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I’m a perv, I love looking at sexy females and fantasying how I would fuck them. My wife knows it and enjoys it, she loves to hear about women she knows, she even pretends to be them so I can live out my fantasy. I’m constantly horny, jerking off several times a day. That’s another thing my wife enjoys watching, she’s quite happy to lie with her head on my chest when we’re in bed, she’s likes watching my cock grow hard as we watch porn or talk about someone, watching me jerking it until I come, then she’ll move her head down and lick up all my cum.

Susan often suggests I should bring one of my fantasy’s home and fuck her so she can watch, but that is usually after drinks so I assume it’s the alcohol talking more than her. Plus I’m good at talking about it but really doing it doesn’t some how feel right. Well it didn’t until several months ago when our neighbours daughter returned home after being overseas for a few years.

We have lived next door to Terry and Anne for about 25 years and have know Sally from when she was born When she finished school she moved away for work and after saving for a couple of years headed off overseas, 3 years later she returned.

Anne was a regular fantasy, she had a great body and always looked fabulous in a bikini, with them having a pool Susan and I were often over at their house. When they told us Sally was coming home I got nearly as excited as they did. At 23 if she was half as hot as her mother she was going to be a real stunner, my cock went hard just thinking about her.

We have a balcony off the side of our house that runs the length of the house and faces Terry’s and Anne’s front yard and part way down the side, living in a cul-de-sac our house aren’t square to each others.

On the day of Sally’s return Terry had gone to collect her from the airport, I sat outside waiting to see her, hoping she would live up to my dreams. Terry pulled into the driveway, the passenger door opened, the first thing I was saw 2 long slender tanned legs come out of the car, a pair of high heels on her feet. Then she stepped out, my jaw hit the ground, my cock jumped to life. She had on a short, tight pair of pink hotpants which clung to her ass like a skin, a tight midriff top showing her well toned, tanned stomach and hugged her large breasts. She had long blonde hair which was plaited into 2 ponytails.

I was rubbing my crotch when Susan walked out and went to the railings, Anne had just stepped out and they waved to each other.

“I bet your cock is rock hard as you think of all the disgusting things your going to do to that poor girl.” Susan said.

“Fuck, yes.” I replied.

“She does appear to have big juicy tits and a tight ass, just like her mother,” Susan said, “Wouldn’t you just love to fuck both together.”

I hadn’t thought about that, the image of Anne and Sally naked fucking each other and me made me even hornier, just what Susan wanted.

Giving them another wave Susan turned to me and took my hand, “Come along stud time to tell me how you want to defile her young body.”

As soon as we were inside Susan dropped to her knees taking my cock out of my pants, looking up at me she said “Tell me how you’ll fuck her.” as she moved her head forward and took my cock in her mouth. With me reliving my fantasy and Susan’s mouth working my cock it didn’t take long before I blew my load in her mouth.

“Don’t stop, tell me more.” Susan said with a mouth full of cum.

After a while Susan had me ready again for round 2.

“Now that part where you had her bent over the car bonnet, you better demonstrate it for me.” Susan said,

Helping her up I took her to nearby table, bending her over I lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. Her pussy was already wet and I easily pushed my hard cock inside her, earning a moan as it slid in. I fucked Susan until we both came, moaning and grunting loudly with our orgasms.

As we got dressed we saw movement in the window next door, the table we used was in full view of the doorway, maybe we had an audience.

The next day I was outside doing some gardening when Susan came out, “Good news Barry, we’ve been invited over to the neighbours for a bar-be-que this afternoon.”

“That will be fun,” I said.

“It’ll be more than that, Anne and Sally running around in bikinis, you’ll be jerking for a week,” Susan said.

I laughed saying, “And you’ll enjoy every minute of it.”

That afternoon we sat outside around the pool, Terry cooked the bar-be-que while the rest of us sat around chatting and talking. Sally was telling us stories of her adventures while overseas, she was wearing a kimono robe, showing a lot of leg and I couldn’t help staring at them.

After we ate we continued chatting, the other guests gradually left until only the five of us were left. Susan then took the lead, slipping her dress off, she was wearing swimmers underneath, she got into the pool. Anne and Sally followed eryaman orospu numaraları suit, normally I would have stared at Anne but that night my attention was on Sally.

