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Of course, our three-way in the living room wasn’t the end of our day by any means. Christi and Jenny had been apart for three long weeks, and I was still trying to become accustomed to having access to such an abundance of sex all at once. The girls thoroughly renewed their oral acquaintances, and I just literally filled in every chance I got. What a day!

Finally, after having more sex in a partial day than most married people have in a month, we were all three ready to retire. Christi went to her room, I went to mine, and Jenny decided to spend the night in Mom’s bedroom. Mom and Jenny were very close even considering the fact that they were sisters so it was not uncommon for Jenny to spend the night.

I suppose our sexual fatigue caused all of us to sleep later than usual the next morning. About mid-morning Christi slipped into my room and shook me awake.

“Let’s bring Aunt Jen some coffee in bed, Danny. She shouldn’t be sleeping if we aren’t. Right?”

I agreed so I crawled out of bed and followed my sister to the kitchen. We brewed a pot of coffee, and put the carafe of hot liquid on a tray with some cups and headed for Mom’s bedroom. We had previously decided to sneak into the room, and awaken her with a naughty gesture like blowing in her ear or tweaking one of her nipples.

Upon arriving at the bedroom door we stopped and eased open the door. Christi almost dropped the tray she was carrying. We could neither believe our eyes. Mom and Jenny were in a 69 position lapping at each other’s pussy ardently and passionately. The bedcovers were off the bed, and both women were stark naked. They were so enrapt in their sucking and poking that they were totally unaware of our presence. We waited, but not patiently.

The action on the bed was beginning to arouse me, and when I looked over at Christi I noticed she was breathing harder as well. She gently set the tray on the dresser top careful not to make any noise. She nudged me in the side with an elbow, and then surprisingly dropped her hand and felt my rising cock. She squeezed it and smiled at me, but certainly not like a sister to a brother. My pecker immediately filled her hand. She squeezed again only a little harder this time and a little longer.

We watched our mother and our aunt eventually bring each other to very animated and vocal orgasms. As soon as Jenny rolled off of Mom . . .

“Good morning, Ladies,” Christi said in a clear and strong voice. “How would you like your coffee this morning?”

“Oh my God,” Mom gasped.

“Oh shit,” was Jenny’s response.

Mom tried first to cover herself with her arms and hands, but she was just too much woman for that effort to work. She threw herself face down on the bed and began to cry.

Jenny very calmly positioned herself cross-legged campfire style on the bed. That wicked gleam was back in her eyes, and the smile on her face was nothing short of precious.

“Hey, hey you guys,” I said loud enough to be heard over the commotion taking place. “Relax. Everything is cool. Okay?”

Mom was still lying face down on the bed undoubtedly wishing etimesgut escort she was anywhere else but in this bedroom at this moment. Jenny on the other hand was elated by the turn of events. The expression on her lovely face was evidence of that fact.

“Come on, Mitzi,” Jenny pleaded using Mom’s given name. “There’s no harm done here. We can all finally relax knowing where we all fit into the picture around here. I’m tired of keeping secrets, and I know we will all be happier now that everything is out in the open.”

“Hey, Mom,” Christi said as she reached over and lifted the coffee tray from the dresser top. “I’m glad to see you have some other source for your sexual needs other than that creep Danny calls Mr. Whenever.” She came over to the bed with the tray. “Here gang,” she continued, “let’s all have some coffee and talk about these new developments.”

“That’s a good idea,” Danny breathed a sigh of relief as things seemed to be calming down. Mom was still face down on the bed. Jenny was still in her campfire stance, but she was now softly stroking Mitzi’s back trying to calm here as much as she could.

“Come on Mom,” Christi urged as she extended a cup of hot coffee toward her mother. “Let’s take a coffee break, and then we can regroup and see what needs to be done. Okay?”

“I don’t want you kids to see my old woman body this way,” Mitzi said weakly trying to conceal her sobbing. “I’m so ashamed.”

“Listen, girl,” Jenny said addressing her sister. “You are the only person in this room who has not had sexual relations with every other person in this room. That’s right. Of course, I am the leader of the pack. You and I have been having sex since high school. Christi and I started our relationship the summer she graduated high school and me and lover boy here got together about three months ago. Just this weekend your daughter surrendered her virginity to her brother, and the two of them have improved my sex life ten times over. There’s no shame here for anybody; especially you.”

“Come on, Mom.” I pleaded as I gently lifted her from her shielded position. As soon as she realized her front side was exposed, she quickly clutched me and pressed her body against mine. I had dreamed about this for years, and the most natural of all reactions began to occur. I not only had a full erection, but the beast was poking its head out the fly of my pajamas.

“Well Mom,” Christi chirped gleefully, “I don’t think Danny looks upon

your body as one that should be placed in the old woman class. Do you?” As Mitzi turned to look at her daughter, Christi motioned with her head toward Danny’s fully exposed hard on.

“Good gracious,” Mitzi exclaimed. “It’s enormous, Danny.”

“Thanks,” was all I could think of to say.

The entire room laughed, and the tension seemed to be breaking.

“Touch it,” Jenny said urging her sister to relax and get with the program. “Come on. You know you have wondered and wanted to see how your son was growing up. You’ll never have a better chance than right now.”

“Oh, I couldn’t possibly; etimesgut escort bayan especially with everyone around,” Mitzi argued.

