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The cool breeze of spring washed over Felicia’s body, hardening her nipples. Her eyes fluttered open, reveling in her nudity. She liked being naked, enjoying the sensation of total freedom that it brought.

She was done with the adolescence of high school and looking forward to the adventures that adulthood would bring, if she could just get out of this town. If God were to give the world an enema, it was said, he’d stick the nozzle right here in Williamson, West Virginia.

Rolling over, Felicia looked down over her body. She never liked her breasts. “They were too small,” she thought.

In truth, her sheer sexiness scared most of the boys away. She was short and perky with a slender, petite frame. Her short cropped dark hair framed a face so cute, that when she smiled, even just a polite smile, you would do whatever she asked without hesitation. Even the small patch of dark hair between her legs was cute.

She ran her fingers through the curls, brushing lightly over her mound. Though, she tried to resist the urge, as the tingles rippled from her vagina, even through her entire body, she knew that holding back was futile. Her middle finger slipped smoothly between her lips drawing a sigh from her.

Probing deeper within, her finger found her clit, massaging it tenderly. Wantonly, Felicia propped her foot up on her window sill, enjoying the possibility that someone might see it as she fingered herself. Her legs now sprawled out, she began to quicken her pace, vigorously stroking herself to orgasm.

Even if she wasn’t home alone, she would not have quieted her squeals and groans as pleasure surged through every poor of her body. Though her mother would have scorned her for it, she never could control herself in the thralls of a good climax. For what seemed like a long time, Felicia writhed and stroked until she collapsed in exhaustion.

Sweaty and sticky, she lay there as she heard the neighbors lawn mower start up again. Mr. Richards always stopped what he was doing to listen to her. She giggled at the thought.

Once recovered, Felicia realized that she had no clean clothes in her room. Her mother had done wash, leaving the basket downstairs in the laundry room. Deciding that putting on her dirty panties from the night before was unacceptable, she decided to chance it.

After rolling off her bed, Felicia approached her bedroom door. Only after opening it a crack and listening did she quickly open the door the entire way. The thick carpet of the hallway concealed any footsteps as she strolled to the top of the stairs.

She heard no sounds, causing her to assume that she was indeed alone in the house. Her mother should be at work and her brother was at baseball practice. Cautiously the young girl descended the carpeted staircase to the dining room.

This would prove to be the most daring part of the journey as the large bay windows completely exposed the room to the neighborhood. In a crouch, she quickly moved behind the dining room table, confident that she was well hidden. As she prepared to bolt into the kitchen, Felicia heard the footsteps on the sidewalk out front.

She held her breath in fear, wondering who it could be. The sound of falling paper at the front door informed her that it had just been the mail man. She waited until she heard the footsteps fade out of earshot before making her move.

Stepping from the carpeted dining room to the tiled kitchen, could now hear her own bare feet against the floor. The coolness of the tile was a unique sensation causing her to pause a moment. She liked walking in her bare feet.

The cheap saloon style doors of the laundry door swung easily open as she advanced upon her target. The full basket of clean clothes lay on the drier. She grasped the rim, preparing to take the entire thing with her when she heard the garage door creak open.

“Come on in Dave,” came her mother’s voice.

Dave was a ‘friend’ of her mothers from work. Felicia knew her mother liked him and after the way her father had treated her, she deserved someone nice. Felicia heard the two enter the kitchen. Her mother wore high heels and Dave slowly followed in loafers.

“I think the kids are gone, wait here while I get a towel,” spoke her mother in whispered tones.


As if a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, Felicia stood there for a moment. Images of what would happen if her mother caught her here running naked around the house streamed through her head. Her mother would scream and after the initial shock scream some more. Panicked reflexes jolted her into action as she, with remarkable speed opened the large metal cabinet in the back corner of the small room, closing it only seconds before the doors of the laundry room swung open.

“I might as well take the basket. I’ll just fold them later.”

Felicia heard her mother leave the room and walk across the tiled floor to the dining room. With a sigh of relief, she opened the cabinet again. For bostancı escort a moment, she did not notice the change in the room, however, as she reached for the laundry basket, the horror of the situation became clear. Her mother had taken the basket with her.