She faced me as she removed her robe, her breasts looked great in her bikini top, it barely contained them, pushing them together for great cleavage, god I wanted my cock between them and her hard nipples poked out as they begged to be sucked. Her bottoms were just a strip of fabric that covered her pussy, when she turned around it was hidden between her butt cheeks. When she walked to the pool her hips swayed seductively and cheeks jiggled.

I glanced towards Susan, she was staring at me, smiling, she licked her lips.

That night I laid in bed Susan’s head on my chest, her finger nails ran over my stomach, she stared at my cock as I stroked it.

I told her my fantasy after watching Sally, how she climbed out of the pool, water cascading over her body, her head tilted back as she ran her fingers through her long hair, her side boob as she poked her chest out.

Having her turn towards me, her top falling to the ground as she walked over, her tits bouncing with each step, large perky nipples pointing straight at me. How she stood in front of me taking of her bottoms, showing a perfectly trimmed bush sitting above large pussy lips.

That she leant towards me, pushing me back on the pool chair, her tits hovering over my face as she pulled my cock out of my pants and lowered her body on to it. How she rode my cock, pulling my head up to her tits, how I sucked and bit her nipples making her squeal, her tight pussy squeezing my cock until I blew my load inside her.

I came as I imagined fucking her, my first shot hitting Susan’s face then cum landing over my stomach and hand. When I finished Susan took my hand running her tongue over it, licking my cum off it. She then proceeded to lick the cum of my stomach, her mouth then moved to my cock, working it to hardness again.

“Lets see she straddled your cock, her pussy swallowing your cock like this,” Susan said as she started to re-enact my fantasy.

Susan rode my cock, leant forward pulling my head up to her tits, it was like my fantasy come true, “Call me Sally, tell me how you love my body, tell me how good I make you feel,” Susan said.

I was in the moment and went with it, “Oh Sally you are perfect, my wife never makes me feel like this, ride me, ride me until I come,” I said, “Thar’s it, Yes Sally yes I’m coming, I’m coming, oh Sally I’m going to fill your sweet pussy with my cum.” “Sally,” I yelled as I came, Susan also moaned with an orgasm then collapsed on me, kissing me passionately.

For the next week every time we had sex Susan insisted I call her Sally, she was finding it a real turn on pretending to be her.

On Saturday Susan was visiting Anne and Sally, I went to the kitchen to get a drink when Sally came into view. From the kitchen window we can see the bottom corner of their garden, as I watched Sally laid out a towel of the grass. I couldn’t believe it, Sally took her clothes off, slowly, seductively as if she was doing a strip tease. She stood naked, facing our window, then she turned around, bent over straightening the towel, I had a perfect view of her sexy ass and her tits dangling down, swaying as she moved.

As I watched it looked like she was exercising, I couldn’t believe my luck Sally had picked the perfect spot for me, I stood there stroking my cock as I watched Sally twist and turn, her naked body moved in various directions and positions.

I was so engrossed in watching Sally I didn’t hear Susan enter the house, it wasn’t until her body pressed against mine as she whispered in my ear “Let me help you,” taking hold of my cock, stroking it for me until I came, shooting my load over the window.

“Make sure you clean that up,” she said as she licked her hand and fingers, leaving me to continue watching Sally.

Susan was spending a lot of time visiting with Sally, she said she was helping her with preparing her resume for some modelling jobs or something like that. I didn’t mind as she told me in details the clothes that Sally was or wasn’t wearing. She would describe the outfit and I would describe how I would fuck her, I always enjoy a sexy woman in uniform and Susan made a point in describing in detail whenever Sally wore a uniform. Susan had a few of her own uniforms and when they matched Sally’s she wore it and I demonstrated what I would do.

One evening I was lying in bed watching porn waiting for Susan to come to bed.

Susan walked in holding a cd, “Sweetie I have a little treat for you,’ she said as she put it into the player.

It started with a hot, little brunette in a maid’s costume, she had a gorgeous tight body, pert ass and large sexy boobs. She was constantly bending over flashing that she wasn’t wearing underwear, the scenes went from room to room as she cleaned them, encountering and ankara escort fucking the guests in each room.

I was busy stroking my cock when a voice said, “Do you think I’m a good actress?”, Sally stood in the doorway, she was wearing a sexy maid outfit like the girl in the movie and a brunette wig. Wait … they were the same girl I thought, Sally was the girl in the porn movie.

