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The name is Luke, male, 22 years old. I would love to tell you that I am hot, masculine, and a heartthrob; that I could have every girl that I want; that I have an amazing sex life every man could ever dream of, but then I would be lying. Truth is I’m not any of those, not even close. I’m the one that everyone calls a geek, a freak, and a weirdo. I not masculine, I love my abs so much that I surrounded it with layers of fats for protection. The only encounter I get from girls is that when they need some help in programming class or their computers need some rebooting. My sex life is summarized into three parts, my laptop, my internet connection, and of course my hand. I’ve kind of got used to it until the day when fate finally stepped in and changed my life, specifically my sex life, forever.

I was asked by my aunt Mary Grace to baby sit my little cousin Kate. Kate is four years younger and the exact opposite of me. She’s hot, beautiful, and popular in her school. She has this sort of porcelain complexion, angelic face, voluptuous breasts, and did I say about her long hot legs that would perfectly define the song of Rod Stewart. In short, she has this amazing body that would rock every man’s fantasy world, and honestly, I think the only similarity we share is our bloodline.

I would love to tell you that I don’t have any sexual desire for my young cousin, but then again I would be lying. I know it’s wrong, but being a twenty two year old virgin alone with his flaming hot cousin will make you think twice. Being a computer genius has its own perks. Ability to manipulate technology is one. So being the tech freak that I am, I set up a small camera shaped like a box of floss. Yes, for the sake of my sexual contentment, I will be spying on my eighteen year old cousin. After setting up my evil maniacal plan, I went straight to my room and woke up the only best friend I have, my laptop. After few minutes, I heard Kate yells that she’ll be taking a bath before she prepares for dinner. That was my queue that the show was about to begin. I quickly grabbed some lotion, unzipped my shorts to bring out my eight inch tool, and got ready for the incestuous show. I saw her came in the bathroom with only her bath towel hiding her naked body. The sight was too much for me as my dick throbbed with full rage in my hand. The next scenario was surreal, as I saw her remove the towel and let me feast on the sight of her amazing body, those big tits with little pink nipples standing out, that perfect ass I would love to get my hands on, and that young teen pussy which is the entrance to my kind of heaven. I started stroking my mad cock. She turned the shower on and the view of her body becoming wet made me stroke my dick faster. Just when I was about to cum, her eyes caught something. She noticed my little box of floss, by that I knew I was in trouble. She walked towards the camera and my once rock hard dick slowly tamed down at the thought of how screwed I was. She yelled for me, and with that I was fully aware of the embarrassment I got myself into. I came rushing down to the bathroom full of shame. I reached the bathroom and saw her in her bathroom towel.

“What is this Luke?” she asked in a normal tone. I was too ashamed to utter any words.

“Are you spying on me?” she asked in a serious tone. That’s the point when I have to tell her the truth.

“I’m so sorry Kate, it’s just that I don’t know what got into me.” I said in a voice full of shame.

“But why?” She asked again.

“Well, it’s something you wouldn’t understand.” I answered.

“Well then make me understand, you owe me some explanation after all.” She said in full conviction.

“Okay then, the thing is I am virgin. You know how life has treated me, specifically in my sex life. I just need some pleasure. I need to, well you know, release my sexual urges, and I am very sorry for using you as my inspiration, it’s just that I’m really attracted to you.” I said. I really have to tell her, so I decided to tell her the whole truth.

“So all you want is to release your loads correct?” she asked with her voice with a little bit of playfulness.

“Well yeah.” I stated, and with that a grin drew in her face.

“You think I’m hot big cousin?” She asked in a seductive voice. It left me confused for a second whether my cousin is testing me or is she thinking the same incestuous thoughts that I’m thinking.

“Ah of course, you have this angelic face, those voluptuous breasts with pink nipples, perfect ass, and that sweet pussy of yours is driving me crazy.” I answered with full of desire for my cousin.

“Ha-ha, oh Luke, all you have to do was to ask.” She whispered in my left ear. That filled my prick with raging anger.

“Oh look, your dick is already asking me.” She said as she opened my zipper and caressed my rock hard cock.

“Oh Kate” I uttered while in the lingering pleasure of the moment.

“All you have to do is ask Luke, just ask.” She said in a seducing voice.

