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Since Alice had started as a junior in the marketing department, I had made a point to stop by her desk regularly. She was as friendly as she was sexy, and we had become fast friends, flirting frequently in the office. I had shown her around, took her to the cafe for coffee, introduced her to colleagues, and loitered in her department, hoping to catch a glimpse of her curved lower back, perfect ass, and smallish, softly curved, milky white breasts.

She was 22, slender, average height, with long, straight blonde hair and deep blue eyes. These features, combined with her high cheekbones, made obvious her Scandinavian background, and she possessed an almost fashion model quality about her. She often wore tight-fitting trousers or skirts, and her work tops were low-cut and/or skin tight, showing off the sexy curve where her breasts met, and her skinny waist. Her personality was bubbly and enthusiastic, and she was eager to listen and learn. She spoke fondly and often of her boyfriend Jim, whom I had met a couple times, and seemed nice, although he was certainly punching above his weight in the looks department when it came to Alice. Nonetheless, I ingratiated myself with her, and was soon invited to a party at her house.

“It’s a Hawaiian party, so dress appropriately. We’ve got an inflatable pool, if you’re keen to take a dip,” she added.

I promised to make an appearance


I attended the party with Mike and Natalie, Mike and me in baggy Hawaiian shirts and shorts, Nat wearing a scandalously revealing bikini and grass skirt, with a lei garnering her bulging chest. It was somewhat awkward, following the episode at their house, and it was all I could do to keep my hands to myself. Mike joked playfully about Nat’s tits falling out, and she turned more than a few heads when we showed up to the party.

It was in full swing when we arrived, and Alice soon greeted us at the door. She was drinking a vodka drink, and wearing only a small string bikini. Her hair was wet and stuck to her nearly bare chest as she hugged me.

“Sorry if I’m getting you wet, but I don’t care. Thanks so much for coming!”

I handed her a bottle of wine and she showed me to the kitchen where I put my beers in the fridge, after taking one for myself.

“Nice place,” I said.

“Thanks! It’s just me, and Jim right now, but this girl Kelly is moving in soon.”

“Where is Jim? I brought some beer for him.”

“Oh, he’s away for work this weekend. You know how it is.”

“Indeed. With a boss like Carmen I’m no stranger to overtime,” I laughed.

I tried desperately not to stare at her pale unblemished skin, at the curvature of her breasts, and the inverted “V” where her breasts met between the tiny blue triangles of fabric. I felt I was doing a poor job, so I glanced about for something to distract me. I saw the inflatable pool out the window.

“Oooh, nice! I see you’ve been in.”

I unintentionally looked directly at her chest, then quickly up to her eyes.

“Very observant,” she said, smiling at my discomfort. “Come on out, I’ll introduce you to everyone.” She took my hand and led me to her back yard.

She did the rounds, rhyming names off I had already forgotten by the time she reached the end. I waved, nodded, smiled, and sipped my beer.

“You should come in!” said Alice, stepping into the pool after taking her drink from the table nearby. I stared at her beautiful bottom as she crouched down into the water. She pushed her back against the opposite side of the pool between two young men who ogled her openly. She looked at me and smiled, then turned to one of her friends and engaged in conversation. I noticed that most of the people in the pool were guys, so I decided to find Nat and admire her breasts for a while.


The night was wearing on, and though many people had left, the late night revelers partied on. I was feeling rather drunk as I sat at the table outside with Nat. Felicia was bouncing about, still in her bikini, getting plenty of attention from the boys. I had hardly had a chance to speak with her all night.

“She is very sexy, isn’t she?” said Nat, catching me staring at Alice’s ass as she swept by to get another drink from the kitchen.

“Hell yeah. What I wouldn’t do to have her grind that sexy arse on my cock.”

“Well honey, her boyfriend’s away, maybe tonight is your chance,” she suggested.

“She doesn’t seem interested,” I said in a self-pitying tone, peeling the label from my beer bottle absentmindedly.

“You know I’d go home with you if Mike wasn’t here. He seems okay with us fucking, just as long as he’s there to watch. I don’t think he would like it very much if he found out we’re doing it behind his back.” She sighed. “I wish I could ride that cock of yours right now, but Mike’s driving us home soon. I’ll have to settle for his cum on my tits tonight.”

Nat played with the edge of her bikini cup, pulling it down discreetly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri so I could have a peek at her nipple.

“Thanks Nat. I’ll give you a nice, long, hard fuck next time we hook up.”

