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The alarm sounded on my clock, it was Monday morning and a new day and week had begun. I switched off the clock and laid my head back down on the pillow and began to think about my girls.

Ruby came straight into my day dream, mixed race ebony, slim, thick sexy lips and large breasts, her hair long on one side and the other side shaved, she is so hot, and she had been coming onto me most of last week, and I guess if Natalie had not jumped in, Ruby would have been there.

My hand edged down to my cock what with the morning arousal, Ruby was getting me going, I began to stroke up and down nice and slow, fantasising her lips taking me, her hot wet mouth taking me, sucking my head like a lolly.

I quickened as she continued to take me, faster and faster her hot sexy moans as she fucked me with her mouth, I came into her mouth and she took the lot. “Fuck” I said to myself as I returned back from my fantasy.

I showered and had breakfast, and checked the agenda for today, domestic science, how tedious, I had to teach grown women how to run their home! how old fashioned and sexist I said to myself, I decided to change that schedule, plus the fact I really could not see that lot taking a blind bit of notice of me instructing them how to mop a floor or wash up the dishes and make a cake.

While getting ready to go to class for twelve thirty this afternoon, I had a great idea to break my boredom, flirt with Ruby! I know she wants me and I want her, I want her bad. I don’t care where the quicker the better, no waiting no planning pure lust was rushing through me for her.

I arrived at the class, it was designed as a kitchen area, with a sort of stage with a stainless steel work top, as I stood behind it I looked out at the desks and chairs, then along the walls with kitchen cupboards and other normal wooden worktops with units under them.

The door opened and they started to arrive.

“Afternoon sir how you hanging?” Asked Beth.

“Fine thanks Beth and how are you today.”

“Oh I am ok I guess happier for seeing you sir.”

Then Stella walked in blew me a kiss and sat down, making sure I got a full view of her skirt which only just fell below her bum cheeks she knows what gets me going and what I like.

Roxy arrived, Tracy and the rest but no Ruby. “Shit” I said to myself where was she?

“Ok ladies quieten down please, does anyone know why Ruby is not in class today?” I asked.

“She will be here in a bit sir she has got stuff to sort, why you missing her already?” Stella replied.

“Thank you Stella for informing me. Now ladies today I am supposed to guide you in how to run your homes, but to be honest by what I have read on the schedule it seems a bit out dated so I would like to take questions on concerns etc. in everyday life within the home, or even family relationships.”

“Family relationships sir? what like sex?” Tracy asked.

“Ha or what about adultery sir?” Natalie asked.

“Well not exactly those topics but I guess if any of you need to ask anything please go ahead.” I replied still wondering where Ruby was.

“So sir what do you know about a wife? you haven’t got one have you? how does that make you a expert in these matters?” Stella asked.

“I mean you live in a bachelor pad don’t you?” She continued knowing full well where I lived.

“That is correct Stella.” I replied looking at her crossed leg and her skirt half way up her thigh, she was in one of those moods but I guess she had a very good point.

The door opened, in she came Ruby. “Thank fuck.” I said to myself.

“Sorry I am late sir but I had things to do.”

“That’s ok Ruby go sit yourself down.”

She stood at the end of the stainless unit for a few seconds letting me see her heaving chest with a few buttons opened and revealing the edges of a red bra. She looked at me and she licked her lips as she stared at me, smiled and went and sat down, her blue skirt and ankle boots finished her look.

As she sat she crossed her leg and ran her hand up her thigh still looking at me but with a look of come and get me. This was going to be easy and I said to myself we are not even going to get out of this room this afternoon.

“What we talking about today sir?” Ruby asked.

“Well Ruby we are supposed to be talking about how to run a home, but as I said to the others I think it is a bit pointless.” I replied.

“Why pointless sir?” Ruby asked.

“Yea he wants to talk about shagging.” Natalie said.

“Really sir? how interesting, I would love to have a bit of that.” Ruby replied.

“Quiet please, Natalie that is not what I meant.”

“Really sir? I thought you would love to talk to us about that, I mean your getting plenty aren’t you?” Natalie replied.

“Is he? lucky him.” Ruby replied.

“Oh yea Ruby he sure is didn’t you know?” Natalie replied.

“No Nat’s who has he been shagging now I wonder.” Ruby answered looking at Natalie in a supposed no idea it was her look.

“Right that is enough.” I firmly answered.

