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My girlfriend Katie rarely preferred skirts over pants, but whenever she did, I couldn’t help but enjoy the way the skirt would swish and sway with the hypnotic motion of her hips as she walked. Even standing still, a loose skirt would outline the curves of her gorgeous ass, making it a special treat when I found myself standing behind her, or beside her, or in front where her hips would hint at the pleasures behind. Occasionally, when the weather was nice enough I would get my hopes up that today would be a skirt day. When the weather wasn’t right, I might find myself fantasizing about skirt day.

This certainly wasn’t the only time or way I thought of her, but the fluid grace of her in a skirt accentuated her soft, ample bust and made for one sexy woman, head to toe. As such, I made sure to compliment her and drop hints about how much fun it was for me when she would switch up her wardrobe. I didn’t know my comments had been duly noted until one day I got lucky.

I had been out running errands, trying my best to avoid the summer heat by moving from air conditioned car to air conditioned store as quickly as possible. Even having started errands early, I hadn’t gotten back until mid-afternoon and was hungry for any sort of lunch. Katie’s car was still in the driveway, but I hadn’t seen her when I came into the house, so I yelled upstairs, “Katie? I’m home! Did you eat already?”

“Hi, sweetie! Just give me a minute,” she called back brightly.

As I walked to the staircase to go find Katie, she came swaying down, in a red knee-length skirt and matching red-and-black bodice. Her breasts popped in illegal bahis their cups, her ass popped out under the curve of the skirt, and something popped up rather suddenly in my pants. I stopped where I was standing, and she continued down the rest of the stairs and glided over to me, then planted a big kiss on my lips.

“Hi, sweetie, I thought we could do something special today!” she beamed with no small amount of mischief in her eyes. Those bright blue eyes twinkled, then she twirled around and lead me by the hand back up the stairs. With each stair, her ass bounced just above eye level, and with each bounce, the skirt lifted up giving me small peeks of creamy, smooth cheeks barely contained by a bright red thong.

By this point I had lost the ability to think, which was just as well since I was no longer in control of the situation. Not that I had any reason to complain as we reached the bed and she seated me near the edge then leaned in and started making out with me. My hands rested naturally around her waist, and as we kissed furiously I felt her ass and slid my hands down to the hem of her skirt. Finding the back of her thighs, I slid back up, this time under the skirt until I had one full cheek in each hand. I squeezed and massaged, noticing the heat between her legs.

I pulled my mouth away and leaned down to start kissing the top of her breasts, but she said, “not just yet. Let me make it more even.”

Before any rogue thoughts could surface on my part, she had my pants undone and off in one motion, leaving my boxers in place. She slid me a little further back on the bed, then straddled illegal bahis siteleri me. Under the skirt her legs pressed against mine, and I felt the heat of her pussy pulse through our underwear as my erection pressed against it. with Katie’s new position, her breasts were perfectly situated for me to lick and suck. I worked them over as Katie started grinding against me, my tongue teasing the nipples hiding just below the top of the bodice’s cups.

She used her arms to squeeze her tits together, now nearly busting loose from the bodice, and I buried my face between them. Katie’s hips shifted, and when she moaned, I knew she’d found a way to work her clit towards orgasm. I started spreading my kisses from her breasts to her neck. She threw her head back to give me access and soft moans became louder as she climaxed against me.

I held her against me until she caught her breath, then I shifted my hips and rolled her onto the bed. I flipped the top of her skirt up and pulled down her soaked red thong, revealing her shaved pussy. She had done quite a job working herself up, so I dropped my boxers to the floor and plunged my cock deep inside her. She was hot and tight around my dick and wrapped her legs tight around my waist, kicking her heels into the ass to push me as deep I could go. We locked eyes as I lay buried in her, and she drew an expectant breath as I withdrew to the tip.

She pulled me back in with her legs and closed her eyes as I began to fuck her harder, spurred on by kicks and squeezes. Her chest heaved in the bodice; hair strewn messily across the bed. I could hear her building canlı bahis siteleri up to orgasm again, and she started to press her hips into me with each stroke. Her legs went loose against me, and, as she grabbed the bed, I could feel her tighten and pulse around my erection. Katie had stopped using words, but the meaning of her moans were clear, and I thrust deep into her as she came again, holding deep inside her as she quieted down.

She gently gestured for me to pull out with her legs, then rolled over and pulled herself up onto her knees. Happily for me, she wasn’t done yet. She wiggled her ass high in the air, a sign I knew meant to hurry it up, and I plunged my cock back inside her. She was sensitive, having come more than once already, and quickly collapsed from her elbows, burying her head in her pillow. I was ready to come, and didn’t hold back, holding onto her hips and thrusting quickly. As I slapped into her ass, the skirt swayed back and forth around her waist, magnifying the pounding of my cock. Her muffled squeals got louder through the pillow, so I knew she was getting close to orgasm again.

“Come for me, and I’ll come with you…. Mmm, fuck,” I grunted as she started to climax for the third time. I came hard inside her as her pussy squeezed me, the urgency of my voice matching Katie’s moans. I kept thrusting hard and fast as I came, riding her until I could feel her start to relax and the last drops of cum entered her. She slid flat on the bed as I pulled out of her. After a minute or two of recovery she propped herself up and looked over at me.

“I did not have any lunch, are you hungry?” she asked nonchalantly.

I smirked at her, “No, I think I just had dessert first, and it may have ruined my appetite.”

She scowled back at me to indicate that the joke was not well-received, but her eyes didn’t stop smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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