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Tonight is the night. We’ve both been wanting this for a long time, but we had to deny our desires. Now, your husband is out of town and you have the house to yourself. We’re sitting together on the couch cuddling in the dark. We start kissing each other lightly and giggling at the moment.

I cup your face with my hand and give you a deep kiss. Long, languorous, full of feeling and passion. I look into your eyes and say,”I’ve always dreamed of this moment. I want you, now.”

Your anxious pussy quivers and squirts gently into your panties. You’ve wanted this too, for a long time. You’re dying to feel my hands caress your firm breasts, my tongue on your throbbing clit, my erection inside you, exploring your most secret of places.

I kiss you deeply again, slowly bringing my tongue into your willing mouth. You moan softly against my mouth as my hand caresses the inside of your thigh. Your nipples are very hard, poking out of the front of the blouse, demanding attention.

You take my hand from your thigh and place it against your heaving bosom, gasping softly as my fingers grasp your swollen nipple. I gently pinch the nipple, making your pussy gush and your clit throb in anticipation. I close my eyes as I touch the breasts I’ve wanted for so long. I savor the moment, taking it slow so you can feel every knead with my hands.

My cock is already rock hard and making an outline on the outside of my pants. You see it and can’t resist. Your hand reaches down and slowly starts stroking my hardness through my pants, making it twitch and sending a wave of pleasure through my groin.

We kiss again, savoring the taste of each other as we continue our apprehensive touching. Our lips part as you look at me and say, “I want you too, more than I’ve ever wanted another man. But I want to feel ready before we do this.” You take me by the hand and lead me upstairs, ending up in the bathroom next to your bedroom.

My breath gets harder as my imagination tries to picture the next scene. You prove me right as you reach into the shower, turning on the hot water, steam pouring from the tub. My face is already warm and flushed with arousal, and the steam from the water makes me break out into a sweat.

“I like to be clean before I make love,” you tell me. “It makes me feel pure and ready.” Sensing a slight apprehension on my part, you take me in your arms and kiss me hard against my surprised lips. “I want you badly,” you whisper. “Tonight, I’m yours. But I have to do this so I can be ready.”

We’re now both highly aroused. I’m shaking as I slowly undo your blouse, kissing the skin it reveals canlı bahis şirketleri with each button. Soon, I get to your big, beautiful breasts, harnessed behind a black lace bra. I nuzzle your cleavage, kissing it, licking it with my tongue, my hot breath running between your breasts, making you shiver with emotion.

I get greedy, lifting a breast out of its imprisonment, seeing your huge nipple throbbing with extreme arousal. I kiss it gently, then harder, taking it into my mouth, sucking it, then gently biting the nipple, making you utter an anguished moan of pleasure.

You undo the rest of the blouse and help me undo your bra; I’m shaking so bad that I can’t grasp the hooks. I take the bra and throw it violently against the wall. I want it out of the way! I take your nipple hard in my mouth, creating suction and rolling my tongue around the edge. Your other nipple is in my hand, my fingers pinching it harder, making you feel every nerve impulse as my hands communicate my need.

You’ve unbuttoned my shirt, your hands running up my hairy chest down to my belly button. You gently run a light hand down the front of my pants, my cock throbbing painfully inside. With some difficulty, you undo the button on my pants and unzip me, my cock straining against my boxer briefs as it pops out from my pants.

Your eyes grow wide in amazement as you get your first look at my penis. It’s bigger than you expected; you know it will feel so wonderful inside you. You notice every detail–my bulging veins, the beautiful head, the graceful upward curve. You take it in your hand and gently stroke it up and own as you stare at it in fascination.

My hunger becomes unbearable; I need to explore your womanhood. My hands still unsteady, I fumble with the catch on your pants and somehow get them undone, pulling them down to reveal beautiful lace panties, clearly hot and very moist at the crotch.

I pull the panties down as fast as possible, revealing your swollen, aching pussy and a natural-grown bush. My cock leaps as I finally see what I’ve always fantasized about. It’s there in front of me. I move two fingers down to tease your throbbing clit as I move my face down to nuzzle your bush, your smell of arousal hitting my nostrils and making my cock grow painfully hard.

You stop me suddenly and tell me you want to continue in the shower. You lead me into the large shower, complete with body wash and shampoo and a vibrating shower head. You slowly lather me up with the body wash, letting it drip erotically off of my throbbing cock. You stroke my painfully hard penis, coaxing a huge dollop canlı kaçak iddaa of pre-come out of my swollen tip.

