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When David emerged from the 96th Street subway station, there was a crowd of people staring and pointing at the dark sky. Usually, the city lights made it too bright to see anything, but David was able to see a bright streak of light descending over New Jersey. A guy wearing a t-shirt and shorts was staring at his iPhone and said, to no one in particular, “they are saying that it is a meteor, not a UFO. Nothing to be concerned about.” The crowd began to disperse, and David looked at his watch. Only 8:00 on Thursday. He decided to stop for a drink at O’Malley’s, a dive bar on the way to his apartment, for a beer.

He walked the two blocks to the bar and entered, passing the smokers gathered out front. The smell of stale beer was comforting, as was the anonymity of a nondescript bar in the middle of the big city. Even though he came to the bar a couple of nights a week, David made no drinking buddies. He was content, for the most part, to nurse his beer, nibble on the stale peanuts and watch whatever sporting event was on the bulky old TVs. It was a nice way to decompress from the pressures of being a senior associate on the partnership track at the big downtown law firm that sucked up most of his life.

The one exception to his lack of interest in engaging with anyone at O’Malley’s was Donna, the bartender. Although she was a little rough around the edges, David found himself strongly attracted to her. She oozed sexuality and was the opposite of the manicured and expensively put together women at the firm, most of whom looked more interested in stabbing him in the back to get ahead than to sleep with him. Donna had long, curly black hair, piercing blue eyes, soft red lips and large round breasts, which she emphasized by wearing tight, low cut shirts every night, no matter the weather. David had worked at restaurants during high school and college, and understood that was her way to maximize tips. Over the past year, they had flirted some, but it never went past that, although David had, on occasion, jerked off thinking of her firm tits and the unusual cuff tattoo that circled her toned upper right arm. David assumed that Donna flirted with all the male customers, and never though he had a real chance. Not to mention that they were from very different worlds.

He was not, however, celibate by any means. David was an attractive, young lawyer, making good money, and he was generally charming enough to get laid when he wanted to. He was, in fact, only three months removed from a nearly 9 month relationship with a junior investment banker, who, despite a stunning body and total lack of inhibition in the bedroom, ultimately bored him with her incessant chatter about debentures and tranches.

Approaching the bar, he made eye contact with Donna, who was pouring a beer for a middle aged, paunchy guy. She smiled at him, then returned her attention back to the older guy, who took his beer and dropped a pile of singles on the worn wooden bar before turning away. David slid into the now empty spot and watched Donna’s tight, jean-clad ass as she attended to another customer before turning to take his order.

“The usual?” she asked, tossing her mane of hair and licking her luscious lips.

“Yes, please,” David said, as he watched Donna’s breasts sway slightly when she turned toward the beer taps. She returned with the beer, and he dropped a 20 on the bar. David watched her ass again as she walked toward the cash register and returned with his change, which she neatly stacked in front of him.

Donna leaned over, giving David a generous glimpse of her cleavage, then stood up and asked, “can I get you anything else?”

“No, thanks,” David replied, and Donna turned to attend to another drinker.

David sipped his beer, slowly, and watched the Mets play the Braves. Occasionally, he noticed Donna as she flashed by, but the bar was too busy for talking. The brief that he was working on and the bullshit he had gotten from an arrogant junior partner began to fade from his mind as he focused on the game and his beer. During an inning break, they cut to a news bulletin which described the meteor that David had seen earlier, and the panic that it seemed to induce among the tin-hat crowd who expected little green men to emerge.

After he finished his beer, David picked up the bulk of his change, leaving a nice tip, waved to Donna, who smiled back at him, and left the bar. He walked the 3 blocks to his building, exchanged pleasantries with the doorman sitting behind his desk and took the elevator to his apartment. He got out of his suit into a pair of shorts and t-shirt, heated up the last of his leftover Chinese food and ate it while watching the Mets pull out a late inning victory, before brushing his teeth and getting into bed.

* **

As always, the NPR news on the clock radio awakened David, who got out of bed, and did a set of pushups and crunches before showering and shaving. Unlike every other morning, he did not put on underwear, canlı bahis a shirt, suit, tie, socks or shoes. He grabbed his briefcase and walked out of his apartment totally naked.

