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Jake tried to stifle a nervous laugh as he kept listening to the conversation just outside his window on that hot summer night.

“I still can’t believe you have never done it.” A voice said over a slew of giggles and taunts. The speaker of the rich voice was Kari, the ring leader of the group of college girls who sat drinking some alcoholic seltzer that Jake couldn’t stand and laughing around a fire pit as the summer sun set.

“I’m saving it for someone special. Don’t be a bitch Kari.” Said a sweet voice and the course of taunts pipped up again. That voice belonged to, Annie, the girl he had called sister since he was eight. She wasn’t his real sister, Jake was an orphan that had grown up hard in the system. Annie’s folks had taken him in and, along with 2 years in the Marines, had changed him from the feral creature he had started out as into a good man. Or so his momma had always said.

“What about Tommy?” One of the other girls piped up. Another chorus of oooooooooo’s crowed forth at the mention of his name. Jake had always hated Tommy. He was some thick necked cocky asshole that was captain of the hockey team and a known man whore. Jake had come home in his dress blues, fresh out, and seen Annie sitting on the lap of some crew cut sporting nut sack sitting on his parents porch.

The look they exchanged when Annie had shrieked at seeing him and run up and leapt up into his arms said it all. College Hockey boy was trying to posture as he stood there, holding all of Annie’s slender 5’4, blond haired frame as she squeezed him and cried how glad she was that he was home and safe from war.

Jake could only smile as hockey boy had turned away, unable to meet his gaze full.

That was a year ago. She had an ugly break up with Hockey Boy about a month after Jake got home. While he lived in with his folks and tried to get his head right after cycling out he had become like Annie’s new best friend. Now that she was in her second year at the local college, she had taken to getting him out of the house at every opportunity she could. Dragging him to parties he would have rather stayed home from but he could not ever say no to Annie.

And now she sat in a group of about 8 girls from her college, each one recapping what seemed to be the filthiest secrets he had heard since leaving the Corp.

They had talked about sucking dick in the most graphic of detail, fucking and how each of them liked it and some of the freakiest shit they had done the more they drank. Carefree since Jakes foster parents were out of town for a week.

Annie had been pretty quiet. He had retired early to his room, the window of which opened up out onto the patio where the girls sat laughing and hollering. Jake had learned a lot in the last couple of hours. Kari loved being pounded from behind and had a thing for the guys on the basketball team. Bailey, the colleges ebony skinned track star with her cocoa skin and long braids swore she could deep throat any cock, no matter the size and lick the balls while she had her face in their pubes. That one got a lot of hollers and laughs. One of the other girls Jake would like to meet was all about threesomes, bragging she had had three of them, and taken on the starting line of that same basketball team in a wild night that had left her laying spent on her bed, covered in cum and sweat. You could cut the tension like a knife, Jake could imagine all the girls were writhing all about in their chairs, unable to sit still as they talked about filthier and filthier stuff. It had worked for Jake. He lay in his large bed, his thick cock in his hand, lazily stroking it as he heard Dani recount how she had let her boyfriend fuck her throat on his birthday last week before he had flipped her over and eaten her ass and then fucked it for nearly 20 solid minutes.

Then they had moved on to the subject of creampies or getting filled up, you pick.

All of them had told how much they either loved or hated it. It was about 50/50. Bailey had done it but she preferred to swallow, exalting how much she “loved to eat cum”. Kari, of course, swore by it, saying she wasn’t fond of the taste but that she preferred it in her pussy as opposed to up her butt. Most of the rest of the girls said it depended but they didn’t care either way. That just left Annie. Who had said she had never had sex of any kind without using a condom.

Jake had been careful but there was nothing hotter than filling up a hot piece of ass with your cum as she begged for it. Love it or hate it at that moment when she would scream for you to let it go and fill up her pussy or ass or mouth was about the best damn feeling in the world. So sordid and risky, but that made it that much better.

“Tommy always wanted to but I said no, that’s half the reason I think he broke up with me.” Annie said, her voice kind of killed the mood and the girls needled her a bit more but could tell that it had gone to Tommy and though it was a while back now, apparently she had fallen for the douche. Jake hated him a bit more as he thought of that ass clown trying to get her to give in and let him raw dog her.

Though they were not related by blood he was super protective of her. She was little compared to his Marine hardened, 6’2″ frame.

“Well you need to Annie, find a guy, that special guy and let loose. Let him fill you to bursting.” Kari said with a sultry giggle and the rest of canlı bahis şirketleri the girls agreed. Jake closed his window and tried to sleep.

