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Rachel moaned loudly as Mr. Faral sank his dick into her pussy on his desk. Rachel was in her schoolgirl outfit. A white blouse with a red-checkered skirt and knee high socks. Her blouse was open, exposing her perky breasts completely.

It was the Monday after Elizabeth’s birthday and well after school hours. Rachel had gotten a message on her phone to come to her old Elementary school to meet up with her old 3rd grade teacher Mr. Faral. She could remember when he was younger, with fuller hair and less grey wisps. Now he was one of her common clients. And she couldn’t help but think about how she got there.

She didn’t know it at the time but it all started about a week after her eighteenth birthday, when her dad, Thomas, caught a glimpse of her in the shower. She had left her door open, not knowing that anyone was home. He had walked by and seen her beautiful naked body. At that point he couldn’t resist and stroked his dick as he watched her.

Of course now Rachel couldn’t blame him. She had suitors almost every night because of her body. She never really thought about herself as sexy before she was eighteen, but after that trip to the beach she realized how good she looked naked. She was skinny with a great bubble butt and cute nipples. But where her real beauty laid was her face. Rachel’s dad likened her to a European model. She had dazzling grey eyes, a cute button nose and deep dimples that accentuated her bright smile. And it was all made better by her flowing brown hair that reached past her lower back.

“Ugh, god Rachel, your pussy so tight.” Mr. Faral praised.

Rachel moaned seductively, “Yeah, you like fucking your old student?” He bit her nipple is response and she squeaked happily.

A couple of weeks after her birthday they celebrated her little sister, Kyra’s seventeenth birthday by going to the beach. She wasn’t awake for all of it, but her dad told her everything she missed.

They were all sitting on the beach on a school day. Their mom, Lynn, and their dad had taken them out of school for the day as a treat, so for once they had the beach all to themselves.

Both Rachel and her sister were wearing bikinis. Her sister was wearing a black and blue bikini while, she wore a black two-piece that her dad got her for her birthday. It was small and revealing, and even though she had her misgivings she tried it on. When she did her dad had a certain look in his eyes that made her tingle all over. The bottom was little more than a triangle covering her pussy and the top was just two smallish triangles that covered her nipples. Rachel had to make the excuse to her mom that she picked it out for herself.

At the time the water was too cold to go in, but the sun was baking so Rachel had been sun tanning. But she was afraid she’d get burned, so she asked her dad to put sunscreen on her back if she fell asleep. Soon after she passed out and was dead to the world.

While she was sleeping her sister and mom had decided to go on a walk down the beach. This was what her dad had been secretly waiting for, for weeks. He straddled her thighs and squirted sunscreen on her back. He took his time rubbing and spreading the white cream all over her back. Her smooth skin shone brightly in the sun. He touched every inch of her skin that he could, down to every nook at cranny of her back. Once he finished her back though, he couldn’t stop himself.

He untied her top, telling himself it was so she wouldn’t get tan lines. But as he explored more of his daughter’s body his cock was rubbing right against her ass crack. It had grown hard the moment he saw her walk onto the beach and lie down.

He had no idea when his wife and younger daughter would be back, but he almost didn’t care anymore. So against his better judgment he squirted some sunscreen onto her ass. After spreading it deeply inside and all around her ass he pulled out his throbbing dick, put it under Rachel’s bikini bottom and slipped between her inviting cheeks. Her ass was soft and warm, and the sunscreen made it perfectly wet. He was so deep his prick was sliding against her asshole.

He reached under her body and started teasing her nipples. It was here where Rachel began to wake up. She moaned happily, not sure what was happening, only that she liked it. Her dad clearly knew she was waking up but couldn’t bring himself to tear away from her.

Rachel started to breath heavily, some from panic, some from wanting more. “Dad, what are you doing?”

“Don’t worry honey, you’ll like it I promise.” To drive his point forward he nuzzled into her neck and lightly bit down.

Rachel gasped. “Dad, no, you need to stop this now.”

Ignoring her he pulled off of her and hiked her up so she was on her knees and her face was in her towel. He pulled her panties down to her knees, exposing her puckered hole. Her dad put his face into her ass and started to eat it out. When she didn’t try to throw him off or pull away, they both realized how far they were going to go with it all.

