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Our company was experiencing a sudden boom in business, and my already 50 hour weeks were quickly turning into 60 plus. I felt like I lived at my desk, my office full of items brought from home. pillows, a blanket, radio. almost everything I needed to make my stay more comfortable. I was feeling the stress of the past week, and you immediately recognized my agony when you phoned.

It was already 7:00 p.m. on a Thursday evening, and I was struggling to finish a report that was due in the morning. You asked if I had eaten yet, and I realized that I had not. You offered to bring me dinner, and I accepted, though food was the furthest thing from my mind.

About a half hour later you arrive at my office door with take-out from the local deli. I apologize for not being able to stop and eat right then, but you smile your wicked little smile and asked me if it was ok for you to eat. I nodded, turning my attention to my computer screen. Too engrossed in my work, I failed to notice you put the food down on my credenza, unopened, and slip under my large desk. When your lips kissed my knee, I knew I was in for a real treat. You slowly licked a circle on my kneecap, kissing toward the inside of my knee. Your head rested on my opposite knee only briefly when I parted my legs slightly encouraging your exploration.

Not only did I part my legs for you; I slid my bottom closer to the edge of the seat. My work was suddenly unimportant. I wanted you. I was fully engaged in my own fantasy. You kissed the inside of my right thigh just above the knee. You turned to kiss my other thigh and I jerked slightly at your touch. It appeared as though we were both getting what we wanted. Your tongue moved slowly, licking every inch of my inner thighs. Your hands slid down the backs of my calves as you leaned forward to kiss deeper. I could feel my calf muscles flexing as I lifted my legs, rising to my tiptoes. I was enjoying your tongue. You moved your hands slowly up my lower legs, gliding over my calf muscles, across the outsides of my knees illegal bahis and thighs.

Your hands slid up under my skirt, fingertips feeling the edges of high-cut panties as you cupped my butt in your hands. Rising through the heat was my real scent, the scent of my soaking wet pussy. You wanted to taste me so badly. You slid your hands from under my panties over the tops of my thighs and down into my inner thighs spreading my legs further apart. My skirt had worked its way over the tops of my thighs, exposing myself to you. Again you slipped your hands under my butt cheeks nestled in lacy little panties, cupping my ass pulling me toward your waiting mouth.

You opened your jaws wide and engulfed my center, panties and all, tongue licking deeply into the material sagging between my swollen lips. My wetness had already soaked my panties and spread quickly to your lips. You began a slow chewing motion with your jaws while your tongue explored upward, probing for my swollen clit. You knew it had to be pushing against my panties, straining for direct contact with your searching tongue. You sucked me into your mouth, my juices flowing nicely through my panties, running down your chin. I was in my heaven.

My hips were rotating upward as your tongue probed the edges of my opening, forbidden to enter by the sheer fabric of my panties. As your tongue licked upward toward my clitoris, my hips rotated downward making my pleasure button accessible to your mouth and tongue. You could feel the protrusion of my clit through my panties as your lips encircled it. You sucked at my love button drawing it into your mouth shrouded in the silky material of my panties, your lips and teeth biting softly as you pushed your face deeper into my open legs. You moved your whole head up and down as you licked and sucked through my panties, enjoying yourself immensely.

As you licked upward, you lingered at my throbbing clit, biting softly and pulling at it with your teeth and lips. With the tip of your tongue you started to draw small slow circles illegal bahis siteleri around the tiny bulge in my panties. Alternately, you would lean close and kiss me with an open mouth sucking softly. Capturing my clit again with your mouth, you held it fast, moving your head in a slow circular motion, pushing into my wetness, sucking harder on my pleasure button. By the increasingly jerky movements of my pelvis, he suspected I was about to climax, and you wanted it to be a good one for me.

As you guessed, I was very close to having a delightfully complete orgasm. I was cumming, and it was your mouth that was making it happen. My hands came underneath the desk just as I was starting to cum and grabbed blindly for your head. I found you and cradled your head in both hands as I pulled you into me. My hips bucked hard with a couple quick spasms as my orgasm exploded inside of me. I held you fast as my orgasm hit a pleasing plateau. Slowly I started to relax.

You did not want to stop quite yet…. Your tongue was still lying flat against my pounding clit. Slowly you started to pull your tongue upward, pushing hard against me, your chin pressing into my soaking opening, then moving it back down, again ever so slowly. My fingers starting to flex tighter against the back of your head as I enjoyed the overtime attention. You moaned softly into my center, your mouth firmly in place. My legs rose again, my tiptoes pushing on the floor, the vibration of your muffled moan thrilling me. You closed your mouth slightly, squeezing my swollen wetness and my fingers flexed on the back of your head.

You made another chewing motion and my fingers flexed again. Again you moaned into me. Again I pulled on your head, my permission for you to take me again, to keep taking me. You bit down harder, moving your head left-to-right slightly, quickly like a dog with your chew-toy. I was struggling to stifle a delighted squeal as my legs were bouncing on my toes. You slid your right hand under my bottom hooking the edge of my panties, canlı bahis siteleri pulling them from my streaming juices, exposing the sweetness you really wanted. I responded by spreading my legs even further, hips rolling upward, inviting you to dive into the soft folds of my inner being.

With a long lingering lick you sampled the wetness that lay waiting for you. Your tongue made several deep passes through my slit, each time lingering on my clitoris. First, sliding up the right side of it, easing the flat of your tongue over on top, then easing down on the left side. Your mouth was less than an inch from my center as I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply. I wanted to remember all of your movements. I moved slightly, scooting toward you to recapture your lips and tongue, legs opening wider and then closing slightly. You reached out with your tongue, as you fluttered your tongue against my love button rapidly.

That’s when I shifted into a new phase of enjoyment. My hips began to vibrate with a wide tremor-like movement. My hands clutched your head dragging you full into my steaming crotch. Your tongue dipped down and slid into my opening. You strained to fill me with your tongue as your nose rested squarely on my bursting clit. You rapidly slipped your tongue in and out, each time rising across my smooth silky crescent to the base of my clit, then racing back down and deep inside not wanting to miss a single contraction of the orgasm exploding inside of me.

Exhausted, I lay back in my chair, feeling totally drained yet peaceful. You slipped out from under my desk, smiling as you grabbed a tissue to wipe your chin. You bent over to kiss me, allowing me to share in the aroma and taste of my own sex on your lips and tongue. You reached over and picked up the bag of food, placing it before me, telling me it was time for me to eat. I tried to reach for the zipper on your jeans, but you just laughed and backed away, reminding me that I had work to finish first. You would be waiting for me at our favorite hide-away, and then you were gone.

It took awhile to regain my composure from the wonderful orgasm you had just given me. I quickly finished the report, probably in record time, and I raced out the door to meet you and finish what you had started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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