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Big thanks go my editor WokeUpOneDay for the effort and work he has put in.

Things are finally getting interesting between Wyatt and Karla. More chapters are coming so keep an eye out for future updates.

Chapter 6

After a gruelling five minutes in the sea I began my climb back up to Karla. She was facing me, her arms propping herself up while protruding her chest forward, no doubt to tease me. I walked to my towel and sat down beside her.

“I see you calmed down,” Karla raised an eyebrow while staring at my shorts.

“Barely. I thought I would be in there for days.” I laughed at my own joke as I lay down on my back.

“Let’s change that.” Before I could react, Karla had shifted with extreme speed beside me, and before I knew it she had straddled my waist.

“What the fu…” I barely got a word out before her lips were on mine, and sure enough my erection returned without hesitation.

My now hard cock was pressing into her inner thigh, desperate for attention. I heard her release a whimper from my touch as I ran my hands over her thighs.

“You know, if there were less people around I wouldn’t be holding back,” Karla said as she rose back up to stare down at me.

“This is you holding back? What have I gotten myself into?” I joked smirking. She returned the humour with a playful smack on my arm.

The sun was shining off Karla’s oily body as I marvelled at her beauty, my stare causing her to blush. “You look so beautiful to me.” I wondered where I had heard that before. I shook the thought away and concentrated on her.

“Flattery will only get you so far Wyatt.”

“Let’s change that,” I said, this time catching her off guard. I launched myself up and wrapped my arms around her, then swung her around and let go so she was lying where I had been. I stayed between her legs for a moment and gazed down at my prey as she looked up at me with excitement in her eyes.

This was not the time for holding back. When someone looks at you like that then you take the initiative and see how far you can take it. I glided my hands down her thighs, achingly slowly to prolong the sensation. Before I reached where she wanted my hands, I dropped so I lay on top of her face to face. Just before my lips touched hers, I parried to the side and kissed her neck. I heard her moan as I continued down her neck planting soft pecks over every inch of her collarbone. Karla rewarded me with more cooing sounds.

“And I thought I was good at teasing,” Karla spoke softly, obviously distracted by my actions.

I didn’t respond as I got caught up in the moment, gliding my lips up her neck continuing my kissing back up to her lips. I hovered again, but this time she wrapped her arms around the back of my head and pulled me in for the most passionate kiss I had ever experienced.

We were lost in the moment; our hands exploring each other involuntarily and our tongues tangled with the kiss never breaking. It wasn’t until I noticed things had gone too quiet before we broke our connection. I turned my head to see dozens of people staring at us. Some were ogling while others looked disgusted, trying to avert their eyes. I looked at Karla and we both burst out laughing.

“Well, that was…” I couldn’t think of the word.

“Interesting?” Karla said.

“I was thinking hot, but yeah. At least we gave them a show,” I gestured to the people returning to their activities as my date laughed.

I rested myself to her side, running my eyes over the woman that drove me crazy. After an hour of sun bathing, general chatter and light kissing, we began packing what little belongings we had together and made our way back to the car.

My heart rate had been pounding all day, but the idea that we would be getting back to either mine or her place soon made it hard for me to breathe. It wasn’t nerves that caught me; it was the process leading up to the inevitable. We were about take part in something I never thought possible: bedding an angel.

After a quick discussion about whose place to go to we decided mine would be best, and before long we were walking through the front door. I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I couldn’t just jump on the woman, could I?

“If you don’t do or say something it’s going to start getting awkward,” I thought.

We walked through the hallway towards the living area and before I could say anything, Karla spoke. “Do you mind if I have a quick shower? I love the beach, but the sand and the oils start to irritate me after a while.”

“Yeah of course. Do you know where it is?”

Karla looked at me with a sultry smile. “I remember, but you better show me just in case.”

In any situation like this you’re very sure that what you think is correct… aren’t you? Is she inviting me to shower with her? Does she want me to throw her down and fuck her brains out right now? Or does she genuinely just want a shower?

“Play it cool and just see what happens,” I thought. Taking my own advice I lead her güvenilir bahis to the bathroom with the big walk-in glass shower. It’s nicer than the other and more room for two if it was what she wanted.

“Thanks boss. I’m just going to quickly wash myself down.”

