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Her boss always brought her along on these trips to these boring conferences. She knows it is because when he is trying to get a better deal from the sales guy from whatever company, the sales guy (and it is almost always a guy) will be distracted by the pretty part-time receptionist who usually doesn’t do much but answer the very occasional now that everyone has email and cell phones actual telephone call.

It is a pretty good job, and it’s not like he has ever given her anything more than a glance when she has an extra button undone on her blouse as he walks past. Not that she would mind anything more, in fact she’d love it, since she has always had a thing for older guys. She even lost her virginity to the father of one of her high school friends in his home office while the rest of her friends were playing in and around their pool.

Older men is also why she doesn’t mind these boring conferences, because it is truly a buyers market for those like herself who are on the hunt. Plus if she plays her cards right the petty cash she was given to book herself a cheap motel room can be spent elsewhere. She discovered that on the first conference when she realised she hadn’t spent a single night in the room she’d paid for. Sometimes she spends the whole conference in one bed, sometimes she goes for variety, especially if the reason the man isn’t getting as much sex as he’d like at home is because he isn’t any good at it.

There was that one time where the older man she’d found was sharing his room with another man from his company who was also looking for some extra-marital fun. That time she learned that as much fun as it was, getting double penetrated every night for a week makes you a bit sore.

Now you’d think that finding a guy in this situation would be pretty easy, but most of the men at these conferences are actually happily married. Plus the ones that aren’t have a habit of being kept on a short digital leash by their jealous wives. It really kills the mood when he stops in the middle of eating your pussy to have a ten minute call from his wife that he “has to answer”.

Luckily, she has developed a system for ensuring that she doesn’t waste time flirting with someone who isn’t going to be into it. A system that she has developed over many of these various conferences she has been taken to. It is a pretty simple system too.

Just look at their hands.

More specifically at their ring finger. Most men who are on the prowl at these events either leave their ring off, leaving a subtle tan line even if they spend most of their week at a desk. Or they keep playing with it, fidgeting with it like a cat trying to get rid of their collar.

It was the third or fourth conference when she ended up in the hotel bed of one of these fidgeters and she got a chance to ask why he did it. He explained that it reminded him the wife he was thinking of cheating on, plus many women didn’t like the idea of being just “the other woman” so if a guy had a wedding ring he was off limits. She asked why he kept it on then, and he said he’d seen other guys get called on it by their workmates, and he usually travelled with someone who was a friend of his wife and he didn’t want to get caught.

So while her boss is taking her around the stalls in another anonymous and interchangeable hotel conference room, and the stall holders are looking at her chest, she is in turn looking at their hands. Glancing down, checking them out, and logging their faces for later when she will hopefully see them at the hotel bar.

That is almost always where they are, because they’re important salesmen and can have all the drinks billed to their room, and in turn to their company. The companies have no problem with this because they know that just as many deals are made after dark in the bar as are made under the glaring fluorescent lights on the conference floor.


A deal is exactly what she is looking to make as she enters the bar. She is wearing the same basic light pink blouse and black skirt as before, but the blouse has been unbuttoned even more. Now instead of just a hint of cleavage, you can see the top edges of her lacy white bra cups. She has found that any guy who is into her will notice her better this way, also it means she can get away with just using a large handbag for luggage. Walking around the conference and bar with a roller suitcase would raise too many eyebrows for her to be comfortable.

She gets to the bar and orders a gin and tonic. She knows it will just be cheap gin, but these hotel bars almost never have anything better and if they do then they charge way more than she thinks is reasonable. As the bartender mixes her drink, she casts her eyes around the room to see if there is anyone she recognises. As always she doesn’t see her boss, she assumes he just gets room service and spends all night on the phone to his wife and kids or something like that.

She also notices a guy from one of the first stalls they visited this morning. She can’t remember what company he was canlı bahis from, or even what they really did. Was it IT services? Security systems? Paper? It doesn’t really matter because all she cared about was his ring tan. He would never be mistaken for a superhero, but she has found that the younger and fitter the guy is, the less likely it is that she’d have even a single orgasm.