We talked a while longer, and Mike joined us for a time, spinning his car keys around his finger.

“I think it’s time to go, honey,” he eventually said to Nat, who was leaning over the pool, giving the young men a glorious view of her bust, somewhat to Alice’s chagrin, who had just returned from the kitchen with another two vodka drinks, handing them to a girlfriend in the pool.

“Ok, thanks for coming guys,” said Alice less than enthusiastically.

“I think I’ll join you, if I may,” I said, standing up.

“Sure mate, no problems,” said Mike, turning towards the back door of the house.

“What? No! You haven’t even been in the pool yet!” said Alice, coming to my side and holding my arm with both hands.

Nat stepped close to Alice and me.

“You definitely don’t want to miss seeing this boy with his shirt off,” said Nat to Alice conspiratorially. “Very sexy.”

Nat smiled and winked at Alice, who looked at me and turned scarlet, then she leaned in to press her tits against me and kissed me on the cheek.

“See you soon, hun.”

Mike waved to me and Alice and they made their exit. Alice, still blushing to her roots, smiled nervously, her hands still clutching my arm. She released me self-consciously, crossed her arms across her chest, hiding her erect nipples, but pushing her breasts up, creating shallow but succulent cleavage.

“Ok then, let’s see,” said Alice, slurring slightly.

I laughed.

“I didn’t brink my swim trunks.”

“We’re all in our boxers, dude. Grab a beer and hop in!” said one of Alice’s friends, waving his bottle in the air as he walked by.

Alice nodded as if to say “See? Everyone else is doing it”, and turned to step back into the pool. I watched her hips sway as the blue bikini bottom material gathered slightly between the shapely curves of her white ass cheeks. I turned to the table and unbuttoned my hawaiian shirt and shorts, stripping to my boxers. I took my beer and stepped into the pool. Someone had added bubble bath to the water, which densely covered the water’s surface. The water was somehow still warm, and I settled in between Alice and a guy named Shaun. Shaun drunkenly clinked beers with me and began talking about music.

Everyone was chatting loudly, enjoying the music, water, and booze. More people got into the pool and soon I was sitting shoulder to shoulder, thigh to thigh, with Alice. We talked about work, and she talked about Jim. She touched my arm and leg a number of times as we flirted. I snuck glances at the soft, white, swells of her breasts when I could, and enjoyed the way the bubbles slid over her exposed skin.

At one point she touched my thigh very close to my groin as she laughed at a comment I had made. Her breasts jiggled as droplets of water slid down her chest to meet in her mesmerising cleavage and vanished into the bubbles. I felt my cock begin to stir as I imagined running my tongue between her tits and up her neck.

“Uh, I have to use the toilet, I’ll be back in a minute,” I said, standing up.

My semi-erection was clearly visible as my boxers suctioned to my loins. Alice’s eyes dropped from my face to my crotch and widened noticeably. She blushed furiously as I pulled at my waistband, releasing the suction. She cleared her throat and looked back at me, her eyes barely able to meet mine before darting to the side.

“Um.. yeah, ok… I think John might be in the main one. You can use the one in my room if you want. Just down the hall to the right, first door.” Her hand fidgeted at the ends of her hair as she hastily took a sip of her drink.


I stepped out of the pool and dried myself quickly with a nearby towel. I went inside and made my way to Alice’s room. It was somewhat messy, with clothes strewn over the bed and on the floor. Alice had evidently tried many outfits on before deciding on whatever she might have been wearing earlier. I opened the sliding bathroom door, and relieved my bladder. I glanced around as I urinated, looking over the beauty products, car magazines (Jim’s I assumed), and heap of laundry on the floor beside an overflowing laundry basket.

What caught my eye was a very skimpy pair of lacy black panties. They sat atop an equally lacy black bra beside the laundry basket. I pinched and shook my penis, then flushed the toilet, and began washing my hands. I could not take my eyes off the lingerie on the floor. My mind wandered to the office, where I had seen Alice crouch down to retrieve files, or when she bent down to pick up her purse. I remembered seeing the lacy black straps of her panties over the waist of her tight trousers.

As I dried my hands on a towel, I felt another stirring in my loins. Before I realised what I was doing, I had picked up the panties, and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was gently fingering the thin material. I was feeling drunk and horny, and the thought of Alice’s pussy being in close contact with this material was increasing the size of my cock. I held the crotch of the panties to my nose and mouth, inhaling her sweet aroma, smelling the sweet and sour tang of her vaginal fluids. My right hand drifted down to my stomach and pulled the waistband of my wet boxers down. They fell to the floor and my hand closed on my throbbing dick.