“Is canlı bahis that what you say when your done? strange I never heard you say that.” Stella replied.

“No he does not say that Stella well if he does I must have missed it.” Natalie proudly announced.

“Stop it now all of you” I shouted.

“Oh someone’s getting angry.” Roxy said laughing.

“Are we having a domestic argument sir?”

“Yea that’s right he is being the stroppy husband.”

“Ok, ok that’s it, now talk to me sensibly like you are grown women and not like children why do I have to keep reminding you all?” I replied.

They all went quiet, apart from a little mutter which then sent them all into laughter. Ruby though did not laugh instead she looked at me and pouted her lips at me and gestured with her finger pointing at me then pointing it at herself.

“Right what I want you all to do is write on the paper I am going to give you about how a relationship should be run within the household, do you all think you can do that?” I asked.

“Sir I got a question, what if you haven’t got a husband but have a girlfriend instead, you know a lesbian relationship?” Beth asked.

“Well Beth a relationship is a relationship whatever the gender.” I replied.

“Oh that’s ok then cuz I would rather have a woman than a bloke when I leave here.” She replied.

“Since when did you decide that Beth? you ain’t no lesbian.” Natalie responded.

Well why the fuck not Nat I have heard a woman lover knocks spots off a bloke.” She replied.

Beth I felt was informing me she likes both sexes I made a mental note as I handed the papers out to each of them.

“So ladies like I say just write what you think a household should be like, how it is run, the equality aspect of the partnership things like that.”

They all began to start writing, I was fascinated by what I was going to read, then Ruby called me over. I walked over to her and leant over the desk, getting a full view down her cleavage.

“What is the problem Ruby?” I asked looking in her eyes.

She said nothing but looked down at her paper, spun it around and told me to look at it directing her eyes down and then back at me. It simply said “Fuck me after class.”

I looked at her and informed her not to be rude and to remain after class. She smiled.

I gave them around thirty minutes to get their thoughts down on paper, then got Stella to collect the work from each of them, she moaned a bit but obliged and slowly strolled around the desks flaunting herself. She walked over and handed them to me, as I took hold of them she refused to release them and as I looked at her she leant forwards as if to kiss me, but stopped herself and just grinned at me.

“Ok ladies thank you for your efforts but is there anything you want to talk about?” I asked.

“Sir I got a question for you.” Natalie replied.

“What is it Natalie?” I asked.

“Well sir imagine you fancy someone, and you had like been with them, you know, and the person then did not seem to be interested in you after, what would you do sir?”

“Is this being aimed at me?” I asked myself.

“Well Natalie things happen these days I mean people are more open and in some cases care free, you must ask yourself or rather I would ask myself was what we had in fact was just a one off? Or I would approach the person concerned and find out their feelings, that is of course if they were deliberately trying to avoid me.”

“Oh I see, so what your saying is that in your case you would want to know if something was a one off, and in fact you would not even know what a one off was?”

“No Natalie that’s not what I meant I know the signs I was merely giving an example if I did not know.”

“Oh right I see so do you think your last lay was just a one off? I mean you have had a lay haven’t you?” She replied.

The rest of them all then began to laugh and whistle, it was wind me up time again. I knew exactly what Natalie was getting at.

“So sir what’s the best position to get full satisfaction?” Ruby then asked.

“Err well Ruby that is quite personnel, I mean everyone would have their favourite way. It is not specific that things should be done in only one way and to be honest I can’t answer that specific question Ruby.” I replied.

“Yes that’s what I heard, so what do you like?” She then asked while playing with her pen.

“Ruby really I am not going to answer that you are getting personnel by asking me.”

“I bet I know what he likes!” Stella shouted out.

“Yes I bet you do Stella.” Tracy replied.

The class burst out laughing, I felt my face begin to flush up she really is not going to announce it in front of me? surely not.

“Ok Ladies that’s enough now we have ten more minutes of class left just err talk amongst yourselves.” I said sitting down.

The last ten minutes felt like hours, finally it was time, the girls all got up and began to leave giving me their normal flirty goodbyes, Ruby remained seated. When the last girl had left bahis siteleri she got up and walked over to the door and locked it, she paused for a moment, looking over at me I stood up and she walked over to me, I grabbed hold of her and pulled her against me, we kissed urgently her thick lips covering my mouth as she slid her tongue into my mouth.

