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Dear readers: I’d like to thank Don Winslow for proofing. I’d like to thank fate for putting me back in touch with Don and a few other author friends from way back in the old days when we posted our stories on the newsgroups. Has it really been 15 years? it must be because my gray hair is getting gray hair. I’d also like thank those who’ve kept reading my stories through the years and recommend that you check out Kimmy Foster’s female domination captions.

I hope you enjoy the story.


“Lexi, can I speak to you privately for a moment?” Being diplomatic was part of being a mom. For her daughter already had a friend over and waiting patiently at the door was a very nice looking boy with a letter on his jacket.

“I’ll be right back,” Lexi told the dark haired bookish girl sitting at the desk in her room. “

“You have a young man at the door,” her mother whispered as soon as the door was closed.

“I forgot all about my date with Ayden tonight!” Lexi said. “Can you wait like ten minutes and come up with an excuse for Kimberly. Tell her is was a family emergency?”

“Lexi, I’m not going to lie for you.”

“Please?” the pretty blond begged with hopeful eyes. “Please…please…please..please. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

It was hard to say no to her daughter in the best of circumstances, and in this case, there were other reasons. “Okay. Just this once.”

“You’re the best mom!” Lexi gave her mother a peck on the cheek and left with the young man at the door.

Kimberly waiting patiently for Lexi. Killing time by doing a few more homework problems for the girl. She was supposed to be tutoring. Which meant helping and explaining, and yet over the years it slowly but surely came to mean doing Lexi’s homework. But they were friends and as Lexi said. “Friends help each other. I help you with things…you help me with things.”

The door opened and it wasn’t Lexi, but her mother. Where was Lexi? That’s what Kimberly wanted to say. Instead she tried to hide the fact that she was doing Lexi’s homework. It was an uncomfortable moment, but it grew even more uncomfortable when the older woman put her hands on Kimberly’s shoulders.

“uhm…” Can I help you? That’s what Kimberly wanted to say, but again the moment passed. She nervously tried to pretend to find something interesting in the open book, but the discomfort grew worse. Where the heck was Lexi?

“You know…” The teenager started at the sound of the older woman’s voice. “… I can remember when you used to hang out with Lexi and her friends. Go out with them. Now you just come over and do Lexi’s homework. What happened to you?”

“I..I’m not doing Lexi’s…I mean..I’m just helping..her..” Kimberly stammered, her face growing warm. The older woman was rubbing her shoulders now and it was making her a little uncomfortable.

“This is difficult. You see, I’m supposed to make up a lie and tell you that Lexi had a family emergency, instead of telling you that she’s on a date with a cute young man with lovely olive skin.”

“Oh..” Kimberly felt her cheeks burn. “Oh.” She’d been ditched. Again. And now she was suffering the additional humiliation of Mrs. Anderson’s pity. “Uhh.. I’m sure she just like, uh…. forgot.” Tears welled in her eyes as she closed the math book and began to shuffled her papers together.

“You didn’t answer my question.” the older woman continued. “What happened to you? If you’d asked me years ago, I’d have thought I’d be beating the boys off of you with a stick, instead of having them show up at my doorstep for Lexi.”

“I ahh….don’t know.” Kimberly said. Wiping away the beginnings of a tear. The truth was hard to hear. There was a time when she …well she’d never been popular like Lexi, but she at least hung out with the popular girls and got asked to dance on occasion.

“Poor thing.” Anne said. “You probably tell yourself that it’ll all change when you go to college, but it doesn’t change. College boys expect girls to have dated in high school. Before you know it, all the nice boys are taken, and you just fall further and further behind.”

Kimberly used her sleeve to dry her eyes. It was like the woman looked into her soul and pulled out her worst fears.

“Or maybe you like girls?” Anne asked. “Is that why you spend so much time doing Lexi’s homework?”

“No…” Kimberly squeaked.

“I see.” The older woman could resist it no more. Her hands traveled from the girl’s shoulders to her breasts. So cute. So pert. Since they needed so little support from her bra, it did little to protect them from an attack from above.

Kimberly gasped and clutched her small peaches protectively. Was this woman..was Lexi’s mom… gay? If so, how was she married…how did she have a daughter? She needed to let this very forward older woman down gently to preserve her friendship with Lexi, but she had no idea how to go about doing so.

“I knew it.” The older woman tutted disapprovingly. “Oh you kadıköy escort poor dear. You are frigid. That’s why you don’t have a boyfriend.”