That was actually the first time her dad had ever done anything like that. Before, when he had more sex cebeci escort with Rachel’s mom it was relatively vanilla, with the kinkiest thing being doggy style. But deep down he had always wanted to do more. He just never thought it’d ever be with his daughter.

Rachel remembered how weird, but good it had felt to have her dad stick his tongue down her hole. He was kissing and licking it, which caused her to squirm and convulse, breathing heavily. She clenched her fists tightly in the sand as her dad began to spank her round ass.

He flipped her over and stared at her naked body for a moment. Her beautiful face was scared but hopeful. She didn’t know what had come over her dad or how much trouble they’d get in, she wasn’t even entirely sure she wanted this. But she wanted him take her in anyway he wanted. He looked hungry and not entirely like himself, but it only made her more excited.

He licked his lips and dove into her pussy, licking up and down her vagina, paying special attention to her clit at the top. Rachel had had guys eat her out before, but nothing like this, not like they actually enjoyed lapping her up and down.

She was building up to an orgasm. She could feel it rising from her very core and she knew it would be shattering. But to her dismay her dad stopped and snapped his head up. She asked him what was wrong.

He looked around and saw two people coming by from far off. He had pulled away because he heard someone laugh loudly. It was definitely his wife and Kyra. He put his dick back in his trunks and told Rachel to pretend like she was sleeping after pulling up her panties.

By the time the both of them got situated they were back. The four of them had light conversation, pretending like nothing happened, but it had been too much for Thomas. He had to have more of his daughter. So he suggested to his wife that her and their daughter go get pizza while Rachel slept. And he would stay to watch over her.

Lynn thought that it was a great idea so she left with Krya to the boardwalk. Thomas knew that it would take them at least an hour to get there and back.

As soon as they were over the rise of grass and sand he ripped his trunks off and pulled Rachel’s bottom off. Rachel hardly had time to say ‘wait’ before he slipped into her ass. His dick and her bottom were still slick from the sunscreen so he easily slid into her incredibly tight asshole. Rachel was in so much pain she couldn’t make a sound, in fact she could hardly breathe.

Thomas was about to start ravaging his eldest daughter when his wife called out. He snapped his head up terrified. His wife was looking at him through the tall grasses, but it was a look of slight confusion. “Honey, what are you doing on Rachel’s back?” She couldn’t see them well because of the grasses, how far away she was, and the angle of the hill. And his trunks had been pretty light brown, so she probably just thought he was still wearing his trunks if she could see his legs.

“Oh, ummm, I’m just putting more sunscreen on her back. I don’t want her to burn, you know? What do you need?” his heart pounded in his chest and his dick throbbed from the excitement of the situation.

“I was just wondering what kind of pizza you wanted?” She called back.

“Pepperoni is fine with me.” he started to slightly pull out of Rachel’s ass. She breathed heavily.

“Kyra doesn’t want pepperoni.”

The situation had been just too much for both Rachel and her dad. Thomas was talking to his wife about pizza, while he was hilt deep into the asshole that belonged to the girl that he helped create, and Lynn didn’t even know. And he just knew he was going to shoot the same cum that once created Rachel right back into her.

He pushed back into her. Rachel had to bite furiously into the towel to stop herself from screaming. “Whatever she wants then. Pineapple if she wants it.”

“What do you think Rachel will want?”

“Oh she’ll want sausage.” He tickled Rachel’s clit.

“Really? She usually doesn’t eat meat.”

“Oh trust me, she’s really coming around to liking meat.” Rachel whimpered.

Lynn accepted that, and left. This time Thomas waited a bit to make sure she and Kyra were gone.

“Daddy, daddy, I can’t do this. You’re too big. No one’s ever ass fucked me before.” Rachel said breathlessly.

He pulled out until just his tip was left. “Oh trust me baby girl, you are going to love this.” He squirted even more sunscreen onto his dick and slathered it all around. Then he reamed her asshole with one hard thrust. She screamed out in pleasure pain, and panted like a dog in heat. “Your virgin asshole is so warm and tight. This is so amazing but so, so wrong.”

Thomas continued like that. Slowly pulling out until the last bit, slapped her ass hard once or twice to which she would yelp loudly, then slam into her. Slowly but surely he built up in speed, completely disregarding Rachel’s pleas to slow down and be gentler.