I could not let her go, her body against mine, her tits pressed against my chest, as my hand went down and stroked her arse, Ruby was going to be my best fuck yet.

We carried on taking each others tongues into our mouths, as I felt Ruby’s hand begin to rub my groin, working it up and down, I broke off from our kiss and began to kiss her neck, working down to the revealed flesh of her open shirt. I un did a few more buttons and began to kiss the top of her right tit, massaging it from underneath and gradually pushing the nipple out of her bra, I took it happily in my mouth.

Ruby began to un button my shirt, opened it up and kissed my chest pushing my shirt off my shoulders, she kissed my left shoulder working to my neck, then back up to my lips as she began to fumble with my trousers. Once undone she stepped back, and began to strip.

She slowly un buttoned her shirt looking at my now exposed cock, her shirt came off. Then she un zipped her skirt and wriggled out of it. standing there now in her bra and matching red thong she un clipped her bra and threw it at me, then finally the thong came off.

She walked slowly over to me and our naked bodies pressed against each other as I cupped her tits we kissed again. My hands worked down her body and round to her arse. She then lowered herself squatting now in front of my cock, she looked up as she took me in her hand.

“Fuck ive been waiting for you, mmmm,mmmm,mmmm oh fuck you mmmm you feel good.” Ruby responded as she began her oral show, I looked down and watched her lips sliding up my cock.

“Awww mmmm fuck sir mmmm mmmm your cock is so good aww mmm mmm I can’t mmm wait for you to mmmm fuck me mmmm.”

“Stay there for a bit Ruby fuck that feels good.”

“Oh fuck yes sir.” She replied.

She dropped to her knees and began to tease my balls licking and sucking on them, her hand slowly working my cock. I needed to fuck her now not though until I tasted her pussy.

“Sit in the chair Ruby” I demanded. She got up and kissed me as she walked to the chair. She sat and I walked over and took her legs and hung them over each side of the chair.

“Take it sir let me feel you.” She purred,

I began kissing her right leg from the knee up her inner thigh and arrived, I went straight onto her, she felt good, shaved and tight. She began to rub herself as my tongue played with her. Ruby began to gyrate her pussy up and down on my tongue forcing me in deeper, her right leg then dropping over my shoulder keeping me there.

“Awww fuck sir awww god yes fuck I wanna scream yes fuck yes.” Ruby moaned.

That was it I needed to fuck her I got up and placed my cock against her, rubbing her pussy lips, sliding the head just inside.

“Fuck me sir stop teasing me com’on fuck me!”

I pushed in slowly at last I was in I went in and out slowly watching her pussy lips against me as I Slowly pumped into her.

“Fuck Ruby oh fuck!” She felt so good I pushed her legs as far apart as I could she grabbed them and lifted them straight up. With that I kissed the back of her legs as I gave her short firm thrusts. Then pushed all the way in Ruby’s reaction was orgasmic.

“Oh fuck sir oh fuck yes fuck me harder oh fuck oh fuck yes fuck I’m cumin oh fuck yes oh fuck yes awww awww harder fuck I can feel you yes sir, sir, oh fuck yes yes!” She came fuck that was quick I thought.

I pulled out and took her again with my mouth she was wet and I wanted her from behind. I stood and helped her up swung her around and she rested her front onto the work top, jumping slightly due to the cold feel of the stainless top.

I grabbed my cock and directed it towards her wet pussy and went in again. I pumped her hard, her hot arse twerking slightly. I ran my hands up and down her sides, I wanted her tits but standing straight they were out of reach. I pulled her up slightly and my hands got to them, she lifted her right leg and rested her bent knee on the worktop.

Her tits felt great and felt bigger as they hung slightly. I kissed her back as I pumped her hard. She fell forwards again and I grabbed her hips and encouraged her to slide up and down on my cock, I watched her pussy fuck me.

She pulled off and turned around and went down on me again, her saliva soaking me. She took me faster this time stopping for a second and wanked me then returned with her mouth.

She got back up and sat slightly on the edge of the worktop I walked over and entered her straight away, I took her tits with my mouth as she leant back slightly. She then laid on her back.

“Cum in me like this sir I want you!”

I re entered her it was not going to be long before I would explode in her, so I bahis şirketleri slowed enjoying her pussy and watching her cup her tits and occasionally kissing and sucking her nipples.