“I’m not…I’m not frigid,” the petite girl stammered, now back on the defensive once more.

“Then prove it.” Anne said. “Simply put your hands back on the desk.”

“Uhh..” Kimberly just sat there.

“Frigid.” The word came out as a sneer and cut Kimberly to the quick.

Reluctantly, Kimberly placed her trembling hands on the desk. She felt the older woman touching her collar. Fingers drifting lower. Following the line of her collar. Now traveling underneath. Slowly. Gently. She felt her nipples tighten in expectation. She felt the fingers hover at her bra, touching her sensitive flesh. She began to squirm involuntarily. She felt her nipples tighten. She didn’t want the woman to discover the state of them.

Shaking her head, she twisted away from the woman’s touch and once more clutched her hand protectively over her small orbs. “Don’t.”

“See.” Anne repeated. “Frigid.”

“I’m…not…” A rosy blush traveled spread from Kimberly’s high cheekbones to her chest. She licked her lips. Her mouth felt dry. Her eyes welled as she blinked back tears. “…please.”

“You poor thing… .don’t cry. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings.” Anne patted the younger girl on the head in sympathy, running her fingers through the teenager’s shoulder length, red hair. “And it’s not even like it’s the end of the world, never having a boyfriend….well it is for some. But it doesn’t have to be.”

She whispered the rest into the younger girl’s ear. “You know I used to be frigid too.”

“Really?” Was it true? Was it even possible that this beautiful and confident older woman was once a shy introvert like her?

It wasn’t, but Anne wasn’t one to let a little thing like truth get in the way of what she wanted.

“Yes.” Anne said. “My God, back in high school, I used to be known as the ‘ice queen.” This was actually the truth, but she’d come by the name for an entirely different reason. “I was hopeless…until my aunt helped me.”

“What…what did she do?” Kimberly asked. Perhaps she too could get help from someone. Maybe even her mother…but probably not. Her mother didn’t have a very good track record as far as men were concerned -her dad had cheated on her repeatedly and finally remarried.

“She just helped me learn the ropes,” Anne said. “You see, when you reach a certain age, you can’t exactly go out and acquire 4 lost years of …experience. You’d end up pregnant or with some disease. Even if you were incredibly lucky, you’d end up with a reputation, which may help you …how do you say it now, hook up, but it doesn’t help you with a relationship. You’ve seen how that goes, haven’t you?”

“Yes.” Kimberly had seen numerous, what she considered nice girls, suddenly gone bad – the brief spike in popularity and then the fall from grace – of being labeled slut.

“But you can’t continue on like you are either,” Anne continued, reasonably. “As you just get left further and further behind. Before you know it, you are 50 years old, childless, and living with ten cats.”

Kimberly had a big plump tabby named Dr. Who that she adored. Her face colored more deeply.

“I guess I could help give you some… call it tutoring in the subject; if you want it that is. It hurts to see such a formerly promising young girl in a bad position,” Anne said. “Besides, Lexi is almost always on a date or whatever. What do you say? Do you want my help?”

Kimberly looked up at the older woman, her mind full of images of spinsterhood and cats… “I… uh.. yes, I guess… tutoring? You’d be like… uhm.. tutoring me?”

Anne smiled. “Yes. But it won’t be free, ok? You can pay me the same way I paid my aunt, by helping around the house. Understood?”


“Starting now. Pack up these books and then you can start by -let’s see- how about cleaning and dusting the living room?”

Obediently, Kimberly put away her books and found herself being led to the living room and handed a duster, paper towels, and glass cleaner. She was cleaning the coffee table about an hour later when it hit her…why was she cleaning this woman’s house when she’d never even agreed to be ‘tutored’?

“Eeek!” Kimberly jumped, her hands protectively covering her freshly goosed bottom.

“We are certainly going to have our hands full with you Kimberly,” Anne tutted. “Have you always been so skittish of being touched?”

Kimberly shrugged, cheeks growing red. Truth be told, she’d never really been touched in such a fashion. A touch that felt almost possessive in its nature.

“Get back to it.” Anne pointed at the table. “Don’t dawdle.”

The eighteen year old reluctantly began to clean the table once more, keeping the older woman in kağıthane escort her peripheral vision.

“Is that your solution Kimberly,” Anne gave a rich laugh. “Will you watch your husband like some kind of shoplifter should he happen to be close enough to touch you?”