Later that night he rolled over and sat on the edge of his bed, it was the middle of the night. The whole house was dark but he thought he had heard something and he had his .45 in hand before he took another breath, he listened.

He could hear something but wasn’t sure what it was. It was just he and Annie in the house and a glance at the clock beside his bed told him it was 3:15 am. No one should still be here. Unless the girls were still here having some damn sleep over in the living room.

But he had to be sure. As silent as the grave he padded over to the stairs and climbed them slowly, his bare feet making not a sound as he crept up the steps to the closed door and pulled it open without a whisper. The kitchen was at the top of the steps and he could see it was dark, but light from the living room was spilling through the half wall casting wild shadows.

Someone was watching TV on their big 60 inch TV. As he moved into the kitchen he saw all the shades were pulled down. Then he head it. The sound of heavy breathing rhythmic and labored.

Jake stood tall in the doorway that lead from the kitchen to the living room, his jaw slack as he saw the scene before him.

There were two big couches in the living room. On the one that was opposite the TV sat Annie. Not a stitch on, her tanned skin a lurid of soft colors in the light from the TV, a sheen of sweat shown in the light of the scene on the TV. In her right hand she clutched at her orb shaped tits, pinching her nipples as he chest heaved with pleasure. Her lithe legs were spread wide. One foot up on the coffee table, the other straight out to the side on the couch, he couldn’t see what she was doing but he could see from her body movements that she was working one hand between her legs with zeal.

His cock, relieved a few hours before was instantly painfully hard and heavy in his sleep pants. The porn on the TV was intense as well, some fake titted woman was riding a pornstar sized cock. Moaning a wailing silently. She had muted the sound so as to not wake him up. She had her back to him, her hair was up and he could hear her squeaking whimpering as she fought to keep the noise down as she watched to couple on screen entwine their sex organs wetly for all to see. The girl on the screen was bouncing in reverse cowgirl on the man’s hard cock at a good speed. Jake could almost hear the sound of wet flesh slapping together and reached down and took out his cock.

Suddenly the action on the TV paused and Annie stood up. Jake nearly fell over backwards, thinking he was caught. Then he caught sight of the gentle slopes of her hips, unadorned by anything the perfect globes of her tight butt as she reached for something beside her and lifted it to her face. There was a wet sound as she licked something and then, in the light of the TV he saw it. The thick rubber cock, complete with nuts and suction cup slap into place, upright in the center of their heavy wooden coffee table.

Jake felt his cock, which had wilted almost instantly when he thought himself caught, surge back to life. Annie sat back down and turned the movie back on, dropping her head forward she began to bob up and down on the thick member now attached to the table like she was mad at it. She was whimpering and moaning around the thick log of fake flesh between her lips. The wet sound it made was exquisitely sordid. Jake remembered one woman who he had fucked on leave that had given him a blowjob like that, wet and sloppy, lines of drool slipping from her mouth as she jerked him and worked him between her lips. Thick strands falling from his rampant cock to land wetly on her tits. Seeing Annie like that, working this faux dick with equal enthusiasm made him have to stifle a moan.

He had never seen her like this and honestly felt only the tiniest bit of guilt that was overridden by titanic lust as the girl on screen began to rock her hips, even harder down onto the cock beneath her. The camera man panned back, taking in the scene, the woman was saying something to the man beneath her, a sly smile on her face as she tossed her hair about and picked up the pace. Jake took his eyes off the TV as she saw Annie stand up again and move onto the sturdy table. The thick member now framed beneath her and between her legs.

Time froze as he saw her reach under herself and pull the cock upright and then with a sharp intake of breath she pushed it inside. She gave a stifled cry as she slid about half way down the length of the cock and worked back up. She must have been biting her lip so hard trying not to scream as the cock disappeared into her. She had paused the movie again and was building up a good rhythm now. Her back was arched as she held herself up and began to set to it, her speed winding up as her hips rocked harder and harder on the cock. The table creaking as she turned the movie back on with the push of the remote. She must have hit the mute button by accident because the sound of porn in all its smutty glory filled the dark room

Annie was too far gone to care. She let it play as she rode the cock as hard and fast as possible, sawing it inside herself instead of bouncing on it. Her hands snaked up her torso and she clutched hard at her tits. The woman on the screen canlı kaçak iddaa started her filthy talk between moans.

“Yeah baby you gonna cum? You gonna cum? Huh? Fucking fill me up baby, cum in my pussy.”