She much prefers having so many that you can’t count them. Maybe it is because the more dad-bod dudes feel like they have to put some effort in, or maybe they just aren’t self-centred douches like the gym bros her friends always chase. Plus some softness can make the cuddling after feel very nice. There is only one thing that needs to be hard, and after she takes her clothes off that has never been a problem.

At this point she realises she is getting distracted thinking about previous experiences, and she should be making sure she gets the next one.

She pays, grabs her drink, takes a sip and walks in his general direction.


As she walks, she notices that he is watching her. She also notices that he is now walking in a way that he thinks is hiding that he is trying to “run into her”. She giggles at this, knowing that inside every man is still that nervous young boy who struggled to make the first movie. He is not that nervous now, and stops in front of her saying, “didn’t I see you at the conference earlier”. He continues, and she is impressed that he remembers her name and company. She doesn’t remember his, but then she doesn’t sell things for a living.

He reintroduces himself and she spies an empty booth in the back corner of the bar. She says, “there is a booth over there, wanna take a seat?”

He says he does, and they do.


He starts off with some basic small talk about the conference, the usual stuff about how bland and boring it all is. She is talking, not thinking about much more than what she hopes will come later, as she sips her drink. She only pays attention when he asks, “so what do you actually do?” She answers, “in the office I’m just a receptionist, but here I’m just eye candy meant to distract salesmen while my boss tries to get a better deal.”

He laughs, takes a sip of his beer, and says “well I’m feeling pretty distracted right now.” She finishes her drink and then giggles as she grabs his arm and leans against him in the booth. She playfully asks, “so what are you selling?” and he replies, “actually I was about to do some distracting of my own, since your drink is looking empty. What are you having?” “Gin and tonic, and I thought you were off the clock right now?”

He gets up, and says just before he heads to the bar, “you know what they say, always be closing.”

As he walked away she thinks, if this goes right she won’t be closing, she’ll be opening. Her legs that is. She bites her top lip lustfully as she watches him at the bar.


When he gets back, she thanks him for the drink and takes a sip. This is much better than what she had before, he obviously paid the extra price for something from the back bar. Tastes like Hendrick’s to her, and she realises he really is trying to close this deal. She slides right up next to him on the bench, feeling his trousers against the skin of her leg.

“Very nice”, she says after another sip. “Hendrick’s?” “Yeah, I used to work at a bar just like this when I was at college, and I know the kind of cheap swill you get if you aren’t specific.” He continues, “plus I think a lovely lady like you deserves the good stuff.” He takes a decent swill from his beer, something darker and classier looking than the basic pint of lager he had before. He’s really trying to impress me she thinks until she is distracted by a cold wet touch on her knee. His hand, a little damp and cold from holding the beer is now resting on her knee. At this she feels a much warmer wetness spread not far from there in her lacy white thong.

She looks up from her knee, and stares into his eyes for a second. This is going very well, she thinks. She is about to say something, but completely forgets what it was as his hand starts to lightly stroke just above her knee. She pulls her lust filled thoughts together and purrs, “I’m feeling pretty distracted” and he laughs. His hand then slides just a little further up her thigh, so now his hand is rubbing against the bottom edge of her skirt.

They both quietly sip their drinks, both enjoying what his hand is doing under the table, until she notices that her drink is empty again. Also her body is telling her that she needs to do what you need to do after you finish a few drinks. She excuses herself from the table and heads to the ladies room.


She is sitting on the toilet, having emptied her bladder and wiped herself clean. She looks down and sees that there is a distinct damp patch on the crotch of her thong. I must be wetter than I thought, and then slips the tip of her finger between her labia confirming that thought.

Part of her is tempted to do more with bahis siteleri her finger, and she can feel a familiar heat rising within her. Then she has an even more salacious thought, maybe his finger could be doing something to her instead? His hand was already beginning to journey up her thigh, maybe he’ll continue when I get back to the booth. Plus it was dark and in the back corner, it’s not like anyone would notice.

