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She was tall, athletic and confident in her abilities to pick up any man. As an executive for an accounting firm, she travelled a lot. She did not like the many planes and seemingly identical hotels. But she had been successful and had advanced the career ladder in her firm. And travel was the price to pay.

What she did like about travel was the unlimited opportunities that hotel bars provided her with. On a usual night, she would place herself at the bar and survey the surroundings. Unattached men were best for her purposes. They were not ridden with guilt when they were fucking her. All that guilt usually caused men to come prematurely or be so panicked about their wives finding out that they could not get it up at all.

Usually, she would quickly settle on a victim, approach him by establishing eye contact and flirt a little across the room. Things would progress quickly after a few drinks. They would go upstairs to his room – always the man’s room because she wanted to be able to leave – and fuck their brains out. No long conversations or other pretense. Just fucking.

This evening was no different. She walked into the bar of her hotel after a long day of meetings. Her curly hair bounced with every step. Her business suit fit tightly and presented her curves well. Her breasts were held in by a tightly fitting blouse.

The bar was nearly deserted except for a handful of people. She walked through the cavernous space hoping that her arrival would draw canlı bahis some attention. A man in a business suit studied her across the room but then was too shy to establish eye contact.

Sitting down on the long bar, she paused for a moment and then ordered.

“A …”

” … dirty Martini. Grey Goose Vodka please”, a voice completed her order.

She spun around and looked at him. Tall, blond and handsome. She could not have picked any better herself. And he even managed to surprise her. He sat down next to her and within minutes they were engaged in an interesting conversation.

Time passed and she almost lost track of her plans. She had an early morning flight and needed to squeeze in at least a quickie. It had been some time since her last sexual encounter and just getting off by herself was just not the same.

“Let’s just go up to your room”, she said.

He did not need any encouragement. He paid their tab and they were off to the elevator. When the sliding doors closed, she pushed herself against him and kissed him. She could feel his response as he kissed her back. His erection was now noticeable in his thin suit pants. She loved how single minded men were and how their cocks responded so quickly.

His hands explored her body and massaged her breasts. She felt his breath on her neck and she got goosebumps. Her hand grabbed his cock through his pants and squeezed it. He moaned and grabbed her by the ass to grind himself into her.


They bahis siteleri had reached their floor and he quickly guided her to his room. His hands were shaky as he was fumbling with his room key. The room door swung open and they rushed inside.

They were desperate and clumsy. He ripped open her blouse and buried his face in her cleavage. Her bra came undone and his hands pulled down her pants. His suit flew off him, freeing his swollen cock. She fell to her knees and started to suck him.

She could feel how hard and aroused he was. Usually, she liked to have her partners come in her mouth first. That would allow them to last longer later. But she could not wait for his cock. She stood up and kissed him again. He pushed her onto the side table, pulled her panties aside and entered her.

She was tight and wet. He started thrusting with a rapid pace. She felt filled and groaned.

“Yes, like that. You feel great!”

His hand dropped down to her waist and his thumb found her clit. He circled around her sensitive spot and she could feel her climax approaching. Fast. His cock kept fucking her as her orgasm attacked her and took over her senses. She moaned and cried loudly, and he could not hold back any longer either.

“Yes, yes … ahhhh… come with me!”

He held on to the furniture to not fall over. She moved over to the bed and fell onto the large mattress. He followed right behind her and kneeled between her legs. Her pussy bahis şirketleri was wet and swollen. He dove into her wetness and started to lick her with broad strokes of his tongue.

“Oh, my god. Yes … please keep going …”

And he had no interest in stopping. He stimulated her with his nose and tongue, sucking on her clit softly. She bucked under him and he held on to her thighs to keep her in place. She came hard only for him to change up the way he was licking her. He entered her pussy with his tongue and she came again. Orgasm after orgasm washed over her.

Her hand reached down to his cock and she was excited that he was hard again.

“Take me from behind!”, she ordered.

He pulled her up onto her hands and knees. He grabbed her hips and thrust his cock back inside of her. She cried out when he had fully penetrated her.

Fast and hard, he was fucking her now. His balls tightened as he came closer to orgasm. His hand spanked her ass and she gasped. She could feel him harden more as he heard her response. Another slap on her ass and she came again. Squeezing him uncontrollably, he folded over and shot his seed into her.

They then collapsed on the bed, exhausted and out of breath. Totally spent, they drifted off to sleep together.

She was woken by her watch just after 5 am. She collected her clothes that were spread out all over the room. She kissed the man on the forehead.

“Bye, babe. I love you. See you this weekend.”

He smiled and mumbled something in his sleep. She walked out of the door to get her luggage and catch her flight. She had missed her husband so much and could not wait to be reunited with him again in a few days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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