Annie was watching cream pie porn. And she was trying to time her orgasm. Her hips just slamming back and forth her other hand held and kneading her tits and she neared orgasm.

The guy on the screen, his thick cock glistening wetly as it slammed into the girl over and over, his big balls pulling up tight against the base of his cock told the tale of the blast of cum to follow. Jake was almost there too. He loved this kind of porn. Loved it. And now here he was in the sordid web of watching it while he watched Annie seesawing back and forth with almost destructive force on cock. The rubber balls probably rubbing hard against her clit, Jake could hear the wet slipping noises between the woman and man on the screen and Annie’s whimpering moans as they reached their peak.

“Oh fuck I wanna feel it, cum in me!” Annie said and she clutched hard, her orgasm taking her full by the throat. Her movements were focused and small as she rode out the clutching of her wet pussy around the thick log of rubber deep inside her. The woman on screen faked her orgasm as the guy reached his peak and held her half way impaled on his cock and they focused in on it, its length flexing and working as it expelled its hot cargo into the girl’s pussy.

“I can feel it baby, yeah fill me up.” The woman on the screen was saying as she held herself stock still and let him fill her up before pulling off, his heavy cock falling free of her gaping hole, thick ribbons of cum sluffed out of her and landed on his still roiling balls.

Right then Jake lost it. His cock flexed and spat thick ropes of cum onto the carpet just inside the living room. Jake barely kept his feet as he watched Annie continue to swivel her hips as she imagined a giant cock pumping her full of its payload of rich and creamy spunk.

Jake came hard than he had in years. As the last dribbles stained his wet hand he remembered where he was and what was going on and he fled back through the kitchen and down to his room.


Jake woke up late in the day, the heat already filling his room from the sunlight spilling in the window. He lay barely covered by the sheet, his iron hard afternoon wood propping up the sheet like a leaning big top tent. Jake pulled the cover away and took stock of himself with satisfaction. He was not porn big but not that many guys were, contrary to popular belief. He was 7″ on a good day, a great day maybe another half inch. Yes he had measured lots of times, all guys had. None of his girlfriends complained, certainly more than enough when it came to girth too much for some and he thought back to the night before. Feeling a wash of guilt tinged with ragged need. God he had wished it was bright in the room so he could have seen Annie riding that cock, like a porn, the angles right up close to watch her pussy flare open around him as he thrust inside her. Sighing in frustration he kicked the sheet off himself and lay naked in the early morning sun as it streamed in the window. Looking down over his flat stomach his cock looked impressive today. Not just the wide bulbous head but the general thickness of his organ. He had never had had any complaints. He ran his hand over his glans and closed his eyes in pleasure. His palm was wet. His cock was hard as a rock, thinking about Annie and how amazing her pussy looks slippery wet in his mind as it glided like a wet, tight glove wrapped around his cock.

Gathering some precum in his hand he began to stroke his cock. Playfully, he was really gonna enjoy it and take his time. Imagine it in every excruciating detail. How she would gasp, mouth open, when she pushed herself down onto him, working his glans past the tight seal of her wet lower lips. Feeling her glide over him, having to pause part of the way down, allow her tight insides to adjust to his girth. He would rock up and down on half of him, feeling him pulse to his heartbeat inside her as she finally seated herself all the way down, felt her pubic bone touch his. The small patch of hair above her pussy like a damp exclamation point above his own short thatch as she paused and readied herself to start to ride.

It was like he could actually feel it as ran his now wet hand up his equally wet shaft, catching the ridge at the base of his cock head each stroke, each time made the heat build. Yeah this was gonna be a big one he thought to himself as he continued to stroke and build up speed

Annie felt a ball of guilt in her belly as she stood just outside Jake’s door, the door was open just a crack but it was more than far enough. She should see him, the man she had crushed on all he young life, laying on his back, eyes closed, his huge cock being stroked by his strong hand faster and faster. She watched his face contort and heard his breathing getting heavy.

She knew she should leave and let him have his privacy but she couldn’t. She was rooted in place, she couldn’t take her eyes off him, and she couldn’t take her eyes off his cock. Jake had certainly been at it for a while. His muscled chest was shinny with sweat, his abs and face were red from exertion. His cock, his glorious thick cock flashing in his wet fist as it pounded up and down connected to his canlı kaçak bahis heavy, lightly haired balls, now pulled up tight against his body and slick as his pre cum was flowing freely and glistening on his balls and shaft.