Jenny broke out of her campfire pose and crawled over to where they were sitting. She leaned forward and took Danny’s cock in her mouth and sucked on it vigorously. Then she sat back and motioned for Christi to do the same thing. Christi obliged most willingly.

Mitzi was in mild shock at the actions of her daughter and sister, but she was not about to let them know it. She reached down with a trembling hand and gently touched the throbbing cock. She jerked her hand away instantly.

“Kiss it, Mitzi,” Jenny hissed. “You don’t want to be left out, do you?”

Mitzi hesitated, but then she slowly eased forward from her kneeling position, and with one hand on Danny’s stiff tool she leaned down and stuck her tongue against its swollen head. In doing so she was now on her knees with her crotch fully exposed from behind. Christi caught her aunt’s gesture just as Mitzi slid her mouth over Danny’s cock. At the same time Christi gently slid two fingers along the length of her mother’s wet, swollen pussy.

Mitzi’s first reaction was to withdraw, but then she reconsidered and continued her caressing of the rigid tool before her. Christi continued her fondling of her mother’s crotch by using two fingers to massage the soft, wet flesh. Mitzi moaned with pleasure, and proceeded to take on more of Danny’s cock.

Jenny sat watching the festivities, but she was getting both jealous and horny. She maneuvered Christi into an all fours position without disturbing her attention to momma’s snatch. Her next move caught both kids by surprise. She opened the bedside table’s top drawer and removed a strap on dildo. It was black in color and probably 7 or 8 inches long. She donned the apparatus expertly, and without delay she approached her niece’s rear.

She rubbed the dildo up and down Christi’s valley for lubrication, and then with no undue caution guided the instrument of pleasure into Christi’s asshole. The introduction of the artificial but imposing tool buried deep in Christi’s asshole brought on invigorating sensations that inspired her to new heights. She added two fingers to the two already in Mom’s pussy, and she leaned down to where her mouth could reach a new pussy for her – Mom’s.

She latched on to Mom’s swollen clitoris with her lips, and sucked it into her mouth where she massaged it vigorously with her tongue. Mom was really on fire by now. She was taking dangerously deep strokes on the cock in her mouth, and she was encouraging the fingers and mouth at her snatch.

An impartial observer would have sworn the younger woman was fisting the older woman. In Mom’s present state of mind and level of passion, she would probably have welcomed the extreme penetration.

Jenny was pounding away at Christi’s asshole with a devotion to be admired; Mom (Mitzi) was obviously shedding her reservations and seriously sucking Danny’s cock. One by one this family succumbed to the ecstasy of orgasm. Everyone but escort etimesgut Jenny, that is. She had been a tool operator and an observer. But Jenny was not to be denied. As soon as the others disengaged from their sex partner, Jenny reminded them of her exclusion from the orgy.

“Hey, you guys. You’ve had your fun, but I have a very lonely pussy, and mouth as well, begging for attention, Am I going to get any help from my beloved family?”

A situation like this took no special planning or strategy. I took one of my aunt’s breasts in my mouth and gently eased her back onto the mattress where she immediately, without coaching, spread her legs. I took a familiar position between her legs and inserted my once again swollen cock into her wet pussy. While I was doing this, Christi carefully straddled Jenny’s upper body and lowered her dripping pussy onto her waiting mouth. We were deeply engrossed in the event of the moment so Mom was able to make her entrance without much notice.

She swung a leg over her sister’s body facing in my direction. She waddled up close to me where I was pumping away at Jenny’s crotch.

“I sucked yours, Sonny; now you suck mine.”

A well mannered son never questions his mother’s wishes so I disengaged from my aunt’s pussy and rolled off to the side bringing my mother with me. My abrupt movement startled Mom at first, but by the time we were apart from the other two women she was giggling like a school girl. That is, of course, until she felt my rock hard manhood slide into her pussy.

“Oh God, Danny,” she sighed with obvious pleasure, “that feels terrific. You’ve certainly grown considerably since the last time I gave you a bath,” she chuckled warmly as she enjoyed the pleasure of my cock probing the depths of her vagina.

“I’ve not only grown since then, Mom, but I’ve learned to do many things since then thanks a lot to Aunt Jenny; and to Christi now.” I did not once break my rhythm as we talked, and Mom’s response to my penetration clearly convinced me that she was immensely aroused. She was breathing much harder now, and the vocalization brought on by her impending orgasm was definitely sexually inspiring to me.

After a spellbinding climatic conclusion to our coupling, we lay intertwined next to our other two bed partners as they continued their very animated butt fucking activities. It sounded like they were both on the verge of orgasmic splendor so Mom and I lay oblivious to their presence, and fondled each other as though this was all a dream. I was caressing Mom’s breasts and nibbling on her nipples while she was pumping my limp cock in slow motion.

“I think it’s time for me to give you a bath just to show you how much more mature and wiser I have become. I want to eat your pussy, and I want you to suck my cock. We’ll let things develop from there as we see fit. Sound good?”

“You’re completely in charge, Mister. I definitely want a lot more of what you’ve given me so far, and I’m sure I will not object to anything else you have in mind. I’ll start the bath water.”

As soon as Mom disappeared into the bath room, Christi swung around to where she could grab my limp dick and stick it in her mouth. Aunt Jenny disengaged the strap on from Christi’s asshole, removed the apparatus, and positioned herself straddle-legged over my face. I had no choice.

I’m up to this type family bonding at anytime. You should have been there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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