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Before I start with this I just wanted to tell all you readers that this story is 100% true. I’ve changed the names obviously so as no to piss anyone off. Also this won’t be my best work because well I’m not good a writing true stories only fictional ones. Heck I’m not really all that good at the fiction either.

It all started one day when a good friend of mine call me up to go on a boat ride with her and some friends. Jen, just so there is a name, told me to be at her house at 11 am. I was a little late and she wasn’t all that happy with me. I tend to be kinda late for just about everything. Anyway I told her I’d make it up to her with a back massage. She figured that was fair and left it at that. Everyone else was there already and so we headed for the lake where Jen’s boat was. There were 7 of us total. 4 guys, including myself, and 3 women. We had purchased a few 12 packs of beer on the way and by the time we reached the boat on of them was close to gone. I’m not a big drinker so I hadn’t had any. Naturally because I wasn’t drinking anyway I was elected to captain the boat. Taking us out to the middle of the lake we got some of the ski equipment out and we all took turns skiing, again I missed out because I was the driver.

The sun was getting low in the sky and some of the guys wanted to go home because they had dates or what not. Getting back to the docks all the guys but myself and one of the women left.

“So… What now ladies?” I asked.

“Well, there is some sun light left.” replied Jen.

“Ok.” was all I said as I gunned the boat full throttle. Once again back out to the middle of the lake Jen wanted to ski once more before the sun went down. She kept telling me to go faster so finally I did. All it took was one wake and she waxed hard into the water. All the girls were pissed at me thinking it way my fault. Moving up next to Jen she seemed to be in pain.

“What’s wrong?” asked one of the girls.

“My back’s kinda hurting me.”

“Damnit Brad, why did you have to do that?”

“What? I didn’t do it!” I said in my own defense.

“He’s right that wake got me and that wasn’t even from this boat so don’t get on his case.” Jen said agreeing with me. I felt vindicated. After all that the rest of the girls wanted to go home. I was more worried about Jen’s back and didn’t really pay any attention to them.

“BRAD!” on of them finally yelled out getting my attention just long enough. “We want to go home now. Take us back to my car!”

“OK, ok.” I replied “We’re on our way.” Once we got back the girls filed out. All except Jen, I looked at her questioningly.

“What’s up?” I asked

“I wanted to go back out an chat for a while” she said.

“Oh, ok then. You sure you ok?” I asked with a worried look on my face.

“Yes, besides you owe me a back massage remember. I think that will do some good all things considered.” I had to admit she had a point. Not to mention I did owe her one massage.

Before I continue I think I should have given you a little back ground info on us. We had one date a month ago, and we both had decided that it wasn’t going to pan out into anything more than friendship. Don’t get me wrong she is a hotty it’s just… well I guess I’ll use the old quote. She wasn’t my type.

Ok moving on, we headed back out to the lake and I opened up my first beer of the whole day. Like I said I’m not big on drinking but I needed one right then. Moving some cushions on the floor of the boat I told her to lay on her tummy. I grabbed the suntan lotion so my hands wouldn’t get tired too quick. Squirting some on my hands I started to work on her shoulders first moving in light circles. Kneading her muscles lightly and moving to her arms.

Once her upper back was covered with a generous amount of lotion güvenilir bahis I started the massage in earnest. The strap of her top was getting my way so I asked if I could remove it. I guess she thought it was a good idea and did it herself before my question was finished. Continuing I really started using my weight and was working the kinks out of her back that had just been put there thanks to the wipe out she had earlier. Light moans were escaping from her lips and needless to say it was having an effect on me. I was just hoping that she wasn’t noticing the umm extra appendage that was now poking her in the small of her back when.

“Is that the bottle?” she asked.

“Umm. No I’m sorry it isn’t.” I couldn’t lie to her.

“Then what…” it finally clicked in her brain what *it* was. “Oh.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just that.. well you were umm.” I was feeling kinda wierded out by this time and *he* started to shrink.

“I was what?” Suddenly she flipped herself around causing her top to come off completely. “Shit!” she covered herself up quickly while I averted my eyes. “Ok you can look now.” slowly turning my head back to her she had replaced her top and was blushing. “I was what?” she asked again.