She reaches down to pull her thong back up when she considers that if he does want to do anything to her when she is back at the booth, it will just get in the way. She really hopes he will do something. Also if he feels that she isn’t wearing any panties that might just encourage his fingers to do what she wants them to do.

She takes the thong, balls it up, and shoves it into her handbag.


When she gets back to the booth she is more than a little dejected at first. He’s gone. She looks around and see that he is on his way back to the booth with another G&T for her. She slides back into the booth, and he joins her.

She tastes it, and notices that it is a little stronger and definitely not Hendrick’s. She looks at him inquisitively and he says, “while you were, ahem, distracted, in the booth before I noticed a local gin on the top shelf of the back bar, how is it?” “Powerful”, she replies, “but very tasty.”

She has another sip and then puts the glass down. “Talking distracting”, she says with a hungry tone and then she snuggles up against him, puts his hand back on her thigh and then pushes her leg into his spreading her thighs a bit more apart. He takes the very not subtle hint and begins stroking her thigh, pushing her skirt up an inch or so from where he was before.

If she had been wearing stay up stockings he’d be stroking just above the lacy tops of them she guesses. She wonders if he is close enough to feel the warmth she assumes is emanating from her naked pussy. She turns her head to look at his face, but then is forced to nestle her face into his shirt to stifle a moan as his fingers find her wet lips. He laughs at this, and says “it seems my distraction techniques are working.” All she can do is nod in response as his fingers rub up and down, her mind drowning in licentious feelings.

She grabs her drink and ends up swallowing a good chunk of it as two of his fingers slide between her wet folds and into her tight passage. She puts it down and stifles a moan as the fingers begin to curl upwards, caressing the top wall of her pussy over and over.

She feels the energy building inside her, she is going to cum, and fast. This guy is even better at this than that she is, and she has lots of practice. She snuggles even closer to him, burying her head into his chest. Hopefully it just looks like two people cuddling in a booth to anyone who might glance over, but frankly she is so horny right now she doesn’t care about anything over than his fingers getting her off.

She knows she is so close.

She hopes no one hears her.

His thumb starts flicking the tip of her swollen clit.

She convulses against him, his chest absorbing any noise she may have made.

She slumps back against the booth, panting.

He looks very pleased with himself.

She looks over at him, “I’m sure you have other ways to distract me up in your room?”

He smiles wickedly, finishes his beer, and says “So have I closed this deal?”

“Oh yes,” she says, “and you win something much better than a Cadillac Eldorado”.


They are alone in the elevator. They kiss like horny teenagers, their tongues tangling, their lips pressing hard together. That isn’t the only thing that is hard as he thrusts and grinds into her. They only disentangle from each other when the voice from the speaker announces that they’ve reached the correct floor.

He hurriedly pulls her by the hand down the hallway and around the corner.

They reach his room and he sticks his hand into one of his pockets looking for the keycard that will unlock the door. She says with a naughty glimmer, “I’ll help”, and slides her hands into the two back pockets of his pants. She squeezes his firm cheeks, and then her left hand slides around into his front left pocket. She doesn’t even feel for a card, she just strokes his rock hard member through the material of the pocket and moans.

He finally finds the card in his pocket, she was distracting him after all, takes it own and taps it on the pad to unlock the door. It beeps happily, and the lock clicks open. She pushes against him, her rock hard nipples digging into his back, and the door opens.


The door swings wide and he hurries in. She starts unbuttoning her blouse before she even steps into the room. She looks back and forth in the hallway, doesn’t see anyone, so she removes her blouse and playfully throws it at him. It hits him and he turns around, his hands frozen on one of the buttons on his blue business shirt. His eyes are full of fire, and that look fills her with wanton desire. She reaches bahis şirketleri behind her, unhooks her bra, and then lobs it into the room.

He licks his lips as he drinks in the sight of her naked breasts. Her nipples harden from both the cool air-conditioning in the hallway, and the lust swimming in her body. She reaches to her side and unzips the skirt.

It falls to the floor, leaving her naked in the hallway.

She kicks it into the room.