“Please Kate, make me cum.” And with that she gave me that sweet smile and started stroking cebeci escort my cock. I then removed her bath towel to expose her amazing body. I took one of her breasts and grabbed it. She touched her lips to mine and we started kissing erotically as she continued to stroke my cock. I took both of her breasts with my hands and massage them hard as my two thumbs go circles with her nipples. We continued our incestuous act for a minute or two until I felt that familiar feeling of building sperm.

“I’m close Kate.” I whispered as I left our kissing to utter those words.

“Already?” She asked as her hand abandoned my prick. I was so upset for not being able to release my load.

“You shouldn’t waste that delicious nectar you got there.” She said as she lowered her face to meet my ready to explode manhood. She held the length of my prick as she kissed the tip of it.

“Now just be a good big cousin and shoot that load in my mouth alright.” She said and put the entirety of my dick’s head in her mouth. The feeling was amazing. I never thought anyone could ever feel this kind of pleasure especially me.

“Oh Kate, how did you become this good?” I asked out of nowhere to verify where she has learned this skill.

“Well I had a few boyfriends you know, and I made sure that this is the only thing they could get from me, not my virginity.” She answered as her mouth momentarily left the stroking to her hands.

“So you’re still a virgin?” I asked to verify my thoughts.

“Oh yes big cousin, I would only give my virginity to the person I think would be worthy of it.” She said and I just nodded. She then went back on blowing me this time faster. It went that way until I felt my balls building their nectars again.

“Kate I’m cumming.” I managed to utter while in the sensation of having my first blow job. She acted as if she hasn’t heard anything and carried on sucking my dick, this time faster. That was enough to make me reach my climax. I explode and what Kate did made me feel like more than heaven. She pushed my dick deeper into her throat until I was finished shooting my load. She swallowed every ounce of my nectar and proceeded on licking my dick and balls until she was sure that no drop of cum was wasted. I smiled quietly, still trying to sink in what just happened. I was certain that I would be facing unlimited discretion from her anger towards my stupid plan when I went to face her, but the exact opposite of it happened. Never in my wildest dream would I be having this kind of sexual act, not to mention it came from my hot younger cousin.

“Penny for your thoughts?” She asked that made me cut my trance.

“I was just thinking about what we have done. I mean I thought you’ll be mad and all for me spying on you but it turned to be my ticket to have this unbelievable experience. Thank you Kate.” I said with full of happiness and sincerity in my voice.

“Well don’t thank me yet, you still owe me a climax.” She said that made me confused.

“What do you mean?” I asked with an obvious confused tone.

“Well you had your climax, but I haven’t got mine yet.” She answered. I was surprised. I didn’t know how to pleasure girls given the fact that this is my first ever sexual act aside from the countless sex videos I’ve watched from the net.

“Well ah, I really don’t know how.” I said with full of shame.

“Ha-ha, don’t worry big cousin, little Kate will be teaching you.” She said in little girl’s voice.

“Well if that’s the case then let’s get started.” I said in glee.

“Okay, so shut the fuck up and lick my pussy.” She stated in full conviction as she walked towards the sofa and spread her legs apart. I lowered my face to meet up with her. I look up on her trying to find some sense permission. She just nodded and that gave me the assurance that I needed. I started to lick her legs and touched her pussy which was already soaking wet. I wanted to be gentle and slow, but I guess she wanted a different phase.

“Oh come on now. Get your mouth on my dripping wet pussy.” She yelled. I started to spread her cunt apart and poke my tongue into her. It tasted a little salty but the aroma of her pussy was unbelievable. I tried to get one finger inside as I continued to lick her. It made her moan, a moan full of pleasure as to what I can observe. My other hand made its way to her breast and started to massage it while I managed to get another finger in her pussy and made the phase a little faster. Kate seemed to like my acts as her moans became louder and her breathing became heavier.

“Faster Luke, faster please. Oh God I’m going to cum, please make me cum. Make your little cousin cum.” She said. That made me horny and I started to stroke her pussy faster and harder with my two fingers. My free hand still did its ways to her huge breast, massaging and slightly pinching her nipple.

“Ah ooh, yeah.” She yelled as her fluids flooded my willingly waiting mouth. Her fluids are slimy but it taste better than any five star cuisine could ever come up with. After I’ve finished cebeci escort bayan cleaning up her cum with my mouth, I sat down the sofa with her and drew a very big smile on my face. I was just staring at her and she did the same.