“I’m glad to see your enjoying my movie,” Sally said walking to the bottom of the bed. She stripped out of her clothes, leaving herself just wearing black fishnet stockings, black suspenders and high heel shoes.

“Suck his cock Sally, he’s ready to blow his first load,” Susan said.

I glanced towards Susan, she had got off the bed and was sitting on a chair beside it. She was wearing her nightie, one breast was pulled out as she played with her nipple, her other hand was between her legs as she fingered her pussy.

She watched as Sally climbed on to the bed, crawled to my cock, then lowered her head taking me in her mouth.

I laid there watching the top of Sally’s head move up and top, her tits swinging as her body moved. The movie was still playing, I could see the tv above her body, she was giving a blow job to 3 men.

“You like that little mouth round your cock don’t you Barry,” Susan said.

All I could do was groan.

“Remember Sally you have to share Barry’s cum,” Susan said.

Sally stopped sucking, lifted her head briefly, she nodded and smiled at Susan, then lowered her head back to my cock.

As I came in Sally’s mouth she locked her lips around my shaft, her eyes stared at me as I pumped my cum into her mouth, her cheeks swelling as she kept it in her mouth.

Climbing off the bed Sally walked to Susan, leaning over her face she dribbled my cum from her mouth to Susan’s. Susan had opened her mouth, stuck her tongue out, my cum dribbling on to it and into her mouth. When Sally finished she got on her knees in front of Susan, Susan leant over Sally dribbling the cum back into her mouth. They repeated this a couple more times before before they kissed, swallowing some cum each, then licking each others lips and chins.

It was hot watching them, my cock was hard again.

“He’s ready for you again Sally,” Susan said as she looked at me.

“Yes Mommy,” Sally said.

“Let him taste your pussy,” Susan instructed.

Sally climbed on the bed positioning a leg either side of my head, she lowered her pussy until it was just hovering over my mouth, her scent invading my nostrils.

“That’s it Baby, hold right there, tease him with your smell and a hint of your taste,” Susan said.

“Yes Mommy,” Sally said as she moved her pussy back and forward over my mouth and nose, just close enough for the tip of my outstretched tongue to flick her lips.

I didn’t know what was going on with this Mommy talk between Susan and Sally, I didn’t really care either, I found it hot and loved Susan instructing Sally in what to do.

“Now Baby lower yourself so Barry can push his tongue inside you,” Susan said.

I couldn’t see Susan with Sally sitting on my face, but she sounded very close, getting a good view of Sally riding her husband’s face.

I reached up taking Sally’s tits in my hands, I squeezed and massaged them, twisting and pulling her rock hard nipples. All the while she kept grinding her pussy against my mouth, moving my tongue around inside her.

“Rub your clit Baby, don’t stop until you come, fill Barry’s mouth with your juice,” Susan said.

I could feel Sally’s finger brush my nose occasionally as she rubbed her clit, while grinding her pussy. Sally moaned loudly, her pussy getting wetter, she was nearing an orgasms, I let go of her tits grabbing her hips pulling her tightly down on my tongue,

I was now controlling her movement, making her ride my tongue faster and harder.

“Don’t stop rubbing that clit Baby you haven’t come yet,” Susan said.

“Oh yes Mommy,” Sally said, rubbing herself harder, “I’m coming Mommy, I’m coming.”

“Good girl, come in his mouth,” Susan replied.

Sally’s cum ran down my tongue into my mouth, I held her tightly against me as I sucked on her pussy, sucking all her juice into my mouth.

“Enough Baby, time for Barry to fuck you,” Susan said, “On you hands and knees Barry’s enjoys a good doggy.”

Sally climbed off me getting into position, I looked toward Susan, she was in her chair, naked now, rubbing her pussy. She smiled at me and nodded her head, she was enjoying herself.

I moved behind Sally rubbing her butt cheeks with my hands before smacking each one to earn a small yelp from Sally.

“Harder Barry, smack her ass harder,” Susan said.

I did, taking my hand back I let fly with a hard whack on her right cheek, Sally let out a scream this time, a bright red hand mark appeared on her cheek.

“Perfect Barry, don’t stop,” Susan said.

I continued, whack after whack, elvankent escort stinging my hand, leaving a bright red mark on her cheeks. The redness growing as I landed smacks on different parts of her cheeks, each hit brought a squeal from Sally. I think she was also crying as I heard the occasional sniffle, but she didn’t move, her ass remained stuck high in the air, her head resting on the mattress, she never begged for me to stop.

