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Anissa Kate

You had woken up from a nap and from a very sexy dream, which you told me about as we drove back to your place. I offered to help, since you were still hard. You had undone your pants and I had started to suck your cock as you drove. I enjoyed the fact that people might be able to see me unless I kept my head down on your cock. You were getting close by the time we got to the parking lot, but you had to get ready for work so we didn’t get to finish. I was still really turned on as I drove home.

It was a red light, and I couldn’t wait until I got home. My hand went to the button of my pants, undoing it and the zipper. I slid my hand inside. I was wet. One finger slid up to start stroking myself. The light changed to green as a shiver ran through my body. It was hard to focus on the road when my finger was working furiously bringing me closer and closer to finishing.

I was close to home and was on a back street when I saw the flashing lights reflected in my rearview mirror. I didn’t want to stop fingering myself, I was so close. I pulled the car over, putting it in park and turned it off. I didn’t move my hand until the officer walked up to the car. He peered in the window, the light from the car revealing a middle aged man, but still fit.

“Evening, Ma’am. You know why I pulled you over?”

“No, sir.”

“You were driving a bit erratically, speeding up then slowing down, then speeding up again. Was there any particular reason?”

I decided honesty was the way to go, “Well, I was giving my boyfriend a blowjob, and we didn’t get to finish because he had to go to work and I was just really anxious to get home.”

With the lights on in my car he could see my unbuttoned pants. I watched him stare at my undone pants for a few seconds before responding, “I’ll just go run your information and I’ll be right back.”

I watched as he walked back quickly to his car. He had seemed to enjoy seeing my pants undone. I wondered canlı bahis şirketleri if he had left as quickly as he had to go back to his car and jerk off while my information ran through the system. I found myself thinking about his cock, wondering how big it was. He seemed all muscles, I wondered what he looked like with his shirt unbuttoned and his pants around his ankles, or maybe with my mouth around his cock. I moaned, imagining it all. Suddenly I wanted to know what he tasted like as he came in my mouth. It was everything I could do to not shove my hand back in my pants and cum before he returned.

After what seemed like forever, he walked back towards my car, very obviously adjusting his pants.

“So, since you were driving so erratically, I can’t just let you off with a warning,” He leaned in the window resting on his arms.

“Please, sir. I can’t afford to have another ticket. I’m sorry I was driving so erratically. I just wanted to make someone cum really badly, and since it couldn’t be my boyfriend I was just gonna have to make do with myself.”

“Well,” he smirked, “If that’s the case, there may be something you can do to convince me to let you off with just a warning.” He reached forward and caressed my cheek with the back of his hand. I knew where this was going. It looked like I might get a chance to see how good I was at sizing him up.

“Yes, of course. Whatever I can do, please, sir.”

“You’re gonna have to open this door,” he said standing up and taking a step back away from the car. I unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the door. I started to move to get out of the car when he stopped me. “Oh, no. Stay right there.” He moved inside the door his hands undoing his belt and reaching for his zipper. I stared hungrily as he pulled it down. He was watching me stare, and paused with his zipper halfway down. “You look a bit too eager, it wouldn’t really be much of a punishment if you enjoyed it, would it?”

“Oh canlı kaçak iddaa please. Please let me make you cum,” I begged. He grinned.

“Well if you’re that desperate, here.” He yanked his zipper down the rest of the way and pulled out his already hard cock. With one hand he held it, the other hand reached around the back of my head and shoved my waiting mouth onto his thick cock.

“Get to work.”

I almost choked on his cock the first time he shoved it into my mouth, but I began to suck eagerly. He was long, and I couldn’t quite take him entirely into my mouth. When he noticed he let go of himself and used both hands on my head to shove me further down on his cock. His eyes closed, he groaned and thrust as I gagged around him. I gasped and tried to pull away but he grabbed hold of my hair,

“You wanted to suck my dick, so start sucking you little slut.” I did as I was told. I eagerly licked up the length of his cock before taking it back into my mouth. I started again, moving my mouth up and down, slowly at first, but faster as I felt him growing bigger and harder. He closed his eyes, moaning, “Oh, fuck yeah. You weren’t kidding about wanting to make me cum.” I pressed with my tongue as I moved up and down, flicking it when I reached the tip, almost sliding him completely out of my mouth before taking him entirely in again. Again and again, I teased him with my tongue, sucking harder as I used one hand to stroke him. “Fuck, just like that!” I could tell he was getting close, as he started to fuck my mouth, holding my head in place again. Fast and hard. “Oh shit, I’m gonna come. Stop.” He yanked me off of him by the hair, and pulled me up off of the seat till I was standing. “I wouldn’t want to reward you by Cumming.”

He stepped in and kissed me, running his hands down my still unbuttoned pants. I gasped as his hand brushed against me. “See you were enjoying that too much.” A pause as he kissed me hard again. canlı kaçak bahis “I’ll tell you what,” he breathed in my ear, his finger softly stroking me, “I am gonna let you make me cum. But not with your mouth.” I let out a small whimper as he removed his hand and stepped back. “Turn around.” He barked. Before I had completely turned to face the car, he grabbed me and bent me over the front seat. He ripped my pants down to my ankles, exposing my bare ass to the cold night air. I could hear him fumbling with the button to his own pants and hear as they dropped to his ankles. I tried to turn around to look, but that was when he grabbed my hips and crammed his cock into me, with a loud groan. I cried out as he filled me. “This is how I want to come.” He growled as he started to fuck me. It wasn’t slow and sensual; he was using my hips as handles and was pounding me hard and fast. Grunting with each thrust as he furiously pumped his cock into my pussy. He was rough, and I moaned and whimpered each time his big cock stabbed into me. “Fuck, your pussy feels so good!” He moaned. I almost came from how hard he was fucking me. Over and over again, I could tell each thrust brought him closer and closer, his breathing heavy. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer.

“I’m coming, shit, I’m coming.” He announced a few minutes later. With one last hard thrust he moaned loudly as he came hard inside me. He collapsed on top of me for a few seconds, before he pulled out of me, leaving his cum dripping out of my pussy.

He pulled his pants back up, zipped and buttoned them, tucked his shirt back in and buckled his belt. Without a word he walked back to his car, turned it on and drove away.

I laid on the seat for minute, my pants still on the ground, the officer’s cum still dripping out of me. Shaking, I stood up, pulled my own pants back up and got back into my car. As I drove the rest of the way home I thought about what had just happened. I needed to remember that giving my boyfriend a blowjob while he was driving usually got me into trouble. I checked my phone when I got in the door. One message from my boyfriend. “We need to have sex more.” I laughed, responded, “I agree.” If only he knew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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