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“Goddamnit!” I muttered to myself frustrated and exhausted as I emerged from the revolving doors of the towering steel and glass skyscraper where I had spent another grueling day fighting the good fight known as advertising.

The foggy drizzle that had been a persistent nuisance all day had finally given way to a full on deluge and I had forgotten to bring an umbrella to work with me this morning. “Better just make a run for it ,” I thought as I pulled the New York Times broadsheet from my tan calfskin attaché and fashioned it into a makeshift barrier between me and the elements. At 33yrs of age, I was no longer the 18yr old specimen I once was, but daily boxing session with a personal trainer had kept me in excellent shape and therefore, a little sprint was of no concern. I dashed towards the subway entrance a couple of blocks away, clutching my briefcase close to my 6′ frame, holding my Makintosh overcoat closed, hoping that yesterday’s news would do an adequate job masquerading as today’s umbrella.

Regardless of the inclement weather, New York’s streets were still typically crammed with all the usual urban suspects: throngs of tourists managing to huddle in all of the most frustrating places in order to stare up at the cloud covered edifices that make top the imposing skyline; business men in their bespoke suits and topcoats clutching oversized golf umbrellas as they make futile efforts to hale rush hour cabs; hawkers, street merchants, and food vendors selling all means of knick-knack and foodstuff from under trapped street carts; and every other type of miscreant, oddball, teenager, and worker bee that make up New York’s endless patchwork all in a rush to somewhere. I pinballed through the eclectic crowd avoiding any major collisions, finally arriving at the stairs that lead down to the F train back to Brooklyn.

After ditching the fully saturated, ink-smeared Times in one of the overflowing bins and swiping my metro card I arrived at the platform to find an impenetrable sea of people all waiting for the same train. “Great,” I thought, “I had to be hip and move out to that Loft in Brooklyn instead of just buying that condo in the City… I could’ve walked home!” Well, I had no choice now, so I attempted to navigate through the damp crowd, timing it just right so that I was able to board an arriving train and grab a prime rush hour position leaning against the door. Wedged in like sardines I was contented to just stare down at the ground avoiding eye contact for the duration of my 7 stop commute to DUMBO.

The familiar mildew heavy smell associated with cold wet humans contained in a warm tight space began to penetrate my olfactory sense when I caught I whiff of something sweet and feminine. So wrapped up in my own personal misery, I failed to notice the stunning figure who must have boarded the train shortly after me. Although she was facing away from me, it was obvious that she was confidant and sexy, her long neck inches from my face and her round legging covered ass pushed lightly against my upper thigh in the painfully stuffed subway car. Her designer boots and stylish raincoat and scarf hinted at a European sophistication that immediately marked her as either a NYC local or a visitor from fashion forward cultural center somewhere overseas.

I could see over her shoulder that she was studying a guide book in what appeared to be Spanish, which made sense considering her olive complexion and obsidian hair that she wore tied up in a haphazard way that seemed effortless but must have taken her hours in the morning to perfect. “A tourist, ” I thought, “probably here with a boyfriend or something… no point in trying to talk to her,” as if the mind your own business mentality so deeply ingrained in every native New Yorker would ever allow me to start a conversation with a stranger on a crowded subway. Well, at least I had an excuse not to embarrass myself.

Then suddenly, as trains tend to do, the car jolted and rocked and the mysterious stranger fell backwards against me, her soft ass landing square on the head of my cock, which had been laying dormant along the inside of my thigh. I dropped my briefcase and instinctively reached out to brace her fall, catching her elbows and cradling her into my body keeping her from slipping to the wet floor. Still slumped against me, she turned her neck, looked up at me with improbably large brown almond eyes, her long eyelashes fluttered and she whispered an embarrassed “I’m so sorry…uhhh thank you” in a raspy Castilian accent that sent a pulse through my body.

“Don’t mention it,” i replied trying to sound composed as I helped this heavenly creature back to her high-heeled feet.

Turning around now, her face just below mine, she offered a shy smile. Due to our proximity to one another in the congested swampy car, her perky cashmere sweater clad breasts brushed repeatedly against my upper abs as the train rocked back and forth and we slowly started making small talk.

