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I write from a UK, United Kingdom, perspective and use local UK English spelling, words, slang, and grammar. It may not translate entirely into North American, but it is worth the effort to attempt to understand the basic content of my stories. So when you critic my work please be aware of the language, spelling, and grammar may be correct for English but not ‘American’ Also you want to consider using common courtesy in your comment rather than full-on savagery. I have always had and will continue to leave the comments open to one and all. I just hope that you will try to respect the good intentions of a writer attempting to entertain you with their story.

The Painter

Tanya Norton was looking at her house decor after visiting a friend’s house and realised it was getting a little shabby and out of date. The wallpaper was perhaps an oldie style than that of the smart new designs. The paint colour was perhaps a little faded and once more not up to the more modern style that was now available. All in all, Tanya was becoming more and more dissatisfied with the state of her own home decor and decided that a new fresh look and design was needed.

Asking for recommendations from her friends and neighbours. Tanya found a home decoration and design company that she liked the sound of. She phoned and made a home appointment with a designer called Jean Wilson. To come and give her an appraisal and some new ideas for the house.

Jean Wilson arrived a few days later and was given a quick tour of the rooms that Tanya wanted re-decorated.

“I can certainly spruce up your home decor Mrs. Norton, I’ll make up some style boards and colour suggestions and get back to you.” Jean Wilson told Tanya.

“That would be wonderful, and the work how does that happen?” Tanya asked.

“We have a list of professional painters and workers that we work with all the time. I am sure one or more of them would be more than able to carry out all the work that is required.” Jean Wilson assured Tanya.

“Sounds like I have asked the right company.” Said Tanya and was very happy with what Jean Wilson told her.

Two weeks later two workmen arrived at Tanya’s home and began the process of removing the old wallpaper and preparing to begin the re-decoration of the rooms on the ground floor of her home. One was a woman called Rachel, with long blonde hair tied back from her face. She was tall too. The other one was a short man, younger and with a mop of black hair, called Billy. He had a shy smile and hardly spoke much. Both of them tore into the work stripping off wallpaper and sanding down wood trim like a pair of whirling dervishes. At the end of the first day, there was a large pile of waste in a huge transport bin parked in the driveway of Tanya’s house.

On day two they both returned, and for a while stood and discussed what would be the best way forward with the re-decoration plans. Tanya listened and joined in with their discussions.

“Could you start in the main lounge area first?” Tanya asked them.

“Sure, that’s ok with us.” Said Rachel who seemed to be doing most of the talking between her and Billy.

“Sure,” Billy said. Tanya noticed he was a sort of one-word sort of person.

They worked steadily and by lunchtime, the new wallpaper was around one wall and looking very smart. Tanya was very pleased with the pattern that the designer Jean Wilson had recommended to her. It took both Rachel and Billy to hang the new wallpaper and Tanya was impressed how bahis firmaları they worked as a team. They just had that knack of anticipating and knowing how and where they should both be and what each other was doing. The work progressed smoothly and quickly after a short lunch break and the paper hanging was completed before the end of the day. The new decor design was really taking shape right before Tanya’s eyes.

On the third day. Billy arrived on his own. He was to begin the painting. Tanya tried to have a conversation with him but his one-word answers were not going to make any long exchanges between Billy and Tanya. So she left him to work away on his own.

Just after lunchtime. Tanya heard a shout-out and then a thump and the sound of things landing hard onto the floor. She rushed into the room where Billy was working and found him rolling over and a pot of paint spilled and splashed across the plastic coverings.

“Are you alright there Billy?” She asked in a concerned tone of voice.

Billy just grunted and then slowly stood up from the floor.

“Just slipped off the step. I was trying to reach too far over into the corner with my brush.” Billy explained.

Tanya was a little stunned as this was the longest thing that Billy had said in the several days since she had met him.

“But your ok?” Tanya asked.

“Fine” Came back the one-word reply.

“Your covered in paint!” Tanya exclaimed as she saw the paint running down the front of his clothes.