I immediately pictured it. Lost for words, I nodded and smiled as she leant in and kissed me before biting my lip as we parted. I was yet again standing there in wonder, probably with a goofy grin on my face.

Karla winked and disappeared into the shower room, shutting the door behind her.

I didn’t know what to do next. “Should I walk in and surprise her? What if she doesn’t actually want me in there?” Behind the other side of that door was everything I wanted, and I couldn’t move. Hearing the shower start up I began to imagine how she might look in the shower. “Like a hot, wet, Greek goddess.”

That was when I realised, “She has no towel!” That was my opening! I bolted to the airing cupboard and grabbed two big towels before returning to the bathroom door.

I opened the door and walked forward. Once inside I shut the door behind me, hopefully loud enough so she could hear it. The room was clouded in steam at this point, and all I could make out was the glass wall with a figure moving behind it. Cautiously I moved forward and set down the towels, expecting at any moment to be thrown out, but it never came.

I was about to see her naked, for the first time completely naked! Peering around the side of the glass wall I took in the babe before me. Her back was turned to me with her long, wet, brown hair cascading down her body, nearly reaching the small of her back.

Karla looked at me over her shoulder with lust in her eyes, then turned back and swayed her curvaceous body hypnotically under the warm water.

I completely lost all train of thought watching her sleek body dance enticingly in front of me, and immediately began shedding my clothes. Completely stripped in seconds I took full control of the situation and bolted forward. Before she could turn to me I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her against my strong frame, causing Karla to gasp aloud.

I reached around, tracing my hands up her curves towards her bountiful chest and grabbed hold of both breasts in a fierce grasp, all the while kissing down the side of her neck and enjoying the view this position gave me.

Karla moaned and pressed her peachy rear into my already hard cock. Her breasts were heavy and impossibly soft as they seemed to swallow my hands; her nipples were hard poking into my palms. Karla turned her head to look at me as we embraced in a deep kiss.

We ended our little game of cat and mouse, finally taking what I wanted and embracing my inner desires for the woman that drove my mind crazy. Lustfully touching her felt so natural, like my hands were meant to always be upon her every minute and every opportunity they had. I wasn’t sure how, but I could tell Karla felt the same, as if our lives were connected through some unseen strings being pulled closer together.

Karla’s breathing got heavier as she forced her body closer to mine. She hesitantly stopped the kiss to speak, “I need you Wyatt.”

I needed no convincing as I moved one hand down her body towards my target. As I reached between her legs I slowly circled her lips for a moment, enjoying the wetness I had caused. I pressed one finger inside, achingly slowly to tease the goddess at my mercy. I could feel her movements wanting me to go deeper inside. Much to Karla’s delight, I took full advantage of my position and went deeper, at the same time starting to pinch her nipple just hard enough to test the waters and see what she could take. This rewarded me with a powerful moan.

“Sounds like she likes it a little rough,” I thought.

Pulling my finger nearly all of the way out I heard her moan disappointingly. Then I plunged it back in with a second finger.

“Oh fuck!”

Hearing Karla moan spurred me on as I squeezed her breast and pinched her nipple between my fingers harder. The palm of my hand was grinding her clit as I delved into her depths, each time causing her to shake and moan.

“Oh fuck that feels good!” shouted Karla as I picked up the pace.

Biting and sucking on her neck I continued my assault on her body. My fingers hammered in and out of her tight pussy while my palm ground Karla’s clit. “You’re so fucking hot I can’t control myself,” I whispered into her ear.

Karla’s moans became louder and faster until a quake shook through her body as the first of hopefully many orgasms ripped through her. “FUCK! DON’T STOP! OH MY GOD, DON’T FUCKING STOP!”

I didn’t. I pressed my fingers into her depths as far as I could go, pressed my palm into her clit and pulled on her nipple harder than I had done before. Karla’s body was bouncing against mine, trying to control her orgasm and escape my grasp, but I didn’t let up until I was satisfied. After what seemed like minutes Karla’s orgasm faded as I slowed my touch. I had to hold türkçe bahis her body up for fear of her collapsing on uneasy legs.

“Are you ok?” I asked, half worried that I had taken it too far. Karla’s breathing was heavy and her chest was heaving rapidly. I held her up a while longer, waiting for her to gain strength.