He grabbed both of her arms and pulled up so his lips were touching her ear. “I know you’ve fucked boys from school before. I’ve cebeci escort bayan heard all about how you sleep around in that high school from the teachers. I bet your friends don’t know that you’re a whore, but I do. And in my household, whores get punished. Don’t you agree this is a good punishment for a whore.”

“Yes, oh yes daddy, it’s a good punishment.” Rachel said, panting. The sound of skin slapping skin was audible, and each time Thomas slammed into Rachel, she felt a shockwave of pleasure wash over her.

Then he pulled out and flipped her over, just like before. Except this time he wasted no time in burying his dick as far as it could go into her pussy. She groaned from his size and the pleasure in gave her. He leaned forward and bit and licked each nipple before kissing Rachel full on the kips.

They wrapped in each other’s arms and fucked furiously. Thomas was hitting his daughter’s G spot repeatedly and Rachel quickly reached an orgasm. She scraped his skin and curved her back as she screamed out in pleasure. Thomas fondled and slobbered over her breasts as she screamed, which only drove her further. Thomas grabbed her legs and put both of them up on his shoulders, which gave him a better angle on her pussy. He used on hand to finger her ass hole as the other held her legs.

“More daddy, more.” Thomas leaned back so that now he was on his back and Rachel was riding him. She put both hands on his chest and rode him hard. “Does daddy want his little girl to cum on his dick again?” She asked breathlessly.

“Oh yes baby girl.” He moaned.

“Does daddy want to fill his daughter up with his seed?” Rachel asked as she clenched his dick with her pussy muscles.

“Oh I’m going to fill you up with my cum.”

“Hurry daddy, I need it now.”

Thomas rolled over so she was on bottom again, but pulled her up so that her upper back and shoulders were bearing her weight, while he stood up pointing his dick straight down into her cunt. He jackhammered his daughter and she screamed as much as she could with less air.

Finally he roared loudly and shot his seed inside her pussy. Rachel felt the hot semen fill her up inside and she came hard because of it.

After that day Rachel became her dad’s personal plaything. He spent night after night fucking his daughter in the basement so no one in the house would notice. He started driving her to school every other day so she could give him road head. And now she was selling her body to men twice her age, sometimes more.

Mr. Faral wasn’t her first client, but he was definitely one of her favorites. She just thought it was so similar to her dad. This man had known her as a small child almost ten years ago and taught her things. Now he was railing her in her old classroom.

Without saying anything Mr. Faral pulled out and flipped her over. He took some lube out of the desk and smeared in in her asshole. He slipped his dick in easily and Rachel gasped from the pain.

“Oh shit, Mr. Faral I feel so fucking full. Your dick is so nice.” Rachel crooned.

He pulled lightly on her hair and arm, pumping his meat in and out of her asshole. “Rachel your ass is so tight. I can’t last much longer.”

“Please cum on my face, I want to taste your semen.”

Mr. Faral pumped a few more times nice and hard into her hole and pulled out. Rachel flipped over so she was on her back and her head was upside down facing Mr. Faral. He shoved his dick as far into her throat as he could manage and face fucked her hard. She gagged and choked, barely able to breath. The saliva mixed with pre-cum was dripping down her face and blinding her, and she loved every single second.

Mr. Faral tensed up and poured his cum into her throat. She gulped down every drop she could. What she couldn’t get down, leaked out of her pretty red lips and onto her face. Mr. Faral kept his dick inside her mouth as long as he could, and she continued to suck on him until his dick went soft.

She rubbed her belly, loving the semen that resided in it. She looked up at her elementary school teacher, and he looked down at her cum and saliva soaked face. “So, same time next week?” She asked licking her lips.

He nodded and rubbed her nipples. “You bet.”

Rachel got up and licked her lips. “That tastes good Mr. Faral. Can’t wait till next week.” Finally she covered herself up and made to leave.

As she exited the room Mr. Faral reminded her that he sent the money to her dad. She turned, winked, thanked him for his time, and left, with her face still covered in cum and spit.

She got in her car and drove home. As she drove she wiped of the juices on her face with her fingers and licked it off. At a red light she checked her phone. Earlier in the day a collection of photos spread across the school and soon, she suspected across the town on an online drop box. The photos were all of Elizabeth, naked and in provocative positions and situations. At first it was just of her sucking dicks, now when she checked her phone there was another one added to the collection. This time it was of escort cebeci her getting anally reamed.