“Then, she smiled as she heard the sound of the shower going. Maybe I can still get out of this in one piece”, she thought to herself.

Felicia knew that her mother took showers with Dave. They held off until her mother thought she and her brother were asleep. Felicia heard them several nights since they began dating.

Quickly, she bolted out of the laundry room, through the dining room and up the flight of stairs. As she ran down the hallway, she could see the basket through her mother’s open bedroom doorway. It was not until she had grasped the plastic hamper in her hands did she realize that the shower was stopped.

Turning to the hallway, she glared in terror as the bathroom doorknob began to turn. If she ran for her room, they would surely catch her. With few other options, she dove under the bed hoping they had not heard her.

“C’mon, we don’t have much time,” her mother warned.

Felicia watched as the couple entered and closed the door. They were both barefooted as they walked to the side of the bed. Wide-eyed she watched Dave turn and sit on the bed while her mother knelt at his feet. A moment later the towel that had evidently been around his waist was dropped to the floor in a heap.

Why Felicia stuck her head out from under the bed, she wasn’t sure. Curiosity? Perhaps. She emerged from under the bed in-between his legs, gaping at the scene before her. Her mother, Nancy was still pretty at 40 with only a few wrinkles to show her true age. She had long, dark hair and a still pleasing figure.

Felicia gazed at her mothers naked body for the first time. Her breasts were full, which still put up a valiant fight against gravity. She examined her mother’s shapely thighs and only slightly hidden pussy that peeked out of closely trimmed bush.

The sound of slurping brought her attention to her mother’s lips which were currently wrapped around a rather thick, hardened cock. Her mouth slid quickly over the rigid member, as Nancy made frequent slurping noises.

Groans could be heard from the bed as David’s excitement built. His cock emerged, revealing the purple head only to disappear almost completely to the base. From it’s size, Felicia knew that his prick reached down into her throat. She was amazed that she did not gag at all.

Suddenly, her mother stopped, his cock fully escaping her mouth, while with her hand she continued to stroke it. Mesmerized, Felicia observed the prick jettison the first shot of cum from its hole. It splattered on her mother’s face as the second followed closely behind. Gooey cum oozed from her cheek as gravity drew it downward.

Not until the cum began to drip from her mother’s chin, did she realize that she had better move. She quickly jerked her head, though the attempt at avoiding sperm caused pain to surge through her head. Hair, caught by the flailing feet of a climaxing man held her in place as the pain almost caused her to scream. Reflexively though, she had opened her mouth wide just in time to catch the first droplet of creamy cum.

The final spasms of orgasm induced the foot that held her to move ever so slightly allowing her to quickly disappear underneath the bed. At first the thick glob oozing to the back of her throat threatened to make her gag. Upon further examination, however, the feel and taste of the sperm excited her.

With her tongue, she spread around within her mouth. It was creamy and musky and she realized that she liked it.

“That was great honey,” Dave said.

“I’m glad you liked it but we had better get back to the office.”

As Felicia savored her new favorite taste, the couple quickly dressed and exited the bedroom. The sound of the door closing woke her from her trance like state.

“Finally”, she thought as she climbed from her hiding place. Looking around, she saw the basket of clothes on the other side of the queen size bed. Pouncing on the bed, she noticed the open window whose screen was only half down. She didn’t know why they were like this but as she heard the voice from the hallway echo through the house, she was glad it was.

“I forgot my keys dear,” her mother called out, “I’ll be right down.”

Felicia dove out of the window, surprising herself by landing on her feet. As she landed, she rolled with dexterity that surprised her. Sure, she did a little gymnastics in school but she’d never been that good before.

There she crouched, completely naked behind her mother’s shrubbery. As embarrassed as she would be to be caught running naked through the house, she would die if anyone caught her lurking outside.