“Yes come on cum, cum in me you dirty bastard oh yes harder yes come on shoot it yes yes oh fucking hell yes in cumin sir yes come on bastard cum awww fuck yes yes yes!”

“I’m cumin Ruby fuck yes!”

“Yes oh fuck yes I can feel you now!”

“Awww fuck Ruby awww fuck!” I replied.

I let it go into her fucking her hard pushing it into her, I fell forwards as I came kissing her hot lips and taking her tongue. We carried on kissing as I slowly pumped her till I softened, Ruby sighed and wrapped her legs around my waist.

Ruby gently pushed me up and we composed ourselves and got dressed, I just could not take my eyes off her as she dressed, I impulsively went over to her and grabbed her close to me, she looked into my eyes her hazel eyes looking deeply into mine. We kissed again, I wanted more of her.

“What is your room number Ruby? I want you tonight.”

“Sir really you are rampant arnt you? I am number A11, I am on the top floor three doors down the corridor on the left, come at eleven tonight.”

“I will be there Ruby.” I replied.

We kissed one more time and she left opening the door slowly and sneaking out, I felt empty all of a sudden and alone, Ruby was the most intense yet, she had me hooked I did not feel like this with Stella and Natalie I am getting deeper into this game.

As I went to my room I wondered who could beat her, who would I have next? But that did not matter now I want her again tonight and this time we will have all night.

I left my rooms and walked the corridors, this place is sure spooky in the night time. Passing rooms I heard a mix of music in one then laughter in another, and in one the sound of one of them getting off. That sounded so good and I wondered who it was, two I rubbed off my sex list, Stella and Natalie, the sound was not either of those I know their ways.

After pausing for a few minutes listening I had the temptation of looking through the keyhole. But declined only for the fact that someone may have come out of their room. I then wondered if whoever it was, was getting off over me. I was wrong because as I tuned in I realised she was not on her own.

“Fuck” I said to myself lesbians! I needed to find out who the hell they were, I had a sudden plan running through my head, ask Ruby in a crafty way as to who’s room it was. I made a mental note of the door number and carried on to Ruby’s rooms.

I arrived and tapped on the door quietly. She opened the door standing in a red satin robe.

“Hey your here, come on in.”

I walked in and she closed the door and stood against it. We looked at each other and I walked to her and we kissed. My hands on her hips, rubbing her robe against them.

“Mmm someone is eager!” She responded.

“Come and sit down and I will do us a coffee.”

I sat and watched Ruby go to her kitchen area, it was all open plan so I sat back and watched her move about as she made our drinks. Her slim body tight butt slim thinnish legs were a glorious sight, and as I watched my mind wandered back to the classroom this afternoon, I wanted her again so badly but resisted getting up and taking her there and then in her kitchen.

“Do you have sugar and milk baby man?”

“Black with two sugars please darling.”

She walked over her robe opening slightly revealing her thigh and just a glimpse of her naked pussy.

“There you go.” She said handing me my cup.

“Great thanks, so hows your evening been?” I asked.

“Yea all ok, I had a nice shower when I got in made some calls and had some food.” She replied.

“How about you? is everything ok you know after…”

“What after this afternoon?” I replied.

“Well yes are you ok with what happened?”

“Why of course Ruby if I had a problem I would not be sitting here would I.” I replied.

“Why do you ask? Do you think I regret what happened? Well Ruby I don’t not one bit. Do you have any concerns?” I asked.

“Who me? hell no I wanted you the first time I saw you, it is just a shame I didn’t get to you first.” She replied.

“Oh I see Ruby, thing is what happened with Stella I was not expecting, she knew boy did she know, and as for Natalie she knew what she was doing and again it just happened.”

“Yea it is always the way with them.” She replied.

“Is it? is it not the same though with me and you Ruby?” I asked.

“Depends how you look at it, I mean let me put it this way, hen I first saw you I knew I wanted you, but with the others they just want to get laid, they will fuck anything, the tutor you replaced was much older than you, I never went near him, but he pretty much had everyone else.”

“Really Ruby, so why not you?” I asked.

“Oh he tried don’t worry about that he tried, but he finally got the hint, he did nothing for me but you do.” Ruby explained looking into my eyes.

I began to wonder if this was just her pulling technique coming out of her mouth like the previous two, they both had a line to get at me was Ruby doing the same? Not that I cared though she could say whatever she liked to me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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