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Big Dick

I love cards. Specifically, card magic. I learned my first card trick when I was 10, and started learning seriously at 15. The thing about cards is, you can show your magic up close and personal rather than far away on a stage. Soon, I started getting attention from my classmates, which was a great thing for a socially awkward guy like me. I may be an amateur but I’m the best card magician I’ve met, and that’s good enough for now. What I didn’t know is, sometimes there can be unexpected rewards to such skills.

Meet my childhood friend, Sarika. She’s 20, and engaged to be married in a month from now. We’re from the same school, same town. Both of us came to Pune for college. The difference is, she got dragged back home within two years because her parents found out about her boyfriend. They had a nice ‘well-settled’ boy from their caste lined up within a week and got her to say yes in a day, without any shouting or slapping.

Did I mention she’s also a little stupid?

But I’m going off track, so let me describe her to all you guys and girls reading this piece. She’s plump in all the right places, beautifully large breasts with an ass so perfectly shaped that half the boys in town had wet dreams starring her. Fair-skinned, a Snow White with killer curves. Her lips are full and red like the strawberries she loves to eat teasingly. And yet, the most amazing thing about Sarika isn’t her figure. It’s her eyes.

Damn, those eyes.

Bright green eyes with flecks of gold, sparkling with playful joy. The second most beautiful pair of eyes I’ve ever seen. Eyes so amazing, you could keep staring into them for hours and hours, getting lost in their depths.

As you can tell by now, I had a crush on her when we were kids, and when we were teens I’m quite sure she wanted me too. But we were already dating other people back then, so we didn’t get involved. Also, I thought she was a little stupid.

I was a fairly innocent guy till a year ago, so I didn’t try to take advantage of her. Besides, our town is too small and gossipy to sleep around without getting caught.

And now we come to the actual story.

It was a rainy, foggy, September afternoon. I was at Sarika’s house alone with her, listening to her talk about her fiancé. We were in her bedroom, sitting up against the wall and sharing a blanket and a cigarette to avoid the cold. She’s stupid, but even she understands that she’s not in a good situation. Her boyfriend ditched her immediately when she told him about her engagement, and her friends were siding with him. As she droned on and on about her sad life, I found myself thinking, “What the fuck am I doing here?”

See, by now my ‘friendship’ with Sarika was limited to being smoking- and drinking-buddies in a town full of orthodox old people. canlı bahis Yes, she’s an old friend and yes, we have fun sneaking out and getting high once in a while, but that’s that. We barely knew what was happening in each other’s lives. But still, it would be rude to leave, so I stayed. I was waiting for a phone call for a business meeting later.

To survive the boring conversation, I found a pack of cards she had and started practicing my tricks. I performed a few basic tricks for her, guessing her selected card and showing it in a few different ways. She was blown away. “Show me more, Omkar,” she said excitedly.

Then I showed her a trick called the Jacks’ Party. It’s a fun trick, where I show the audience all the face cards and shuffle them properly, and then separate them out in stacks without any effort at all.

It’s a simple self-working trick that any ten-year old kid can do. But to those who don’t know it, it can be quite awe-inspiring. So when I showed it to Sarika, she began strangling me to tell her the secret.

“I’ll never tell you the secret,” I choked through the grip she had on my throat. Yeah, she actually was strangling me.

“Tell me, Omi! I need to know!”

So, for those who don’t know this, there’s a thing called the Magician’s Code. It’s an unwritten rule among magicians that you must never explain a trick freely to a non-magician.

“You’re not a magician, darling. I can’t tell you how it’s done.”

She had rolled onto me, sitting on my torso as she tried to get a hold on my neck. Her hair fell forward onto my face, tickling my nose. I thrust my hips and threw her off, getting her under me this time. She was laughing, her breath getting heavier with the effort of pushing me off. Her full breasts were just around my crotch, and junior Omkar was waking up. It was fun wrestling with her. Any physical and exciting activity can lead to a lot more exciting physical activities, if you know what I mean.

She slapped me in the face, giggling, and I replied by caressing her neck. In a few moments, I could see the effect it was having on her. Her nipples were standing to attention, visible through the T-shirt she was wearing.

Eventually, we both got tired and stopped fighting. She was lying down across my body, her head resting on one side of my torso and her legs on the other. Her shorts had ridden up to reveal most of her creamy curvy thighs, her panties just out of reach. Her face was flushed, her breath heavy from the effort. My dick was rock hard by now, and I tried my best to keep it from touching her.

“Ok, ok, I see how much you liked the trick,” I said.

“There is one way I can tell you the secret.”


“You’ll have to give me something in return,” I replied slyly winking. Before she understood bahis siteleri what I was implying, I went on to explain how I could not teach her a trick freely, but I could do so if she could give me something in return. At this point, I was just making things up.

