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Finally I got my laptop connected to the college’s internet grid. Happy as a 5 year old with candy I rebooted the laptop to see if it’d stay connected. YES! Finally after 2 days of resetting, reinstalling and the uncontrollable urge to smash the damned thing to bits the emails from home started pouring in.

Six months had passed since I first started this entire adventure. Half a year ago I found out that my college ran an exchange program. Only accessible for those that had a 8+ average (out of 10) and where at least 21 years old. Never heard about it before I went to my years counselor and talked over the entire deal. Apparently they had a deal with a few colleges abroad to exchange students amongst each other. If I qualified? Yup I did, and since nothing was holding me back I decided to enroll and see where faith would take me.

Four months passed without hearing anything and as I was ready to give up any hope, I received a letter from the selection board. In short, I got accepted! Couldn’t believe it at first but they selected me to go overseas… Half assed as my own college is I had to get things organized FAST. I needed a student visa, get in contact with the student administration, say all my goodbyes and fly out there with enough stuff to last me a year of Canadian college. I got a scholarship on account of my grades and my room would be in a dormitory, free of any charge, my Dutch college would pay for that. So basically I needed all my savings as a back up and get myself a part time job once there.

Excited as I was I wanted to leave as soon as possible, making sure I’d be in time for all the introductory madness and to assure enrollment in the classes I wanted to follow. Just my luck that the authorities where slacking on approving my student visa… I arrived in Canada one week after the first semester started.

So no social gatherings, introductory tours or meeting other students for me, I arrived well after all of those where finished and done with.

I got set up in a left over dorm with a left over room, some German girl didn’t get her things in order which left her stuck in Germany and me with a spacious room fitting 2 people easily all to myself. Well until someone would need the other half of the room, it would be mine and I claimed it as that.

Somehow my class enrollments got mixed up as well and my first day of Canadian college existed purely out of damage control. I had to sign up again for the course I wanted and have a talk with the exchange students counselor. She talked me through a sped up version of the welcome speech everyone got a week before me and asked if I where finding my way around campus and all. I lied, told her I did and went off to enroll in a course for the second time. Creative Writing make place for me.

That afternoon I had my first class. History of literature or something. Fine by me, long as I could actually find classroom 221 I’d be happy! I wondered around the building the info board directed me to and started counting down all the class numbers, from class 220 it went straight to 222, which annoyed the hell out of me. I asked some other students passing by if they knew where it was and they directed me to a room at the end of the hall. Apparently something went wrong with numbering the classes.

Either that or Canadians have a mixed up sense for numbers.

I joined the stream of students already filling the room inside and found myself a seat nearly in the back, I don’t need to stand out and sit up front, I was embarrassed enough that I had missed a full week of classes. I settled myself into the seat and waited for what to come. It took the massive classroom about 3 minutes to settle down. The professor standing in front of the group urged everyone to sit down so that he could start with the class.

By then I should have noticed that there was writing on the blackboard. If I had I’d have seen that the text on there had little to nothing to do with literature or creative writing at all. No, of course it wasn’t until after the professor started talking that I noticed the huge white chalk letters on the board “micro economics”. I groaned, kicked myself and panicked all at the same time, I was in the wrong class. And not only was I in the wrong one, I was in one that would probably take me into a comatose sleep within 5 minutes. I looked around for any possible escapes and saw that the room was packed with people. Even sitting way back I’d draw attention leaving in the middle of a class. And that was the last thing I wanted.

After 10 minutes of self hatred, emotional punishment and feeling like the dumbest chick alive I decided to make the best out of the next two hours. I got my mp3 player from my bag, set it to random and just listened to the songs drifting by. It was humid in the classroom, wasn’t sure if that was caused by bad ventilation or the amount of nerds packed together in one room. I unbuttoned my blouse a bit, trying to get rid of the icky feeling it caused. canlı bahis I went back to listening to my music, slouching a bit in my chair and glancing around the class. All around me I saw people making notes, flipping through textbooks and scribble on their planners. Sitting up a bit straighter I reached for my bag, I knew I had a book in there somewhere that could keep me company for the remaining hour.

