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DISCLAIMER: The story you are about to read is purely fictional. Any possible similarities between the characters and events with people in real life are purely coincidental.


My life couldn’t be any better. I had spent the last couple of years in misery as a 28 year-old unemployed web developer who lived with his parents. Now I had a dream job, my own house, and a gorgeous girl next door who is totally attracted to me.

What more could a man ask for?

It had been a week since my first sexual experience with Crissy, but I still cannot forget the day she went from sitting on my lap in my home office to sitting hard on my cock in my bed. She was everything I could ask for in a girl. Totally gorgeous with a shapely athletic body, a rack that would make most men drool uncontrollably, and a round hard ass that would give J-Lo a run for her money. Outside of her looks, I liked how Crissy was a bright intelligent girl with a zest for life. Since that day, we’ve hung out more outside of the prying eyes of our neighbors. We’ve gone to see art exhibits, long walks along the Chicago River, and of course, made love several more times.

Times did slow down though for us. Her Spring Break had ended and her Senior year of high school still needed to be finished. We both looked forward to when she begins college so our dating could be more public. I never understood it. Even I myself am accused of thinking that 18 or older, a high school girl is still a girl, and off limits to older adults like myself. Thank God for Crissy to show me the error in my thinking.

Crissy being back in school could also have not been better timed. My company handed me a big project designing a large web site for a Telecommunications company. Worse off, these people had no clue what they wanted, so I was shooting in the dark. After a horrible morning of meetings trying to get an inkling of a clue from my clients, I was happy it was 2 and I could head home to a nice relaxing day of work without anyone barking down my throat about “I’ll know what I like when I see it”….YEESH!

Anyway, seeing as it was Spring in Evanston (a suburb north of Chicago), I had all my windows open as I plugged away at a layout in my office. 3 PM hit when I heard a knocking at my back door. I quickly headed downstairs to find an upset Crissy standing there. She didn’t look happy, but she looked good. She was clad in a light mid-driff sweater, showing a little bit of her tight abs. Her jeans were the usual style for women now – tight with the flared bottoms. I opened the door and she stormed inside, tossing her book bag on my kitchen table.

Mark: “What’s wrong sweetie? What happened?”


Mark: “Even me?”

Crissy: “Mark, you know I don’t mean you. I had a bad day so I’m not in the mood for witty humor”

Mark: “I know. You look stressed out. Why don’t you go relax in the living room and I’ll make you a cup of tea.”

Crissy: “Thanks.”

I tossed a full kettle of water on the burner. As I turned around, Crissy came up to me and grabbed me in a warm embrace, her head resting on my chest. Her arms squeezed around me tightly and I placed on hand on her hips and the other on her shoulder blades. After a few minutes of holding one another, I heard the kettle go off and I released Crissy so I could take the water off the burner. I pulled out my assortment of tea.

Mark: “Green? Black? Herbal?”

Crissy: “Give me some of that raspberry herbal stuff”

Mark: “No problem.”

After a few minutes, I found myself sitting on my couch with my upset girlfriend, hot cups of tea in our hands.

Mark: “So what happened to you today? Why are you all upset?”

Crissy: “Ok, I was at school, and last period rang so it was time to head home. I got my Pre-Calculus book from my locker when Randy Johnson came up to me.”

Mark: “And he is?”

Crissy: “He’s a running back for the football team. Just another dumb jock if you ask me.”

Mark: “Ok, so what did he do?”

Crissy: “He walked up to me and acted all friendly. He asked me out to a movie this weekend. I thanked him for his offer but told him I was seeing someone. Randy asked who and I said that it was none of his business. He then got mad and said that I was a tease and a loser. Then Brandie Stevens showed up.”

Mark: “And she is?”

Crissy: “She’s a cheerleader and a major slut. I heard she let two guys fuck her at a beer blast earlier in the year. She never liked me because I caught a lot of attention from the football team even though I never ran with her cheerleader clique. Brandie came up and Randy put his arm around her. He then said that my ass was so big that it should have its own locker. She laughed and agreed with that asshole and said that if I was ever a cheerleader, I’d need to move double-time so my ass can keep up with me. They then just headed off…probably to find a vacant broom closet or something.”

Mark: “Ooooooooookay…why are you so upset at what those canlı bahis şirketleri two think? We’ll probably see them a few years from now on the Jerry Springer show.”