“You were moaning, and I… it… he… couldn’t help it.” she blushed all the more. “It’s just the fact that me and close contact with a female gets me going. It really doesn’t matter who. Well family excluded of course but you are obviously not family.” it was my turn to blush. “Meant no offence.”

“Oh none taken I assure you. Actually I think of it as a complement.” she said soothingly. “And to be fully honest your massage was having an… effect on me.”


“Well, yeah. I didn’t expect it too. I just wanted to get rid of the tightness I was feeling in my back. Which you took care of quiet well I must say.” she said while stretching her back. I didn’t say much for a while. Finally we started talking about nothing in particular. I opened my second beer and we continued our conversation. Eventually it turned towards sex once again. The next thing she said floored me.

“I’ve never been gone down on.” I looked at her dumbfounded.

“No way. I can’t believe that someone that’s as gorgeous as you has never had the pleasure of being given oral sex.”

“First of all, I’m not *that* good looking and secondly believe what you want but that doesn’t change the facts.”

“Well I will believe what I want and I believe that you are a beautiful woman if I want. The funny thing is I’ve never been given a blow job so I guess we are even.” see just kinda stared at me for a second. I decided to lean back and look at the stars for a moment. We were quiet for about five minutes when she said something I still have a hard time believing.



“If I ask you for a favor could you not laugh at me?”

“Umm, well I know I won’t laugh. Besides I’m good at favors.” if I knew then what I know now I don’t think those would have been my exact words.

“Really? In that case I wanted to know if you would be willing to go down on me.” she said so point blank that I was speechless for a moment. “Brad?”

“I’m sorry, I’m hear. I just wasn’t expecting that. I would be happy to. I dunno how good I am but I’ve had no complaints.” I finally replied. “Let me start off with a massage since that got you going to begin with.”

“Sounds great.” she said with a huge smile. Once again I grabbed the lotion and started my massage only this time I started at her feet. Working slowly up I concentrated on her calves for a short while then moved up to her lower thigh.

“Could you remove your top and bottom for me?” once again they were off before I could finish. I kept having this recurring thought that maybe she had planed türkçe bahis this. I’m still not sure to this day. I had to take a moment to look her over. My GOD she what hot. I don’t know why I didn’t think she was my type. She’s every man’s type. Finally remembering what it was I was supposed to be doing I moved passed her bush and worked on her upper body. I slowly massaged her front careful not to touch her breasts I think they are C’s I’ll have to ask her some day. Moving down along to her navel I moved in circles around her belly button.

She giggled a little at this and I moved on. Massaging is one thing tickling is another. I concentrated on her ass, which was kinda hard considering that she was laying on it, but I made due. Once again moving past her crotch I massaged the inner and lower thigh, a moan came from her lips again. I was already standing at attention by this time. I mean what strait guy wouldn’t be. I moved down to her calves once again but paid little attention to them and moved on to the feet. I gave them one of my best massages I could think of. A slight kneading with a sliding action. This got her squirming a bit. I wasn’t sure if it was turning her on more or if it was tickling her until I looked at her face. It was showing nothing but pure pleasure. “A foot person huh?” I thought to myself.

“Keep your eye shut please.” I said in the most soothing voice I could muster. As quietly as I possibly could I moved myself up to her breasts and lightly tweaked her nipples. That produced a gasp and a moan from her. I put my hands on her fully and moved them in circles once more. She seemed to have a constant moan now. “Ok a tit person too. Well I don’t know of a woman that doesn’t like to have their tit’s played with.” I thought. Without really massaging I moved my hands down to her stomached past her crotch once again and massaged her inner thighs. Except this time I didn’t move down any further. Moving her legs apart and traced the outside of her pussy caused and expectant moan from her. I knew she was ready but I wanted her to enjoy every second of this. Hey a first time should be special, yes? Taking both hands I pried her outer and inner labia apart. Oh my GOD the size of her clit almost scared me. It had to be about the size of the tip my pinky finger, and about 1/3 of an inch long. I was mesmerized by it. I knew I wasn’t going to last long just looking at it, but wanting to make this last I used my index finger and traced a circle around it (are you beginging to notice how much I like circles?) this caused a loud moan.

