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This is the continuation of my Halloween story, “Trick or Treat, Literotica Style.”


All characters are of legal age.

All characters are disease free.

Our daughter and her mom are on birth control.


This story contains incest, group sex and some bi sex.


This story is being submitted for the Halloween contest 2018. Your votes are appreciated.


Characters –

Jim & Nancy – Neighbors

Me – 42 5’10 190 s/p hair

Mary – 43 5’7″ 130 auburn 36c trim pussy blue eyes

Ryan – 19 5’9″ 175 blonde blue 8″?

Nikki – 18 5’6″ red hair red trimmed 38d?

Brie – Body Painting Artist – 22 5’5″ 110 long black curly hair 36d smooth pussy


It took us a couple of days to recuperate from Jim and Nancy’s party.

During that time the four of us discussed what happened and where we go from here.

The kids said that they enjoyed themselves, putting it mildly, and was ok with what happened.

Mary said she was ok with everything as well and really enjoyed Ryan fucking her.

Ryan smiled and told his mother she was the best fuck that night.

When it came to me, I just told them that we could never let others know our secret and they all agreed.

I also welcomed Ryan and Nikki into our lifestyle.

Now, that being said, I told them that I would make the Jamaica reservations for us to go in two weeks if that was ok with everyone.

They all said they would make the time and were ready to go.

I made the reservations and then, at supper, I explained a few things about the resort.

I told them that Hedonism II is basically a sex resort. They could go naked if they want. They could fuck and suck anyone too.

I also told them that sex is permissable any place or time, even in front of others at the resort.

I mentioned that our room had two bedrooms and that we would be sharing everything.

Nikki asked if sharing meant each other.

Mary quickly said that we will be sharing each other.

Then Nikki said, “Mom, can I have you all to myself while we are there?”

Mary smiled and just nodded a yes.

Over the course of the two weeks, we got everything ready, packed and made transportation arrangements.

Mary and Nikki did some pubic hair trimming and they both looked great.

The flight would be about three hours and since we would be leaving early in the morning, we would have the whole first day to enjoy.

Our flight was routine and not crowded. Nikki and Ryan made friends with two female flight attendants who were going to show them around the island during their layover.

When we landed, our cab took us to the resort and we checked in.

As soon as we got into the room, Ryan and Nikki got naked and headed out. Mary and I unpacked and got things in order.

As we finished, I grabbed Mary and started undressing her. In a matter of a minutes, my wife was naked and her legs spread wide.

I quickly mounted her and started to fuck her when the kids came in.

I looked up and was going to stop when Ryan told us to continue.

I looked at Mary and she said to keep fucking her. I did as she told me and I knew the kids were watching.

I told etimesgut escort Mary I was going to cum and then shoot my load into her cunt. I pulled my limp cock out and then told Ryan to fuck his mother.

He quickly mounted his mother, even as my cum was oozing out of her cunt. He slid his cock in his mother’s cunt and started fucking her.

As I watched, Nikki came over to me and started to suck my limp cock.

As my daughter was sucking me, my cock grew big and hard. Just then Ryan said he was going to cum.

His mother pulled his body closer to hers as he shot his cum in his mother’s cunt.

Just then my cock erupted again and I shot my load down my daughter’s throat.

Needless to say, the first day started off wonderfully for all of us.

I made dinner reservations for 7:00 p.m. and told Mary to dress really sexy.

My wife did not disappoint me and wore a black mini dress that came up high over her knees. She didn’t wear a bra or underwear which she knew would give anyone a good view.

We finally went to dinner around 7:00 p.m. and enjoyed a delicious meal.

The kids left us and went out on their own to meet the flight attendants.

We staid and enjoyed the music and the looks the men were giving Mary.

On our table, there was a notice about a Halloween Party in three nights. I read that the winning couple of the costume party would win $5,000.00 and an individual winner would win $2,500 and both would have their pictures taken for their new brochure.

Mary and I looked at each other and had the same idea that we should have Brie fly down and paint us again.

In the morning, we called Brie and told her about the event. She said she would come and do it for $1,000.

We knew it was a gamble but we told her to come anyway since we didn’t have to pay for the trip.

That night Brie arrived and we put her up in our room. We put her in the second bedroom and Nikki and Ryan would sleep with us.

In the morning, I registered us for the contest, as well as Nikki and Ryan.

The resort was completely decorated and even before the event, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches and bats were everywhere, scaring the hell out of people.

One zombie even came into our room the night before and scared Mary as she was showering.

The zombie motioned to her to get on the bed so he could fuck her. Mary obliged and Mary got her first Zombie fuck.

During the day, Nikki was in the room and a werewolf snuck in and made her give him a blow job.

While all this was going on, Brie joined me and Mary for a threesome.

It was the first time I saw my wife make love to a woman and it was terrific.

Finally, that night, the whole family was together in the room telling stories about their adventures when we heard a noise outside our door.

Suddenly, three men and two women, dressed in costumes barged in. They were all naked except for masks.

They started yelling “Boo” and made shrieking sounds and scary noises trying to scare us.

I noticed the men all had nice sized cocks and the women all had smooth pussies.

We were put in a circle and one by one, taken into the bedroom by a man or a woman.

