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Tony was recruiting. He’d invited Mike into the office, showing him the new overalls, emblazoned with the brand new ‘Naked Cleaning Company’ logo. It was starting to feel like a proper business, albeit with a sordid underbelly. Tony was struggling to keep up. He needed more, er, ‘cleaners’.

“And you don’t actually do any cleaning?” said Mike, slightly blown away by the revelations of the last 10 minutes.

“I do a bit of cleaning,” replied Tony. “Sometimes. Mostly we just get naked.”

“Like in the name?”


“And then you…?”


Mike pondered the situation. His best mate… his ENGAGED best mate… was shagging his way through the town and getting paid for it.

“Wicked,” he grinned. “I’m in!”

“Awesome!” squealed Tony. “Anyone else you think might be interested? There’s a guy that trains on Fridays. I think I overheard him say he’s been made redundant.”

“Ben,” said Mike. “I’ll have a word.”

“Cool. Keep it under the radar, eh? Can’t have any of this getting back to my fiance.”

Within a week Ben was on board too, willing and able to offer the ‘special services’ available from the Naked Cleaning Company. Young, good looking, toned and discreet. And then Gus popped his head around the door one afternoon.

“Got a moment?” he muttered.

“Of course!”

“Heard you were looking for help. I was thinking maybe I could help out with your new business,” said Gus. “I’m pretty handy with a mop. Never stop cleaning this place!”

A 50+ guy with slightly greying temples wasn’t exactly what they were looking for. But he was their bahis firmaları landlord, and rarely left the building. Clearly there were few secrets they could hide from him. Tony looked at him hesitantly. Mike and Ben were sorting cleaning equipment and fiddled awkwardly in the corner.

“Take a seat,” he said, and then explained exactly what the Naked Cleaning Company was all about. When he’d finished, Tony looked at Gus nervously.

“Are you still Ok with us using the office,” he mumbled.

“Sure!” chirped Gus. “Like I said, I can help out.”

“You’re not really the kind of guy we’re looking for.”

“I got the Method,” said Gus. Tony stared at him, confused.

“What’s the Method?” said Mike from across the room, suddenly intrigued.

“Secret move. Passed down from father to son for generations. Never fails to please the ladies,” grinned Gus.

“Some kind of dance step?” replied Mike.

“Hypnosis?” suggested Ben with a grin.

“Does it involve batteries?” said Tony.

“I ain’t saying,” said Gus firmly. “Family secret.”

Tony paused and shrugged. “I guess we could do with some help around the office.”


Tony rolled up at Penny’s house. Another new client. Word was spreading fast.

A slim, almost lanky, blonde woman in her twenties, opened the door. She was slightly flushed in her cotton blouse and grey jeans. Tony noticed they were undone.

“Hi,” chirped Tony. “I’m the cleaner.” He handed her a business card. She glanced at it for a second, then grabbed his collar and pulled him inside.

“Thank God,” she said breathlessly. “I kaçak iddaa need you right now!”

Dragging him to the bedroom she kissed him hard, fumbling with his jeans. They pulled off their clothes and fell back on to the bed, still kissing, hands everywhere. She was voracious.

“Just… fuck me,” she moaned. Tony didn’t need any further encouragement to tumble with this cute little vixen. He rolled her on to her back, running his hands down her body and seeking out her vulva. She pushed his hand between her legs and he could feel the wetness. He slid a finger into her vagina, and she groaned with delight.

He fingered her for a minute but she was already pulling at his shoulders, so he climbed between her legs and leaned over her. She pulled his head down and kissed him again passionately.

“I want you inside me,” she moaned. Tony lined up his cock, hesitating for a moment to gaze into her eyes. ‘What a girl,’ he mused, and then thrust into her warm, inviting pussy.

Sixty minutes later he rolled off her, panting hard but pleased with himself. Penny was breathing heavily but frowned and looked into his eyes.

“Is that it? That all you’ve got?” she said.

“What do you mean? That was your third orgasm!”

She gazed at him, and he saw a little pleading in her eyes.

“I’m really sorry,” he muttered, already sore from fucking her in various positions for the last hour. She grabbed the business card at the side of the bed.

“It says here ‘Full service – Satisfaction Guaranteed.'” Tony looked at her for a moment, then picked up his phone.


Forty minutes kaçak bahis later, Mike collaped on to the bed, dripping in sweat.

“I’m done. I’m done. Please, no more!” he grunted. Tony had been lounging in the corner, impressed by Mike’s stamina, and Penny’s obviously insatiable appetite. ‘She needs a fucking gangbang, not an escort,’ he thought, picking up the phone again.


Tony and Mike stood outside the bedroom door. Gus had arrived 10 minutes ago and shooed them out of the room but they could hear Penny moaning.

“Can’t you just give her a refund, brother?” whispered Mike.

“No, man. It’s all about reputation. Every client counts,” replied Tony. “We need to be careful. One complaint and we’re screwed.”

“Hey, that’s funny. We’re always screwed. Do think she’ll call the cops if we don’t, you know, fully satisfy her?”

Tony didn’t think it was likely, but realised there were unresolved issues. He’d gone into this so-called ‘business’ without any real goals or plans. Planning wasn’t a strong point. Yet another in a long list!

“This is getting way out of hand. We need to get some advice on the legality of all this,” he muttered as they listened at the door.

“Hey, you should come up to the club. I have a friend who knows all about that legal stuff. And I’m performing on Friday. I’ll set up a meet for you.”

An orgasmic scream came from the room and it suddenly went quiet. Tony wondered if Gus might have killed her. Or maybe they both died in orgasmic bliss? He was about to knock when suddenly the door opened and Gus calmly strolled out, grinning.

“And that, my friends, is the Method,” he said, flexing his wrists as he walked down the hallway. They peered into the room, to see Penny stretched out on the bed, eyes closed but grinning from ear to ear, clearly satiated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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