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Big Dicks

Chapter 2 — San Francisco

I was not very happy about the demand my client had placed on me. When I agreed to the contract, it was with the understanding that I would have the flexibility to work remotely and would not have to spend that much time in the city. But after a month, the scenario changed, and the client demanded I be physically present in their offices at least four days a week. Too lucrative a deal to walk away from, and too long a commute to tolerate, too expensive and impersonal to stay in a hotel, and too financially alluring with the housing down-turn to contemplate renting, I caved in and started seeking a condo in the city to purchase. Of course, this was just another of my vivid dreams, and while the circumstances might be entirely different, the same theme would play out once again.

San Francisco is a magnificent city, but the parking situation is positively damnable. Everyone knows it’s insane but nothing ever gets done about it. This day it had tortured me as I moved through the city from property to property, seeking something that would be pleasant enough for me as a temporary home, and also a sound financial investment. Each place I stopped, I had to circle and search for a place to park, like a vulture waiting for its prey to finally expire. This made me late, so that by the time I arrived at my last stop it was a full hour after the open house was due to have ended. What the hell, I was there and might as well at least get a feel for the building.

The doorman called upstairs and learned that the agent was still on the premises and willing to let me see the place, so I was admitted. When I arrived on the 28th floor of the high rise, I was surprised to hear the sounds of an argument in the hallway. Rounding the corner it became clear — the homeowner had arrived and was none too happy that the unit had still not sold.

“Listen, I’m not paying you to explain all the reasons why it isn’t selling, I’m paying you to sell it!” He was a big guy, and the pretty realtor was visibly intimidated by him. “I understand Mr. Singh, and I assure you we are taking all possible measures to make it happen for you.”

“You had better be, Nicole. I return to Bangalore in one week and I need this place sold! If you cannot do it then I will find another realtor who can!” With that he stormed off, leaving the poor realtor distraught, and worse in a very weak negotiating position. No matter what you’re selling, it never helps for the prospective buyer to be aware how desperate you are.

“Mr. Walsh, I’m Nicole Randall, the listing agent. So sorry you had to witness that little exchange. I’m afraid my client is becoming impatient with the slow market.” Despite her distress, or maybe because of it, I found her absolutely stunning. She had quickly thrown off the high stress of the confrontation and now turned on me a charm that is rare, even among realtors. Dark blonde hair framing a lovely round face, golden-brown eyes, deep red lips and the most perfect smile I think I’ve ever seen. How that guy could be yelling at such an exquisite creature eluded me. I was so struck it took me a moment to regain my composure, and in that time she gazed straight through my eyes into the very heart of me.

“Oh, uh, hi Nicole, nice to meet you. And don’t worry about the little scene with your client, I completely understand. bahis firmaları I know how tough clients can be — you can’t live with ’em and you can’t kill ’em.” She managed a small chuckle at my weak attempt at humor, and it was clear that something was going on. We had just met but were obviously affecting each other already.

“Won’t you come in and look around?” “Well, I don’t want to keep you, but if you can spare me a few minutes I’d love to see the place.” “My time is yours, Mr. Walsh. Trust me when I say I have nothing more important than this to do tonight.” “Well thanks for staying late. And please call me David…”

I followed her into the condo and began looking through the place. Mr. Singh was obviously a minimalist when it came to home furnishings — to say it was sparse would be generous. But he spared no expense when it came to the bed — enormous, even bigger than a CA king. “My gosh I’ve never seen a bed that big!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, it certainly stands out given how few other furnishings are here, doesn’t it? I think it was custom made.” I glanced at Nicole and could seer her beginning to blush. “It’s been quite a topic of speculation among the staff in my office…” she trailed off.

I finished looking over the unit, and found it very attractive. Of course the company may have had some influence over that. I told Nicole how much I liked the place. “Do you have a buyer’s agent, David?” she responded.

“No actually, I was hoping we could skip that and all benefit financially, if you’re okay with that approach.”

“Oh believe me, I am okay with any way you want to do it. As you heard a little while ago, my butt’s on the line for this sale. In fact, if I don’t sell this place this weekend, there’s a good chance I’ll be fired.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of pressure, Nicole.”

“Tell me about it. Things are so slow right now that agents are dropping like flies. And I really can’t afford to lose my job — I have a daughter to support.”

“You poor thing,” I sympathized as we headed back toward the front door of the unit.

“So listen, David, you’ve already told me you like the place, and I’ve laid it on the line with you too. I’m just gonna be completely frank here. I want to know what I have to do to get an offer from you tonight, and I’m not taking no for an answer. I need you to buy this place and I am willing to do anything — I mean anything — to make it happen.” To emphasize her point she placed herself directly in front of the door with one hand on her hip and the other on the wall, blocking my exit. Standing there defiant, determined, and definitely the most alluring thing I’ve ever seen, she announced “I’m gonna convince you to buy this place if it takes me all night!”

I approached her and reached out to touch her face. “Nicole, sweetheart, you can probably get anything you want from me. If you ask me nicely…”

At that she launched herself at me, locking her lips on mine and digging in my mouth for my tongue. My hands were all over her, her face, her waist, her gorgeous round ass, her thighs. Her suit jacket fell open and I noticed she had already removed her bra! That clever little strumpet must’ve snuck into the bathroom while I was somewhere else in the condo, already planning her seductive assault. I went wild, running my hands over her perfect round breasts covered kaçak iddaa only by the silk of her blouse.

“Oh God, David, I haven’t been fucked in months! Please take me now Baby, I promise I’ll do anything want, any way you want, as many times as you want!”

“Good lord, Nicole, how could I possibly refuse you anything?!?”