“Opps!” Came the one-word comment from Billy.

“I will get something to soak that up. You better take that off slowly and drop it onto the middle of the plastic.” Tanya said to him.

“OK,” Billy said and began to remove his overalls.

“Maybe have a shower upstairs,” Tanya suggested as she used a roll of paper towel to soak up the paint.

“Are you sure?” Asked Billy.

“Go, go, I’ll manage this,” Tanya said and told him to go.

Billy just in his tee-shirt and shorts went upstairs and found the master bedroom and the shower room off it.

As Billy took off his clothes and went into the shower. Tanya was just outside the door. She spied on Billy and as he was stripping off his clothes and entering the shower. She slipped into the bedroom and gathered up his clothes and took them away. Then she returned to once more spy on Billy in the shower. Watching his naked body as he soaped himself clean. Tanya watched him with a growing sense of lust and desire at his young strong body in the shower. Tanya stared at Billy and she decided to push her limits and take what she wanted from Billy that afternoon.

When he finished showering Billy wrapped a towel around his waist and went back into the bedroom. Standing there waiting for him was Mrs. Norton in just her lingerie. A white bra, knickers, suspender belt, and tan stockings.

“Well, Billy time for you to do a little work for me on the bed,” Tanya said to him and tugged at his towel and pulled it from his body. Leaving him naked in the bedroom.

“But.” Billy began to say.

‘No, ‘Buts Billy, I’m in charge now so you come with me and do as your told!” Tanya told him. She reached out and took hold of his stiffening cock and led him over to the bed and made him lie down on his back. Billy was wide-eyed and a little surprised at what Mrs. Norton was doing with him. He tried to speak but nothing came out of his mouth. So he let her take control of him and he did as she was telling him to do.

Tanya then kaçak iddaa took off her bra, her firm round breasts were released. She took off her knickers and threw them onto the floor. She climbed up onto the bed and straddled Billy and she shuffled forward until her pussy was at his face.

“LICK!” Tanya ordered him.

Billy knew exactly what to do and he began to lick and tease Tanya’s pussy and also her clitoris. She shivered with the touch of his tongue licking at her and she rolled her head back and from side to side as Billy worked away at her sex.

“Oh, that’s good Billy!” Tanya told him. “Keep doing that and stick your tongue into me too!” She told him.

Billy did as he was told and licked and teased her sex as well as sticking his tongue inside her as deep as he could manage. Tanya was now thoroughly enjoying herself and moved her hips in a sexy erotic way so that Billy could keep on sexing her up.

After a long while with Tanya on top and Billy licking at her she became moist and horny for some real hard fucking. She shuffled herself backward and when in position guided Billy’s stiff hard cock between her pussy lips and up inside her cunt. She controlled lowering herself onto Billy inch by inch until he was full up inside her and she began to ride his cock. Moving her hips back and forth so that she could feel the entire length of his cock deep inside her.

Ah! Yes! Ah yes!” Tanya cried out, riding Billy on the bed. The mattress bounced with them both making it easy for Tanya to keep a steady riding rhythm with Billy below her and her on top.

Billy was not un-used to this sort of thing. He had been seduced by several other older women and found that he rather enjoyed being their sexual plaything. Also, Rachel used him for sex too. And together they had fun enjoying each other’s bodies. Mrs. Norton riding him on the bed like this was fine with him. He looked up at firm round tits bouncing about and the feeling of her cunt wrapped around his cock and riding up and down on top of him was wonderful.

Suddenly Tanya began to climax with riding Billy. She cried out and gave a short scream as her orgasm set her off and she went eye-rolling over the edge of her climax and then gave out an enormous sigh and collapsed down onto Billy. He held her in a warm sexy embrace and allowed her to slowly come back down from her orgasm.

After a few minutes, Tanya slipped from his hold onto the bed and Billy got up and went behind her. Lifting her hips up and positioning her onto her hands and knees, Bill then mounted Tanya from behind doggy style and he fucked her slowly at first, bit by bit he went faster and deeper and she began to moan with each thrust of his hips against her.