“Ohhh, I think I know what you mean,” she said, winking.

She got up, went to the kitchen, and came back with a full bar of Cadbury Silk. I almost slapped myself in the face.

“Well Sarika, I love chocolate,” I said, holding her hand before she handed it to me. “But it’s not what I want.”

Her face fell, disappointed. “But if not chocolate, what can I give you?”

I pretended to think deeply. Then I looked her straight in the eyes and said, “How about a kiss?”

She didn’t reply for a few seconds. “What?” she asked, as though she hadn’t heard me clearly.

I quickly replied, “Only if you want to.”

She was shocked. She said, “I’m shocked.”

Then she was quiet for a few seconds. “You mean on the lips, right?”

“Yes, Sarika, on the lips.”

My heart was beating like a drum now. Did I do something stupid and get in trouble, or did I do something stupid and win the lottery?

“Ok,” she said.

I was almost shivering as I smiled and said, “Deal” and explained the workings of the trick to her. Both of us knew by now that the trick is just an excuse. Finally, she could perform it correctly and she put down the cards grinning ear to ear.

And just then, I got a phone call from my dear father. “Omkar, I want you to come to the office right now and get the papers from my desk. Quickly, the meeting starts in half an hour,” he said, and hung up.

I knew I couldn’t ignore my father, because today was an important meeting that I had to attend along with him. I also knew that if I let this chance go, I wouldn’t be able to get Sarika again. So I did the logical thing.

“So,” I said, giving her a wink. “Where were we?”

She started giggling shyly, “Nowhere, and you’re getting late for that meeting.”

“Oh, but what about the deal we just made? After all, you did say you wanted to kiss me.”

“Hey! I never said I wanted to kiss you.”

I started stepping closer to her, my heart racing even as I put on the bad boy act, “But you do want to kiss me now, don’t you, Sarika?”

She shook her head, saying “No” even as she maintained eye contact with me smiling at the playful flirting.

Our faces were up close, my lips just millimetres away from hers.

“You’re beautiful, Sarika,” I said, looking into her eyes as i brought up a hand to hold her face lightly. I closed my eyes for the kiss getting my lips closer, but not actually touching yet, waiting for her move.

She closed the distance, softly touching her lips to mine. I felt like bahis şirketleri I was kissing rose petals. I went in again, kissing the corner I her mouth while tracing a finger along her jaw, letting it go from her chin to the back of her neck. I dug my fingers into her lush curly hair, my other hand around her waist.

And just as she was getting into it, I let go and said, “All right, I got my kiss. See you tomorrow then.”

She stood there confused and turned on, unable to decide what to do. I picked up my jacket from the chair and turned to face her.

Finally, she realised what I was trying to do. She was now looking at me with anger shining in those eyes. I guess I overdid the teasing. Oops.

She ran at me, grabbing my head with both hands as she kissed me furiously. I put my arms around her, lifting her up as her smooth legs wrapped around my body. My phone rang somewhere, I completely ignored it. I lay her down on the bed as we continued kissing, enjoying the raw sexiness of the moment. Two friends knowing that this is not love or any other drama, just pure raw lust.

I kissed her upper lip, marvelling at the juicyness of it as I traced my tongue along it. She’d put on some strawberry flavoured lip gloss that I could clearly taste. I could smell her musky aroma, the scent turning me on even more. My tongue technique drove her even crazier, she almost drew blood as she grabbed my lips with her teeth. The main thought running through my head was, why don’t people talk more about kissing? It was so erotic, I was halfway to orgasm by the time we were done.

My phone rang again, and this time I couldn’t ignore it. I received the call, said, “I’m on my way,” and went back to Sarika for round two. She rolled onto me, sitting on my torso as I ran my hands down and grabbed her spankable ass, squeezing it as I kissed her. She tried to take off my hands using one of her hands, but gave up within moments and grabbed my hair, kissing harder than before. I knew I could take things further, but also that it wasn’t the right time.

Fifteen minutes later, we were both out of breath and temporarily satisfied. My lips were raw, I could feel them burning slightly.

“You need to leave,” she said. I understood. As I was leaving her house, I turned and said, “I have more tricks to teach. Maybe the next time you’re home alone?”

She looked at me, smiled, and said, “Let’s see, stud.”

As the door closed, I felt the sheer excitement of what I’d done hit me. I had just made out with a girl engaged to someone else. Instead of feeling guilty, I felt like jumping in the air and cheering.

At the meeting, I was at my most confident. The clients were impressed with my attitude, and that made up for me coming late. We shook hands at the end of the meeting, and I led them out of the office. My phone buzzed with a Whatsapp message. It was Sarika.

“My parents won’t be home till Monday, and I’m afraid to sleep alone ;)”

I think I’ll be seeing her again, very soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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