We grappled with each other’s clothing, leaving a trail of garments into the master bedroom, where we both remembered that enormous bed. After she ripped my shirt off, I picked her up and she wrapped her magnificent legs around my waist, revealing to me that she was wearing stockings, not pantyhose, and that she’d also removed her panties! Her warmth and wetness smeared my tummy as I carried her over to the bed. I threw her down roughly and grabbed her ankles. “You need it bad huh?”

“Yeah Baby, please fuck me hard!”

“And you’ll do whatever I want?”

“Oh God yes, I’m your slave, honey. I’m your slut. I’m your hot little fuck doll and I’ll take it anyway you wanna give it!”

I pulled her blouse open and mauled her fabulous breasts with my mouth, while my fingers found her hot, wet slit. “Oh God yes, yeah Baby, make me cum, make me cum Honey!” I wasn’t even inside her yet and she was already wailing. How could a woman with so much beauty and passion ever want for sex in a city like this?

“I’m gonna make you cum quickly, Nicole so you’ll calm down, then I’m gonna fuck you in every way imaginable. I’m gonna fuck your mouth, I’m gonna fuck your hot, wet cunt, and then I’m gonna fuck your tight little ass, Baby! I’m gonna cum in every hole — you’re gonna hit the Trifecta tonite Sweetheart!” The nastier I got with her, the wilder she became until she was positively thrashing beneath me on the bed. I had two fingers inside her when I slid down to place my tongue on her clitoris. She shot straight into orbit, writhing and screaming out three orgasms with hardly any break in between. “OMG OMG OMG, David, you’re my stud, my hero, my master. Baby you own me now…” she gasped.

It took a few minutes for her to catch her breath, but when she did she came at me hard and fast. “So you’re gonna fuck my mouth, are you? Lemme tell you something mister, I’m the boss now and I’m gonna suck you dry!” She was on me in a flash, as my long, hard cock disappeared into her mouth. Her lips and tongue worked the head of my cock as her hand slid up and down the shaft. Occasionally she would take me all the way in to the back of her throat, making little gagging noises. Once or twice her teeth scraped over the sensitive flesh of my cock but she quickly discerned that it hurt me and focused her attention on the bulbous head, lavishing it with affection from her tongue. Clearly this could not go on for long, as my moans became louder and more insistent. “Yeah Baby, OMG I’ve never seen anything so fucking beautiful. That gorgeous mouth of yours is wrapped around my cock. My God I’m getting blown by an angel…Baby I’m gonna cum in your mouth…I’m gonna cum now honey, I wanna see you swallow it Baby, I wanna watch you swallow every drop…”

And she did…

We collapsed together for a few minutes, but it was clear that she was not planning on being patient with me. She had told me she needed to be fucked, and she fully intended to get what she needed. Beyond cleaning my cock with her mouth, she started kaçak bahis tracing little circles around my scrotum with her tongue, each time moving deeper. Soon she was encroaching on my rectum, and the feeling was exquisite. It took only a few minutes for me to get hard again. “Ah I see someone’s been taking their penis pills!” she said with a wicked grin. “Oh no, Honey, this is 100% natural David…”

We both knew what was next and wasted no time. I lay on my back in the center of the enormous bed, which was by now totally disheveled. Nicole climbed on top and began kissing me sensuously. “I know I said I want to be fucked, but maybe we could actually make love?” I held her close and kissed her deeply. I’ve never known a woman as beautiful as her, much less had such a woman give herself to me. The experience was more than I ever imagined.

I took her breast in my mouth as she started to slide her warm wet cunt back and forth along the underside of my cock. We both moaned at the same instant, the sensations taking us over. I was whispering and cooing in her ear when she slid her warm wet pussy down over my shaft. I buried myself deep inside her and her muscles gripped and squeezed me, trying to milk my cock. We moaned and sighed into each others mouths as we kissed deeply, at last beginning to rock back and forth in the timeless rhythm of love. I lifted her hips above me and pulled my cock almost completely out of her, then let her sink back down onto me again, eliciting a squeal of delight. “Oh yeah Baby that’s so good, do me like that some more,” she begged. Over and over again I thrust my cock into her then withdrew, building up the pressure within both of us. We were headed for an earth-shattering climax and I only hoped we hit it together.

After ten minutes of steady rhythm, she began to whine and moan a little louder. I was losing it too, and began talking to her in French. “Oh Cherie, tu es si belle, si masse, si parfait, toute une ange, ma Chere…je vais jouir Nicole…oh God, Baby, oh shit I’m cumming inside you!” As I flooded her womb with my seed, she exploded in yet another orgasm. We rocked and rolled, wailed and moaned for another good five minutes before we came down. Completely exhausted, we collapsed together and actually fell asleep for a bit.

Later I awoke alone in the bed, with a furious need to piss. I emerged from the bathroom to find Nicole was dressed again already. Sitting at the bare table in the dining room, she had her briefcase open and papers splayed across the tabletop. “Now then, Mr. Walsh what price were you thinking of offering for the unit?” she asked with a devilish smile.

“What, all business now?”

“We have to, Baby, Singh will be back soon, and we have to be out of here.”

“But I think we have unfinished business in the bedroom, as I recall.”

“You better believe we do, mister, but we’re gonna take that up back at my place as soon as we’re done with these papers. One signature is all I need, then we can head home to complete our little Trifecta of love.”

“Whatever you say, Honey, I know better than to argue with you.”

“Good, you just hang on to that attitude, and you and I may go far together Darling.”

She kissed me deeply once again, before turning back to the task at hand. By the time we left and headed back to her place, we had signed the purchase offer, cleaned up our mess, and left everything in pristine order for her demanding client. Back at her place, Nicole fulfilled the remaining terms of our “contract”, for what turned out to be the first of many times…

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