I then started to make a funny impression of the two, speaking in a trailer-park trash voice. Crissy giggled at my efforts and just leaned her head over on my chest.

Crissy: “I don’t know why it bothers me so much. Is my ass really that big?”

At that moment, my mind was in a flutter. Her ass big? Heaven’s no. It wasn’t a flat ass like you see most anorexic models sporting, but a nice, round, bubbly ass. For a moment, I couldn’t understand why she would worry about it, but then I realized that she still is a teenager, and thus has self-esteem issues. I gave her a reassurance.

Mark: “Crissy…your ass is gorgeous. Yes it’s round…it’s a ‘bubble-butt’, but guys like that. Heck, look at how many men drool all over J-Lo’s ass? It goes to show that women with curves, women like you are far more attractive than little sticks like this Brandie gal.”

Crissy: “Do you really mean that?”

Crissy then got up and bent over a little in front of me. Her gorgeous ass was right in front of my face. I was in awe at her cute round little posterior as she gave it a small wiggle. I gave my honest answer.

Mark “Of course I do. You certainly must know that I think you have a sexy ass for all the times I grabbed it.”

Unknowing to me, Crissy had undone her jeans. Suddenly, she pulled them down in front of me, revealing her smooth round cheeks to my delight. She was wearing a white cotton thong, which divided the two mounds beautifully.

Crissy: “You certainly have. So why aren’t you grabbing it now?”

I extended my hands out and took one butt cheek in each hand. I began to caress and massage her wonderful ass as she prominently displayed it in front of me. I could tell that her bubble-butt was hereditary. I knew she worked out regularly and her body showed it. Her ass may be round, but it was tight and smooth.

Crissy then stood straight up and began to wiggle and grind her hips to a smooth house CD I had left playing on low volume when she had come over. She reached down and pulled her light sweater off, giving me a striptease as I smiled and enjoyed her movements. I sat back and watched as she slowly took off her bra, freeing those beautiful C-cups from their cotton confines. Crissy then did a variation of a belly dancer grind close to me as she spoke in her seductive voice.

Crissy: “Do you like what you see lover?”

Mark: “Oh yes. Very much.”

Crissy: “Well…here comes the best part of the show.”

Crissy leaned forward and planted a light kiss on my lips before spinning around, displaying the ass I had grown to love. She then slowly pulled her thong off, letting it fall to her ankles before kicking it away. She was now totally naked, twirling and grinding in front of me as my cock stood at full erection under my pants.

Crissy: “Mmmmmmmm…I love making you hard.”

Crissy then straddled me, twirling and grinding against my crotch. I could feel her hot wetness pressing on my hard cock through my pants as she smiled and gyrated her luscious hips, making me harder than ever. I couldn’t take much more, so I wrapped my arms around her, burying my lips onto hers in a deep kiss.

We made out for several minutes as she sat atop me. My hands roamed all over her back and sides, giving extra special attention to the beautiful ass that some dumb high school jock chose to insult. Crissy opened her mouth as I plunged my tongue into hers, exploring ever inch of the inside of her mouth. I broke away from her kiss and began to kiss all up and down her neck. I knew she loved that.

Crissy: “Oooooooooooooooooooo.”

Up and down I went, running my lips all over her neck. Crissy began to move up and down on my hardness getting me more in the mood to fuck her like crazy. She leaned back, granting my mouth full access to her gorgeous breasts as I wasted no time with teasing or anticipation. I took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked on it hard while swirling my tongue all around it inside. I could feel her nipple get hard instantaneously as I held her arched with my hands on her back. After several minutes, I decided that her right nipple needed some attention as well. It was already semi-hard, but it became hard as a rock as I sucked hard on it, swirling my tongue all over it. I then nibbled on her right nipple with my teeth as I heard her moan out.

Crissy: “Ohhhh…Mark!”

With her moans and her grinding, I knew I wanted to fuck her now. I pulled her back up and gently leaned her over so she would be lying on the couch. She smiled as I reached to a small drawer in my corner table to get a condom.

Crissy: “You don’t need that.”

Mark: “What?”

Crissy reached over to her purse and pulled out the all-too-familiar plastic compact case that held anti-pregnancy pills. I was even more excited at her next words.

Crissy: “Now fuck me Mark. canlı kaçak iddaa I want to feel your hot cum inside me!”