A moan drew my attention to Susan, she had 2 fingers inside her pussy and was roughly pulling on her nipple, I could tell from her face she was having an orgasm.

“Fuck her Barry, fuck her ass,” Susan said nodding to a tube of lube on the bed. She most have put that there when I was smacking Sally.

Sally’s cheeks were bright red and the slightest touch made her jump. I squeezed some lube over her asshole and some on my cock. I slowly stroked my cock, covering it in lube, making it rock hard again. With my finger on the other hand I worked the lube around her asshole, I slowly started to to push my finger inside getting a small moan from Sally. Squeezing more lube on her ass I worked it inside her, my finger sliding deeper and deeper, I push a second finger into her, my cock getting harder as I watched my fingers sliding in a out of her ass.

Susan had come up behind me to watch, she reached round my body taking hold of my cock, she squeezed some more lube on it and spread it over it’s full length.

Susan’s hand squeezed my cock as it slide up and down, “Your ready stud, fuck her ass,” she whispered in my ear.

I took my fingers out of her ass, I pressed my cock against her opening pushing inside. The lube made it easy for me to enter her but she still moaned as I pushed deeper and deeper into her. I grabbed hold of her hips as I thrusted my cock back and forward inside her.

Susan had moved in front of Sally’s face, she put her hand under her chin lifting it up, “Do you like that Baby?”

“Yes Mommy, very much,” Sally replied.

“Good girl,” Susan said giving her a kiss on the forehead, “Remember don’t come until I tell you.”

“Yes Mommy,” Sally said.

I look forward to hearing Susan’s story later about this relationship she had developed with Sally but at this moment the only thing that interested me was watching my cock sliding in and out of Sally ass and the load of cum building up in my balls.

Susan had moved her chair, sitting in it again as she fingered herself while she watched me fucking Sally.

“Isn’t this so much better than just talking about it Barry?” Susan asked.

My breathing was getting heavy, “Fuck yes,” I gasped.

“And you can live out any fantasy whenever you want,” Susan said.

Sally was moaning loudly, I could feel my balls tightening, I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Don’t come Baby, take his load, but don’t come,” Susan said.

“I will try Mommy,” Sally said.

“Don’t try, do or I will punish you, understand?” Susan asked.

“Yes Mommy,” Sally said.

I was beyond caring about their conversation, I was groaning myself as I slammed my cock harder and harder into her ass, with a loud grunt I came. I pushed my cock as deep as I could into Sally’s ass as I pumped my cum into her, holding it there as it throbbed and pulsated, filling her with my cum, I kept it there until I finished.

Susan came to the bed beside me again, watching my cum dribble out of Sally’s ass.

“Alright Baby you can come for us now,” Susan said.

“Yes Mommy,” Sally said, rolling on to her back, lifting her knees up and spreading her legs.

I could still see my cum dribbling out her ass as she pushed 2 fingers into her pussy. She was extremely wet and it didn’t take long before she started moaning.

As we sat on the bed watching Sally masturbate Susan took my cock in her hand, I moved my hand between her legs, we started to masturbate each other, our hands moving in unison with Sally’s.

“Look at her puffy lips darling,” Susan said, “Wouldn’t you just love to nibble on those?”

“Umm” I grunted.

“I think next time you might bend someone over a table, eating her pussy from behind before fucking it,” Susan said squeezing my cock harder.

“You’ll need to suck me while I’m eating her,” I said, my cock growing harder as I imagined Susan sitting on the ground between Sally’s legs sucking my cock with Sally bend over in front of me as I nibbled her pussy lips.

“I can do that,” Susan said kissing me.

The three of us came together, or a least once Sally started to squirt Susan and I came.

“Come along Baby time to go,” Susan said taking Sally by the hand, “Start a shower Barry I’ll join you shortly.”

“Yes Mommy,” Sally said as she gave me a smile before picking up her clothes.

I sat on the bed watching the 2 naked women walk out of the room, a beautiful sight.

This was an exciting twist, Sally had move from a fantasy to a reality. Like any great actress she will be playing many different roles in the future, to start with Susan will be the director but hopefully one day she will join us as a co-star.

But first Susan must tell me about this Mommy, Baby thing, I’m hoping that will be an exciting story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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