I inhaled again, and even stuck my tongue out to taste Alice’s musk. My cock jumped to attention and I began to stroke it as I imagined Alice’s pussy lips on the end of my tongue. I grew even more aroused, and after another sniff and taste of her panties, wrapped them tightly around my shaft, with my dick head buried firmly in the crotch of the black lace. I closed my eyes and imagined her standing against me, her hand stroking my shaft as I pressed the tip against her firm belly. I imagined bending down to suckle her nipple, running my hands over her perfect buttocks, pulling her against me and rubbing my shaft on her wet pussy.

The thrill of my bold abuse of Alice’s privacy as well as the images circling in my head were more than enough to put me over the edge. I felt my orgasm build, and I tilted my head back and closed my eyes as I felt my balls twitch and a warm blast made its way rapidly through my shaft. The first shot reached the end of my dick, where Alice’s panty material was stretched tightly over my cock head. It backed up slightly, and was not able to eject from my cock.

The second wave hit me and forced the first load out violently, spraying my jizm like an explosion into the tangles of black lace around my penis. I looked down and saw cum oozing through the material, and I loosened the panties slightly to allow a third spurt to shoot into the crotch, which caught the wad like a baseball glove. It spilled over the crotch and dripped down onto Alice’s bra.

Wonderful orgasmic sensations overcame me, and once again I pictured Alice, standing in front of me, receiving my white, sticky offering on the smooth pale skin of her stomach. I felt another twitch in my loins, and when I opened my eyes I DID see Alice standing in front of me! While I was lost in my sexual revery, she had slid open the bathroom door and caught me standing buck naked, wanking my stiff cock, shooting my semen into a balled-up pair of her used panties.

She had an expression of pure shock on her face, and I imagined my expression mirrored hers as I gasped and flinched violently. My sudden movement had somehow freed the tip of my cock from the tangle of black, dripping cotton in my hand, and I watched in unimaginable horror as my dick shot not one, not two, but three machine gun-like ejaculations, spraying them with lightning-quick rapidity at the space previously occupied by the bathroom door. Both Alice and I were much too slow to react, as we were paralyzed with deer-in-the-deadlights surprise, and my cumshots splashed onto Alice’s bare skin, just below her bikini top. She inhaled sharply in delayed reaction and looked down at her stomach, her arms flying out to her sides, her hands dangling at the wrists as if she were a marionette.

My cum dripped down her flat stomach, some of it going into her navel, another stream trickling to her bikini waistline. My final shot leapt limply from my dick and landed flat on her panties, which I still held in my open palm. They were completely drenched in my seed, the excess drops falling onto her black bra cups below.

Alice continued to look at her cum-splashed tummy, her breathing quick and shallow, her ribs showing each time she inhaled. She looked back at me suddenly, first to my face–with an expression of almost comical puzzlement–then down to my deflating cock and her cum-soaked panties, then back to my face with an expression of horror.

“What… wh… what the FUCK??!!” she shouted, still frozen in place.

I was snapped out of my paralysis. I quickly closed my hand over her panties and squatted, pulling my underwear up with great difficulty due to their wetness causing them to cling to my legs. As I struggled, I looked back at Alice, she was looking down and had her fingers splayed on her stomach, pulling the skin to assess the extent of the mess I had made on her nubile body. A drop of cum that had escaped her waist band was now visible on her blue bikini bottoms.

“Oh my god. Oh my god, look what you did!” she shouted, looking back at me with helplessness and confusion.

“What the fuck were you doing in here?” she demanded.

I had managed to get my boxers back on, but the tip of my cock stuck out the waistband.

“Alice, I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry,” I said pathetically.

We stared at each other for a moment, then Alice looked down to my cock, then to my balled fist. As if in slow-motion, she stepped into the güvenilir bahis şirketleri bathroom with me. I watched her breasts rise and fall with her breathing, her nipples hard from the cool air and visible through her top. I watched as my semen slowly dripped down her sexy stomach.

Her hands were at her sides now, and she very slowly raised her arm by a few degrees to point at my fist. Reluctantly, I held out my hand. Alice’s cum-soaked panties uncurled from my grip, one leg loop falling off my palm, heavy with sperm. Alice put her hand over mine and picked up the dripping panties, turning her hand over to observe the mess more closely. She looked into my eyes, searching perhaps for an explanation, an excuse. I met her eyes briefly, admiring their beauty, then looked away quickly.