“Thanks for this Kate. I know it’s wrong but I have no regrets, I just hope that you don’t have any too.” I said trying to start the conversation.

“Don’t be sorry now, I like it too, and no one’s going to know right?” She stated asking for assurance.

“Of course, it will be between you, me, and the couch ha-ha.” I said with a glee.

“Ha-ha. Before I forget, you still did something wrong a while ago. With you spying at me, you will have your punishment later this evening.” She smirked.

“What do you mean?” I asked confused.

“Well, just wait until later okay. For now, go get a bath as I prepare for dinner.” She answered as she got up, took her towel and went up to her room. I was left dumbfounded for a moment, but decided to just shrugged it off. I went to my room to get my towel and some house clothes. I walked inside the bathroom and turned the shower on. I heard the bathroom door, but before I could turn around I felt a hand grabbed my cock.

“Miss me?” She asked teasingly.

“Kate, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“Well, I left my panties here. I came to get, that’s when I saw you and your cute big dick, so I decided to say hi. Wondering maybe you missed me or what.” She said still holding my prick. She’s still naked and the sight of her made my dick harder again.

“Oh look it here. Looks like someone missed me already.” She said playfully.

“Oh Kate, you’re going to make me want to cum again.” I said in a voice drowned with lust.

“Ha-ha, you really are a virgin big cousin.” She said and she released my prick from her hands.

“Come on now. Finish your bath so we can eat.” She said as she walked out of the bathroom. I just smiled even though my stomach was about to explode due to my neglected orgasm. I quickly finished my bath and went to my room before heading to the dining table. I reached the table with her placing some plates.

“So what’s for dinner?” I asked.

“Well, since we’ve already got our APPETIZERS together a while ago, I decided to some roast sexy chicken for the main course.” She answered giving emphasis to the word appetizers.

“Is the little act of lust the one you were pertaining when you said appetizers?” I asked trying to play along with her games.

“Well you can call it that way.” She said while laughing.

“You’re naughty. Come on let’s eat.” I said and offered her to sit as I pulled out her chair.

“Such a gentle man as always.” She stated. I didn’t answer anymore and just gave her a smile.

The food was great. She’s really a good cook, but I would still prefer her as the best thing I ever tasted. After eating, I volunteered on doing the dishes.

“Are you sure you want to do the dishes?” She asked while handing over the dishes.

“Of course, just go to the living room and watch some film or whatever.” I said giving her assurance.

“Okay, if you say so.” She said and slapped my ass before running to the living area.

‘Such a naughty girl’ I said in my thoughts.

The night went as normal, as if there wasn’t any incestuous scenario has happened between the two of us. It was past ten in the evening when we decided to call it a night. I switched off the television and double checked the doors to make sure everything was locked. I was about to enter my room when she stopped me.

“Where do you think you’re going?” She asked making me confused again.

“I’m going to sleep now. You should do the same.” I said.

“Well you’re not going to sleep yet. You still have a punishment to attend to.” She said with full conviction.

“Well, what kind of punishment would you give me then little miss?” I said.

“Come with me in my room and you’ll find out.” She said. Though a little confuse, I just went with what she wanted. When we got to her room, I was amazed on how organize it was. Sheets are nicely folded and the bed is neatly settled.

“What are you up to now Kate?” I asked as soon as we entered.

“You’ll know.” She said and smirked at me. Blood came rushing to my veins. I got a hint that this will be the night that I will lose my virginity.

“Now just sit in the bed and relax.” She said as she was trying to pull out something from her closet.

“What’s that for?” I asked nervously as I saw that she was holding a rope and a box of God knows what.

“We’ll be playing some games. The rule is you do whatever I say, okay.” She said and started to remove my shirt and my shorts.

“What are you planning to do now?” I asked with slight fear.

“Remember the rule Luke. Just listen to what I say, okay.” She said and ordered me to lie down on the bed. I didn’t contest I just did what she told me to. Then she started to tie my hands onto the headboard of her bed. I was nervous with the slight feeling of excitement. escort cebeci She started to lick balls while stroking my dick and it felt like heaven again. This feels more a reward than a punishment for me. After some time she stopped what she was doing and stood up to get the box she had a while ago. I was surprised when she revealed that the box was full of dildos, vibrators and some other sex toys. Now the feeling of excitement was gone the only feeling left was fear.