“Yeah I’m ok. I just wasn’t expecting to cum that hard that’s all.”

My ego was hitting new heights hearing that. I was still holding her bust, lightly kneading it in my hands and rolling her nipple in my fingers, not wanting to let go.

She turned her head to look at me with those gorgeous green eyes and soon found ourselves sharing a long deep kiss.

“Ready for the main event?” I hated how cheesy that came out, but Karla smiled as she pressed her own hand against mine, squeezing her globe harder.

“God yes! But be gentle with me, your fingers nearly made me pass out. I can’t imagine how that monster’s going to feel,” Karla said gyrating her rear against my straining cock.

I wasn’t sure it was a monster or not, but her words certainly did wonders for my ever growing ego. “No promises,” was all I replied as I grabbed her hips, threw her to the left facing the glass window and pushed her up against it.

Karla let out a squeal at the sudden movement; I could tell she was excited at my actions. I imagined how her tits would look on the other side of the steamy glass, pressed her up against the wall. I took a small step back, bringing her hips with me and shuffling between her now slightly open legs.

Karla was ready, she wanted me and I wanted her, but I wanted to make this as pleasurable as possible for both of us.

“What do you want Karla?” I asked strongly, reminding her I was in charge.

Karla replied softly, “I want you,” while pressed up against the glass.

I grabbed my raging hard on and placed it at her entrance. Every ounce of my body wanted to drive it home, but I wanted to hear her beg for it. “Tell me what you want Karla!” I spoke louder hoping for the response I wanted to hear.

“Oh god I want you Wyatt. I want your cock inside me!”

Hearing those words come from her mouth was nearly enough for me to pound forward, but I wanted more. “What was that?” I could feel her pushing backwards onto me, hoping to slip my rod inside her wanting pussy, but I held firmly her hips in place where I wanted her.

“Please put you cock inside me!” Her voice was loud and raspy, “God I need you to fuck me. Please fuck me Wyatt, I can’t take it anymore!”

And that’s all I needed to hear. Without hesitation I plunged my aching cock forward into her. Karla gasped loudly as her back arched. Slightly worried it was too much for her I pulled nearly the full way out and pushed myself slowly back in.


It sounded to me like she was enjoying it, so I continued my attack, pulling out and ramming my cock back inside her, a little more and a little deeper with each thrust.

She felt amazing, like nothing I had ever felt before; so tight but so wet that she perfectly grasped my cock as I slammed myself in her again and again.

“Fuck you’re tight. Are you ok?” My words came out louder than I expected.

“Fucking hell yes! I want more so don’t stop fucking me!” She sounded slightly exhausted and I hadn’t even gone all the way in yet.

I could feel Karla pushing back into my thrusts, wanting more than I was giving. I had been holding her hips in place so that I was the one in control.

“You want more?” I teased as I pulled my hard on almost all the way out.

“I want it all! Please Wyatt, I want you!”

Karla was pushing back so hard I had no choice but to oblige her. My strong grip let go of her thighs, causing her to slam backwards onto my cock, which was now completely and fully inside her. It felt unbelievable.

“Oh fucking Christ!” was all I let out.

I opened my eyes to see Karla arching her back, completely silent and fully imbedded on my dick.

The sensation was nearly enough for me to blow my load then and there, but somehow I persevered, pulling myself out and slamming back into her again and again in rapid succession pounding my angel up against the glass. Karla’s moans had become inaudible sounds followed by the odd “Fuck!” She hadn’t gestured me to stop so I took that as consent to continue.

I wanted to see how far I could take it, so I moved my right hand from her hip and grabbed a handful on her luscious brown hair. I pulled her head back and slammed her forward while driving myself deep inside her. It had the desired effect as I felt her body tensing up and relaxing with every pump.

Karla’s body began to quiver; her legs shook and her pussy contracted and grew tighter. She was about to cum! It sent me over the edge.

“Fuck! Karla I’m going to come!”

Karla moaned loudly to my words as I prepared myself, barrelling into her hard and fast awaiting for it to become too much.

Instinct took over and I knew I had to pull out before it was too late. güvenilir bahis siteleri I was on the verge of explosion. I started to pull myself, but Karla pushed off the glass and slammed herself back on my cock as she screamed through her own orgasm.