The pure degeneracy of her exhibitionism makes her pussy throb.

He looks at her naked form like a starving man looks at a freshly cooked cut of prime rib.

“Get in here you naughty girl”, he growls.

“Yes Daddy”, she moans as she complies.


By the time she reaches him his shirt is on the floor. They kiss passionately, her soft breasts contrasted against his firm chest. He gives her a light push and she drops to her knees, cushioned by the clothes on the floor.

She reaches for and unzips his fly, reaches in and pulls out his rock hard cock. She teases the head with her tongue, while she unhooks his belt. He gives them a push and his trousers fall around his ankles, leaving him naked.

She pauses and looks up at him. “No underwear?” and he replies, “I hardly ever wear them, they just seem to get in the way.” He moans as she licks her way down the shaft, breathing in the heady scent of his public hair. He moans and then says, “you weren’t exactly wearing any either”.

She flicks the tip of his dick with her tongue, and then says “they’re in my bag, I took them off when I went to the ladies room.” “So you wanted me to finger you?” The last word shifting up an octave as she sucked the whole shaft into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it.

She pulls off and says, “yes, and more”. “More?” he questions, and she says “I came to the bar hoping to find you and wake up in your bed tomorrow.”

He looks at her, and moans as she once again slides his hard dick between her lips and into her mouth. He moans even harder when her nose is once again nestled into his public hair. She then starts slowly sliding her lips up and down his shaft. He reaches down and starts lightly stroking her hair.

She feels his hand and starts thrusting her face faster up and down. The head of his hard cock going back and forth from just inside her lips to deep into her throat. It makes her gag, her mouth filling with saliva and she is in heaven. He feels her moan around him as she reaches down and starts rubbing her clit in tight circles.

He grabs the back of her head, and shoves her back down as he thrusts his hips forward. She makes a sound halfway between a squeal and a wet gagging choke each time her face hits his crotch.

He keeps face fucking her. Getting faster and faster.

He starts wrenching her backwards by the hair before slamming her back down. The pain is so exquisite, the passion building in her body, she knows she will soon have another big orgasm.

She senses that he will too.

He growls again and says “you like being facefucked don’t you baby”. He changes to short sharp thrusts deep in her mouth, and snarls “you love having Daddy’s big dick choking you”. She is moaning, and gagging and screaming, saliva flooding out of her mouth covering the whole front of her naked body.

She realises she can’t breathe, the lack of oxygen pushing her closer and closer to orgasm. She screams as he shoves her hard against him and holds her there so he can’t hear her. He screams “swallow Daddies spunk like a good slutty daughter” and feels her convulsing against him.

She cums so hard she is limp and shaking, the only thing holding her up is his hand on her head and his dick in her throat. He screams again and unloads, his hot wet sperm shooting into her throat and making her orgasm continue with every blast.

He lets her go and she falls to the floor, the last few squirts of semen hit her hand and her pussy lips.

She cums again as she fingers herself with his cum. Her eyes roll back in her head, her body arches and freezes from pleasure and she collapses like a puppet whose strings were just cut.

She lies on the floor, mumbling and moaning, “Daddy’s cum in me, I need all of Daddy’s cum in me” over and over.

He looks down at her limp body, smiles and says “I think that can be arranged”, as he slowly strokes his cock. Still rock hard and ready to go.


He pulls back the covers and then he picks her up off the floor and tosses her onto the bed. She lands with her face on the pillows, her knees on the sheets, her rear end slightly raised. Still twitching and mumbling in aftershocks from her orgasm. He climbs on the bed on his knees behind her and grabs her by the hips, raising her dripping wet cunt so it lightly touches the tip of his cock.

She moans out “yessssss Daddy”, and he asks “what does my baby girl want?”. She turns her head to the side so she can look back at him and says, “I need Daddy to fuck me. I need Daddy to fill me with his hot cum.” Her thoughts are so clouded by this lust that she can’t help but go along with this fantasy. Normally she is very safe, condoms on top of being on the pill, but she already has some of his cum in her so she might as well.

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