As I reached down next to the desk something stopped me from reaching down further. I don’t know why or how but I looked up, straight ahead across the room. And that’s when I saw him staring at me. He was staring at my small but obvious amount of cleavage as if I was hypnotizing him with it. I straightened my back and sat back, looking him straight in the eyes. Soon as his view panned to meet my eyes I saw his face flush the brightest red I’d ever seen as he turned his head away and started scribbling something in his notebook.

I felt my own face get brighter as I realized that I was being checked out by a guy… Might sound strange, unbelievable or downright wrong, but I’ve never had that happen before. The thought of it made me feel a bit awkward. A mix between shame and curiosity as to why this guy was looking at me. I took the book I originally went for out of my bag and put it in front of my face. Feeling just as obvious as one of those comic spies, hiding behind a paper with holes in the middle. Glancing over the edge of my book I could see him still looking in my direction, head bent down, pretending to concentrate on whatever the professor was talking about.

As I took a good look at him I had to admit he was handsome. I only saw his face for a split second but his eyes where the most amazing things I saw in a while. Dark hair and from where I was sitting he seemed way taller then me. I giggled as I thought about the standard “tall, dark and handsome” cliché, remembering that there’s truth in every one of them. I was still wondering why this guy was looking at me when I noticed he looked up a bit more. There was the choice to be made, was I going to ignore this man and pretend I didn’t see him or would I play along with him.

Curiosity won the best of me and I unbuttoned my blouse a little further. Not far enough to be obvious, but just enough so he could see the trim of lace of my bra. I put down the book and sat back a bit, feeling as if it’d be all or nothing. He’d probably get up out of his chair, point at me, laugh and yell some insult to the likes of my size. To my surprise though he glanced up a little higher and I saw him hold his breath, looking at the round form of my breasts. He looked up further and I met his amazed face with the warmest smile I could manage without looking like a psychopath.

He grinned at me, taking me in from top to bottom and nodding with approval. I felt his eyes on my body and felt a bit shy with the idea. As his eyes met mine again I had to fight the urge not to look away. He gave me a wink and his grin widened. Time must have catch up on me cause I saw the other students gather all their stuff together even before the bell rang. As the huge group of students was trying to push themselves through the door just to fast. I saw him getting up, I was right, he was tall. I felt my stomach make a full 360 in the good way and gathered my things to join the stream of leaving students. Lost in my thoughts I looked back at where he was standing and noticed he was gone. Micro economics just became a whole hell of a lot more interesting.

When exiting the classroom I checked the room number, it was 221 alright. Glancing at the roster I got from student administration I saw the root of my mistake. I had to go to 212…

I sighed and laughed at my own stupidity walking towards the right classroom. I was just in time to explain the rather stupid mix up to my real professor and she informed me on what was discussed in the class I missed. Luckily I could do some of the research myself in the library and decided to go there straight away.

The base of literary history was (besides quite boring) also easy to find. Within 5 minutes I had 3 books that should be able to help me catch up to the rest of the class fast enough. I sat down in one of the comfy reading corners the library had. I liked this place, it was filled with the scent of books yet it still looked old fashioned, down to the dark mahogany tables with green reading lamps. The seating corner I chose was in the back of the library, nice and quiet, everything I needed to read through the necessary chapters for class.

I was just reading up on the early history of playwriting (interesting but sleep inducing) when I noticed someone was approaching the corner I had hidden myself in. I looked up from the book and my bored and probably unkind eyes bore into his as he was about to sit down in the chair opposite of mine. He froze, looked down and started to talk, “mind if I sit here? Have some microeconomics stuff I need to go over and since your bahis siteleri in the same class”. Shit how to handle this?! I didn’t want to admit my stupid mistake to this extremely cute guy… I mumbled a “sure, sit down” and hid behind my book again. He thanked me and sat down in the chair as I heard the leather chair crackle to adjust to his body.