Anyone else looking at them wouldn’t think much more than that she was a whore. But Rachel had a sinking suspicion that Elizabeth took a page out of Lauren and Rachel’s book and screwed her dad and probably her brother. Of course Rachel didn’t have proof but she could see Elizabeth’s look of curiosity when they talked about Elizabeth’s dad, instead of outright disgust.

Rachel smiled to herself. Her dad made her keep the secret of their lust for a long time, but now she was getting the feeling that she would get to bond with her friends over this. Even Sarah was screwing her family now. She came to them in the morning, hair ruffled, cheeks red, out of breath with a smile on her face, and a tiny skirt and a see through white tank top thrown on. She told her all about her weekend getting railed by her brother and uncle and even about her night spent in jail with a bunch of horny prisoners and police officers.

When she got home she immediately stripped down to nothing, “Daddy I’m home!” Her sister was at soccer practice and would be home later. And her mom had work until seven. But her dad got out early on Mondays so they could fool around.

She took her clothes to her room and threw them there. Then she walked over to the kitchen to get a glass of water but on the way she walked through the living room where her dad was waiting for her. He grabbed her and pressed her front against the glass pane that led to the backyard. The glass was cold against her nipples, and she felt light headed as he tightened his grip around her neck.

“How was Mr. Faral?” he asked as he bit her neck.

“Dirty, as usual.” She said with a smile.

He spun her around and pulled his pants down, showing off his hard cock. Rachel bent down just the way he liked, at her hips with a slight curve in her back, showing off her bubble butt. She swallowed up his dick with her pretty lips, and her beautiful face was full of cock.

Thomas sighed, satisfied. “You know there are some pictures spreading around of your friends.” Rachel made the mhm sound around his dick, causing a nice vibration around it. “Looks like some school boys got to your whore friends.” He accentuated his point by shoving her head further on his cock.

She took a moment to pull of when he let her. “Actually I think her dad or brother also got some of her.”

She continued to deep throat him and he chuckled a little in thought. “I guess I must have gotten to them.” She looked up at him in confusion. He laughed again. “I got some beers with your friends dads. I didn’t tell them anything about us but I put the idea in their heads. They didn’t seem into it at first, but I guess I got to one of them.”

“They’re all doing it.” She said, pulling of for another moment. She swirled her tongue around the tip.

Thomas breathed heavily, “Lucky them.” He stuck two fingers in her asshole and she moaned.

“So what else do you have for me today?” She pressed her nose to his pelvis and licked his balls.

“I’ve got something planned, but you wont find out that easily.”

Rachel smiled internally. He never told her what he was sending her to and that always got her excited.

She remembered the first time her dad took her to sell her body.

It was the Friday after her sister’s birthday and he took her to an auto shop. At first it was just to pick up her car after getting it worked on.

They were talking to the main mechanic in the shop. He was a big burly guy with a baldhead and arm tattoos. When they first went in to talk with the guy Rachel remembered how uncomfortable he made her feel. He was constantly looking up and down at her, obviously undressing her with his eyes.

And it wasn’t any different now. He didn’t say a word to her but could hardly keep his eyes off her long legs. She felt completely vulnerable under his gaze and just wanted to get out of there. But they had to go through payment first. “Yeah the locking mechanism of the driver side door was more messed up then we thought. Plus the latch was nearly broken, so it’s gonna amount to around six hundred bucks.”

“Six hundred?” Thomas asked disbelieving. “I’m not going to pay that!”

“Listen buddy, we did the work and replaced the parts like you wanted, so you had better pay up.”

“Isn’t there anyway we could lower the price?”

The mechanic thought for a moment, looked back at Rachel and licked his lips. He turned back to Thomas. “I could be persuaded. Why don’t you come on back and we can talk. She can stay here while we figure something out.”

Thomas raised an eyebrow at Rachel. She didn’t want him to leave her but he relented and went behind the counter into the back room.

Rachel was left alone in room with over a dozen mechanics who were just staring at her. Some of them were polishing their tools and others were drinking coffee. But all of them were undressing Rachel with their eyes. She grew more aware of the posters of women in provocative positions on the wall. She immediately realized what she was wearing. It was a red t-shirt that cut off at her midriff without a bra, jean shorts that showed off so much of her ass that it was closer to underwear than shorts, and sneakers with white shin socks. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail so only more of her gorgeous face was seen.

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