When the elevator opened, he saw the older man from the 10th floor, also naked, with gray chest hair and a paunch, and the skinny woman from the 12th floor, her small breasts lying flat against her body, and her bony legs joining at an untrimmed bush of pubic hair. David entered the elevator, and nodded at both of them. As he walked out of the lobby, he also nodded at the nude doorman, who was distracted by the blonde, busty woman who was kneeling in front of him, giving him a vigorous blow job.

He walked into the street, which was crowded, as usual for a weekday morning, but unlike every other morning, David saw only naked people. They were old and young, fat and skinny, short and tall, attractive and not, all walking proudly down the street, carrying bags, staring into smart phones, drinking coffee and chatting. In addition, people were having sex everywhere. Couples were pressed up against buildings fucking, performing oral sex, doing it doggie style bent over parked cars and even screwing in the middle of the sidewalk, requiring the pedestrians to walk around them, which they did, without comment or complaint. David heard the moans, grunts and screams of passion as he walked toward the subway.

David turned the corner and saw a gorgeous redhead, her large, pale breasts with small, pink nipples bouncing while she talked on her cell phone. Their eyes met, and without saying a word, they stopped and began kissing passionately as the crowd parted around them. David pulled the woman against him and he felt her warm flesh as he stroked her strong back and shoulders. They moved slowly toward the apartment building and David pressed the woman against the wall. He put down his briefcase and began kissing the woman’s firm breasts. She moaned softly and began to grind her shaved pussy against David’s large, throbbing rod. David began to kiss her neck, and she guided his cock into her dripping pussy, moaning with pleasure as he began to pound her against the wall. They came together, yelling, and briefly held each other. Then, David picked up his bag and continued toward the station as the woman picked up her phone and resumed her conversation.

As David approached the station, he noticed a young, attractive black man kneeling in front of an elderly, gray haired white woman, her pendulous breasts nearly hitting his head as he vigorously ate her out, her head thrown back in ecstasy, and two men lying on the sidewalk, blowing each other in 69 position. He walked around the couples having sex on the subway stairs, swiped his Metrocard at the turnstile and descended to wait for the train, along with what looked like hundreds of naked New Yorkers.

When the 2 train appeared, David was surprised to get a seat, and he noticed that the woman next to him was having her pussy licked by a hot blonde who was kneeling in front of her. He looked up and saw a skinny, tall, tired looking brunette standing above him. She had a pierced naval and her pubic hair was shaved into a landing strip. Silently, the woman straddled him, and as the train swayed, they fucked until the woman threw back her head, laughing, and David shot a load of cum deep inside her. The train came to a stop at 42nd Street, and the woman stood and got off the train.

He watched the crowd on the train, all nude, as they travelled downtown, marveling at the wide variety of shapes and colors, piercings and tattoos that he saw. As the train left the 14th Street station, he noticed a woman sitting across from him, with short, dyed blonde hair, small, pointy breasts and a shaved pussy. David stood, crossed the car, kneeled down and buried his face between her legs, sticking his tongue into her pungent hole as she squeezed his head between her thighs. He flicked at her clit and her hips began to grind before she came with a gasp and unclenched her legs. David stood up, and when the doors opened at Fulton Street, he got out of the train, went up the stairs and passed through the turnstile, where a tall African American woman was bent over, being fucked from behind by a middle-aged white man with a beer belly.

As he walked to his building, he passed couples, and groups of men and women having passionate, and in some cases, very imaginative, sex on the street. David walked through the revolving door into his office building, waived at the security guard and pressed the elevator button. A junior associate from his firm was also waiting, earbuds in her ears. David noticed that her body was much better than he had thought. When the elevator door opened, they entered, Lisa pressed their floor, 32, and the door closed. David dropped to his knees, pressed his face into her untrimmed bush and began to vigorously tongue her pussy. She pressed the back of his head, pushing his face deeper into her crotch, and David reveled in bahis siteleri her slick moistness. The elevator slowed and, as the door opened, Lisa let out a guttural, almost animal scream. David stood up, wiped his mouth on his sleeve, and they left the elevator and entered the lobby area.