I go back to tickling your clit with my fingers and you start moaning in great pleasure. You urge me to go faster and my fingers frig your clit forcibly, trying to stroke as fast as I can. Your juices leak out of your hot slit. lubricating your clit as I rub you harder and harder.

Finally, you shove two fingers deep inside you and within seconds, you tilt your head back and cry out in a screaming orgasm. My fingers feel your contractions as I keep rubbing you while you continue coming.

Finally it subsides, and you make me sit on the back of the tub and kneel between my legs, taking my hard cock in your hands. I’ve anxiously awaited this and I’m ready for it. You smile a very salacious smile and say, “I’m the best cocksucker you’ve never seen.” I can’t say anything; my arousal will not allow me to speak. I simply communicate two words with my eyes: “Do it!”

You take my head into your mouth, rolling your tongue around it, humming against it. Then you take my cock deeper, trying to deep throat me, but I’m too big. You slowly work your mouth up and down my pole like a fleshy lollipop, coating my erect member with your delicious saliva.

Eventually, you take your mouth away from my cock and motion me to move behind you. You sit in my place and reach for a bottle of shaving gel. You squirt out a little of the gel and coat your bush with the cream. You look at my face filled with wonder and explain, “I need a clean-shaven pussy before it can be licked. It gets messy down there with the hair and they can get prickly against your face.”

You reach for a razor, put it in my hand, and help me run the razor down one side of your mons. I’m secretly grateful for the help; I would have been too afraid of cutting your most sensitive regions. Slowly, you help me shave your pussy until no hair is left. You smile and compliment me on a good job.

I rinse your fresh-shaven mound with some water to get the rest of the gel and the hair off and then I kneel before you and rub the top of my tongue against your hot slit. You start moaning loudly again as my tongue explores between your legs, licking here, sucking there, kissing another place. I lick your clit hard as I slide two fingers inside you, your vaginal muscles pulling tightly against my fingers. My hard breath against your crotch makes you pussy melt as you nearly gush juices from deep inside you.

I switch and start rubbing your clit against as I roll my tongue and use it to penetrate your folds. You moan uncontrollably canlı kaçak bahis as my tongue explores inside your vagina, and you come again very hard, hot juices rushing against my tongue like a waterfall. I savor your delicious taste; it’s like nectar of the gods.

I reach up and kiss you and our eyes communicate that it’s time for more. Our need for each one consumes us like a raging forest fire, out of control and burning everything in its path. With no words spoken, we fly out of the shower and over to your king-sized bed.

We fly onto the bed and you stretch your legs wide open. I move up to you and thrust my cock inside your anxious hole, thrusting hard. I start moaning and making guttural moans as I fuck you as hard as I can. It’s so hard it almost hurts, but you wanted the rough pounding from me more than anything.

You moan and scream louder than ever as my dick thrusts all the way inside you, my body hitting your pubic bone with each thrust. I want all of you, as much as I can get, right now. My hands massage your tits again, pinching your nipples hard, as you reach down and stroke yourself hard as I move in and out at great speed like a massive piston.

You pull back just long enough to move onto all fours, urging me to pound you from behind. I immediately pounce upon your pussy and go back to thrusting as hard as I can. I start smacking your ass, lightly at first. But the spanking makes you even hotter, and you scream for me to give it to you harder.

I smack your ass harder, eventually slapping so hard that my smacks can be heard downstairs. I keep thrusting myself in and out so hard that my legs cramp in unbearable pain, but I refuse to lose the frantic pace of our coupling.

Your orgasm builds inside your walls as I feel a massive load starting to rise in my balls. You want me–all of me–inside you, including my milky load of sperm. I try to go harder to deliver my hot load, and suddenly, you scream again in another powerful orgasm.

Your pussy walls crushing against my thrusting cock sends me over the edge with a deep groan, with a tremendous load of semen spurting out of my penis deep inside your vagina. Our mutual orgasm is the most intense moment of our lives; nothing could ever possibly match the experience we’re sharing together. It was like a tidal wave hitting the bedroom.

It was the longest and shortest moment of our lives. Soon, our orgasms faded away, and I regretfully pulled out, flopping on the sweaty sheets beside you. You smile at me and whisper, “That was wonderful.” I smile in reply and take you in my powerful arms for a secure embrace. You reach down to caress my spent cock, coaxing out a last drop of semen. We lay there together, our passion consummated in the most intimate way. Then we kiss gently, then a little harder as you feel my penis rising against your hip again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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