“… güvenilir bahis wait, so you’re telling me, you’re here in New York alone???” I asked shocked that such a perfect vision would ever be alone anywhere. Women like this always had men with them and a man would never let a woman like this out of his sight.

Over the next few stops, as the train raced towards my eventual terminus, I learned that Sofia was indeed here from Barcelona where she had begrudgingly left her fiancé in order to come to NYC and work on her PhD. “I just arrived here yesterday,” she offered in a meek but lush voice. “I’m renting a room near Pratt in an old house, but other than the nice old landlady, I don’t yet know anyone here… Its only been two days and I already feel so alone…”

Her eyes fell away from my stare momentarily and I could tell she was a little embarrassed at how forward she was being. Being the chivalrous gentleman I am, I immediately consoled her,

“I’m sorry to hear that, but hey, you know me now.”

“That is true,” she giggled. “And it is really nice to meet you she added with a devilish grin.

My stop was rapidly approaching and I had to act fast if I wanted to keep this conversation going. It’s incredible, that in a city with as many people as New York, its almost impossible to meet anyone, and I wasn’t going to let this godsend slip away that easily.

“I know this sounds ridiculously forward,” I started, “but would it be crazy if I invited you over for dinner tonight? I mean, I know we just met, and you barely know me, but I have some simple food at home and some wine and I’d be happy to whip up a home cooked meal for you.”

Wow, I couldn’t believe I had said that. There’s no way a beautiful woman like this would just come home with a stranger she had just met on a train. I must be out of my mind I thought. But then, as her heavy lidded gold flecked chocolate eyes once again met mine, she blushed, smiled and replied much to my delight, “That would be very nice… I was just going to order pizza again.”

Immediately my mind began to flood with all the images of what I was hoping would happen later, imagining her perfect tan body, her full red lips kissing their way down my firm muscular stomach, her soft touch on my skin… and just like that I started to feel that familiar feeling as the blood started rushing and my flaccid cock began to inflate, not fully, but enough so that the tent in my wool suit pants would have been obvious if she hadn’t been standing so close blocking the other passengers’ views. Luckily, before she was able to seem to take notice of what was happening a few feet below where our eyes had been locked, the doors opened at York St.

“Well, this is it, ” I said turning away to face the opening doors and exit the train. I took this brief second while Sofia could only see my back to take a few deep breaths and clear my mind so that that embarrassing bulge could subside before we had to walk through the station. We walked side by side through the tiled subterranean tunnel, lost in our conversation, eventually emerging at the top of the long stairwell only to be jolted back into reality as we were reminded that it was still pouring out. Luckily, I only live a few blocks from the station, but neither of us had an umbrella.

“I hope you don’t mind getting a little bit wet, “I chuckled. I opened my rain coat and offered to try and shield her with it and before I could get a response, her body was nestled up against mine, and with my arm around her back, I pulled the raincoat over both of our heads and our hunched over forms made a mad dash towards my apartment.

But it was no use. By the time we reached the imposing door to the converted warehouse typical to this part of Brooklyn, which housed the chic industrial loft that I was paying far too much for, we were both soaked to the bone. I fiddled with the number pad by the door, which then emitted a loud buzz allowing us to spill into the exposed brick lobby. Looking at each other’s completely saturated clothes, wet hair, and squishy shoes, we both broke into laughter,

“Look at you,” Sofia exclaimed between chortles, “you’re so wet!”

“Yeah, well you’re no better!” I teased back.

But truthfully she was. Her hair had fallen down and the wet tendrils framed her picturesque face. Her eyeliner was smeared and her lips were slightly blue, making her look fragile, but somehow even sexier. Lastly, I noticed her nipples had gotten hard from the cold wet air and were clearly visible though the thin material of her wet sweater. My god, she looked incredible.

We rode oversized converted freight elevator up to my floor, laughing and joking the whole way. The elevator jerked to a stop and I pulled the lever to release the horizontally split doors, opening up directly to my large minimal loft apartment. A quick glance around and one would notice the open kitchen split from the large living area by a marble island, türkçe bahis several mid century Danish bookcases filled with all sorts of books, A large tweed sectional, several pieces of iconic Eames and Knoll furniture, a modest, but impressive art collection, and two open doors: one to the bathroom and one to the bedroom.