She rested there until she heard her mother’s car start up and pull away. Only then did she move around ümraniye escort bayan to the side of the house, slowly nearing the front. Her only chance was if the garage door was left unlocked as she knew that her mother would have locked every other door by habit. Crouched behind a tall bush, she peeked around the corner. In dismay she saw the power company truck sitting in her driveway. She knew she had to act quickly. Sprinting to the garage door handle, she heaved with all of her might.

The door would not budge, leaving the naked girl exposed to the entire suburban neighborhood. Defeated, she slumped against the window of the door.

“What was that? A footstep? There was someone about to round the corner.”

Without conscious thought, Felicia turned and dove in one motion. By the time the meter reader rounded the corner of the garage, she was safely hidden under the tarp that covered the bed of his truck. The cold metal sent shivers through her spine…or was that the fear she felt as she heard the footsteps so near her.

There was no time to jump out of the truck as it was sped from the driveway. Felicia’s skin was cold against the metal of the truck bed. The ride was a rough one as this meter reader obviously enjoyed driving fast. She was tossed from one side of the truck to the other with nothing to hold onto.

The truck stopped several times, though Felicia was sure they were downtown. She could hear traffic whizzing by as the truck made it’s rounds. She had no idea how long she was in the back of the truck, she was relieved, however as the truck stopped and was then shut down.

As she lay on her stomach for the entire ride, she new that her thighs would be bruised from all of the turns and bumps. Listening carefully, Felicia could make out the sound of birds. They must be in the country, she thought as she quietly lifted the tarp.

The trees swayed with a breeze that smelled like honey-suckle. The way seemed clear as she slid under the tarp to stand once again on the soft earth. She now saw that the truck was parked at a small trailer. She could hear commotion inside as she surveyed her surroundings.

This was the only trailer around, though the multitude of old picnic tables that were placed at regular intervals around this large clearing indicated that it was not always so. It was the sound of the trailer door opening that sent Felicia to a crouching positing behind the truck. “I’ll be right back,” called a male voice.

Footsteps could be heard nearing the vehicle, which she now hid behind. Still naked, Felicia did not want to be seen. Gracefully, she rolled underneath, laying on the prickly grass. Wanting to see what was going on, Felicia crawled on her stomach under the large vehicle, nearing the trailer, trying to get a better view. Suddenly, she heard the truck door open, then slam shut a few seconds later.

From her position between the front wheels, she could see the meter reader walk back into the small hovel. As she watched the tall man disappear from view, she saw the clothes line, covered with clothes. Women’s clothes from the look of it. Hope began to be reborn within her.

For several minutes, she lay there, the trailer quiet now. She didn’t want to steal but rationalized to herself that she had no choice. Stealthily, the nude girl climbed from her hiding place and strolled towards her target.

As she walked by the picnic table, she looked to her right just in time to see the couple exiting the small shelter. As he was behind her, with one hand on a blouse covered breast and another reached under a short skirt. She was blonde, her eyes could not be seen as she had her head crooked way back kissing him.

Felicia rolled over the seat of the bench and under the worn, wooden table. Once again she was hidden, although if not for the couple’s preoccupation with each other, she was sure they would have seen her. Stooped under the picnic table, Felicia watched wide eyed as he guided her to the small end of the table.

“C’mon baby, bend over the table.”

The blonde giggled and proceeded to lean down with her elbows resting on the chipped table top. Felicia found herself leaning ever-so-slightly forward, watching him lift her short cotton skirt. The young girl was amazed when she realized the woman had not worn any panties.

The young utilities worker undid his uniformed trousers and let them fall to his knees. Very quickly he pushed his briefs down with them. Felicia stared at the huge cock that sprang up as it was released from it’s confines. As if it knew it’s destination it pointed directly towards the folds of the woman’s pussy.

Though it didn’t look to Felicia that the gigantic prick would fit, as she watched, the man pointed the purple head at her private opening. Miraculously, Felicia watched as the organ slowly disappeared into her cunt. The blonde made a long high pitched squeal that echoed through the trees. It stopped, only when the cock was buried to kartal escort the hilt.

Felicia felt the grass tickling her legs as she watched him plunge into her. The blonde was bent over the table, elbows supporting her weight while she arched her back to allow the massive cock to go ever deeper.

