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It was one of those days, when I had much more to do than I had time to do it. I started washing clothes and then ran out to do my errands. When I returned home, I drove into the garage and unloaded the car. As I put the garage door down, I realized I had one load of wash to go. I loaded the washer and found it not quite full. Deciding to get much more accomplished. I stripped off my jeans and t-shirt and tossed them in. By now, I was exhausted and feeling quite whimsical, and decided to go ahead and do the undies at the same time. My lovely matching navy blue satin undies. Fat lot of good they did me. My husband never noticed the delicious, seductive lingerie I kept buying, but at least it made me feel very good.

Just as I closed the lid on the washer, the garage door started to open. I stepped over to my car and crouched down. This had happened before, Jeff coming home just as I dropped the last bit of clothing in the washer. Usually, I just waited, hiding behind my car, until he walked into the garage and asked him to please close the door again.

As I heard him approaching, I cleared my throat and said hi. His shoes came into view, but they didn’t belong to Jeff. I looked up and saw an extremely attractive man, tall and well-built, and definitely NOT Jeff.

He seemed to immediately understand the predicament and reached to the button to close the door. I couldn’t decide if I should stay in my stooped position, or try to get a clean shirt hanging on the rack. The man reached for a shirt, one of Jeff’s, and handed it to me. I put it around me and stood as I felt covered. Now he started talking to me, looking everywhere but at my near-nakedness. He explained that he was Mark and my husband had hired him to come do some yardwork. Jeff had even given him the garage door opener so he could get to all the tools he would need.

I stood there, listening and staring at this very fine-looking man. I have to admit, it had been a long time since Jeff had touched me and I hungered for some human warmth, some human contact. My fingers tried to button the shirt, but I was too nervous, my mind in overdrive with fantasies of Mark and what we could be doing.

He reached out and started buttoning the shirt, starting at the bottom. canlı bahis I am very short and small, my husband stands over 6′, so the shirt reached to my knees. God, the thoughts racing through my mind as this man bent over me and started buttoning me. He smelled very manly, a little sweaty and a lot sexy.

I could feel the pressure of his fingers as he moved up my body. I could feel the shirt pressed lightly against my curlies, then my tummy. As he reached the buttons about mid-tummy, he stopped. Then I felt his hard finger, sliding up my skin. His finger slipped between my breasts, on that extremely tender and sensitive skin that most men don’t even know about. I felt my eyes closing at the sensation of a man touching me, not just touching me, but knowledgeably touching me. His finger moved up my chest and neck and stopped at my chin.

When he stopped, I opened my eyes to see why, to see what happened. He was standing directly in front of me, looking down at me with a smile on his face. His finger held my chin as his head bent down and he kissed me. This man knew how to kiss. His lips lightly touched mine, brushing back and forth, so softly I felt I was imagining it. Then he applied a bit more pressure, and let his tongue trace my lips. I felt my mouth opening, inviting. His tongue slipped inside and just continued its explorations, touching the sensitive inner lips and the tip of my tongue. The shock that went through my body caused me to grab his arms.

He was large, but firm, and I suddenly felt incredibly safe with him, as if anything we did would be all right. His mouth devoured mine, sucking my lips and plunging his tongue deep into my warmth. I felt his hands slide into my hair, holding my face to his, as we kissed. I also felt my knees grow weak, and leaned against him for support. He slid his hands under my arms and easily lifted me to the washing machine. His kisses continued, his hands sliding under my shirt and up and down my bare back. He stood in front of me, between my legs, just kissing me and touching my back. I could feel myself getting wet and swollen, opening to him.

His fingers were in my hair, massaging my scalp and I was kissing him back. My nipples were pressed against his hard chest, but there bahis siteleri was too much cloth between us. As if realizing this, he started to unbutton all the buttons he so recently did up. I reached down and pulled his shirt over his head, admiring his muscular, lightly hairy chest. Now I was able to press my aching nipples against his soft hair. I rubbed myself against his chest, feeling the ache worsen. His mouth softened and slowed on mine, moving down my face to my chin, then my neck. I felt his lips as they nibbled on my neck and shoulders and continued their downward journey.

I leaned back, arching myself to him, taking his head in my hands and guiding him to my swollen nipples. Mark’s mouth attached happily to my excited nipple, sucking and laving it with such enthusiasm. He knew how to suck a nipple, taking the entire areola into his mouth and pulling gently, making the nerves fire right down to my very wet pussy. While he sucked on the right one, his fingers strummed on the left, pinching and scratching. I could feel an orgasm starting in my toes, moving up my legs, the heat taking over and making me weak.

I felt the absolute joy of an impending orgasm and I stayed so very still, waiting for it to overtake me. Suddenly, I was coming hard against Mark’s chest, moaning and jerking, shuddering, calling out. He didn’t stop, but just slowed his sucking, now gently licking my hard nipple, softly kissing it and its twin.

I had always suspected I could have an orgasm from just my nipples, but Jeff was not one to experiment. Now, I was basking in the glow of this accomplishment, smiling to myself and thinking what a terrific woman I was. Mark brought me back to reality by once again kissing my mouth, his lips demanding on mine, wanting so much more.

The washing machine was going into the spin cycle. My own head was light and spinning. This gorgeous man was standing between my legs, making love to me and demanding nothing. His mouth started traveling again, moving down between my breasts this time, down to my tummy. His strong hands moved behind my hips and pull me forward in one smooth motion, until I was sitting on the very edge of the washer, my legs open and dangling. I felt his warm mouth moving into my curlies. bahis şirketleri I felt his warm breath as he reached my swollen slit. I felt his hot, hard tongue as he started to lick that wet slit, moving up and down.

Each time he passed, he delved deeper, as if a starving man. He was lapping my juices, murmuring as he licked, pushing deeper with his tongue. The sensation was one of a thousand tongues working at once. I felt him delving into my hot pussy, but he seemed to be sucking my clit at the same time. I could feel myself on the brink of another orgasm, my whole body was tense with excitement. He continued to lick and suck and probe and I readied myself for another monumental explosion.

My fingers were in his hair, holding his head between my legs, needing to feel his greedy mouth there. As I started to come, I felt myself actually growling, felt the pain in my throat as I started to buck against his face, covering him with my sweet juices. Even as I came, I felt him move away, stand up, place his hands on my hips again. Then I felt him pulling me to him, his cock naked and hard between my legs. Mark pulled me forward and down, my legs wrapped around his waist, as his cock slid into my throbbing pink. I was just barely throbbing now, nearly finished, when the combination of his cock in my wetness prolonged the orgasm.

My hips moved against him, my legs tightened to pull him deeper inside me. He was thrusting deeply and quickly, kissing me with a mouth that tasted of me. I flexed my muscles, pulling him into me, rubbing my needy, swollen nipples against him. And, suddenly and unexpectedly, I was coming again. I heard him talking in my ear, telling me sweet things, when I was engulfed in waves of orgasm. I heard his voice but not his words. All I was sure of was the hard cock deep within me and the feeling of total abandon as I came…AGAIN!

He stopped for a moment, and I could feel him tensing and swelling, then I heard his roar as he came, filling my hot pussy with his come. It seemed like he would come forever, his come entering my depths and warming them. Finally, I could feel his cock still, remaining deep inside me. I rested my head on his chest and listened to his heart return to a normal beat. He held me, kissing my face and murmuring sweet, loving things to me. He helped me down from the washer and kissed me one last time before dressing. He smiled and assured me our lawn would take a long time to get into shape.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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