“Oh my God I’m gonna cum soon!” I was surprised she was able to say that much intelligibly. “I’ve never been this close to cumming so soon with my boyfriend.” BRAKES!! Boyfriend?! Talk about your erection killer. “Oh no don’t worry I broke up with him before I met you.” Ok green again hit the gas. I traced the inside of her pussy lips and slowly pushed a finger in. “Um as much as I’m enjoying this. I was hoping for a little tounge action.”

“Oh don’t worry, that’s coming soon enough.” I said. “Like right now.” I thought to my self. I figured what the hay and dove in. My first reaction was WOW! She tastes sweet. She must have cleaned up or something. Of the three women I’ve eaten out, not including Jen, one tasted sour, one tastes salty and the last was just plain nasty. This only added to my thoughts that she might have planned all of this. My finger still in her I started on her lips. Being *very* careful not to hit her fully exposed clit. I don’t know if it can be covered when she’s aroused. I put my tounge into her next to my finger and she started moving around making it hard for me not to touch her clit. I moved my finger and tounge alternatly in and out so that she was filled with something at all times. She was really güvenilir bahis siteleri starting to moan loudly again and I knew it was almost time to go nuts on her clit. I heard her breathing change and put two fingers in her and removed my tounge only to put it fully on her clit. I wraped my lips around it as well and as I pumped my fingers in her faster I twisted them like I read once on this site. She gasped and her legs started twiching. I sucked hard on her clit while flicking my tounge on it hard. If it weren’t for the size I don’t think I could have done that. She let out a yell that I swear everyone on the lake heard. “Fuck it” I tought and continued in earnest. I moved my fingers with blinding speed and used my other hand to slowly push a finger into her back door. Once the tip enter she not only yelled all the more but her hips bucked so much my mouth almost couldn’t hold onto her clit. Her breathing was ereatic and her movments were no longer holding any rythem. I could feel her vaginal walls clenching and unclenching when suddenly I was litterally sprayed on from god knows where. At first I thought it was piss but then I realized that she was squirting on me with her pussy juice. I’d never seen it before but I’d heard about it. She still didn’t seem to be stopping and she was begging for me to stop my menstrations. I think if I continued she wouldn’t have stopped orgasming. I pulled my fingers out of her but kept my tounge on her clit to carry her through a few after shocks as I like to put it. Slowly she returned to reality. When I looked up she had littlerally been crying or something and I thought I had hurt her. I picked myself up and looked at her concerned. She however smiled and just sat here. I don’t know if she could even talk anymore. I had no idea I could do that to a woman. I think reading all these stories had helped. My thanks goes out to Tawny T for one. She taught me the twisting of the fingers in her stories. Anyway back to Jen, when she finally caught her breath.

“WOW!” was all she said for a moment. “How did you *do* that?”

“To tell you the truth I’m not entirely sure myself. I had no idea I could do that, or that think with the squirting.”

“Well I’ve never done that before. I didn’t know I could. I had a friend that said she could but I didn’t believe it was possible.”

“Remind me next time to get a rag. Oh and by the way, you were absolutely scrumptous. I’ve never had a woman taste sweet before.”

“Oh, well that is because I clean myself regularly.” I actually felt dissapointed that this wasn’t all some sort of plan to get me to do this. Then I remembered that regardless I just did get to do this. Thats when I noticed that my erection was actually getting painful. I squirmed in my prone possition and sat up. She saw the tent my poor dick was making and frowned. “Oh I’m sorry did I forget to do something?”

“No, really not necicary.” I said half heartedly. Hey I am a guy give me a break. After all I just did for her do you think I didn’t want a little attention myself? But since I’m not too into telling about my own pleasure I’m gonna just say that my first blow job will always be unforgetable. I hope it won’t be my last. Oh and we are having our second date this saturday. If anything happens I’ll let you know.

I’m even thinking about telling Jen about this site so she can know where I’m getting my ideas from. Maybe even get her to write about the same experince from her point of view. Again I have to thank Tawny T for her info. I don’t know if it made the difference or not but hey what does it matter. She came like I’ve never seen before and that was the only thing I did different. Well that an the size of her clit is unbelieveable. I just wanted to take a quick second to say I’m sorry for the horrble spelling. I couldln’t spell my way out of a paper bag. Also if my grammer is off to I’m sorry about that. I just don’t like to take the time to run it through spell check. Ok bye for now. Hope you enjoyed the experience as much as I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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