“What are you going to do with those?” I asked in a shaky voice.

“Relax big cousin, it’ll be fun.” She said and that gave chills to my bones.

“No, don’t Kate.” I said in argument. I wanted to resist what I think she is planning to do, but I am powerless with my hands tied in the head board. She then grabbed some lubricants and applied some to one of the dildos and some to my ass. The future was inevitable for me. I will have my ass devirginized by one of her toys. First she stroke my dick a little bit to somehow give me a sense of pleasure before having dragging me down the path of pain and embarrassment. She then poked a finger into my ass and started stroking it in and out. I found it somewhat pleasurable in a weird way. Then she managed to take two fingers in. I was caught by the sensation of both her giving me a blow job and fucking my ass. Next thing I know is that he was trying to insert her toy in my anus, and boy did it hurt when she finally managed to put it in. She slowly pushed it in and out until I got the feeling of comfort of it. After few minutes of thrusting her dildo, she withdrew it from me and grabbed her vibrator. At first I was hesitant, of course having a foreign object inserted to you would be frightful, but then I couldn’t do anything and besides I was beginning to like it. She switched the toy on once she got it in to me. The feeling was full of sensation. The vibrator and her giving me a blow job got the best of me as I started to cum in her mouth. After clearing all if my man juice, she switched the vibrator off and pulled it out of me. She began to untie me and the moment my hands were freed, I knew I had to do something for what she had done to me. I caught her off-guard. I grabbed her, and went on top of her. Now it was time for her to be nervous.

“What are you think you’re doing?” she asked with a shocked tone.

“You’ve been a naughty little girl Kate. Now it’s time you get a little of my own punishment.” I said with a smirk in my face. I didn’t let her answer, I pressed my lips to hers and we started kissing. I tried to slit my tongue to her mouth which she eagerly accepted. She wrapped her hands around my neck to pull my face closer as my hands do their work on her healthy breasts. After a minute, I lips travelled down her neck, licking and savoring her soft fragrant skin. Then again my lips travel down to her healthy breasts. I took one breast at a time, sucked on it and occasionally bit her nipples. She filled the quiet room with her loud moans. After being sated on her breasts, I move my lips further more down to meet up with her lovely virgin pussy. I stared at it for a moment before consuming it with my mouth. I can taste her pre-cum as my tongue pushed inside of her. After few more strokes, I felt her juices rushed towards my mouth. I then came up to her for a kiss which she willingly accepted. Now we are sharing her nectar, mixing it up with our saliva. After finishing our juice and saliva sucking, she then whispered something in my ear that made me look at her with full of doubts.

“I want you in me Luke.” She whispered.

“What do you mean Kate?” I asked, trying to verify exactly what she was trying to pertain to.

“I want your cock inside me now.” She answered.

“Are you really sure you want to lose your virginity to me?” I asked again.

“Yes, you’re a worthy man for me Luke. You will never leave my side. I want you to be my first and I want to be your first. Let’s lose our virginity together.” She stated. I was overwhelmed by fact that my cousin wants to have her first sexual intercourse with me. I gave her a quick peck on the lips and grabbed my dick and rubbed it in her opening. She moaned as I continued what I was doing. Then after enjoying our pre-sex act, I started to insert my eight inch prick into her cunt. She moaned her loudest moan when her cunt accepted its first dick. I stopped when I reached a kind of like a wall, her hymen. I stopped momentarily and looked at her to ask a sense of permission from her. She looked straight into my eyes and nodded. That was the only thing remaining for me to push pass through her hymen and take her virginity and mine at the same time. She almost screamed at the moment that I tore her hymen. I saw some tears scrolled down her angelic face as I saw a little amount of blood dripping out of her pussy.

“Are you okay?” I asked trying to make sure everything was fine with her.

“It’s okay. That’s normal, the pain is going to fade away.” She answered.

I waited for her to be comfortable before I started thrusting in. Now the tears were gone and I could see her beautiful smile again. I started to kiss her and caressed her huge breasts. Moans coming from both of us started to fill the room and my thrusting become faster and faster. I could feel I was starting to build up for my orgasm and I can sense that the same thing was happening to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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