“Wow,” Sofia said emerging from the elevator, taking in the quintessential bachelor pad, “what an incredible place. Its so big!”

“Thanks. I just moved in a few months ago. Still getting used to this whole Brooklyn thing. I’m sorry,” I said changing the subject and gesturing towards the bathroom “how rude of me. You must still be freezing. There’s some towels in there if you want to go and dry off. I have to apologize, I don’t have any women’s clothes to offer you, but I’m sure I can find you something to wear while you clothes dry.”

Sofia thanked me and again flashed that perfect smile. “Whatever you have will be fine, ” she replied as she kicked off her heels and walked towards the bathroom door, her perfect round ass swaying in time acting as the metronome my heartbeat was following and cock twitched to. The door closed. She disappeared and I went to my room and rummaged through my things looking for something suitable for her to wear.

Still wearing my soaked suit sans jacket and shoes I gently rapped on the bathroom door and called in, “Hey, all I could find were these sweats and this t-shirt. I hope…”

But before I could finish my sentence, the door swung open and Sophia appeared with nothing more than a towel wrapped around her body being held up by her perky breasts. She stepped out of the doorway reclaiming her proximity from earlier commute, pulled my face towards hers grasping my tie, and kissed me softly on the lips. Seductive and gentle without being aggressive, it only lasted a second. She then fell away from me and simultaneously let her towel drop to the floor.

I stepped back slightly to take in this perfect vision. She stood about 5’7″ without her heels. My deep set olive and copper eyes traced a line up her body starting with her feet and ending in her gaze. Her body wasn’t exactly what I had imagined, it was better. She was toned and fit with just a slight amount of extra weight around her perfectly curved hips and ass. Her dark, full breasts jutted out from her chest with a slight curve so that her 2″ aureola and large puffy nipples pointed slightly upward, their firmness in shear defiance of gravity as they hovered impossibly. Her stomach was flat with just a hint of toned muscle showing through and just below was a small triangle of closely trimmed hair pointing down to her swollen and slightly parted pussy, her excited clit barely, but visibly extending past the separated outer lips and dewy protective inner folds. I was speechless.

“You like?” she asked teasingly. I was unable to answer. I’ll take that as a yes,” she added giggling as she stared at the large tent that had re-assumed its position in my trousers.

As I fumbled looking for the right words, Sofia removed my tie, unbuttoned my shirt, and then reached forward to caress my now solid 8″ through the thin wool of my pants letting a deep moan escape her lips. She expertly massaged the head and shaft before grabbing it to lead me over to the couch where she let go and pushed me back so that I was sitting, my face level with her sweet smelling mound, her flawless naked body standing over me. She then bent over at the waist, her mouth looking for mine, tongue pushing past my parted lips, resting her hand on my knees. Our tongues began to dart around, swirling, pulling back as I gently nibbled on her lower lip causing her to purr under her breath. As we continued to kiss, her hands began making their way from my knees, up my thighs, toward the strained zipper of my pants, my pulsing cock begging to be let free. A request she was happy to oblige. Her nimble fingers quickly unfastened my belt, opened the fly of my pants, and knowingly wrapped themselves around my thick shaft, her small feminine hands barely able to close around the girth.

“I love the way your cock feels in my hand,” she let escapee between kisses, “its so big and full.”

With that she began kissing her way around my neck and ears, then down my chest, stopping to tease my nipples with her tongue as she sank to her knees still gripping and stroking my hard member. She circled each nipple with her tongue while using her free hand to tweak whichever nipple was free from her salacious mouth. Continuing her journey south, taking her time licking and kissing my flat stomach, she eventually reached her prize. She then extended her tongue and in one long stroke ran it the length of my shaft along the underside, from the base to the sensitive frenulum causing me to shudder. Clearly this was a women who knew what she was doing, a woman who took pleasure in pleasing. And who was I to stop her?