He was still looking at me, I could feel it and it made me uncomfortable and excited at the same time. I didn’t know how to sit, how to move or how to breathe to be honest. He leaned towards me and lowered my book. As I shifted my eyes to face him I looked at the widest grin I ever saw. “So, why are you reading ‘playwriting’ books when you’re in microeconomics?”. I felt my cheeks enter a boiling point as I fidgeted with my skirt and looked down in embarrassment. “Err, I… I… was in the wrong class…” I stuttered nervously looking up at him. His smile turned into laughter, which made me feel small and I felt like hitting him square on his chin… I looked at him angrily; “what’s so funny about that?” I asked, my voice flushed with anger.

He stopped laughing and looked me straight in my eyes, he bit his lower lip and seemed to think about what he was about to say. In one breath he talked, fast and his face turned away from me “cause I think it’s funny the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, ending up in the same class as I’m in by accident”. Flabbergasted… That’s the only word I can use to describe how I felt. Flabbergasted. Was he serious?! I looked over his shoulder, expecting to see some friends of his laughing their asses of cause they pulled a prank on yet another gullible fat chick. He looked in the same direction as I did, puzzled and probably wondering what I was looking at.

I got up straightening my skirt trying not to look pissed. He got up as well and looked down to me, “I mean it, you’re gorgeous”. I looked up to him and melted. He bowed down a bit and took my chin in his hands. I stood up on my toes and closed my eyes, letting it happen as I felt his lips on mine. I slid my arms around his neck and pulled myself up a bit. There I was, my first week of exchange college and I was smooching in the library with a cute guy whose name I didn’t even know. It made me smile and as I opened my mouth slightly I felt him do the same and he slid his tongue along my lips. I suckled his lower lip and pressed myself against him. Awkwardly aware of the bulge in his pants pressing against me. Not being able to believe that it was my doing…

When he released me I let myself fall back into the big leather chair, still all with the flabbergasted looking up at him in amazement. He squatted in front of me and asked my name. “Louise” I whispered with a small lump in my throat. “Patrick” he responded with a smile. He asked me what I’d be doing later and I told him I had to go through all my email from home and for some reason unknown to me I told him he could stop by if he wanted. He walked me to the exit of the library and told me he really did need to figure out the microeconomics stuff so he’d stop by my room later.

Still shaken en stirred I walked to my room. Wondering what the hell I was doing giving some random guy my room number… It just felt okay, unexplainable and natural.

I only just finished up replying to everyone at home, telling them I was settling in fine (I was), had a great group of people around me (okay I lied a little, I am a social outcast remember) and that the study was doing well (it is!), when I heard a hard short knock on the door. Opening the door I was struck again by his amazing length. I felt like a midget next to him. I gestured him to come on in and gave him the obligatory “ignore the mess” speech even though I knew perfectly well that the room was as tidy as I could get it.

“So you study drama?” he asked. Explaining him I actually study creative writing I asked him if he wanted something to drink. I saw him gazing around the room, absorbing any information it gave him while I grabbed a coke out of the fridge. He sat down on my bed looking at me in awe, while I was wondering if this was a joke or not (and if it was, he was convincing me!). He sat down on my bed and looked up at me with a crooked grin. As I sat down next to him I handed him the can of brown liquid and turned towards him slightly.

He put the coke on the nightstand and took hold of my free hand lacing his fingers through mine, tugging my arm as to come closer. I could have stopped it there, pull back and ask him to leave. I didn’t. In stead I shifted closer until my thigh was pressing against his, leaning in to kiss him. As our lips pressed together his hand loosened itself from mine and he put his arm around my waist. Our tongues danced with each other, my he was a good kisser, he kept pulling me closer and closer.

My hands where running through his hair, never wanting to let go. He pulled me even closer and to be comfortable I had to change how I was sitting. Deciding that he would bahis şirketleri probably tell me if it was to much I swung my leg over his lap and hoisted myself in it. There I was. Shy me, sitting on the lap of a guy I hardly knew, kissing him so hard I felt him strain not to fall back. He had his arms wrapped around my waist and cupped my ass, gently pinching it. It sent shivers all through my body and I knew then and there that I wouldn’t resist to anything for this guy.