“No.” It came out as a squeak. Kimberly shook her head, not trusting herself to say any more. She resumed cleaning so she wouldn’t have to answer any more uncomfortable questions. But she knew…she knew that somewhere close behind her, was a forward older woman – who could touch her at any moment. Who would probably touch her inappropriately. Who knew where? Maybe not on her bottom next time. And Kimberly realized that her thighs had spread. Would the next touch be between her legs. Was she? Was being there on her knees with her thighs spread a natural position to be in when cleaning a coffee table? Or perhaps she was begging to be touched…there between her legs.

God. All of a sudden, Kimberly’s insides were all tingly. Why hadn’t she been touched by now? She needed to move to clean the rest of the table. Her nipples had hardened. She could feel sweat drip from beneath her arm pits. She heard the rustle of cloth.

“Oh!” Kimberly raised up, one arm protectively over her breasts and the other over her bottom. Feeling quite stupid of course.

“I didn’t even touch you.” Anne said, whispering in the young girl’s ear. “What did you think I was going to do to you?”

“Uhh..I don’t know. I’m sorry…I’m sorry,” Kimberly stammered, ashamed of her body’s reaction. “I don’t know what got into me.”

I know what is going to get into you, Anne thought to herself. “Don’t worry. I have a few ideas to help with this coltishness of yours on Friday.”


“Yes,” Anne said. “Lexi is going on a date at 5:00. So you come by at 5:15 for more lessons with me. Be sure she doesn’t see you.”

For a moment Kimberly entertained the idea of saying “No”.

Anne saw the girl look down at her feet and her lips begin to open. “Ahhh…” the younger girl struggled to offer an excuse that wouldn’t offend the older woman.

“Is that a bad time?” Anne asked. “We both know you don’t have a date…and won’t…unless some changes are made. Maybe you need to get home to feed your cats?”

Kimberly blushed once more. “No ma’am. I…don’t have a date.”

“Then I’ll see you at 5:15,” Anne said. “Sharp.”

“Yes Mrs. Anderson.”

“Good.” Anne said. “Anything I can do to help. You remind me a lot of me you know.”


What am I doing? Kimberly asked herself. Why had she driven to Lexi’s house on Friday night? Why had she skulked about waiting for Lexi to leave? Why had she driven by the house three times, losing more and more courage with every pass.

I can’t do this she thought to herself. I can’t not do this either. If I don’t do this, how can I bear to face Mrs. Anderson again when I go visit Lexi?

Her phone rang. Kimberly knew who it was from the caller id. Her fingers began to tremble.

“Hello?” Kimberly answered in a tremulous voice.

“How many times do you plan on driving by my house?” Anne asked.

“I was just…ahhh…making sure …you said to make sure Lexi didn’t see me.” Kimberly stammered.

“God you are hopeless.” Anne said. “I’ve counted three times of you driving by. If I was a boy and this was a date, how dumb do you think you’d look right now?”

“I don’t know” Kimberly mumbled, her face growing hot, hating how shy she was.

“Very dumb. Like a little red-headed idiot. So stop fooling around and get in here before I change my mind. You have three minutes.” Anne said sternly, hanging up the phone, and then her red lips forming into a wicked smile. Things were going splendidly so far.

Things weren’t going quite so splendidly for Kimberly. She’d parked, rushed to the door, trying not to be seen and not quite sure why, found herself in the living room, trying to catch her breath.

“Turn around.” Anne said. “Relax your arms. That’s it, now put them right there.”

“What are you doing?” Kimberly was beginning to squirm. She felt like she should say no, but Lexi’s mom was already miffed at her for being late and driving around the block like some kind of frightened stalker. She felt silk on her wrists. Was this some kind of test? Felt it tighten. What – what was happening. She tugged at her bonds, but they didn’t budge.

“Christ girl,” Anne said. “Don’t tug like that, it’ll take me forever to get the knots out.”

“Sorry.” Kimberly stopped her struggles. She didn’t want it to take forever to get the knots out either. She felt powerless and wanted the use of her hands once more. “But can you untie me please?”

“I could,” Anne said, coming around to face the young woman once more. “But then we’d be right back where we were yesterday, with you growing more and more squirmy and frigid with every touch. No, let’s try this awhile.”

Kimberly felt kartal escort her face grow hot. Helpless as the older woman pulled her close. Helpless as fingers reached down and undid the button of her shorts. Even more helpless as her zipper was lowered an inch at the most. Wait. What are you doing? The eighteen year old wasn’t quite sure what objection her mouth was intent to utter, but it was quickly silenced by a kiss that took her breath away.