“You like that Mrs. Norton?” Billy asked her.

“Fuck! Yes!” She managed to shout out between Billy’s thrusts against her body with his cock rammed into her from behind, shagging her like a bitch on heat.

“You want to really fuck Mrs. Norton?” Billy asked her.

“Yes. Really fuck me!” She replied.

Billy then rammed away at her from behind. He banged and banged her, roughly and savagely. She screamed with this rough treatment and was thrilled by the way that meek Billy now seemed to be taking control of her. She was in fact helpless as he ravaged her sexually and made her into a sexual fuck bitch. She was no longer a respectable woman nor a housewife, Instead, she was now just a frantic female fucker…

Billy spanked her bare bottom making her kaçak bahis buck and thrust her hips from side to side and back and forth. He grabbed at her swinging breasts and squeezed them hard and flicked her nipples, making her scream again and again as they both became coupled together in a total sex-fuelled fulfilling way. Both of them wanted the sex to last and never stop. They both lusted and desired each other’s body and the mind-swirling emotions and sensations that they both craved and hungered for. They were a perfect couple. Both wanting each other no matter the consequences or the repercussions of their passionate and lustful fuck.

After a particularly fast and violent bout of thrusting and spanking. Billy pulled out of Tanya and pushed onto the bed on her back. She spread her stocking legs apart and gasping for breath told Billy to fuck her again and make her climax.

“Fuck me! Billy!” She gasped. “Fuck me! Till I cum!” She added looking up into his face as their eyes met in a deep and meaningful way.

Billy mounted her again and this time with a slow determined thrusting he fucked Tanya steadily and relentlessly in order for him to make her climax with him and also for him to climax inside her too. They made love this time around, between them. There was nothing frantic or selfish about the sex between them. It was a mutual pleasurable rhythmic movement of their bodies. They kissed and held each other in a lover’s embrace. The forced and hurried sex of before was now a slow and erotic passion between them both. Each sharing their body with each other and enjoying the slow easy way that they both joined together.

“You’re wonderful at sex Billy,” Tanya said to him.

Billy smiled back at her and replied when he could.

“I aim to please. Mrs. Norton.”

“You certainly please me.” She replied back.

“Will you cum inside me please, I want to feel you cum inside me and make me feel like a woman?” Tanya asked him.

“I surely will, Mrs. Norton,” Billy said.

“Call me Tanya, Billy. Use my name?” She asked him.

“Yes, Tanya. I’ll do my best.”

They moved together like one, a long slow rhythmical fucking, each one matching each other’s movement and erotic touch. They sighed and moaned with each other, enjoying the touch of each other’s skin pressed and moving against each other’s body. They tried to make it last, but the sexual energy that they were making together overtook them both and Tanya began to feel her climax build and Billy felt his balls begin to contract, and then suddenly they both climaxed with each other. A magical emotion and sensation as Billy pumped his sperm into Tanya and she contracted her womb and sucked the sperm deep inside her body. A perfect couple making perfect sex together. The feeling for both of them was sensational. They embraced tightly holding each other with arms and legs wrapped around each other’s shoulders and hips. It was an impressive and beautiful sight.

“Well, this is a surprise!” Came a voice from the doorway.

Both Billy and Tanya jumped and sat up on the bed. There in the doorway was Rachel. Looking at them both.

“Caught the pair of you!” Rachel challenged them both.

“I can explain!” Tanya tried to say but was cut off by Rachel.

“Oh, I bet you could come up with all sorts of explanations…” Rachel said cutting off Tanya.

“The thing is… What am I going to do about it? And what will you do for me to keep quiet about it?” Rachel asked Tanya.

“I… I could explain…” Tanya began but faded.

“Why not let me decided what you can explain,” Rachel said and looked hard at Tanya and at Billy with her arms folded and holding them both sat on the edge of the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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