The first guy etimesgut escort bayan took Nikki and I could see his cock getting harder as he took her away.

About thirty minutes later, Nikki came out with cum running down her thigh.

Next up was Ryan. He was taken to the room by a woman. It didn’t take her long before she came out with my son’s cum on her thigh.

By the time it was all over, the three guys came in the women and me and Ryan’s cum oozed out of the two women. As quickly as they barged in, when they were satisfied, they left.

After they were gone, we all had a laugh, had some more wine and turned in.

During the night, Ryan and I joined Brie and we both fucked her together.

As we were enjoying her, somehow, Ryan found his mouth on my cock and Brie watched. Then she told us to get into 69 and suck each other off.

We did as she asked and this was the first time my son and I enjoyed each other.

She watched as we each shot our loads in the others mouth, another first.

After that, we quietly went back to our bedroom.

The next day was the party/contest which was going to start at 9:00 p.m.

We had the whole day to enjoy and we really did.

As the five of us took the sun, guys were hitting on the three women and on more than one time, the women joined the guys for some quick sex on the beach.

Ryan and I got lucky when a couple of pretty witches just knelt in front of us and sucked us off and took our cum loads in their mouths.

All the time, we were being scared by zombies, werewolves and the likes.

By 6:00 p.m. we were all back in the room with Brie painting us.

By about 8:45, Brie finished. She painted Mary and Nikki as witches and me and Ryan as zombies.

We left the room and headed to the main ballroom where the party/contest was being held.

There were food and snacks and plenty of alcoholic beverages.

Guests were dressed in a variety of costumes. However, as we looked around, we appeared the only ones that had body paint.

A couple of women were naked and were supposed to be Lady Godiva.

Nobody noticed that we were naked under the paint.

After an hour or so into the party, the MC announced that he would be going around the room and picking a dozen finalists for the best costume.

We watched as he chose a few good costumes. When he came to us, Mary told him to give her tits a feel.

He looked at her and grabbed a handful of tit and realized she was naked.

She told him the four of us were naked. He immediately chose all four of us.

By the time he was finished choosing, he had 12 people up on the stage. There were four couples, including me and Mary and four individuals, including Ryan and Nikki.

The MC announced that the audience applause would choose the winners.

He called one couple to the front at a time for their applause and they did well.

Then me and Mary went up front. It was then that the MC told the audience that we were naked and our costumes were painted onto our bodies.

The people were silent, then a thunderous applause erupted along with whistles. The audience loved our costumes and we clearly won.

When it came to the singles costumes, escort etimesgut the MC again told the audience that Ryan and Nikki were wearing body paint and they were given a huge round of applause and won.

After the contest was over, people came over and felt us all over and to see the body paintings up close and personal.

The MC came over with the house photographer and took our pictures for their brochure. The MC handed us our checks as well.

Women then came over to me and played with my cock and balls all the while screaming out “Boo”.

The women were being mauled by the men and women and the women enjoyed every second of it.

Zombies and the sort scared them all as they fucked Mary, Nikki and Brie against the walls.

In the background the MC was reciting poems:

“The ghosts fly in, the ghosts fly out, in your bedroom and all around your house.

They eat your food, they drink your milk, they are a ghastly ilk.

They touch your pillow, they misbehave…oh goodness, I hope they don’t stay.

They scare the kids…even me too…I hate it when they scream out “Boo”….

I am sure they are friendly though…they don’t rant or rave nor rattle chains…they just mess with your fucking brains.”

The people roared in laughter and applauded the MC.

The party went on until the early morning hours.

We finally left and went back to our room, exhausted.

When we got to the room, Brie and Ryan joined me in bed and Nikki and Mary went off to the other bedroom.

As the three of us enjoyed each other throughout the night, we could hear moans of pleasure coming from Nikki and her mom.

It was late morning when we started to stir.

Nobody even bothered to get dressed and we all talked about last night.

The four of us still had body paint on us which Brie volunteered to wash off of us after breakfast.

I asked everyone what they wanted to do with just one full day left at the resort.

Mary said she would like to spend some time with Nikki and then head out to the beach.

Ryan said he wanted to spend some time with Brie.

I told them that I would walk up and down the beach and maybe get lucky.

Everyone laughed.

We finished breakfast and one by one took a shower with Brie so she could wash the paint off of us.

After our showers, we all went to where we wanted to go.

I took a stroll down the beach and a few women recognized me from last night.

They hugged and kissed me and said I looked terrific as a zombie. They also said they loved how my cock and balls were painted. Then they asked if they could play with them.

I smiled and said they could do anything they wanted to do to them.

Before I knew it, I was getting my cock sucked by both of them.

I finally shot my cum in their mouths and watched them as they shared it with each other. They then thanked me and left.

After some time, I went back to the room to rest.

One by one everyone came back to the room. We showered, got dressed and headed to dinner.

As this was our last night at the resort, we decided to relax, enjoy a great meal, watch the floor show and then call it a quiet night.

When we got back to our room, we looked at some pictures from the party, watched some tv, had some wine and called it a night.

On the flight back home, I told my family that this was the best time we ever had and they all agreed.

Then they asked if we would be going back again soon

I told them we might.

What do you readers think?

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