Like every other morning, Maria was behind the reception desk, a headset bisecting her pretty face, her small, brown breasts with their dark, prominent areolas bobbing as she spoke. He waved as he walked by, and she responded in kind, never stopping answering calls. David walked by her desk, and saw the gray hair of the managing partner pop up from under the desk. Lawrence wiped off his mouth and waddled toward his large, corner office.

David passed through the security door into the office area, passing two naked secretaries locked in a passionate embrace, and looked into the large glass walled conference room, which was filled with writhing bodies emanating guttural moans and screams, before he came to his office. He sat down in his Aeron chair and logged on to his computer. He reviewed his emails and began to work on a set of interrogatory responses that an associate had drafted the night before. After about 15 minutes, he looked up and saw Amanda, one of the other senior associates, standing in the doorway. Her brown hair was uncharacteristically down, and it covered what appeared to be an impressive set of breasts. She brushed her hair back, and David was able to see her large red areolas framing thick, brown nipples. Amanda entered his office and straddled him, guiding his erect cock into her pussy, which was crowned by a shaved triangle of curly pubic hair. She rode him, bucking and screaming until they both came, grunting. Amanda stood up and left David’s office, and he returned to his interrogatory responses.

In order to properly respond to Interrogatory No. 7, he needed to speak with his client, and dialed Ted’s number. They exchanged pleasantries, and then got down to business. After a few minutes, Ted began to breathe harder, then moaned and screamed out, “YES!!!!” When his breathing slowed, he continued discussing the interrogatory response with David, who hung up the phone when they were done. David edited the response, then stood up and left his office.

He strode down the hall, hearing telephones ringing, keyboards clicking and his colleagues panting, groaning and yelling passionately. He stopped before Shana, one of the secretaries, a short, chubby young woman, with curly blonde hair, small breasts, a tattoo of a heart on her stomach and a wild bush of pubic hair. David picked her up and sat her on the cubicle divider, spread her pale legs and began to lick her pussy until she came, shuddering. Turning back, David returned to his office and his interrogatory responses.

Feeling his stomach rumbling, David looked at the clock on his screen and realized that it was lunch time. He left his office, passing more couples and groups engaged in vigorous sexual activities of all kinds, and waited for the elevator down. The first car that opened was filled with wriggling, entwined bodies, so he let it pass. Another, empty, car opened, and he entered, pressed “L” and rode, uninterrupted to the lobby. David emerged into the street, feeling the breeze on his bare skin. An attractive brunette passed him by, followed by three men, one old, one about David’s age and one in his 20’s, all with their cocks erect. David turned as the three men caught up with the woman, who got on her hands and knees and began sucking the older man’s cock. The man David’s age mounted her from behind, and also grabbed the cock of the youngest man and stuck it in his mouth.

David turned back, rounded the corner and entered his favorite sandwich shop. As usual, he said hello to Amir, the owner, who began to make David’s usual smoked turkey sandwich on rye with Russian dressing, lettuce and tomato. About halfway through the process, he stopped, closed his eyes, let his head drop back and sighed deeply. David could see Amir’s wife, Khalidah, who usually ran the cash register, stand up behind the counter, her head scarf still covering her hair, and return to the register. David took his wrapped sandwich and a bag of chips, paid Khalidah and left the store, stepping over a couple having sex, with the woman on top, in front of the door.

He entered his building, and waited for the elevator. When the door opened, a group of about 8 people gingerly disentangled themselves and left the car. David entered and went up to his floor. Maria was still behind the reception desk, wearing nothing but her headset, and her small tits bounced slightly as she spoke into it. He passed through the security door and walked down the hall, ignoring the groups of his fellow employees screwing pretty much everywhere. He went into his office, closed the door and sat down at his desk, scanned his emails and ate his sandwich. After putting the trash into the garbage pail, he heard a knock at his bahis şirketleri door.