“Fuck I’m coming Wyatt. Oh my god I’m coming again!”

Her body spasmed and her sex pulsated on my cock, causing me to lose control. I didn’t think, I just acted pulling her back into me and shot pulse after pulse of cum deep inside the beauty.


I could feel Karla still trying to cope with her orgasm as mine subsided and I was able to think clearly again. My dick was hilted inside her as the water poured over our naked, tired bodies. Both of us out of breath and stuck for words I made the first move. Pulling myself clear from her I took a step back. Exhausted, I stared at my naked sex partner.

Karla took a few moments to come around, but as she leaned back up and turned to me I couldn’t help but marvel at how gorgeous she still looked. She had taken what I would’ve called “a true pounding” and still looked amazing.

“Are you ok? I didn’t hurt you did I?” I managed to say between breaths.

“God no. That was, amazing!” Karla spoke as she stepped in front of me.

She gave me a peck on the lips and then nestled herself into my chest, unintentionally poking her hard nipples into me. I wrapped my arms around her as she did the same. Never had I felt so close to someone.

We both remained in our embrace for several minutes before washing our bodies down, each taking it in turns to wash the other. I couldn’t help but pay extra attention to her, secretly not wanting to let go of her in fear of it being the final time.

Finally clean, we stepped out of the wet room with our towels wrapped around us and made our way to my bedroom to dry off. Karla walked in and with her back to me dropped her towel to the floor. Her body was so smooth and soft. All I wanted to do was grab, bite and suck every inch of her skin. I lost control and sprang forward, slapping her ass cheek with a mighty smack.

“Ow, you fucker!” Karla spat as she began to chase me around the bed and tear my towel away, pretending it was an accident. “Oops sorry. My hand slipped,” Karla pouted and looked innocent as she looked down at my member. If I hadn’t just fucked her a moment ago then I knew I would have been hard just from her stare.

“Payback time,” I thought as I lunged forward, grabbing at her hips and lifting her into the air. She playfully slapped at my chest as I walked toward the bed and threw her down. She looked vulnerable beneath me with her wide, excited eyes staring up into mine. I lowered myself near her legs and started kissing from her knee to her inner thigh. Stopping before I got too close to where she wanted me, then I would swap legs and do the same. I looked up to see her eyes closed, enjoying my lips touching her smooth legs.

Karla released a few moans along with cooing sounds with every touch. “You’re so bad teasing me like this,” she said not knowing how right she was.

This time on my way back up her leg, I got closer and closer to her sex, mere inches away so she could feel my breath against her pussy. Just before I hit the golden spot, I bolted my hands up her sides and attacked her ribs, grabbing and tickling her as fast as I could.

Karla reacted as I expected and began thrashing about the bed, trying to release herself from my grip. Between laughter, squirming and screaming she managed to free herself and flip over to the other side of the bed.

“So, you’re ticklish then?” I smirked at her.

“You fucker! I was enjoying that,” she said out of breath from the laughter.

“I bet,” I spoke as I jumped across the bed, grabbed hold of her once more and attacked the same spot once again.

Uncontrollably laughing from my touch, she was completely at my mercy. I dragged her onto the bed and raced my hands up her sides, grabbing and tickling her soft spots.

“Stop! Stop! You bastard!” she pleaded between laughs.

After a few unrelenting seconds I eased off and held her in my arms. We lay on our sides staring into each other’s eyes, our bodies once again wrapped around each other with our legs intertwined. A stray strand of hair had draped across her face so I moved it behind her ear. “She’s amazing,” I stated to myself.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked softly.

“Mostly about you.”

My words made her blush. “And what about the rest?”

In truth I was only thinking of her but now had to make something up. “How I’m going to control myself around you at work.” I hadn’t actually been thinking that, but now that I had mentioned it, it did worry me.

Karla laughed and smiled at me. “I think controlling myself, is going to be harder.”

She was so amazing, strong, exciting and gorgeous, inside and out. “I never thought I’d ever find someone like her. What did I do right?” I asked myself.

We lay there, completely naked for what felt like hours, enjoying the company and closeness. My hand glided down her curves towards her ass, all the while kissing her passionately as my hand made its way down. I grabbed her cheek hard, causing Karla to squeak to my touch.

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