Using her saliva as lubrication, she gently jerked the güvenilir bahis siteleri shaft while simultaneously sucking and tonguing my swelling balls, her hand sliding up and down never quite reaching the sensitive head. Her expert mouth tickling and teasing. Gradually her mouth and hand switched places and I felt the wetness of her saliva moving back up the underside of my cock again. As her hands began to fondle my balls, she used the tip of her tongue to lap up the bit of clear pre-cum that had pooled at the opening of my bulbous spongy head. Her tongue flicked, poked, and swirled in an attempt to fuck my urethra driving me absolutely wild. A stream of yeses and don’t stops escaped my lips as I leaned back to enjoy the electric sensations. Finally, at the perfect moment, in one smooth motion, Sofia opened her mouth wide and swallowed all 8″ letting her nose bump up against my groomed pubic hair. All I could do was moan as she opened up and my head disappeared down her throat. She held it there for a moment as her eyes watered up, then pulled back rapidly leaving a chain of saliva to maintain the connection of my cock to her lip. A few sloppy tugs of my spit drenched cock and again, she inhaled my member. This time after bottoming out, she began slide her lips up and down while sucking, creating such a perfect rhythm that you could use her slurps as a click track to record to. With one hand Sofia worked my balls occasionally teasing my asshole with her fingers, while her other hand worked in concert with her mouth up and down the shaft so that my whole cock was constantly engulfed, her tongue swirling. Whatever notions I had of Sofia being a innocent or naive foreigner were long gone.

“God, Sophia, uhhhhhh,mmmm, you are fucking incredible… uhhhhh…”

Her eyes looked up to watch me writhe in ecstasy and I could tell that although her mouth was stuffed full, her lips were indeed smiling.

She continued to work my manhood masterfully, riding my rhythms, edging me closer and closer, but not letting me finish. Whenever I was about to cum, she would ease up just enough to let me relax before working me back up to the edge of the cliff over and over again. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore,

“Baby, I’m gonna -“

I never got to finish the sentence. Sophia pumped my cock fast and hard and I let out a grunt as the first torrent of cum shot down her throat and her relentless lips released me. Still jerking me with her fist, the next few bursts streamed across her lips, neck, and tits. Finally, painted with my cum, she let go and acquiesced flashing the most devilish smile i have ever seen. “That was just to say thank you for being so nice to me today…” she said with mock innocence and then kissed me, the salty taste of my sticky cum still on her breath.

With that I began to think that I should be nice to strangers more often, but my mind was quickly brought back to the present as her hand began pumping my member back to life. She wasn’t going to let me rest. That’s fine I thought, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve too.

Pulling my open shirt off as we kissed, I flipped us over, our mouths never separating, so that Sofia was on her back and I was leaning on top of her, my seed being rubbed into her tender skin. I wriggled my now semi hard dick from her grasp so that I could now taste her delicious body. And I wanted to taste every single bit of her. I began to place playful kisses over every inch of her skin coming ever so close to her sensitive nipples and pussy, but never letting my lips make contact. Sofia began to writhe, begging me to touch her, and finally I sucked a puffy hard nipple into my eager mouth. She squealed in delight, arching her back, feeding me her nipple. Pulling back, I then blew a stream of clod air on her slobbery wet nipple, causing Sofia to shudder and for goosebumps to appear on her skin while concurrently pinching and working her other breast with my free hand, then repeating the action on the other side.

“Please,” Sofia pouted in her sexy accent, “please lick my pussy.”

I had purposely avoided making contact with her sensitive mound, allowing her desire to build up to the point she was ready to explode. However, with that request, I finally placed my head between her parted thighs, admired her quivering swollen pussy, and in one long stroke ran my tongue from her puckered little asshole, between her sticky lips, and up to her already erect clit.

“UUHHUUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUUHHHHHH…” she moaned as her whole body shook. She was so worked up from my teasing that she came the instant my tongue made contact with her juicy pussy. The taste and scent of sweet nickel, a vaguely metallic honey pleasantly assaulted my senses. Fluid began oozing out, which I delightedly lapped up, spreading her lips wide with my fingers as my tongue lurched forward and began to explore her insides. Her hands reached forward, grabbing handfuls of my chestnut brown devil-may-care-hair, and she started to hump my face, my tongue fucking her dripping slit. Sophia’s body seemed to be caught in the throws of a single long orgasm, but when I finally wrapped my lips around her clit and began swirling my tongue, she nearly lost it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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