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My name is David and I have worked in medicine for twenty years. I will not say what I did. I enjoyed my job and had watched many people come and go and some had been interesting and some had been boring but I made a few friends along the way and when we went out we partied hard and paid the price the following day.

One night we were out when a new bunch of student nurses came in all a bit tiddly and giddy. They crashed the bar and ordered a round of drinks. The barman asked for ID and all the students produced their driving licences. Satisfied the barman served the rounds of drinks and the nurses found a group of tables and sat down and continued their drinking binge. The bar had a club attached to it and you could flit between the two. The girls were enjoying themselves and it was clear that they were out to pick up a couple of young men and take them back to the halls of residence.

As the night wore on I noticed that one of the students kept of looking at me. She was a pretty little thing and she was cute in her own way. I stayed with my friends but eventually they all went through to the club looking to get into the nursing act. I did not fancy clubbing it so I stayed in the bar. I was in my own little world when a little voice said.

“Can I join you Sir.”

God Sir that made me feel so old. I looked up and saw that it was the cute looking nurse.

“Please do sit down and keep me company.” I said.

She pulled out a stool and sat down and introduced herself.

“Hi my name is Lucy.” She said

“Hey I am David.”

We shook hands as if we were at a business meeting. I had just drained my glass and I said to her.

“Do you need another drink?”

“A vodka and tonic would be lovely.” She canlı bahis said.

I got up from my stool and went to the bar.

As I waited to be served I eyed up the little waif. She was so thin. She must have been about 5ft 4in tall and a size 8. I eventually got back to the bar and got served. I ordered the two drinks and paid for them and took them back to the table. I handed Lucy her drink and she said.

“Thank-you David. It is okay to call you David isn’t it.”

“Of course it is Lucy. So how old are you Lucy?” I asked.

“I am twenty.” She replied.

“So what is a twenty year old woman doing talking to a forty seven year old married man like me?”

It was true I was married but it was not a marriage I enjoyed. I had a ferocious sexual appetite and my wife was very strait-laced when it came to the bedroom so I was never sexually satisfied. We had talked about it and my wife agreed that I could sleep with other women as long as I told her about it afterwards. This opened up a whole new avenue because my wife would masturbate when I told her what had happened. I later found out that as much as I loved to fuck she loved to wank so we established a happy routine.

“I was just looking round the bar and you caught my eye.” Said Lucy.

“First of all I noticed your greying hair and I thought that you looked distinguished and then I noticed your blue eyes and how they sparkled in the light and finally I noticed that you were in good shape for a man of your age.”

“Why thank you for the compliment I think.” I replied.

We sat and chatted and I actually found that I was getting on with this young lady. She good company and she made me feel comfortable as well erect. We chatted all night and well bahis siteleri into the early hours of the morning. I rand my wife in front of Lucy and told her I would not be home that night. My wife took the cue and I knew that she would be getting her masturbatory toys together for a night of self-pleasure.

At about three o’clock in the morning Lucy said she was tired and would I walk her back to her flat because she was scared to be alone in the dark. I led her out of the pub and took her by the hand. We were a bit tipsy but not drunk and I ended up with Lucy on my back and carrying her back to her flat. She was that light I did not even know she was there until she kissed me on the neck and I got a shiver down my spine.

I did not say anything but I let her continue to kiss my neck. It felt really nice and gave me an erection which thankfully she could not see. By the time we had got to her flat she was alive again and ready to party. She pulled a bottle of wine out of the fridge and poured us both a glass and we clinked glasses. She then went to her stereo and put some music on. She turned the volume up loud and with the glass in her hand she began to dance.

She tried to get me up to dance with her but I just made myself comfortable on her bed and watched her move. She had some good moves and looked quite sexy as she danced. I thought I could get to love this little lady. She somehow managed to finish her wine as she danced and then she went and filled herself another glass and topped me up. I was enjoying just sat there watching her when she suddenly said.

“Would you like me to strip for you David?”

I stood up and took her in my arms and kissed her and then I looked through her collection of music and bahis şirketleri chose something more appropriate to listen to but did not turn the music down. We danced together and then she whispered in my ear.

“I am a screamer that is why I have the music up so loud.”

I laughed to myself. When the song finished I sat back down on her bed and watched her sway to the music. Her moves were getting sexier and I began to get that erection again. This time I spoke up.

“You can strip now for me Lucy” I commanded.

She looked at me and smiled and began to do her moves. She had good rhythm and slowly she got into the music that I had chosen. As she danced I looked at what she wearing. She had on a little mini-skirt made of denim with some black tights and a t-shirt. I imagined that she had a bra and knickers on underneath.

She suddenly took hold of the hem of the t-shirt and pulled it up and off her body. She threw the t-shirt at me as sexily as she could. Then she winked at me. She continued to dance and then she reached round and undid the zip on her skirt and pulled that down her legs and stepped out of it and kicked it out of the way. She stood there in her knickers and bra and tights and wondered what to do next. She could not take the tights off sexily. Then to my surprise she just ripped them off and threw them in the bin and stood there in just her knickers and bra.

She went back to the music and began to dance again. Now I got a good look at her body. She was not my physical type but she was a sexy little minx and she had certainly turned me on. What I liked most of all was that her lingerie matched and was of good quality. She obviously spent most of her money on the underwear that she bought and that turned me on. I could not take my eyes of her as she danced.

“Would you like to see more David?” She asked.

I took a sip of wine from my glass and looked at her and said.

“I want to see all of you Lucy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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