The door opened, and Carina, the office manager, came in and shut the door behind her. Carina was short, but had an amazing body. Her abs were tight, her breasts large, with small, dark nipples, and her face was pleasant, if not beautiful. She walked up to David, kneeled and grabbed his stiffening cock, placing into her mouth. David immediately became fully erect as she used her tongue and red lips to bring him to a powerful orgasm, which she swallowed easily, licking her lips before standing up and turning to leave the office. David admired her perfectly shaped ass as it wiggled alluringly out the door before returning to finish his interrogatory responses.

After finishing the responses, he reviewed a brief that a junior associate had sent him. He preferred to write his comments on a hard copy, then discuss them with the writer, rather than just sending back a redline. The brief was pretty good, but needed a little tightening and a small new section. Finishing his editing, David left his office and walked down the hall, stepping over groups of his co-workers engaging in inventive sex, before he reached Rachel’s office. Her office was small, and she was bent over, blowing one of the guys from the copy center, a younger guy with a skinny, muscular body covered in tattoos who was sitting on her desk. Rachel’s ass was round, firm and pale, and David rammed his cock into her slick pussy from behind, causing her to moan, which, in turn caused the copy center guy to sigh. Still holding the pages of the brief, David pumped hard into Rachel, and she started to buck her hips into him while increasing the tempo of her cock sucking. The three of them came at the same time, causing Rachel’s ass to fly up, and David’s cock to shoot out of her slick hole, spraying her lower back with his cum.

She stood up, the copy guy left the office and David gave Rachel his comments to the brief as his cum dripped on the floor. He returned to his office, again stepping over copulating bodies and checked his email for the last time. David loaded his briefcase, put the strap over his shoulder and walked out of his office toward the security door. Entering the lobby, he noticed that Tania, the night receptionist, was laying on the reception desk, being fucked slowly by William, a retired partner who must have been pushing 80, his gray chest hair and flaccid body pressing Tania’s young, curvy form into the expensive wood veneer with every labored thrust.

When the elevator opened, he entered, and an older brunette wearing too much makeup grabbed David’s cock and gave him a clumsy handjob, which ended with him spraying cum on the reflective metal door just before it opened.

He left the building and turned toward the subway. It was still a warm evening, and the number of people screwing and performing other sex acts on the sidewalk seemed to have increased from the morning. David passed all of them, picked his way down the stairs at the subway station trying to avoid the rutting bodies and waited for his train. It was warm in the station, and David felt himself begin to sweat, but a train pulled in and he entered an air conditioned car. Somehow finding a seat, he noticed an attractive woman with short dark hair, small, round breasts and a shaved pussy. She caught David’s eye and walked over to him, allowing David to lean forward and lick her lower lips and clit until she reached a screaming orgasm just as the train reached her stop, where she got off.

Two stops later, David left the train, and had to walk up a different staircase than he usually did because of the number of bodies squirming and screwing on his usual stairs, finding himself on the street. He decided to stop at O’Malley’s again for a beer, and maybe a burger, since he didn’t have any food at home.

Walking past the nude smokers standing in front of the bar, one of whom was getting a blow job from a woman with dreadlocks, he entered the dark, fragrant watering hole. He noticed that the older, heavy woman was in her usual seat at the end of the bar, her huge, pendulous breasts resting on the bar top as she held her drink. Looking to his right, he saw a pretty young blonde bent over the pool table, trying to line up a shot, her breasts interfering with the cue, while a skinny guy with a Mohawk fucked her from behind while drinking a beer.

David sat at the bar and waited until Donna came to take his order. He noticed that her left nipple was pierced, and a silver barbell surrounded her prominent red nipples. Her areolas were large and dark, and contrasted with the paleness of her firm breasts. David ordered a beer and sipped it pensively. He noticed Donna walking into the kitchen, and saw that she had the logo of O’Malley’s tattooed above her heart shaped ass. David got up and carried his beer into the kitchen, where he had never gone before. The kitchen staff was working, making burgers and salads and frying onion rings, fries and chicken wings. He walked to the rear of the kitchen and saw Donna in a small windowless office, on her cell phone, peering at a computer screen. She finished her call and put the cell phone down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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