At that moment, I fumbled to my knees on the floor as Crissy laid there on the couch, spread wide, waiting for me. As I undid my belt and pants, Crissy reached over and undid my shirt. Within seconds, I was completely naked, my hard-on sticking out like a spear. I laid Crissy on the couch with her legs pointing out. Immediately I got in between her legs and began to rub my hard cock head on her wet pussy lips. She moaned a few times as she excitedly awaited me to enter. Finally, when my cockhead was wet enough, I began to push my hardness into her hot pussy.

Crissy: “Ohhhhhh…yeeeesssss!”

Slowly I pushed all seven inches into her folds. I was in heaven. I never knew how good it felt to be fucking someone naked. No condom. Just flesh on flesh. Now I could fuck her and shoot my load into her without fear of pregnancy. With those thoughts in my head, I began to thrust myself in and out of her. Crissy wrapped her sexy legs around my body and urged me to go further.

Crissy: “Harder Mark! I want you to jackhammer me!”

With all the encouragement I needed, I began to piston my cock in and out of her wet pussy like a machine. In and out I pumped as I watched Crissy’s eyes close and her sighs turn to loud moans. I could hear the sound I loved so much. The sound of her ass slapping against my body. This drove me to pump her harder and deeper. I watched her tantalizing breasts bounce to my movements, so I took them in my hands, squeezing and massaging them as I continued my relentless jackhammering of Crissy’s hot lovehole.

Crissy: “OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

Without warning, I felt Crissy’s vaginal walls clamp around my cock as she gushed out her cum in a huge orgasm. I slowed myself a little to let her savor the moment, but she was hungry for more.

Crissy: “Keep going Mark! Fill my hot pussy with your cum!”

My hips once again went from slow to hard and fast as the rhythmic slapping of our bodies pushed me to fuck Crissy harder, deeper, and faster than I ever could. Wanted to go deeper, I took her legs and propped them on my chest. My cock managed to get a few more centimeters into her as she screamed out louder than ever.


Harder and faster I went, as my cock pumped relentlessly. I could feel my balls begin to swell up and I knew I was going to cum. My entire body felt a shockwave come over as I moaned loudly.



My cock then exploded like a missile, shooting hot cum deep into her pussy. I continued to grunt and pump as my cock shot out more and more cum into her wet folds. I kept hearing her body slamming on mine as I pumped every last drop of cum I had into her.

Crissy: “OHHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!!!!!!”

With those words, Crissy’s hot pussy clamped around my cock for a second time as I felt a rush of juices flow out all over my cock and body. Her body writhed and rocked with explosions of cum out of her. Her back arched as she grabbed her own breasts tightly, spasming over and over onto me.

Crissy: “Ahhhhhhhh!”

I slowed my pace to a stop as the two of us cuddled on the sofa in each other’s arms. Our bodies were covered with sweat as we took a moment to let our hearts slow down after the wild sexual ride we both went on.

Mark: “That was incredible.”

Crissy: “Mmmmmmm…you made me forget all that crap I endured today. You make me feel so sexy. Shooting your cum into me makes me feel all hot and sexy.”

Mark: “Well, I don’t think I am that much help. You’re extremely sexy on your own accord.”

Crissy and I drowned ourselves in a deep passionate kiss that lasted several minutes. She then broke our kiss and spoke.

Crissy: “I want to thank you for making me feel better. You always treat me so nice.”

Mark: “Well…I think that this was thanks enough.”

Crissy: “I mean it Mark. I want to fuck you again. I’ll do it in any way, shape or form you want. You name it.”

Mark: “Well…I did have one idea.”

Crissy: “And that is?”

Mark: “Well, seeing you wiggle and shake that gorgeous ass of yours in front of me really turned me on. I want to fuck you in your ass.”

For a moment, Crissy seemed a little scared at the request I just made.

Crissy: “I’ve never done that before.”

Mark: “Well…you don’t have to if you don’t…”

At that moment, Crissy put two fingers on my lips.

Crissy: “Shhhhhhh…just because I haven’t tried it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t try it. I wanted to fuck you in any way, shape, or form you desired. If you want to fuck my ass, then I’ll do it, but I want to do the fucking. I want the control so I don’t hurt myself.”

Mark: “Ok.”

Crissy: “Sit up.”