“I… I should go. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

I stepped past her, avoiding eye contact, but brushing her shoulder as I passed. I boldly and foolishly turned back to admire her ass, risking further embarrassment, but she was not watching me. Her thin shape, and the sexy curve of her narrow waist was clearly silhouetted in the door frame. I savoured this glimpse, as I imagined it was the last time I would behold it. I rushed out, wiping my hand on my boxers, and went quickly outside to collect my clothes.

“Leaving so soon?” said Shaun.

“Yeah, man. I’ve got an early one tomorrow. Good to meet all of you,” I said hastily as I dressed.

I made my way back into the house and out the front door, not daring to look back. I hailed a cab nearby and sat in the back, my heart racing. I sent a text to Nat.

‘Hey, you still awake? Need to talk to you. I fucked up. Call me in 20 mins if you can.’

Arriving at home, I changed out of my wet boxers and sat heavily on the couch, holding my head in my hands, fighting the drunk feeling. What was I thinking? I cursed myself for my rash behaviour and dreaded the consequences. My phone rang. It was Nat.

“Nat, thank god.”

“What’s going on? I’m in the den, Mike’s asleep.”

“I fucked up huge tonight.”

“Struck out with miss sexy buns?” Nat giggled.

“Way worse.”

“Well? Give me the deets.”

I filled Nat in on the details. All of them. She was laughing.

“You actually jizzed on her stomach?! Oh that is so awesome!”

“Stop laughing! She was not happy! I don’t know what to do, Nat. I could be in a lot of trouble.” I moped.

“Well, I think the whole thing is a huge turn-on. I’ve been playing with myself ever since you picked up the phone.”

“I would expect nothing less from you, my dear. But the fact remains that I’m a dead man. I keep expecting the cops to show up at my door.”

“You want my advice? I’d call her. Or at the very least send her a text. Let her know you’re sorry. Tell her you were drunk, that you were thinking about her. Flattery goes a long way with women. Trust me.”

“Yeah? What if she calls?”

“Consider yourself lucky. That means you can talk about it; diffuse the situation. It may be awkward, but it’s nothing compared to a sexual indecency charge.”

“I know, I know. Oh man, how did I get myself into this?”

“Oh you were just having a little fun, honey. You can cum on my panties any day,” Nat giggled again. “By the way, did you ever consider why she just barged in on your in the first place?”

“Because it’s her bathroom.”

“Yeah, but she knew you were in there, right? I mean, she’s the one that told you to use it. And she just throws the door open without knocking? Doesn’t that sound a little strange to you?”

“I… I guess so. I know she didn’t give me any warning.”

“Sounds like she wanted to catch you doing something. Maybe not jerking off in her dirty panties, mind…” Nat laughed again. “Sorry hun, it really is pretty funny.”

“Yeah, yeah.” I sighed. “Ok Nat, thanks for listening. I’m going to send her a text.”

“Sure you don’t have time to talk dirty to me a little. My pussy is so wet.”

“Sorry babe, next time. I have to fix this.”

“Ok sweetie. Good luck. Mwah.”

“Thanks. Bye.”

I sighed again and started typing into my phone.

‘Hi Alice. I know you probably don’t want to hear from me right now–or ever–but I just wanted to write to apologise to you and tell you how sorry I am about tonight. I know that doesn’t fix things, but I really am sorry. It was stupid of me and I had no intention of taking advantage of you like that. I’m so so sorry.’

I sent the message and looked at the clock. It was 1:37am. I closed my eyes. My phone rang minutes later. I picked it up, hoping it was Nat. It was Alice. I answered.


A pause. A long sigh. “Hello.” Alice’s greeting was cold, but not particularly angry.

“Look, Alice, I’m so sorry. I really can’t say it enough.”

Another pause.

“I… I want you to explain to me why you did what you did.” Alice’s speech was slightly slurred. She was still drunk, as was I.

“Is… is anyone still there? Maybe we should talk about this tomorrow,” I suggested.

“No. Everyone’s gone. And no, I didn’t tell anyone what happened, in case you’re wondering.” She sounded annoyed.

“Um… well thanks, I mean you could have told someon–“

“–Just tell me why you were jerking off in my underwear,” she said abruptly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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