The man began to rock his hips back and forth, causing the woman to emit a shrill shriek with each lunge. Soon after, the man began to fuck her with more force. Felicia could hear their flesh slap together and the table threaten to topple under the impact. As the squeals of pleasure came more frequently, Felicia found herself taking a tiny step forward.

Now, at this angle, she could see the woman’s breasts swaying and could clearly see the pussy lips wrapped around the shaft of the most beautiful cock she’d ever seen. She watched, mesmerized as the flesh sawed back and forth just inches above her head. She became aware of her own juices beginning to flow and even drop into the grass at her feet. Her hand touched the moistness of her own pussy and though she knew she might be caught, she began to finger herself.

Even had she made any noise she would not be heard by the couple. The blonde was crying out in climax. The man held tight to her hips so that he would be able to pull back, even as he plunged forward.

“Not inside…Don’t cum inside! She screamed barely comprehensibly.

Not knowing what they would do next, Felicia gaped as the cock was drawn from the woman’s pussy. Intending to cum on her ass, the man instead lost control. Before he could aim his cock where he wanted he exploded between the woman’s legs.

Felicia froze as the purple head of the man’s cock was directed towards her face. The first load of cum jettisoned from the hole at it’s tip and splashed across the young girl’s right cheek. The shock of the contact with the warm seed caused her to drop her jaw ever so slightly. The second shot of sticky goo flew into her mouth.

The man grunted as the third hit her lip. Later, Felicia will wonder why she didn’t move. Nevertheless, she held her position allowing the man to empty his load all over her face. It washed over her young features, finally dripping from her chin as the woman above her collapsed on the table.

Her eyes closed and her lips parted ever so slightly, Felicia sat crouched in the grass and shivered in excitement as some of the sperm oozed into her mouth. She languished in it’s taste and texture, not wanting to move.

The sound of the truck door closing caused her eyes to open suddenly. He was sitting in the truck, giving this woman one last lingering kiss goodbye. Slowly the realization that the truck was probably her only ride out of here, she panicked. With a dexterous roll she emerged from under the table.

The passionate kiss that had distracted the couple, was now ending and Felicia now realized that she would be seen. She quickly noticed that the trailer door was ajar and silently entered the dingy hovel. Inside, the naked girl was shocked at it’s condition and understood why the couple did their lovemaking outside.

She stood in a section that was obviously the living room as indicated by the single dingy, tattered chair and small television that it sat in front of. A couple of feet away was evidently the kitchen. The stacked dishes almost hid the sink as the splattered food did the stove.

As Felicia moved to the back, she saw an unmade bed in a small room. She noticed the door that must have hid the bathroom and she decided she didn’t need to see what that looked like. As she looked for an open window, she heard the creek of the step as the woman entered.

Though she cringed at the thought of doing it, she dove under the bed. It was almost as bad as she’d imagined. There were unwashed laundry as well as left over food that made Felicia nauseous as she heard the television from the next room. Exhaustion overcame the disgust she felt as she lay under the bed and she fell fast asleep.

She awoke to voices and the sound of footfalls as two people entered the bedroom. She watched the woman walk to the other side and gaped in awe at the size of the male feet that stepped to the side under which she lay. They were huge and muscular.

“I’ve got the money babe, now we’re set,” bragged a deep husky voice.

“You’re crazy Harry. They’re gonna catch you, you idiot!”

“No way babe… They have no way of knowing who I am.”

“You’re an idiot, Harry.”

The bed squeaked as the couple lay down. When the light was turned out, darkness engulfed the room. Within minutes the sound of heavy snoring echoed through the room. Felicia thought that this might be the best time to make her escape. As she readied herself to move, she heard the other side of the bed chirp as the woman got up. A few seconds later and she heard the door to the bathroom open and close.

This was the perfect opportunity, she thought. Quietly, she rolled from under the bed and began to spin around. She saw the light of the bathroom from under the door. It was now or never, she surmised. So focused on her escape was she that she didn’t see the clump of cloth rise from the bed. It wasn’t until the hand clamped around her wrist that she knew anything was amiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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