“See,” Anne purred. “You are doing miles better than you were before. Not much of a kisser, but at least you didn’t try to run away from me. Now get to work and earn your keep.”

“Ooohh!” Kimberly gasped as her bottom was slapped none too gently.

“You can start by doing the wash.” Anne said.

“Yes ma’am.” Kimberly replied, wondering how she’d manage to do any work whatsoever with her hands tied behind her in such a fashion.

The older woman’s nostrils flared. Her plan was going better than she’d ever dreamed. She’d tied and touched her, but more importantly she bossed the young girl mercilessly, getting the girl used to following orders.

“Pick that up. And that. Don’t dilly dally. What are you trying to do Kimberly? You’re not dim are you? Honestly, how on earth do you manage to tutor my daughter, if you can’t pick up clothes? Don’t give me that look. It’s not my fault your hands are behind your back, your silly frigid wriggles are to blame.” Anne ordered. “Use your teeth or you’ll never finish.”

The older woman watched as the young girl stiffened at the thought, ready to protest. Anne did what she always did at such times, rubbing the girl between her legs.

“Unnff” Kimberly moaned, hands tugging briefly at their bonds of their own volition. Her loins growing hot at such forward treatment. She’d been about to protest about something. It was hard to think of what it was. Fingers touching her…drifting lower unzipping her zipper the last inch. What was the last order? Ahh yes, her teeth closed on a discarded blouse tossed haphazardly on the floor. Trying to stand up without the use of her hands was no easy matter. Using her chin, legs akimbo, she lurched in the attempt to find her feet. From there it was a trip to the washer with her one measly garment. Every time she hesitated, she found herself touched intimately or sometimes spanked.

Worse, by now her shorts were falling down. She held them with her hands and wriggled in an attempt to get them back on her hips.

“Oh no dear.” Anne purred. “Is that what you plan on doing with your boyfriends? Making sure they never see your panties? Let them go and go about your chores.”

Kimberly let go, finding herself following orders unquestioningly.

“Now give another of those cute little coltish wriggles you were doing a moment ago.”

Kimberly gave a half-hearted attempt, making sure to keep her shorts attached to her slim hips. Anne had other ideas however, and reached up, palming small breasts, pulling the young girl close, and giving her another kiss on the lips. probing an innocent mouth with her experienced tongue. Her hand drifting lower, causing the slim red haired girl to close her thighs in response which was just what the older woman wanted.

“Uhhmmpfff,” Kimberly moaned, as her lips parted and her body gave a shudder. She closed her eyes in dismay as her shorts fell in a puddle at her feet.

“That’s why we had to tie those hands Kimmy,” Anne said, breaking the kiss, hands now moving down to caress a tight bottom now protected only by the thinnest of fabrics “Soon you will overcome all those coltish frigid tendencies and then we can work on you being sexy. Now get back to work. There are more clothes to pick up.”

There were more clothes. Clothes that made Kimberly feel funny to pick up. A skirt which wasn’t so bad. Several T shirts. But a pair of pantyhose made her face grow hot and nipples harden. There was something about picking them up with her mouth that made her feel funny inside in a kind of forbidden way. Or perhaps it was because by then her shirt and bra hand been pulled over her chest, exposing her pert breasts and hard nipples.

Kimberly was of course determined to at least pick the hose up by a knee, but while she bent down trying to find purchase, fingers sought out hard nipples and toyed with them in a way that only a woman would know how. Moaning helplessly, Kimberly found herself picking the hose up by the crotch. They were soiled and smelled none too fresh.

“Are you waiting there like that for a reason?” Anne purred. “Take them to the wash.”

Kimberly’s face grew hot. It was hard to think with the tingling taking place in her loins. What was she waiting for? Lexi’s mother probably thought she was some sort of perv kneeling there with pantyhose in her mouth. Her face hot from embarrassment, Kimberly once again lurched to her feet and then to the washer.

There was one item left when Kimberly returned. Panties. Trimmed in lace. Silk. And very expensive.

“We haven’t got all day Kimmy,” Anne said, giving the eighteen year old a spank.

Kimberly’s blush spread from her cheeks to her chest as she knelt down awkwardly to pick up the discarded panties in her teeth. She’d intended on picking them up by a tiny bite of the elastic band, but it was at that moment that Mrs. Anderson struck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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