I sat up in the sofa as Crissy canlı kaçak bahis knelt down between my legs. My cock was semi-erect, but she knew it had to be hard and wet to perform anal sex. She immediately licked her lips and took my cock in her mouth. Wasting no time, she bobbed her head up and down on it, letting out as much saliva as she possibly could on it. While I enjoyed seeing her blow me, it was not getting me completely hard. My cock was still a bit drained from our wild ride a little while ago. What Crissy did next though got me to full erection.

Crissy stood up a little and placed my hard, wet cock in between her luscious mounds. With a hand on each side of her breasts, she squeezed them together, clamping my cock hard in between her beautiful breasts. Crissy then began to move up and down my cock, fucking it with her tits as she felt my cock get harder and harder. My breathing turned to deep sighs as I could feel my juices building. Sensing this Crissy stopped.

Crissy: “Sorry…I want you to cum in my ass. You can do my tits some other time loverboy!”

Crissy then stood up and turned around, giving me another look at her glorious ass that some football player whose name I can’t remember now insulted. I savored the moment as Crissy spread her two beautiful butt cheeks and lowered herself down, straddling my legs with her ass just above my hard cock. She then brought it closer and closer until my cock head was resting on her anus.

Mark: “Go slow…this will hurt at first”

Crissy: “Kind of like when I popped my cherry a year ago.”

Courageously, Crissy began to press her anus against my hard cockhead. After a little pressure, I witnessed her anal opening stretch as my cockhead disappeared into her.

Crissy: “YIKE!”

Mark: “Does it hurt a lot? We don’t have to do this if it’s going to hurt you!”

Crissy: “No! I want to do this! I want to see what it’s like. I’ll stop if it really hurts me”

Crissy slowly lowered herself as inch after inch of my cock disappeared into her tight ass. I was beyond ecstasy as I felt my cock being clamped by her sphincter like a vise. Slowly but surely, Crissy got to the point where her ass was resting on my body, my cock deep inside her anal opening with my balls under her. Crissy still seemed in pain, but remained a good sport as her curiosity took over.

Crissy: “What now?”

Mark: “We’re supposed to let it sit in there until your anus loosens up and accepts the invasion.”

I reached around Crissy and began to play with her wet pussy. Rubbing the palm of my hand on her clitoris. My movements made her forget the anal invasion as her sphincter slowly started to loosen up.

Crissy was getting hot and horny, and she wanted action. She started to grind her ass against me, feeling my cock move around inside her ass. Her winces of pan began to become more deep sighs of pleasure as she spoke.

Crissy: “Ooooooooo…this is starting to feel good!”

Crissy took experimentation to another level by starting to slowly move up and down my hard shaft. I felt like I was fucking a tight virgin pussy with every movement Crissy made. As she felt more loose, she began to move faster and faster. After several minutes, she was literally bouncing up and down on my stiff rod.

Crissy: “I never thought it would be like this! Fuck me harder!”

I placed my hands on Crissy’s hips and began to help her bounce up and down as her moans turned into screams of pure passion. She slammed down on me as hard as she could, but it didn’t feel like enough for her. Crissy motioned me to slow down to a halt, my cock deep in her ass.

Crissy: “I can’t get good movement here. I want to do this doggystyle!”

Crissy motioned me to get up with her, not wanting my cock to come out of her ass. We stood up together and turned around as she placed her hands on my sofa for support.

Crissy: “Now…fuck my ass as hard as you did my pussy!”

With that request, I began to pound her ass as hard as I could so. I placed my hands on her hips and pushed and pulled her, slamming her ass as hard and as fast as I could. I relished in the sights of her ass slapping and bouncing off my body and her tits swaying and swinging under her. I fucked Crissy’s ass harder and harder as she urged me on.


Her screams and beautiful body was hard to resist. I pumped her harder and harder until I saw one of her hands leave the support of the sofa. I felt a surge when I found that hand massaging my balls as I fucked Crissy’s ass with relentless fervor.

Mark: “OHHHHH…I’m gonna cum!”

Crissy: “YES! Cum for me! Cum in my ass!!”

I finally couldn’t take anymore. My balls tightened up as I pulled Crissy close, my cock all the way inside her luscious ass. I felt the shockwave as my climax shot load after load of hot cum deep into her anal cavity. Crissy’s ass cheeks tightened up around my cock as she milked me for every last drop, not letting me exit until she had it all. After a minute or two, I felt my erection soften up and I pulled myself out of her wet anal opening. Seeing my own cum start to ooze out of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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