubbing her slick pussy. I kissed my way down her body, and nibbled on her hipbones- running my tongue up and down the crease from her hip to her pussy. She covered her puss with her fingers, so I kissed the inside of her thighs and tickled her outer labia with my tongue. She seemed to be bashful about me eating her, so I teased her and kissed her hand until I convinced her to move it.

I then spread her legs, and licked up until I hit her clit, and she gave a jittered sigh, and then a sudden “Oh” when I stuck my tongue into her hot hole. I was amazed- she had no odor or flavor- it was like licking water, with a slightly sweet taste. (I’ve had a bad experience or two in the past…) I sucked her clit and tickled it with the tip of my tongue, and ate her as best I could- she was moaning and started to hunch into my mouth then grabbed the back of my head, a total turn on. Finally, she said “enough- come here”.

I moved up to hover over her, and kissed her passionately. My cock found the mouth of her pussy, and she gasped as I nestled into position. There wasn’t any fumbling or near misses- it was like we’d been lovers for years, and it was amazing. I slid into the opening of her pussy, and it was some work to get into her. She was wet, but tight despite having had a kid, and we moved against each other to get my length into her tight box. It was pure heaven. She whispered “Ummm, big…..” and we resumed kissing as we worked more cock into her. Soon I was all the way in, and we started fucking in earnest. The tempo climbed over ten of fifteen minutes, and both of us were loving it. She was egging me on between kisses, working her hips, and locking her ankles behind me, and grasping and pulling with arms and hands.

We’d been at it probably close to 20 minutes, and she really started to thrash, like I was scratching an itch she hadn’t had scratched in a while. We screwed furiously, our timing perfect, and she made these fuck noises like “hungh, hungh, hungh” every time I hit bottom. I often nailed the opening in her cervix, so I knew I was getting her good. She worked her pussy against me, and moved her legs so they locked behind my knees, diving me to near-orgasm. I whispered in her ear “I’m gonna cum”, but she either didn’t hear me, or ignored me. (This point of discussion never came up, and I was a little concerned- I then planned to pull out) But, she wouldn’t let me up! I think she was cumming- her pussy convulsed and she groaned hard.

I came in a huge gush- I’d been hard since she walked into the house- bahis şirketleri I must have squirted 8 or 9 salvoes of cum into her pussy- I was in ecstasy, and she really went crazy on my cock as she felt the head swell and pulse inside her. Her nails dug my back, and we kissed with utter abandon.

I stayed in her as we came down, writhing together, our juices sloshing about.

“You’re still hard.” She said.

I grinned at her, rotating my pelvis and sloshing my cock in her tight snatch. “Yep. No Viagra needed here.”

(On a side note, I can maintain an erection for a long time, even after an orgasm. My ex-wife tried to see how long I would last once when we were newlyweds, and she kept me up for about 5 hours through 4 orgasms, after which it was too painful to continue…)

We stayed together a long time, kissing in the afterglow. I finally rolled off her, with her on my right, her head on my shoulder, and her right leg crossed over mine. She absently stroked my softening cock and balls, and we talked for a while.

“How was it?” I asked her.

She seemed bashful, but answered “It was really nice. I think I’m gonna be sore, but you feel good.”

“So do you.” And I meant it. Wow. Mind blowing. I’m not sure that first sex had ever been that electric. I drank in her scent, and the smell of our sex.

Then, the phone rang.

Angie got up, and I grabbed her a small towel to clean up. She went into the living room to talk, and indicated it was her best friend, Maryann. I sat on the edge of the bed, and had to laugh. The movie was still on….

I watched her ass as she talked on the phone, and could hear she was evading questions from her friend on what Angie was up to. Angie told her we were just watching the movie. It sounded like Maryann was skeptical…. But, watching Angie’s ass was getting my attention, and I found myself getting aroused again.

I tiptoed up behind her, and slid my hands up over her hips to her waist. She knew what I was there for, and bent over while I pushed my cock back into her to the hilt. She immediately starting having difficulty concentrating on the phone conversation, and was gasping some while she talked. She made up an excuse to get done, and hung up after a few minutes. I continued to pump her for a little while, then she straitened up a bit and I kissed her over her shoulder and played with her tits.

We broke away and I took her back to bed, and she started giggling about the phone call- “That was awesome” she said, and we had a good laugh. I was still sporting a boner, and started playing with her pussy, and we were kissing again. Her clit was very sensitive, and she wouldn’t let me play with it too much. I also noticed she was sopping wet, and I pointed this out to her.

She giggled again “You came a ton in me” she said.

“Sorry”, and I shrugged my shoulders.

“No, it’s great- it’s a huge turn on. You made a big mess.” And she laughed again.

I rolled over on top of her, and she instinctively pulled her legs up around me. I entered her again, and despite being soaking wet and messy with cum, she was tight. I began to move slowly in her. After a few minutes, she said “Fuck me harder.”

I looked her in the eyes, and said “No, I’m going to go slow. I want to make love to you.” She stared at me several seconds, and got a strange expression on her face, like she might cry. Then she grabbed my head and kissed me hard and passionately. And we made love. I moved in her slowly, all the way out, then driving in slowly so I made her crazy. She clutched, kissed, and even scratched a bit, working her hips at me, meeting me every time I pushed in. It was fantastic. I let my cum build for a while before picking up the tempo, but it still lasted a long time. I tried to get her to cum with me, but she whispered that she just wanted me to feel good and cum in her. I kissed her tenderly as I reached the pint of no return, and began to cum deep inside her pussy. She writhed and milked it from me, urging me on. I lay in her for a long time, and we kissed and fondled and caressed in the afterglow.

Eventually, I rolled us into a spoon, and we cuddled.

“No one’s ever done that to me before.” She admitted.


“Made love to me.”

I looked at her incredulously- “You’re kidding, right?”

“No, never.”

“What was it, just fucks? But you’ve had boyfriends. Surely they must have treated you nice in bed before?”

“No, just sex. Nothing tender like what you just did.”

I was stunned. How sad. She looked back over her shoulder at me for a few seconds. She kissed me.

“Thank you.” She said.

“I’ll make love to you any time you want. I promise. I’ll make you feel good.” And I meant it. She deserved better.

End of Part I

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