His hands shifted to the front and he started unbuttoning my blouse, slowly and with great attention. With every inch of flesh uncovered more and more I started to feel vulnerable. Once my entire blouse was unbuttoned, he slid it off my shoulders and I heard it ruffle as it fell to the ground. Leaning into me he started kissing my neck, nibbling on it, trailing down to my chest until he hit my bra. He smiled when he saw the front clasp and undid it with one single hand. My breasts fell free of their confinement only to be saved by his hands, softly cupping them before he started to suck on my nipples.

His tongue was making small circles around my aureoles, every so now and then he’d flick over my nipples and I’d feel my body shake inside. If he wasn’t licking a nipple, he was rolling it between his fingers, changing attention to either one of my nipples every so often. I tugged at his shirt, not wanting to be the only one exposed and as he took it off fast I gave a soft giggle of pleasure. He wasn’t muscular, not thin either. He just was. No fancy crap, just a long soft body to hold. As he was still ferociously attacking my breasts and nipples I trailed my fingernails over his body. From his neck to the beautiful curve of his collarbone down to his chest, gently pinching his nipples as I went down further and held myself to him by his sides.

He looked up and kissed me again, still massaging my breasts in turns. I could feel his other hand on my thigh, pushing my skirt up further and further. I shifted position a little and only then I became aware of the bulge in his pants. Amazed at the thought of me doing that to him I lowered one hand and pressed softly at his confined, hard cock. I felt his hand stop a second as his body shuddered to my touch just to return to its steady journey up my thigh again. I was massaging his cock through his jeans, wondering if I’d let it come that far. Silly me I should’ve known I already had it come that far. And I was enjoying every second of it.

As his hand hit the hem of my panties he hesitated. I pushed myself into him, encouraging him to go on, for I knew the damp crotch of the panties would give away my excitement anyway. He pushed my panties to the side and I felt a finger brush past my lips. He took his time, feeling my mound, caressing around my lips, plainly put, he was teasing me, the bastard. With my own hands I stopped massaging his throbbing cock and I started to unbutton his jeans. To hell with decency, I wanted this guy.

Pushing him down on the bed I could read the surprise in his eyes, surprise mixed with curiosity as he helped me slide his jeans of. If the bulge in his boxers was only an indication of what to come, then I was in for the ride of my life. Not wanting to waste any time with even more pleasantries I pulled down his black boxers and almost saw the relief on his face when his rather large cock sprang free from it’s cotton prison. Biting down on my lower lip I went for what I wanted most and grabbed his cock in my hand, softly squeezing it as I rubbed it up and down.

Instantly I could see him close his eyes, enjoying every second of it. Wanting to see just how much of me he could handle I scooted up a bit until I was crouching over his cock. I saw him looking at me with hungry eyes almost begging me to go on and as I pulled my panties aside and lowered myself down I heard him moan soft as his cock pressed against my wet pussy. I put my knees next to his hips, lowering myself even further as I felt his huge throbbing cock slide into me. I went slowly, I knew I never had any guy this big and I didn’t want to force anything so I relaxed and went up and down, with every strike down I had him in me a bit further.

Paying attention to his face (and any hint of discomfort) I saw him breathing deeper and deeper as he opened his eyes and looked at me straight. Sensing he was holding back not to thrust into me even though he wanted to I gave him a small nod, hoping I could take all of him. Relief and joy passed over his face, as he softly thrust up I felt him deep inside me filling me entirely without hurting me. He leaned forward a bit and grabbed a pillow from my bed to put under his back. His eyes going down to where our bodies joined, gazing to my tight pussy swallowing his hard cock.

His hands took hold of my breasts slightly squeezing my nipples as I was moving myself up and down on his cock in a slow steady pace, careful to distribute my weight evenly. His hips met me with every stroke, feeling him hit my cervix just enough for me to feel it but not hurting me at all. Our breath was fast and started to adapt to each other as I felt him speeding up. I matched his speed, putting my hands on his waist to keep control.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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