She had been coming down to tell him she was making lunch when she saw his door was cracked. She had stood in the hall, watching as he had begun slowly stroking that amazing slab of meat. She had barely dressed for the day, still just wearing only a small tank top and a pair of shorts from volleyball that barely came below the cheeks of her little ass. As she watched she could feel her nipple harden up, pinch tightly until she was indeed pinching them tightly with her fingertips and pulling them till it almost hurt, but it made the fire low in her belly and the slimy wetness between her legs even worse. She was desperately fighting back a moan as she traced her hand down her stomach and pulled out the waistband of her shorts. She gasped as she pulled the wet Lycra away from her slick lips and slide her fingers inside and instantly between her lips, seizing her clit and applying pressure to her sweet spot as she strummed over herself as fast as she could.

Jakes hard cock was red and angry looking. But it looks so fuckin good. She loved how depraved she felt, on that tight razors edge of control, barely fighting back the urge to yank open the door, tear off her clothes, slap his hands off his cock and just go crazy on him. Ride him, feel his hot bar of flesh insider her, filling every space inside her, forcing her open, stretching her out as he probed deep and deeper until finally he would swell and fill her to bursting.

She could see him tensing, his hand was flying now, up and down in a blur, Annie’s own hand was following suit, battering her clit and wet lips as fast as she could trying to cum at the same time as Jake. Struggling to keep her eyes open, she wanted to see it, see him release watch him spray his cum. Even the thought of that was just the icing on the cake. She had never felt herself this wet or felt an orgasm build this big before and she jerked herself off at least once a day.

Then she heard it, when he groaned, Jake, her Jake, moaned her name and then began to gasp as his cock finally swelled fatter and then began to twitch, spraying an arc of white hot cum nearly a foot out of his thick cock before it splattered onto his tightening belly followed by a trio of smaller thicker spurts that just spat and flowed over his still moving fist. He said her name.

“Annie!” As she sprayed his life giving seed into the air over and over.

“Cum for me Jake.” She gasped as she leaned hard against the door and felt her orgasm crash over her. Her stomach clutched tight as she shoved her fingers deep inside and felt her spongy insides grasp her fingers like a fist, her wetness squelching as she hooked her fingers inside and yes touched her g-spot and stayed there. She nearly collapsed the convulsions were so hard. So good. It took all her strength not to scream and head right on to orgasm number two and maybe even three. But she had to get her control back. Her shorts, thighs, hands and the floor beneath her was more than a little wet. As she reluctantly pulled her hand free of her shorts she gasped as she felt the sodden fabric fall over her engorged pussy, tight against her lips. It was agonizing, a great big cock like that so close. So inaccessible. She turned and fled back upstairs, still so desperately horny but not sure what to do about it.


Annie had avoided Jake all day. SO ashamed of herself she could barely believe she had watched him, her Jake as he called him sometimes, pleasure himself. She had gone for a run. Hoping to burn off the energy that was burning a hole low in her pelvis. She had been on fire since she had seen him. She felt guilt, maybe why that was why it was so good. The guilt of seeing him at his most private, no inhibitions. Raw and free and seeking pleasure. She was soaked in sweat now from having run nearly three miles but her pussy had been awash ever since she had seen that amazing organ in his strong hand, glistening and swelled with blood and want. Watching it flex and spray, she could almost feel it inside her. She had watched creampie porn a hundred times but she wanted to feel it. To know what it was like. She had to stop. Running hadn’t helped, in some ways it had been worse. Her nipples were hard as rocks and rubbing trenches on the inside of her sports bra and her small runner’s thong felt like it was surgically grafted to her clit. All her nerves were on fire. The sun was starting to set when she called an Uber to get back to the house. She didn’t even know what her driver looked like. She was so horny it could have been cookie monster and she would not have remembered or cared. She sat in the back rubbing her thighs together, feeling the friction and need burning between her thighs as she was finally dropped off at home. She hurried into the shower and as soon as the door was locked she was breathlessly fingering her sodden pussy, leaning against the counter and gasping, covering her mouth to keep from screaming as she came so hard her stomach ached from the convulsions low in her belly. She was gasping and whimpering and then she let her hand dropped soaking wet from between her thighs and she sighed reaching over to turn on the shower, she had barely taken the edge off. She was going to have to fill the ache inside her tonight. All she would have to do is wait for Jake to go to sleep and then she would punish her little pussy until she could finally stop feeling this burning need, she hoped it would be enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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